6.07 McG’s day off


6.07 Na Kama Hele

McGarrett’s first date with Lynn (Sarah Carter) on a deserted island turns deadly when a mob boss hiding there hunts them down in order to keep his location a secret. Also, Chin, Kono and Grover must race against the game clock to locate the father of a high school football star who will be murdered by a local gambler if his son doesn’t throw the big game, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, Nov. 6 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT), on the CBS Television Network.

CBS translated Na Kama Hele to Day Trippers

We start the show with a view of the island. Knowing from the sneak peek that they’ll find a plane hidden there, a question instantly popped into my head. How the heck would they land a plan on that tiny little island? Without crashing it, that is.


I’m a fan of starting a show, or movie in the middle and then go back a few hours. I love writing that way, and I love watching that way. Because you’re right in the story. No long blabla before something happens. You’re in and wonder how did they get there. What will happen next? I find it much more interesting to see where we’re going (at least for part of the story) and how we got there, than knowing nothing at all. As long as it doesn’t start with the very end. That I can’t stand. LOL – guess I’m picky.

Anyway, this episode started with a bad guy chasing Steve and Lynn, and the scene even ended with a little cliffhanger. Now, that is a teaser that pulls you in for more. Well done.

I really liked it that we got a really long sequence with Steve and Lynn before we cut to the other part of the show. That gave us all a chance to learn to “know” that new girl. 😉

I loved it how Steve explained to Lou what this “date” was all about. To learn to know her. If you ask me (nobody does, I know) this was not really a date. Steve is way too smart to make any kind of decision to move forward or not. He is gathering Intel at the moment. Testing the waters. Whatever you wanna call it. And I love it. And I think it’s very good for him to make new friends outside of Five-0. Especially female friends. It seems that Steve is one of those rare guys who can have a buddy-friendship with females.

So, this is the woman Ellie talked about in season 5. I like that they were introduced by Ellie. What I think of Lynn and Steve? I’ll give you that at the end of this review. 😉

So, Lou is worried that his friend might be stuck with a bad date for a whole day. Aww, Lou, you obviously don’t know Steve that well yet. He’d make the best out of every situation. 😉

I said it many times, and I will say it many more times. I love Lou. He is, hands down the best addition to this show they could ever come up with. He has become a great friend to Steve, he works great with all the others. He has a great sense of humor; he is just one heck of a guy.

And seeing Lou and Steve working together, or in this case bantering, is just the icing on the cake.

One of the best scenes of the episode.


What I loved most about the next scenes was seeing the relaxed Steve. Just enjoying himself and having some fun without a care in the world.

People often complain about how Steve has such control issues. But they always forget that he only likes to be in control while on the job. And it actually is his job to be always in control. But in all the scenes we have seen him off-work over the years, he never wanted to be in control all the time. Especially not with Catherine.

And certainly not here with Lynn. He’s open and willing to learn new things. He is willing to give up the control not only over the boat, but also opens up to her about his dad.

I also love to see the humorous side of him. He’s funny and sweet when not on the job. I love seeing that.


OK, he said visibility was incredible. Uhm, yeah it was in the shots of the underwater scenery, but every time they cut to our two snorkelers you could barely make them out in the murky water. Where the heck did they film that?

I guess we know now whey they rarely wear any shades. It’s hard to not see the camera crew reflected in them.


So, she has the glorious idea to do some exploring. And I loved that we got 10 minutes of uninterrupted fun with these two.

Although I wondered on what island they were now? Certainly not that tiny little one we saw at the beginning. 😉

You know, this is perfection.


Seeing this selfie and realizing that he’s out having fun with a woman other than Cath. He probably realized that he hadn’t done that in many, many years. Being with Cath long before we ever met him. And he probably was reminded that he was ready to spend the rest of his life with her. Showing this sadness while looking at the picture was perfection.

Kudos to the writer for putting this in here, and kudos to Alex for again giving this character depth. For making him real.

Now we cut to Chin, Kono and Lou. Although I wonder who that guy in Chin’s clothes was. Seriously, since when is Chin a sexist pig? His remarks about the woman being “thumb-worthy” and his explanation? That was not Chin talking. But maybe that was simply a joke? At least I liked Kono’s reaction to it.

And we learn that something is not quite right. But before we can find out we cut back to Steve and Lynn.

Of course, their happy trip can’t be fun the whole time, and it doesn’t take long before they stumble over a hidden plane. Seconds later they get shot at and are on the run.

I actually loved Lynn’s reaction to the sudden danger. She might be an adventurous person who loves the outdoors, but that doesn’t mean she will be cool in the face of danger. I liked that she was visibly scared. It was natural. She’s not a trained professional, but she’s a tough one and got over her initial fear. She rose to the occasion, so to speak. I liked that.

And of course, I loved how SEAL-Steve emerged. We need to see more of that. So glad that the show finally remembered who they have as their head of the task force. 😉

Good plan to get the hell off the island. But we all know how it is with planning. 😉


Back to Chin, Lou and Kono, now investigating what is wrong with the up and coming quarterback. I must say, it didn’t really interest me. The boy was cute though. It reminded me of season one when we had the gang problem with the star quarterback from back then. Guess not the best school to be a quarterback at.


Not quite sure why he’s wasting his energy on ‘mowing’ the grass here, but fine, let him use his machete. 🙂


OK, I think here is a mistake in the logistics of the episode. The baddie is talking on his walkie talkie to his girlfriend, asking if there is any sign of them. Which suggests that she’s on the island. Or where does he expect her to see any signs of them?

But later we see her coming to the island by boat? Doesn’t make much sense.


Going back to the plane was the only logical thing to do. Gathering information is always the most important thing. Without information you have no chance to win against your enemy. The more info you have the better are your chances. And I loved Steve’s humor again about the last short cut not working out so great. 🙂

Aww, Lou, I just love you. And Kono as back-up was cool, too. Taking in those two goons went pretty smoothly.

“You’re no way near as dumb as you look.” LOL

25 minutes into the show and we’re finally were we started. First showdown with the baddie.

After throwing him off the cliff they can finally go to the plane. Checking it for anything that might help them getting off the island, or at least get some help.

OK, they gather quite a bit of information and some useful stuff from the plane. I do have a question about the storyline here. Why the heck did the writer made this out to be from 2011? I mean, seriously. No one, and certainly not someone with lots and lots of money would still be on that tiny island after four years. Why not make it a few weeks ago? FOUR years is a ridiculously long time. And all this time this guys lived in that hut, with his girlfriend coming for the occasional visit with supplies? Yeah right. That is just ridiculous.

I’m not picky about the batteries in the flash light still working, but the emergency signal not. Stranger things have happened. I still wonder though where that plane landed on that island.

Back at HQ I had a good laugh. The look of total surprise on the bad guys face when Kono cited his rap sheet made me laugh. I mean, come on, of course they know who he is. Why would that surprise him, or even made him fear them? That was stupid.

Next we get Nurse Steve. And are educated about the use of coconut water. 😉

Now she’s coming to the island?


“We need that boat… You’re gonna steal it.” Right, piece of cake.

OK, now I have a little beef with Five-0. I don’t like it when Steve does is, nor do I like it when Chin does here. Beating up the suspects. That is not bad ass. Hitting a cuffed prisoner is not bad ass. It’s torture, and it does not give you the results you’re looking for. That the baddie caved just because he got hit by Chin is simply stupid and totally unrealistic.

I don’t condone any member of Five-0 using police brutality and getting away with it. It’s not something to cheer about. It’s wrong, and I think the show should make it very clear that it is wrong. They don’t, and expect their viewers to hail the characters as bad ass when they use their fists in that manner.

I always cringe when any of them does it in the blue room. I certainly cheer for any fair fights. But this is not it.

So, after getting the information they are on their way to free the dad.

Our two heroes are on their way to steal the boat. Which gives us another bit of action. Of course, this plan also kinda fails. At least Steve also got a hostage in the process. And in the end they do get the boat, and the bad guys. 😉

Of course Chin and Lou make it in time and save the dad, so the kid can save the game. 🙂

Steve and Lynn giving their prisoners to the authorities who were already waiting for them at the harbor.

It could not be a serious question from Lynn if Steve would have left her there. I mean, didn’t Ellie tell her anything about our McG? That thought should not even have entered her mind.

So the two of them survived their first date, and I would love to see them just enjoying coffee and malasadas next week.


OK, before my verdict here are my thoughts about Lynn. I really like her. She’s great, and she was good with McG. I liked Steve trying to get to know her. It was surely a fun day out.

Do I see any potential love between them? Not at this point. They feel like they could be really good friends though. Will there be more? I have no idea.

But I do know that relationships born out of traumatic events normally don’t stand the test of time. If they want to have a girlfriend/boyfriend relationship, or the hope for one, they need to forget this first date and do normal stuff together. See where it will lead them.

Steve is by far not over Cath. He hasn’t even started to get over her. But that shouldn’t keep him from living his life. From meeting new people, and from having fun with those new people.

I still believe Cath is the endgame. But if it will not work out, for whatever reason, I would be OK with this new woman in Steve’s life.

But like Steve I think we all need to gather more Intel before we can judge if this will lead anywhere or not.

I think it was a great and fun episode. They were great together, and I think they can have a good time in the future. But, as I said, at this point I don’t see the next love of his life in her. And vice versa by the way. I don’t think she sees the love of her life in him.

Many months ago I said I will be OK with Steve eventually moving on IF Cath were out of the picture. The only thing I asked for was a good story and that Cath would not come back after he moved on. Like he being with Lynn and then she walks in on them. I worry that this is leading exactly to that.

First night with Lynn and Cath walks in. If that happens, that writer better hides. 🙂

So, what is my verdict? Honestly? I don’t think I would have enjoyed this more if it had been Catherine by his side. Well, OK, maybe a little bit because those two were closer and we might have seen them swimming unter the waterfall, maybe even without clothes. Uh, not going there. 🙂

Yes, I think this episode was awesome. For me, the best one of season 6 so far. Actually, an almost real awesome. 😉


All screen-shots were done by me. Credit to CBS. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

And please remember, I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously. Always remember, this is just a TV show.



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  1. I found the COTD involving the football player uninteresting so I will let others comment. There seems to be a pattern lately of two crimes with minimal interaction between all the characters. I wonder if every future episode will be this way.

    I enjoyed seeing the Super Seal in action again. I really think the writers jumped the gun in sending McG on a date so soon after Cath left, because they put “Lynn” in the unenviable position of being the “rebound” girl, the one you date after a breakup that you shouldn’t, because you normally wouldn’t, and it’s not fair to her or you. So, Lynn became a plot device to get McG from point A ( missing Cath) to point B (trying to forget her ) to point C (when he realizes she didn’t leave him willingly and goes to find her. ) PL did say their relationship would be tested. You don’t bother testing something that is over. Lynn is just a pebble and not a boulder on their rocky road. I do feel sorry for her though.

    The actress is lovely and talented and she played terrified beautifully. But women learn very early to be strong when things get bad because they must be strong for others. There is plenty of time to fall apart later. I expected to like the “Lynn” character and was surprised to find that I didn’t. It took me twenty four hours before I realized why. She belongs with Danny. He would complain about bugs and everything else, but all of his women lack any law enforcement skills or training. They are non-threatening and he likes them that way. I know people are always complaining that Steve should be with a “normal” and not super heroine but the total collapse of Lynn’s character under stress and the fact that she was more of a hindrance than a help, makes me see that normal for Steve is a woman with guts and a gun. It’s what he knows and understands. It’s Catherine. Its Kono. It’s crazy Mom, too. Even Mary is a fighter who knocked a guy’s tooth out. I can imagine what baby Joan might do in twenty years. But it’s definitely not Lynn. Sweet as she is, she does not make the cut. And what was the AU part of Steve being afraid of his footing on the waterfall but Lynn climbs like a goat? New writers?

    Half of this season has already been filmed, so we will not see the return of “Lynn” until next year. I do expect that they will reference her sometimes as they did Ellie, Gaby, Amber, Leilani, Mindy etc. before they fell off the face of the earth. There are so many stories to cover in the twelve remaining episodes– just to mention a few:

    Doris and Joe– Daddy Wo Fat– Adam and Kono and the family business-Chin and Gabriel– Chin and Abby — Aunt Deb’s health and the package her husband gave Steve to hide– Grover’s follow-up to his Chicago story– Steve and Danny’s trip to New Jersey (please let that be an unsubstantiated rumor ) — Steve’s mysterious phone hang ups — his PTSD (though with Steve and Danny in “couples therapy” the show may see that as less important. It has occurred to me that the reason they do not deal with MCG’s PTSD is because it is a real and serious condition and there are no cheap jokes to sneak in there) — Cath and her secret mission– the damn champ box, which I have given up all hopes of understanding — Charlie’s illness– Stan, if he’s still relevant–Grace’s rebellion– all of Danny’s LI’s–as in Danny and Rachel or Danny and Gaby or Danny and Amber or Danny and Steve .

    There was no McEllie, and there is no McLynn. And no amount of “fan” tweets to PL about loving “Lynn” and being glad McG has moved on or begging him to please read their review will have one iota of influence upon what he wants his story to be. None of us has anything to say about it but, hey, if it keeps them off the street corners at night……………let them tweet their little hearts out.
    “ So many stories-so little time. “

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    • Love your A, B, C logic. 🙂

      I laughed out loud when Steve crossed that waterfall. I thought that was funny; totally strange but it had me smiling.

      I don’t feel like Lynn had a total break-down. She recovered quickly from her first shock and did a good job after a little ‘combat-breathing’. 😉 But you’re right, she probably won’t make the cut. As I said, in the end it will be Steve and Cath. Anything other than that makes no real sense to me. But that won’t keep me from enjoying the ride.

      I love your last paragraph. It always makes me smile seeing all the ads on twitter to please read the review. It’s kind of embarassing.

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      • These posters are beyond feeling embarrassed. They sincerely believe that what they have to say can sway PL to adopt their suggestions. He would probably laugh himself silly if he read their reviews. But then, he’d need a whole jar of TUMS if he read some of ours.

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    • Spot on with your post, Mama Yorkie. And this: “There seems to be a pattern lately of two crimes with minimal interaction between all the characters.” When I talk about the show feeling very disjointed to me, THIS is in part what I’m talking about. I’m just not feeling cohesiveness within the show.

      And another ditto to “normal for Steve is a woman with guts and a gun.” Love that phrasing. LOL!

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  2. Disclaimer: I am a McRoll. I really enjoy your reviews and a lot of the time you give me a new perspective on the show. I just wanted to know what are your thoughts on something. When Catherine was here, Steve did not have time to spend with her. They had to catch Gabriel, save Adam and Kono from the Yakuza. Catch all the other criminals in Hawaii. Now Steve has time to go on a date to a deserted Island and Chin, Kono, and Lou are sitting at a High School Football game. What happened to trying to save them? What happened to “the job comes first”? The job always interrupts Steve/Catherine, Danny and his kids or girlfriend. How do you feel about this change? They don’t seem worried about it anymore. Thats what through me off. Its been the focus of 6 episodes and now nothing. I just wanted to know how you feel about it. I know the show has had a looong struggle with continuity.


    • I think this was about doing something different to get to the case which they have done before. Think Danny and Steve fishing or hiking.

      But I think it highlights the difficulty of trying to do personal life stories in a procedural. They are largely going to be personal moments interupted by cases. Or the weirdness in getting Kono/Adam together or having Cath join 5 0. I loved McRoll, but I’m afraid the writers made them unredeemable.

      So I like the idea of Steve with someone they can plausibly pull in occasionally without having them join the team. See Danny and Chin’s disappearing love interests.

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  3. This ep was slightly better than the others. I like that they periodically come back to that same high school (I won’t even try to spell it. LOL!), between the link with Chin, Steve, a prior episode as you mentioned, and now this one. A little continuity goes a long way.

    At first, the woman’s voice–Lynn– grated on my nerves for some reason, but then I got used to it. And I have to give the character extra credit for driving a Wrangler. I’ll even give Wo Fat or Gabriel brownie points for driving a Wrangler. 😎

    I’d be curious to hear an example from an episode when you say Steve is much more relaxed and not in the driver’s seat when not working. I was trying to think of one while reading your post but came up empty. The fact that he’s a control freak makes him a very strong character. Any good character needs to have rock solid traits that are their hallmark–just like when he calls catching a tuna a mission. That is what makes him unique. Another good example of the strength of these unique traits in Steve is showcased when in an episode Danny tells him to watch his ‘six’ — Steve’s rubbing off on him.

    In this episode I saw a LITTLE bit of Seal Team Steve with using the knife for a mirror, but I found him to be kind of wishy washy. For example, she gets them lost and his comment is “we’ll go back the way we came” I don’t know—between that and the fact that Steve suddenly didn’t seem to know the island (any other time, when they’re on some part of Hawaii, even if he hasn’t known it intimately he knows how to navigate), it just felt off to me. Maybe he’s just trying to step back and let her be in charge but if that’s the case, in that moment, it would make him seem more condescending than anything and that is definitely not a trait I would ascribe to the real Steve McGarrett.

    I didn’t dislike the latest female of the month. I’m just indifferent. There have just been too many rounds of female option of the month and for me at this point, it’s just boring.

    So yes, I would definitely have loved the episode a LOT more if Catherine were in it. It would have changed the dynamic tremendously because it would have been more interesting and I think we would have seen a lot more of Seal Team Steve in that case.

    But it is what it is. I give it another “okay”, but a better okay then the episodes we’ve had thus far this season.

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    • Excuse me, but when has there EVER been a female of the month on this show? Steve had ONE woman in the last six years.
      And even Danny had only been with two, not counting his ex-wife here. And Chin? that poor sap had a wife for a week and then nothing.
      So, please tell me where are these females of the months you are so tired of?


      • I’m wondering if she’s referring to Jenna, Lori, and Ellie…all of whom were intro’d in the actual press as McGirls, but who turned out not to be, I’ve never understood if those press intros were driven by Lenkov, who then changed his mind, or just reporters trying to get hits….


        • Yeah, but you know, for me having a female of the month also means that the man is interested in it. Steve has never shown any interest in any other woman than Cath. So, no matter what the press said, there never ever has been a flavor of the month.
          And neither Lori nor Jenna ever made any move on Steve. Lori said in the end she had feelings for him, but she never initiated anything. And Steve certainly didn’t look at her twice.

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          • It’s interesting, but PL has always put on his cloak of deniability regarding new female cast members when the fandom latches on to them as possible new love interests. That label usually come from CBS press releases or from interviewers looking for headlines who “interpret” his remarks for him. Then he can jump up and down and say he never said any such thing and he is telling the truth. Its the same with Lynn- all he said was that McG would go on a date from hell and some people were planning this hot romance in their heads before she even made her first appearance. He never said love interest. McG went on a date with Ellie’s friend, that’s all. I think many of the A B C’s (Anybody But Cath) know that Cath left unwillingly and are worried that she will return. I’m pretty sure she will and since it is obvious that she loves Steve and that he loves her, I think PL ripped them apart so he could put them back together again. Steve is grieving her loss. One cannot know grief unless one has first known love.
            Lynn just hasn’t got what it takes to be part of the McGarrett world. One episode down and one to go.

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            • I feel like promos and stuff can really mess with the show. People get them confused

              I didn’t mind the Pauly Shore episode because I thought Steve, Danny, and Lou’s disgust with those guys was clear. I hadn’t seen promos or articles or teasers. Seeing those thing later made me see how they set some people up to hate the episode because they didn’t make the disgust with those guys clear they celebrated them.

              I wonder about the relationship of creative and marketing staff.


      • My apologies. I assumed readers would be able to infer my meaning or use of expression in this case. No, not literally monthly, but with the attempts that have been made over the series run to insert the latest female possible, it FEELS monthly to me and I’m just numb to it at this point. But that’s a better track record than some shows where it literally felt weekly.

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        • I’m pretty sure everyone here knows the phrase “flavor/female of the month”. 🙂
          But that phrase implies that there is a new girl around every corner, and that the male is interested in it and actually looking for it. Like it was on Magnum, or any other ‘dated’ show where the male lead had to have dozens of women during the season.
          I’m really glad that this is one part this show gets right. Except for Danny ‘looking’ after every skirt the men are pretty one-woman-type of guys.
          And counting three minor characters something like “girl of the months” is, in my eyes, way over the top.
          But if you feel that way, well, I can’t follow that logic, but I can certainly agree that IF I felt that way, I would be fed up with any new character too. 🙂


          • Sam: I was wondering when someone would bring up our missing team member. Where was he this time? Did they say and I missed it? Still think Lynn is a better fit for Danny. Now him I can see chasing butterflies.


            • There was someone missing? I haven’t noticed. 🙂

              No, they didn’t say, but honestly, I think it’s best that way. I for sure don’t need to know.
              I said it before, I DO feel sorry for the actor’s fans, but the show is better with the character missing. My opinion, and I stand by it. The show doesn’t need Danny.

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            • Mama, maybe our missing member was in parent/child therapy that day. Trying to sort out the lying that his daughter has suddenly started doing.


  4. I agree with so much of what you stated. I too like Lynn, it was clear to me that the actress and Alex are comfortable with each other. That playfulness was real and it worked great for Steve stepping out with a different woman in a very long time. Do I wish it was Catherine……yes but since I have no control over what the show is doing, I could accept this. As for where that woman was when the big bad guy talked to her on the walkie-talkie was that she could have been circling the island, searching after they discovered the boat Steve and Lynn arrived in. At least I could buy that reasoning.

    I totally loved Lou in this episode in this episode. The secondary story wasn’t all that necessary but since they didn’t want to focus the whole episode on Steve and Lynn, they had to give the rest of them something to do. Lou’s teasing in the beginning and then how he dealt with those two creeps at the game was great. I was laughing out loud at parts. As for the hitting prisoners in the blue room, I agree it is brutal but they have set a standard with this behavior since the beginning and I guess I tend to overlook it. I would love it if the good guys don’t always cut the rescue so short on time. I know it is drama but I would prefer it not to be so very tight on time. Just my opinion.

    It was great to see SEAL Steve show up and do his thing. He really does have skills that should show up more often. Lynn was cool and if they don’t bring Catherine back then I could learn to like having her around. I also felt it was totally real that she and Steve didn’t go into a romantic clinch and long kiss once they were on the dock. Their teasing and relaxed banter was just right. It is clear that Steve likes her but I was happy to see that he wasn’t ready to jump her bones….to put it delicately. All in all I enjoyed it and rated it an awesome just for the pure fun factor.

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    • I like Lynn and Steve together. As much as I love McRoll, I’m honestly afraid of what the writers might do. So I could be happy having him build a relationship with someone like Lynn. It was nice to see playful Steve.

      Chin and even Grover a little seemed like out of character in the way the were talking about Lynn and Steve’s date. It really turned me off.

      I like that Lynn isn’t military or police. There is no temptation to make her part of the team. But as a social worker she could on occasion have overlapping professional worlds. So maybe they call her on case with kids or she’s in the neighborhood so she grabs lunch with Steve. They can have her plausibly around but not make her a team member. To me that’s important.

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  5. It was a good ep for me. I seem to find it hard to see em as great or awesome these last couple seasons for some reason. But I’m happy with good. 🙂

    I liked her…she is very likable. He was ADORABLE with her. I loved the scene where she was panicking and he taught her SEAL breathing. That was a delightful scene and showed off both their winning personalities. I also liked that Ellie made the intro, a bit of surprising continuity. And I liked Ellie.

    I had issues with the island story, as others have too…like why the plane landing strip is non-existent, like why is a rich criminal living in hell when he could go to a non-extradition country and live like a rich criminal, like why did McG burn up the hut with his flame thrower instead of just fry the crims and thus declare it’s MillerTime…but that is just how 5-0 seems content to roll. Plus the plane was probably gonna get off the island when TheClaw returned for A Very Special Episode. Duh!

    Of course I loved how McG had an emo moment when he looked at their selfie. Alex really does rock, doesn’t he? This ep was an opportunity to enjoy how very much Alex rocks. And he did. He did rock. ❤

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    • “like why did McG burn up the hut with his flame thrower instead of just fry the crims and thus declare it’s MillerTime”

      ROTFL!!!!!! Nailed it.

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  6. I had to think for some time before deciding to write a comment, since this site is clearly prevalently McRoll based but then I decided to do it anyways. Since S4 I have stopped liking McRoll so I was rather happy when Cath decided to go n ep 6.03. I loved 6.07 and the way Lynn was introduced and her interaction with Steve. Opposite to many here I do see a lot of potential in her first date with Steve and a possible relationship. Not sure if Peter and the writers will go in that direction or if Lynn, as many other characters will disappear after her next episode (Sarah was contracted for two) but I would love for her to be a real new love interest for Steve. I am one of those that is fed up of having Super SEAL McG only paired with Super Cath, I prefer him to be involved with someone completely different. I do believe that the door for Cath’s return has been left open for a reason but I can still hope that it’s not to get her back together with Steve. I guess we’ll find out towards the end of the season.


    • And that is why I find these conversations about shows (and discussions about romance in fiction) so very interesting. Somehow, the world has been built on the notion that “opposites attract”. I don’t know, maybe the majority of the time that really is true. I’ve never statistically compared it. 😎

      And I can appreciate those who don’t care for the Steve/Cath pairing, but to me, in their case, the fact that they are so much alike makes it an outstanding relationship even though that might not hold true for some other character. Which is why, no matter what the show does, I’ll never see it differently.

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      • Opposites attract? As per my old sociology professor, that’s not true when dealing with human relationships. We gravitate towards those who share similar values and interests.
        Can you just see McG running through the fields and chasing butterflies with his net? Can you see Lynn carrying a semi-automatic behind Steve? Wait– there’s always the AU, right.

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      • Opposite attracts maybe for a very short time. Because it is interesting to see something new. But those opposites will always fail the test of time.
        Small differences are good and important, but a, as people like to call them, ‘normal’ girl would never understand Steve. He’s trained a very special way, he has done very special things, still does. Someone without at least similar experiences would never understand his quirks that make him so unique.
        Cath is a person who does understand him, they are on the same level and wavelength.


        • Opposites attract? Not really.
          Relationship 1

          Lynn: Steve, a good relationship is built on communication. .
          Steve: OK
          Lynn: Let’s start by talking about our day.
          Steve: Sure
          Lynn: Well, how was it?
          Steve: Fine
          Lynn: Really, you’re not cooperating.
          Steve: I don’t understand.
          Lynn: Tell me the most memorable thing you did today.
          Steve: I killed a bank robber, sent two of his accomplishes to the hospital and blew up a truck. Typical day. Nothing special. Can I watch the ball game now?

          Relationship 2
          Cath: Steve, you’re bleeding again. Want a band aid?
          Steve: Nah- just a scratch.
          Cath- What happened?
          Steve- I killed a bank robber, sent two of his accomplishes to the hospital and blew up a truck. Typical day. Nothing special.
          Cath: Let’s watch the ball game while we clean our guns.
          Steve: I’ll get the popcorn.

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    • You’re always welcome to write a post here. And I don’t feel like we’re mostly McRoll here. I think everyone here is pretty open for other opinions. So, never fear to have a different opinion even IF you were the only one. 🙂

      Honestly, I don’t think it would work out between Steve and a ‘normal’ girl. Besides, Cath is normal. There shouldn’t be a stamp on any person. I feel like Cath and Steve are a perfect match. But again, that doesn’t mean Cath is the ONLY person for Steve. We just have to wait and see. 😉

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  7. Well, I gave this an awesome. I tend to rate things in reference to others of the same season. Plus, it was Steve-centric, so that automatically ups my rating!
    At first Lynn’s voice bugged me too, but that did not last. I loved Steve’s face when she drove up. Why was Lou at his house to begin with? Their banter at the beginning was perfect.
    I also appreciated the fact that Lynn did not go “ramboette” on us. I guess it gives me hope that a more normal woman (i.e. myself!) could have a chance with a man like McG…. I most definitely did not think she was a hindrance.

    Yeah, that island had to be larger than the one they showed in the overhead shots. The choice of a 2011 escape was bizarre as is whatever enabled a plane to come to rest where it did. I don’t follow the backstory of the two island inhabitants and why they would decide to live on an island for 4 years. Could the woman have been coming around the other side of the island when bad guy asked her whether she had seen Steve and Lynn? I guess those kinds of details are best left ignored.
    I love McRoll and also assume that storyline will return. I also hope Steve has not moved forward seriously with Lynn when Cath returns. As another reviewer mentioned, I am thankful these two did not get physical on this first date. I’m old fashioned when it comes to that anyway, but tv characters frequently are not.

    I really liked the picture taking moments. Didn’t really understand Steve’s pose, but what else was he going to do? His terribly aimed pic of lynn was quite cute, and his contemplation over their selfie was a wonderfully unexpected moment. You said you would not call this a date – rather a gathering of intel. Well, that is what i consider first dates to be. A date does not mean you are committed to a relationship but that you are both interested in testing those waters to determine whether this could/should become a relationship. The label doesn’t really matter though. Steve was out having some fun with a new lady, and it was good to see.
    Combining info that this character is only contracted for 2 eps (i think i have read that on this site) and PL’s leaks about the Valentine’s Day ep i assume that she will make another appearance then. I therefore assume she will only be referenced in the next few.
    Love you guys.

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  8. Building upon the A B C arguments posted here I’m going to throw out a few for the N B C (noone but Cath) crowd.

    First of all timing. Episode 6×01 takes place during Kono’s wedding which was in May. 6×02 takes place the next day I think but I might be wrong since I only watched it once and didn’t pay much attention. It’s highly probable that 6×03 takes place no more than a month after the wedding placing it in June or maybe July at the latest. 6×06 was obviously Halloween so we have a definitive time jump from June/July to end of October which brings us to 6×07 which could be anytime in November or perhaps later but before Christmas. So if Cath left in July we have all of August, September and October for Steve to have grieved and maybe start thinking it’s time to do some recon in the dating world. Some might say that’s not enough time but everyone grieves different and we can’t forget that other than the few weeks she was back, Steve had well over a year without her. Most importantly though, this is a fictional world in a TV show so behavior doesn’t always have to be realistic.

    Next is the NBC crowd saying Lynn isn’t anything like Cath so she can’t be Steve’s equal and they’ll never work/opposites don’t attract/she was a hindrance to this episode’s ‘mission.’ Steve doesn’t have to be with someone who is his equal in all things. Relationships even fictional TV ones are about a balance of interests and values and combinability. Cath was basically a female version of Steve. You could gender swap the two characters and not see much difference (really think about that a moment and I think you’ll find I’m right. No really, think about it).

    Lynn is not a female McGarrett but I don’t see them as true ‘opposites.’ From what little we’ve seen we know that Lynn places a lot of value on family and friends. She’s a social worker which is not an easy job and takes someone with a strong heart to do it well. She loves nature and the outdoors and momentary freakout aside, she held herself together pretty well through the ordeal. These are all things that I think Steve is, and would be attracted to in a woman.

    For those saying she held Steve back and was a hindrance, who of us wouldn’t be in that situation? I’ve never been shot at, I don’t have military or even police training. I am not in near as good as shape as Lynn. I would’ve held Steve back and been a hindrance. She is not Catherine and shouldn’t be expected to behave as Catherine would. I thought it was a good portrayal of someone who finds themselves in a terrifying traumatic situation for the first time in their lives.

    All in all I thought that Sarah and Alex had great chemistry and they really sparked together. Knowing Show she will be maybe be mentioned once and then forgotten until they bring her back for her other episode. I do hope they invite her back for more as Steve needs some fun and happiness and someone not related to work in his life.

    I know I am in the minority on this site but I hope they keep the door on Catherine closed forever. I used to love them as a couple but somewhere at the beginning of season four I just lost interest. Maybe because of what I said about being able to genderswap them meant I found them boring overall because they were too much alike. I think though that I saw them as great friends and compatible lovers who worked best when they didn’t see each other all the time and when they tried to get more serious it just wasn’t working out. Sometimes relationships work best when kept mostly long distance. In addition she chose her job over Steve to stay in Afghanistan and told him to move on according to what he said to Aunt Deb in season five. She comes back only to play with his heart, get his hopes up and lead him on (that’s sincerely what it looks like if you watch it objectively) then leaves again after lying to him about it all. With his trust issues, need to know confidentiality or not, I don’t think it’s easily forgivable and I hope it’s not. Too many people have repeatedly lied to him and he needs to be with someone who isn’t going to lie about the big things. If she did it all for “Steve’s own good” I will probably stop watching Show altogether because that excuse is lame and they’ve did it before so many times.

    Something I don’t understand is why alot of the McRoll fandom seems to be ‘McRoll or nothing else.’ I saw a comment somewhere this weekend that said you can like to see Steve with another woman and like to see Steve happy and moving on with his life and still love your ship. Maybe because I lost interest in the McRoll saga but I think this is true. Why not have fun with Steve as he tries out dating for the first time ever (that we’ve been able to see)? Why not enjoy him being adorable and likeable and impressing a girl he’s not spent much time with? Enjoying it doesn’t mean you’re cheating on McRoll. Liking McLynn and even shipping McLynn doesn’t mean you can’t still ship McRoll. McRoll can always be endgame in your heart even if it’s not endgame in Show. And since this is a fictional TV world you can, if you want, think both McRoll and McLynn are endgame. Shipping one doesn’t have to mean you hate the other. Shipping both doesn’t mean you’re less of a fan or not worthy of being a McRoller.

    Sorry this was so long and sorry for bad spelling and grammar. Writing is difficult for me but I wanted to be brave and share my thoughts for the first time on this site.

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    • I got up early to finish a project I must complete today and I decided to check my emails. Please don’t apologize for spelling or grammar. I am notorious for butchering both.

      I can see that you don’t like Cath and that’s fine. No one will attack you here for having a different opinion. But a few in this fandom latched on to the McLynn ship before she even made her first appearance. There was no “wait and see” here- just a “she’s not Cath” mantra, so she’s wonderful. People did the same thing with Ellie but were upset when PL said “Just friends”. I didn’t like Lynn for reasons I already expressed. I liked Ellie but she also tampered with evidence in a Federal investigation and should have been disbarred at the least and done jail time too, which was more likely. The Feds get a bit testy when State employees mess with them. No one seems to have noticed that since they were so over- joyed that Cath was left in Afghanistan by the writers, just as she was sent on a secret mission by those writers this time. But Ellie didn’t get disbarred or go to jail because this is just a TV show. Cath is just a character on TV show but the out-right hate for her is disturbing. I suspect for some it might be the actress herself. I like the actress and I like the character but accept that not everyone does and that’s their right.

      I have read that the actress who plays Lynn is an old friend of AOL, so it would be expected that they were comfortable working together. MB and AOL were strangers when they had their first love scene and they heated up the screen. That’s what good actors do. They make you believe in them even though you know it’s not real.

      As for opposites attracting, they really don’t. That’s the formula for failed relationships. If all a segment of this fandom wants is a love interest for McG who is an ABC, then the writers are going to have to come up with a better character than Lynn or Ellie. And since PL has left the door open for Cath’s return. I don’t think Lynn has any traction. He certainly didn’t give a vote of confidence to this pairing when he hired the actress for only two episodes. The people whose opinions matter are those who watch on Friday night and have no idea of the drama in this fandom. And frankly, if the numbers don’t improve soon, then we will all be shipping our favorites in FF where they will live forever. And I think that will make all factions sad. You can ship McLynn or McEllie in your heart even if it’s not endgame, too.

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      • Oh, Mama, you are right on so many things here. 🙂

        But I wouldn’t worry about the ratings, they are actually really good.

        Ehm, I’m drawing a total blank on Ellie tampering with evidence. What did I miss? When did she do that? Seriously, I can’t recall.

        I think most so called McRoll fans (and even worse the McDanno fraction) are way too serious about Cath and Steve. Yes, I do love them together, but I’m also open for Steve to be happy with someone else if Cath won’t work out. For me, the most important part is for Steve to be happy. If that can’t be Cath, for whatever reason, I will not throw a tantrum and curse until I’m blue in the face. And I certainly will not bug the heck out of everyone on twitter because my favorite ship doesn’t sail anymore.
        Anyway, I think the outright hate for the character and unfortunately also for the actress is because she’s the only woman Steve is interested in. I guess some feel threatened by her. No idea, but some should maybe see a therapist. 🙂
        This is just a TV show after all. The characters are not real. Guess some didn’t get that memo.

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        • Steve wanted to know about the evidence on Danny’s (and Steve’s) little excursion into Columbia with a bag full of money as ransom for Danny’s brother. Recall that Danny killed the drug lord. Chin was also arrested for borrowing part of the ransom money from Gabriel. Ellie stole that evidence and gave it to Steve. How she got it is murky. Nevertheless a crime, despite her motive. As an officer of the court, she will be held to a higher standard.


    • Mer, I love most of the things you’ve said. I am neither ABC nor NBC I am just GOSH darn it. Give Our Steve Happiness. But you summed up my feelings pretty well. Felt the same about Steve and Lynn, (and Sarah and Alex btw).
      The only thing I disagree about is that I don’t want them to keep the door to Cath closed. Just because they left it wide open and I hate when they do that without giving us closure. TPTB have done that too many times!

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  9. Oh I forgot to add that the other storyline didn’t interest me at all and watching Lou and Chin act like 12 year old boys was offputting at best.


    • Mer: The reason I chose to respond to you was that most of what you said referred to my post. I do agree with you that I didn’t find Chin and Grover’s comments funny. Instead I thought they were disrespectful and out of character for two people I consider gentlemen. It makes me wonder if the mental age and the chronological age of the responsible party/ies for the written lines do not match. In any event, I am glad you decided to post. You may have noticed that many of us do not fully agree with each other all the time but we are respectful of our differences here, which is something I cannot find on other sites.

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    • I see your comments…it posted! I agree that the writers and the producers have (m)ucked around with Cath’s character to a ridiculous and unbelievable degree. And I think everyone here was PO’d that they sent her away so glibly the first time, then brought her briefly back … JUST TO SEND HER AWAY AGAIN!!!!! I think we’d all have preferred that level of uncreative stoopid had not been visited upon us, McG, or poor Cath. But I don’t blame the character or the actress for that. PLenkov loves the glory when something goes right, so Dude gotta suck up the muck-up for this bone-headed executive decision.

      I always loved Cath…and still do…for McG. I love that she is as capable as he. HIS character is ridiculously impossible (including that super fast vampire healing thing McG has), so Cath’s perfection is no more, nor no less, ridiculous than his. And I reeeally love that she has known him for ages…before he came home and had this current ohana. I do think people forget he had ohana pre-5-0…the SEALs are tight-knit brothers after all. And she’s been with him thru some scary ops, I’d imagine. She’s put in her worry time over “is he coming back?”. And she’s been willing to put her own career on the line to do him favors…tho I’m guessing she got away with those favors cos McG got some mojo in the Navy. Anyway, she’s been a part of his inner circle before there was any “core 4”. I think that is what made some fans love her, the idea he had at least that continuity in his very bifurcated life. But it is also what made some fans jealous. And if you’ve been in the Alex fandom very long, you will quickly notice some fans hate any woman he is pared with, on screen or off.

      As to why “McRoll or nothing else” I honestly haven’t seen that. There are some tweets complaining about nasty McRolls, but I haven’t seen that either. Nasty is what a few McDs did to MB…and what she sadly eventually punched back with. I’ve seen McRolls sad she’s possibly being replaced and campaigning for her return, but I haven’t seen anyone be ugly to Lynn. Doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened, just that I haven’t seen it. Many McRolls acknowledged (as have I) that they like Lynn (and a bunch of us like that she and Alex are RL buds). But McRoll folks still prefer Cath to anyone else, and to his (dis)credit, PLenkov has led some to believe she will be back. On purpose he did that. So McRollers have hope and when there is hope, one does not give up.

      So if you are puzzled why they still campaign for her, see PLenkov. He likes to play the fringes against the middles in this fandom. And then he likes to play befuddled by the shite-storm he created. Which is just uncool. But don’t blame the messengers…he created this hope and thus the campaign. 🙄

      Also welcome to this site! Sam is awesome!

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      • I saw some of that but I also saw some McRoll fans do the opposite, saying how much they disliked Lynn before the episode aired or refusing to watch the episode because if Steve was going to move on they didn’t want to support it. Neither reaction (loving or hating) to Lynn before seeing the episode was fair I thought but I didn’t mean to imply anyone was being nasty. I just found it weird that there were/are a few fans who act like enjoying Steve with another woman would mean that they don’t truly believe McRoll is endgame.

        I don’t consider myself a shipper so maybe that’s why I don’t understand. I do like and enjoy couples on the show but I’m not emotionally invested in any of them as much as some fans are so it doesn’t bother me to see one end or a new one begin. Except for Malia, I am still sad about Malia 😦

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        • Ah! I see. I think I have about as many people blocked on Twitter as I have people I follow. 😆 So when something ugly gets said these days, I generally don’t see it. If peeps are even discussing the ugly, I usually even ignore that. I do notice shippers that can bear only their own ship, tho. The McKonos must be exhausted by now and one lovely person who still ships Danno and the ex-wife breaks my heart with her sad sometimes. I don’t mind reading any shipper and their tweets as long as they aren’t being rude or mean. And I think it’s hard to explain who we ship. To me, it’s just an automatic response to the characters. Just like in RL, if you have to work to explain it, maybe it isn’t very real.


      • I love you, Grace. You actually made me tear up thinking about Steve and Cath way before Five-0.

        People, especially a lot of ff-writers, tend to forget that Steve had a life long before he met any of this so called Ohana. He had more brothers, who would give their life for him, than any of the core-3 can imagine.
        And Cath was obviously a huge part of his life long before he came back to Hawaii. Those fans think he only now has a family, and before he met Danny, Kono and Chin he was a broken man. They couldn’t be more wrong. It’s laughable, really.
        And you’re right about PL, too. He loves to create drama. But I really wonder what it gives him. Because that handful of people he interacts with (compared to the ten million silent viewers) don’t have any say, any pull, or anything really. Wonder why he gets a kick out of playing with all fractions like he does.

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        • I think that’s why I ship McRoll. I think of the rich history they would have, the people they knew and lost, the simpatico lifestyles they lived, the secrets they still guard, even from one another. None of the 5-0 civilians really get that…nor do any of em seem even marginally curious about either of the McRoll’s exploits in service. I ALWAYS am wishing Show would do another back story ep! That military school, Annapolis, and then SEALs are what make McG, McG! I love flashbacks. I’m sad they don’t do more, or have us meet some of his SEAL bros. To me, Danno isn’t like those bros. He’s like a baby bro who, himself, never really had a tight adult relationship except his first partner Grace, and his ex-wife. McG takes care of him and tries to man the dude up and often uses the carguments to do a little thinking whilst Danno blah-blah-blahs. Sometimes it works. :mrgreen:


  10. I really liked this one, enough to give it an awesome, which I don’t think I have done since 5.07. I loved seeing relaxed Steve having fun. We don’t get to see that often enough in my opinion. I like Steve and Lynn together. I can see them as potential love interests but I don’t see them falling in love immediately. Like you said relationships that start off with such intense circumstances don’t tend to work out. I love how much of a gentleman Steve was trying to be, I think that was part of him giving up his control, trying to be chivalrous and letting Lynn drive the boat when she wanted to.

    Lynn’s reaction to being shot as was great, perfectly natural reaction for such a traumatizing experience. A lot of people are saying that Steve needs to be with a girl (like Catherine) who can fight, knows how to shoot, and take care of herself but I don’t necessarily agree. I think it would be interesting to see Steve with just an ordinary woman who doesn’t have any special military or police skills. It might be nice for him to be in a relationship where his partner needs him to take care of her in the sense that she isn’t a skilled fighter like Catherine is/was. I’m not saying that she needs to be completely dependent on him for protection, he could and likely would teach her self defense moves and what to do in certain situations but for him to be needed for more than just companionship. Which I feel like, at least from Catherine’s end, is what their relationship was, a comfortable companionship. Yes she loved him but she wasn’t necessarily *in love* with him.

    Don’t get me wrong I loved Steve and Catherine together but I think it would be interesting to see Steve with someone who doesn’t have military/police skills. I really wanted Steve and Cath to get married but at this point I would be ok if she doesn’t come back and Steve ends up with someone else. If she does come back and they end up together in the end, depending on how it is done, I don’t know that I will be a fan of that. My feelings toward Catherine right now are not warm fuzzy feelings. Catherine says she loves Steve, and deep down I think she does; however, I don’t think she really wants to be with him. She keeps choosing other things over her relationship with him and that tells me that she wasn’t/isn’t fully invested in them as a couple. The fact that she left him in Afghanistan and didn’t come back for a year and then when she does come back she leads him on pretending that she is going to stick around forever (as long as he’ll have her) only to leave him again a few days/weeks later really pissed me off. If she really cared about Steve and really wanted to be with him in a serious relationship she wouldn’t continuously choose other things over him and lie to him. That is what I don’t like about Steve and Catherine’s relationship at this point. I don’t think Catherine was ever fully invested in it, not like Steve was anyway. So at this point, if she comes back I don’t know that I would be fully on board with it.

    I want Steve to have a healthy relationship with someone who needs him and loves him as much as he needs and loves her. And I don’t think he will find that with Catherine if she does come back.

    Anyway, moving on, I wasn’t really into the football case but I did like Lou in this one, his banter with Steve was great (that’s how friendship should be) and his chat with the two criminals at the game was funny too.

    Sure this episode has some issues (plane in the jungle) but it was entertaining and fun to watch. I think it is the first one I have watched more than once or twice this season. All in all, I like Steve and Lynn together, not sure if I want her to be the one for Steve but I like her more than I thought I would. Although I still wouldn’t mind seeing Steve end up with Ellie either.

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    • I find your take on Catherine interesting but I think I have to disagree with a few points. First off I do not think she CHOSE to leave Steve, not at the end. That phone conversation made it pretty clear that she was being manipulated to leave Steve against her wishes. As for why she stayed in Afghanistan, I think that was left over guilt from seeing Billy die and she couldn’t protect him and then have Steve taken prisoner…..I choose to believe she felt she was not worthy of the men in her life for a while. Watching her in the vehicle as she was driven away from Steve’s house showed clearly that the woman was heartbroken to be leaving him but felt she had no other choice. I believe she wanted to stay but greater powers got in the way. Now I will admit that I am very pro Catherine and while I like Lynn…..I hope that we have not seen the end of Catherine on this show but only if they make it clear that her leaving was to protect Steve and not to just “do her own thing”. Of course this is just my opinion and should be taken for what it is worth. I am not looking for any fights.


      • I see where you are coming from and understand your point of view. I really like Catherine too and I was hoping that it would work for her and Steve but at this point I am just kind of over it. And I think that is mostly because, in my opinion, the whole Steve/Cath relationship was handled poorly by the writers from the end of season 4 to when she came back last season. The fact that they largely ignored her abscess for almost all of season 5 and then brought her back and teased an engagement and happily ever after (or as happily every after as anyone can get on this show) for them only to yank it away with more CIA/Secret OPs BS is what really irritates me about the whole thing and I think heavily influences my feelings towards Catherine at this point because I want so badly for Steve to be happy.

        I am not sold on the Catherine not having a choice in the matter. The guy on the phone asking her if she was sure if she could do this tells me that she did have at least some choice in the matter. I feel like if the guy asked that then she was there out of her own free will (maybe not volunteered for it but was asked with the option to say no). I feel like if she was being forced into it he would not have asked her if she was sure could do it, he would have told her to suck it up instead. That is just how I interpreted it.

        But I also think part of it is that I am just sick of the CIA/Secret OPs BS that they keep pulling, first with Joe and Doris and now with Catherine. And in both cases it has really hurt Steve, both emotionally and in the case of Wo Fat, physically as well. Yes, Catherine was heartbroken and upset about leaving but I just feel that she wasn’t as committed to her and Steve’s relationship as he was, mostly because she strung him along into thinking that she would stick around. That is what really gets me, she comes back, asks for Steve to take her back, and proceeds to pretend that she is sticking around for good only to leave him once again. I just feel like if she was really committed to her relationship with Steve she wouldn’t have strung him along like that or she would have found a way to stick with him.

        If Catherine does end up coming back, I am not entirely opposed to it but I don’t want Steve to just take her back immediately, even if he isn’t with someone else. I want to see some trust issues and hurt and backlash and I don’t want it to happen off screen like their “talk” they were supposed to have at the beginning of this season like Lenkov seems to like doing so much. I think if Steve takes her back immediately or if the talk and backlash happens off screen, they will be doing a grave injustice to the viewers. Leskov utilizes the “happened off screen” excuse too much.

        Ultimately I just want Steve to be happen. If that happiness is with Catherine in the end then fine but I also won’t be disappointed if he finds it with someone else. Steve has had so much heartbreak and pain in his life that I want him to find someone who makes him happy and who he can rely on to be there for him no matter what when he needs her and vice versa. I just don’t feel like Catherine can be that person for him. I think she has too many issues of her own, i.e. Billy, and this undercover thing, for her to be fully invested in a relationship with Steve. I think she wants it but can’t commit to it. And that is part of the reason I would like for Steve to find someone who isn’t a cop or isn’t in the Navy/CIA. I’d like to see him with an ordinary woman with an ordinary job who isn’t going to get pulled away into the CIA and secret ops BS and away from him the way Catherine and Doris both have.

        But this is just my opinion and I knew when I posted that it would be an unpopular one at that. And that is ok as long as people are respectful of others differing opinions the way Moonjat was. I also am not looking to start any fights, just want to expand on my views a little more.

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        • I have the exact same feels that you do about the bizarre return then departure of Cath. But I blame the EP and not the character. To have brought her back to turn her into Doris 2.0 was effed up. I forgive Cath. I cannot forgive PLenkov. I have blocked him on Twitter. I’m sure that Intel will give him the sads. 😆

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        • I don’t think your opinion is so unpopular like you believe it is. You have some really great points, and I can agree with many of them.
          I just think that in the end Cath and Steve will work out their shit and will live happily ever after. 🙂

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          • I hope you are right Sam. I also hope that they don’t work their shit out off screen. 🙂
            If/when Cath does return I just hope that Steve doesn’t take her back right away. They way she left him again left some deep hurt and I think trust issues too and I really hope they address that in more than just passing.

            Another point that I thought about today when I was at work is that Catherine was in the Reserves. Steve states this in season 4, said something about her being at a reserve drill while they were working the case. She has an obligation, just like Steve does, to serve one weekend a month and two weeks a year for her reservist drills. How does she disappear to Afghanistan for a year and essentially go AWOL and return without being court martialed? She came back and talked with her Navy contacts like nothing happened. Unless this undercover stint is penance for her misdeeds. Although I really don’t think she would be valuable or special enough to the Navy to avoid a court martial like this. Also, don’t think this would really happen in the real world.


            • Catherine retired completely from the Navy early in season four. Show made a big deal about it being an actual retirement and not a step back to reserve duty. I think the writer who wrote Steve saying she was in the reserves was lazy and didn’t do their homework.

              Show has always played a little fast and loose with military regulations. Both her and Steve would be in serious trouble for what they did in North Korea well for even going there in the first place. A lot of what he does as Five O would get him in trouble with the Navy. They’ve only showed Steve fulfilling his reserve requirements once (or twice? I don’t remember). We can assume he does them but a throwaway line here and there would do so much to add a touch of realism to Show it’s a shame that TPTB don’t seem to get that or care. If they spent half the time they spend on Hawaii location shots putting in a line about the whereabouts of one of the team or mentioning how it’s going with the love interest or bringing up people like Doris and Joe it would do some much for the continuity and story gaps. Something isn’t mentioned for over a year and TPTB shouldn’t expect anyone to give a toot when it suddenly comes up again.

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              • She may have fully retired but it is also possible to go into the reserves even after full retirement or after the required time is up for enlisted personnel. My brother was in the Navy and after his required duty was up and he’d been out for a couple years decided to go into the reserves. So now he does his one weekend a month and two weeks a year. It may have been a throw away line from a writer but it doesn’t necessarily mean that she didn’t go back into the reserves. This line was after Billy died and we know she was struggling with her decision and life after the Navy so in my eyes it is very possible that she decided to go back to the Navy as a reservist to at least give her something familiar that she can hold on to. But either way, it is sloppy writing on shows part.

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      • Your headcanon about why Cath stayed in Afghanistan is interesting but it’s not actual canon so we all see the episode and events differently. I am not saying that you’re wrong and you are of course free to fill in the blanks however you choose but we have been shown nothing to indicate this was what happened.

        What we did see is Cath make a choice to stay in Afghanistan for over a year. The deleted scene from 5×01 shows the text telling Steve to move on but we can’t use that as actual canon either. We can use Steve telling Aunt Deb Cath said not to wait for her.

        She comes back over a year later all but telling Steve she’s there for as long as he wants her. This is where the lies start I think. If she knew she could be called for a mission or that Steve might potentially be in danger at some point in the future, she could tell him. He’s a big boy and understands classified missions and jobs. Steve also needs to have people who claim to love him stop hiding things from him for his own good or protection. She could’ve said many other things rather than lead him on with what she did say.

        Throughout 6×01-03 we see her say things like “there’s nothing I want more.” clearly not really answering the question but also not being truthful. OK that wasn’t fair. Maybe there wasn’t anything she wanted more but she’s still lying by omission by not telling Steve or anyone that she can’t stay. She doesn’t have to say why because again they all understand classified.

        As for being heartbroken when the car was pulling away this is where I saw the scene differently than most. Sometimes we make hard choices (like choosing career over friends/family/lovers, or choosing to be with someone else, or choosing to end a relationship because it’s not the one for you) and while deep in your heart you know it’s the best thing for you, you can still be upset in the moment and cry over not wanting something/someone else more or cry over the pain you know you’re causing someone else or simply cry because you wish you could be the person the other person wants you to be.

        I don’t believe Cath is right for Steve. I think both of them had ‘the job comes first’ mentality for far too long and don’t know how to be with each other. I don’t necessarily think Cath needs to choose marriage and babies over her own career like a 50’s housewife but she doesn’t ever seem to take Steve’s feelings into consideration. If she knows him as well as we all think she does she would know that lying to him is the worst thing she could do. She did it before back in season three and yes he did forgive her but if he’s like most people, you can’t keep doing it and expect forgiveness. That is another reason why I think Cath was crying and heartbroken in the car. She realized that by lying to Steve about this, it was truly over and there was no going back. Crying over the end of something doesn’t mean she thinks she made a mistake or would make another choice if she could.

        To be completely honest I would rather they have Cath stay away doing her own thing, even if it’s because a higher power forced her to, because she wants this for herself and her life. Give her the agency to be her own woman who doesn’t need marriage or settle down with kids, who wants to be out saving the world in whatever way she can. That is a Cath I can love and respect. A Cath who lies and hides things from Steve ‘for his own good’ or comes back only once she is pregnant (something I’ve seeen some fans speculate) because it’s ‘the right thing to do’ is not a character I can respect. And Steve shouldn’t either.

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        • Mer, I get it. You really, really don’t like Catherine anymore and that is your choice and you have every right to your opinion. This is just a TV show and the characters often do and say things that make me want to bang my head against a wall. Sometimes they forget who they are……ie Steve cutting down a tree on protected land. That was so not the Steve I have come to know.

          Since we have no idea what type of pressure was applied to Cath to keep Steve out of the loop, I can’t say if she had the option to tell him about her mission or not. I also don’t know if this said mission was in place when she returned to Hawaii for the wedding of if going to her sources in the Navy to help with the nuke put her back on someone’s radar and this came up after she was back. She did not have a lot of screen time in 6:02 or even 6:03 so we have no clue if that phone call in 6:03 was a first contact or not. That would definitely change the length of the lie she told to Steve. She could have returned intending to stay until this came up, we just don’t know.

          As you said, you have decided Catherine is not a favorite anymore and that is your choice and opinion. As a writer, I do a lot of “headcanon” as you called it. I like to make my world fit the view I want it to as many authors do. That said…..welcome to the site. We all have different views here and we are all free to express them.

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      • Moonjat- I don’t think she chose to leave Steve either. Something happened after she got up from bed and took her mystery phone call. Until that point it was clear to me that she was staying. I am wondering how much that may have had to do with the CIA? man that Steve had an appointment with at the end of one of the episodes. (can’t remember which) McG wanted answers and was told to come back the next day, but when he got there, the man had cleared out. My firm belief is that PL is bringing Cath back to Steve because he WANTS to and that was always his plan. (and he really likes the actress but for some reason, that really pisses off a segment of this fandom,)

        I have to strongly agree with GNP that if we are looking for a rational explanation of what Cath’s motives are, we are going to have to ask the EP. He who makes the mess shall clean up the mess.

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    • I would like to have some words with Cath myself about how she treated Steve. I do believe she had a good reason to leave. But I’m miffed at her that she didn’t tell him. I expected better from her. She knows that she broke his heart, did it twice now. But still she didn’t find a way to let him know the real reason why she left.
      Or maybe she did, and all this is just him pretending. Who knows what the writers thought of.
      Anyway. I do believe they can work past what happened, their relationship really gets tested at the moment. Just like PL said, not that you can believe anything he says, but anyway.
      I do hope that she comes back, but that there won’t be a happy ending right away. That would be unrealistic. OH, right, it would perfectly fit. Sigh.

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      • Sam:
        Maybe she couldn’t tell him. What if other people’s lives depended on her silence? I’m thinking along those lines. Steve would have done the very same thing under those circumstances.


        • NO, I simply can’t come up with a scenario that she couldn’t tell Steve. No one but him needed to know. He could play it just the same, but his heart wouldn’t be broken. 🙂
          I think it’s just as stupid as it was of Doris not seeking out her grown-up SEAL son and telling him she was still alive. Or not telling her husband.
          Oh, I shouldn’t start with that bi… Sorry.

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            • LOL. Well, in the end he would do what was right. Sometimes you just have to sit back and wait. I’m sure it would be just as hard as not knowing. But at least his heart would be intact. (There is no sign for a pouty-face, but I’m making that right now.)


              • But Sam, if Steve knew why she was leaving that would not have allowed the show to bring in Lynn. Steve would never have dated her, stringing her along so to speak just to provide cover and pretend he didn’t know Cath was coming back. I lay that at the show writers’ feet, they created this situation for drama’s sake and I am with MamaYorkie here, Steve would have not sat back and waited. Not after getting so far as to want to marry Catherine. And he never told her he wanted to get married, again a fail by the writers to never cover that whole thing. They never cleared the air about why she stayed in Afghanistan so long. Just my two cents and we all know how little that is worth.


                • In order for a relationship to work, any relationship, you need more than a few interests in common. You have to understand each other and what life experiences made that other person who he/she is. And you have to accept those experiences whether they are good or bad, warts and all. That is what makes Cath and Steve so uniquely suited for each other. Neither wants to change the other. In their eyes there is nothing to change. They can finish each other’s sentences because they are coming from the same place. Neither Lynn, nor Ellie could ever deal with Steve’s demons. (Neither can Danny or Chin or Grover or Kono.) With Billy and Freddie dead, there remains only Joe and Cath who actually “get” him.

                  PL knows that because that’s how he wrote it.

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                  • I agree with your view of the characters. But I’m not so sure PLenkov has a clue of this view, or of who and what he’s written. In fact I feel like he’s kinda gotten bored with the main characters on 5-0, thus we’re getting some new space-cadet oddball every few eps. He seems most taken with his league of odd, and often either over or undersized, dudes. And still hardly any damn women on Show. PLenkov has some bizarre woman problem…have they ever even shown one woman cop on this show?

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                    • I do think that Lenkov has trouble with women. Other than Malia, Gabby, Renee and Ellie, every woman and that includes Grace have lied to someone they care about at one time or another. Kono lied when she was working with IA, Doris lies all the time, Amber/Melissa….heck we know her lies as well as Rachel’s. It is a disturbing trend and it makes you wonder what his end game is. So I guess Catherine lying is not a shock.

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                  • I think Grover gets him better than the others. He has some of the same experience. But only Cath really gets him, you’re right about that.
                    Lynn studied psychology, I bet Steve can’t wait to get his performance analyzed. *Cough* Ehm, I mean his behavior studied… ehm, not much better… 🙂

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  11. I am despite loving Lynn so far, being pro-Catherine. But Steve really may have a torch for her. But hopefully Lynn will keep being likable.
    Steve and Catherine should had done these things in the first place. But Catherine may not had wanted to do them having been on the sea a lot or that it was not her cup of tea being in the Navy. Where there is a lot of water of course.
    But Catherine did break our favorite Navy Seal’s heart. When he wanted to settle down due to her mission. But in the end, think Catherine and Steve will end up together as want both of them happy.
    But really I worry what if Catherine found out that Steve was with Lynn and how that will affect her and him? I worry really bad about that but am keeping an open mind on a lot of things.
    Funny Sam but cute that you broke down on Nurse Steve and Seal Steve. Great comments as always.
    Love Grover and Steve more than Danny and Steve to be honest with you.
    Like I mentioned it is all in good fun and Grover is like the big brother in a sense that Steve never has had.
    We all have one thing in common though we may not see eye to eye on a lot of things. We want to see Steve happy. That is the main goal. Even for one that may not always be fond of him. However I love Steve being happy. If you all are happy and he is, then it makes me happy.

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  12. As always a great review Sam. As usual I get to see some different perspective and insights about the episode from you. (The 4 years on the Island was so ludicrous for me – I did not even mention it myself)
    Good and interesting comments as usual from all the ladies here as well.
    Some of my own thoughts:
    Lynn is actually not the same girl that Ellie wanted to introduce him to in January – Her name was Jess and she was more of a gun slinging type of person as per Ellie’s decription.

    I just went around reading some for the other reviews and it is kind of weird for me that most people have this thing that Steve hits the suspects a lot. I does kind of torture or rough them up a lot in inventive ways, and he shot the guy in the S5 finale in the leg. But as far as I can remember he has never tried to ‘hit’ information from a perp like Chin did here.
    He did allow Danny to do it in that one kidnapping case in season 3 – but he himself is not in the habit of hitting cuffed suspect to try to get them to cooperate. I will have to watch all the episodes again just to verify this and I might be wrong. Most of the team have also done some fist work on cuffed people under arrest, as some sort of weird satisfation/gratification (for example Danny in 108 & Kono in 501) – but I am trying hard to remember if Steve ever did that with a cuffed person under arrest and just for the satisfaction of it?
    I think the ground work for more things to come with Lynn has been set and I really hope that they build a great character – but we will have to see.
    All in all, I enjoyed Alex as usual and also think Grover saved the day by making the rest of the episode at least funny.
    I have a feeling that we will not see much of Steve in the next episode – hope I am wrong.

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    • The Jonas boy comes to mind right away. Kneeling on the ground, getting hit twice by Steve. And I think he did it also in season 6. Guess I also need to watch again to say in what episode.
      But you’re right, he doesn’t do it for his own satisfaction like Kono did in 5.01. That was by far the worst of them all. Knocking down the guy and saying “that’s what I get up for in the morning”. Wow, isn’t it scary that I have such trivia in my head just like that? Ugh.

      Huh, her name was Jess? I had no idea. Well, maybe the writer didn’t know either, or Ellie has more than one friend. 😉

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      • I went back to watch that scene in epi 510 as soon as I heard that Ellie intoduced him. She describes this Jess totally different to Lynn. This girl was more like a Female McG type – with guns and stuff. I guess that girl moved on alreasy after all these months.
        Went back to watch the 408 scene again as well after you mentioned it, and I still stand by my point that Steve do not continuously hit a guy, and think he will give up information the way Chin tried to do.
        First hit – he kind of tried to shut Jonas up and the second was more a frustration question – where is the other computer? But he did not go on hitting him to get him to talk. It is still violence I agree, but for me it feel different than the Chin scenario..


  13. Oh wow! All these comments – and long ones… Need more time to read them all, but I have to give you my verdict of 6.07. One year after the epiCsode.
    But I think you know what my verdict will be Sam, don’t you? 😉
    So, before the episode aired I was excited. Guess what? I was still excited after I’ve seen it. And I still am! Squee! *cough* Breathe in leiCa…
    4 seconds later…
    Breathing out.
    Let’s start with what I didn’t like.
    The COTW was stupid, predictable and I was constantly on the edge of my seat waiting for show to go back to the jungle/forest/woods.
    Didn’t like Chin’s Danny-ish behavior. I know he hitted Sang Min once with an ashtray but this was out of control.
    The CGI of the burning ship. Seriously show? Couldn’t you just burn a bunch of wood…

    Now to the part I enjoyed a lot. A lot lot! Right from the beginning. I love this forward glimpse and then the jump back in time. Makes you even more excited of what will happen.
    And I completely adore Grover and his little togetherness with Steve. Chi’s Grover is the better Danny! And I had the feeling Steve was thinking something like “Ah let the mainlanders talk, I don’t listen to them anyway…”
    Then there was Lynn and I liked her instantly. I read people saying that chemistry needs time and that we have to wait for it. I disagree. For me, there is chemistry or there’s no chemistry. And in this case there was a lot of chemistry. They clicked just right for me.
    Loved the way AOL portrayed a guy who desperately wants to be happy again, yeah, in some way forces himself to be happy. You could see that especially as he was looking at the selfie. He was wearing the same plaid shirt like in his caller ID picture on Cath’s phone. And seeing a different woman at his side after round about 10 years that must have been weird. Of course he is not over Cath. How could he? But he is trying to gather some new happiness. And he has all the right to do so. He waited one year only to be left again. He has his doubts because of the phone calls, but that’s his reality. He is alone. Two toothbrushes, one mouth (lol, sorry couldn’t help myself…).
    The scene on the boat was great. He let her drive! Maybe he is tired to be in control all the time. Maybe he just wants to let go? At least in his downtime?
    He was at ease with Lynn, he even told her something about his father. That is something he rarely does, and you could see in his face that he himself was surprised about that. Well done Alex!
    It felt so good to see this playful McGarrett, on the boat, snorkeling and at the very end! I just melted. Really, it is so good to see him that way again. And it was good seeing SEAL Steve again.
    But what I loved the most is that Lynn is a normal woman with a normal reaction to such happenings. Her freaking out was absolutely realistic and I adore comforting McGarrett. He is so good at it. So, she was no wonderwoman, no female McGarrett (thank God PTB) but she was far from being a damsel in distress too. She recovered, she fought, she was creative, she was not hysterical and not whiny. She is someone ‘he could work with’.
    So, as I absolutely don’t believe in the saying ‘opposites attract’, that’s BS in my eyes, I think those two have a lot in common. She suggested this kind of date and snorkeling and exploring a deserted island is such a McGarrett thing to do. She is a fighter too, not with any experiences or training, but she doesn’t give up. She completely won me over as she said she likes fixing broken t… – oh sorry, scratch that – 😉 she said she doesn’t like to give up on people! Being in human services and working with troubled kids and adults she knows life is not only rainbows and unicorns. Maybe she really is someone Steve could talk to, really talk to. I don’t see Steve solely together with someone who is in law enforcement or the military, on the contrary, I think it is nice at the end of a day to hear about different things.
    That being said, it would be totally ok with me, if Cath comes back and they get together. We all know that she was forced to leave him, and if they do it well and explain it then ‘welcome back in Steve’s life Cath’. If not, I could go for Lynn! The actress wrote on twitter to a Hawaiian friend that they will meet again soon. So there’s hope for those who like her.
    And now on to next Saturday for Malasadas and coffee, even though in Steve words: Coffee is no relationship, it’s a beverage.
    Oh… I voted awesome. Squee.
    Thank you Sam for esp. this review, I am sure it is not easy to see Steve move on (or trying to) as a McRoller, and I love that you lived up to your wish for all McRollers to keep an open mind. You truly love the show and McG!

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    • Yes, I do. Love the show and McG. His happiness is more important to me than shipping a specific relationship.
      I don’t think he’s happy deep down at the moment, but he tries his best. And I love it. I love that he lives a little. He has every right to enjoy life a bit. And I hope we’ll see more of it. Not necessary more dates, but just him having some fun. With friends, buddies, or whatever.

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  14. How are Steve and Lynn opposites? Based on what little we’ve seen of her they have a lot of the same interests: adventurous dates (snorkeling, exploring), being outdoors, helping people (her as a social worker, him as military/Five O). Her experience as a social worker means she knows their are terrible people in the world and so maybe she doesn’t go after them like Steve does, she would understand the drive to do so. She’s not a weakling, even when terrified she can pull herself together and help.

    People marry people with different careers all the time. Military people marry civs all the time. It doesn’t make them opposites it makes them two people with different jobs. There has been nothing shown so far that Lynn wouldn’t understand Steve’s job or would hate it.

    I guess I fall into the GOSH club. As long as Steve is happy I don’t care who it’s with just let him be happy and let him be with someone he can trust implicitly and who doesn’t have an agenda.

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    • Yeah, and how high are the divorce rates for such relationships? For relationships where men (or women) come back from years of combat, not finding their way back into civilian lives. And the partner not really getting the problems that come with the experience these people have faced.
      I’m not saying it is impossible, but it is very hard and difficult. All I’m saying is that Lynn has a very different background than Steve, and many things he does she would have a hard time to understand.
      It has nothing to do with Lynn, but with any person who has never shared any kind of experience Steve has.
      That doesn’t mean it would be impossible for them to lead a happy life.

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      • The divorce rates for soldiers/cops marrying other soldiers/cops is still pretty high. It is the stress and emotional trauma of the deployments and/or police cases is really high and even if the spouse understands and gets the other doesn’t mean the relationship will work, especially if they aren’t taking steps to deal with the trauma of the job. I think it more comes down to both parties being willing to seek help from others/professionals and being patient and empathizing with each other. Even if the civilian spouse can’t fully understand the traumas that the other has been through doesn’t automatically doom the relationship. Yes the divorce rates are high but it isn’t impossible to have a good relationship with someone who is a cop and/or a soldier when you are a civilian yourself. These relationships that fail don’t fail solely because the civilian spouse can’t deal or understand, most have other factors too and it goes both ways. Blame can’t solely be placed on one person in the relationship or on one person’s issues.

        I think Catherine and Steve both have too much baggage and emotional trauma that hasn’t been properly dealt with for either of them to have a good healthy relationship even though they “get” each other. This is evidenced by Catherine staying in Afghanistan for a year without Steve and by her lying and leaving him again. Also by their refusal to define their relationship as more than a “thing” for a very long time or to say “I love you” to each other. I also think their relationship suffered when Billy was killed because Catherine wasn’t dealing with it very well and I always got the feeling that she was alienating Steve to an extent while she tried to deal with it on her own. Both of them have some extent of PTSD or ASD. Steve has attempted to deal with it via his chat with Grover and attending group meetings (although I don’t know that that can be counted as canon since it was a deleted scene). But they both have a long way to go before they have a better handle on their issues. I don’t think either of them can have a healthy relationship with each other or anyone else until they start dealing with their issues better.

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        • This! Perfect comment! Love everything.
          And I hope for all the McRoll fans that when (when not if, I am sure of that) Cath comes back, they do it right! It can’t be all peachy again, even if she was forced to do what she did! Steve has trust issues, now more than ever.

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  15. wow… these comments took a LOT to read through. You guys exploded since I read some last night. 🙂 And now, I’m going to add a few short comments of my own. Not that they matter, and they are very random, but I have to chime in.
    I really had very ambivalent feelings after watching the episode on Friday. I usually give Sam a blow-by-blow description of my thoughts either during or right after I watch. But I sat there, trying to think of something to say. I didn’t dislike the show, but I just felt like it was disjointed and “forced”.
    OK, let me state what I loved: The way it started and then backtracked itself. That really worked and grabbed the audience. And I absolutely LOVED Lou and Steve at the house. They are so good together. I loved all the parts on the boat with Steve and Lynn. Those were great scenes and Steve was very relaxed, funny and cute. Loved his line about her dad maybe dying in a boating accident. And loved that she threw him overboard. they were two adults having fun with each other.
    But once they got on the island, I thought things were just weird. They went to her favorite place and then she knew a shortcut. Well, Steve is a SEAL. Even though he had never been there before, I would think he would pick up on landmarks and the lay of the land. He just followed around blindly while Lynn was getting lost. That just doesn’t sound like Steve.
    I did like the way he calmed her down. That was good. And he wasn’t expecting her to be tough, but he expected her not to panic. He was really good with that.
    But I felt like they dumbed down Steve for this episode. What was that bit with Lynn hop-skotching over the waterfall and Steve looking like he was afraid and almost falling. Really? I would bet he had traversed a whole lot worse than that.
    Even the fight when Lynn was tossed aside just seemed too simplified. Steve didn’t look like he was really at his full potential, but maybe that’s just me.
    As for the woman in the boat. How far away did those walkie talkies work? That was really just “off”, but I’m glad Steve nabbed her. And glad he got the bad guys. Yes, it was ridiculous that man was there for 4 years. That made NO sense. He had money – he offered Steve the money, so he still had bank accounts, etc. Who was the woman? The marshal who he was shackled to? Where was the pilot? He was either killed or had to get off that island in some creative way and must now be in hiding himself since he was assumed to disappear with the plane.
    And, the most stupifying thing of all for me was how Steve managed to have the federal marshals there waiting at the dock when they arrived. There was no phone service on the island, so how did he call them? Use the flares and send up a Bat signal?
    So, those are the things that had me stymied. But what really bothered me was when Steve looked at the photo of him and Lynn. As others have said, Alex did a bang up job on that. But he just looked so shell-shocked looking at the picture of himself with a woman who was not Cath. I’m not going to get into all of that, but I think it hit him right then that she wasn’t in his life and he never thought he would be out on a “date” with someone who wasn’t her. At least that’s my take on it.
    So.. a verdict or a grade. Yes, it was a good show. But it bothered me way too much to give it an awesome. It seemed forced and this just didn’t seem like Steve at his full potential. That bothered me. I watched it again last night and still came away with the same feelings as I did the first time. While parts of it were wonderful, it made me feel sad. I’m going to have to give it a “good.” As much as I want to, I just don’t feel the “awesome”.

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    • Finally. 😉

      OK, first things first. You are not the only one complaining about the authorities waiting for them at the harbor. Seriously?! Guys, use a bit of common sense here. They had 38 miles to cover to go back to Oahu. Certainly at some point on their journey back they were close enough to get a signal. Ever heard of using the phone while driving?
      Of course they called in when they were closer to Oahu. I had no problem with that whatsoever. I really don’t understand what is so odd about that they called it in. Or do you think Steve just sat there in the boat thinking “well, I didn’t have a signal on the island, why bother trying again!” Geez. 🙂

      ROFL about the waterfall scene. I laughed seeing Steve’s face, afraid to cross over. That was ridiculous, but it also made me smile and thinking “who the heck wrote this?”.

      I think the first time Lynn got lost Steve didn’t really care because they were there to explore the island without a real goal. So, it really didn’t matter if they took an hour longer or not.

      The second time was just stupid. But I don’t care, I simply liked watching them traipsing through the jungle. 🙂

      What really bothered me was why Steve didn’t simply take out the bad guy. Yeah, sure he didn’t have a gun, but since when does he need a gun to kill someone? He’s a freakin’ SEAL, he could kill him with his pinky. Fail from the writers. Actually, all those scenes made me think of a certain story by a certain writer and I wondered if that bunch of wussy SEALs was back. At least that Steve was back. 🙂

      I agree with you on your thoughts about the selfie. That hit him hard.

      No, Steve was not at his full potential. But I will just focus on the fun and this time I will not be too picky about the stuff I normally pick on. Like the dumbing down of Steve. 😉

      I had total fun watching it; I liked Lynn; I was really well entertained. This time that was enough to get an awesome. 🙂


      • I found it odd that she knew exactly how far it was from the falls to the plane – although when they got to the plane the first time, she was actually lost. That one gave me a good giggle.
        I don’t think the writer or the director or the crew have spend much time in nature (with that clean plane and all) – I could be wrong

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    • Agree with you Cokie, all the episodes where this highly trained SEAL don’t act like he knows his stuff, just bothers me. (They dumb him down as you call it)
      There are I few of those episodes that I have rewritten many times in my head.

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  16. excuse me… certain story by a certain writer with wussy SEALs??? Whatever can you be talking about??? 🙂
    And honestly, after the scene with Grover and the scene on the boat, (both of which I loved), I really wasn’t entertained. I am not sure why, but I kept seeing glaring things that were so wrong. I guess I overanalyzed it. But it just felt “off” for me.


    • yeah, I get they were boys having fun, but that just wasn’t like them. But Kono let them know it was crazy. But Chin was in no way his normal self. I did like Grover sitting down between the two goonies though. 🙂 As for Chin knocking the guy around… I don’t know where that scene came from. Way too over the top.

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  17. Zowie. Came home from a long 18-hr day and saw my email had 60 some new emails—and they were all from posts here! You guys have been busy. But thanks for those posts because I needed a relaxing way to end the evening and Five-0 discussion is just the way to do it.

    GraceNotPark said:
    “And I reeeally love that she has known him for ages…before he came home and had this current ohana. …she’s been a part of his inner circle before there was any “core 4”.”

    This is absolutely part of the appeal for me with Catherine. And why haven’t these writers EVER explored a flashback and letting us see those first years. I think it is very significant that Freddie, whom Steve loved as a brother, told Steve “She’s the real deal.” As we’ve discussed before, the number of opportunities the show has had and blindly missed are mind-boggling.

    But I don’t get too upset about the different opinions in female characters. I’ve been involved in a lot of fandoms over the decades and I’ve seen a lot of things—from those who will only accept one character to the opposite end of the spectrum where the fans will be happy to pair the male lead up with anything that moves so long as there’s a romance. The discussions are generally enjoyable and just as my firm belief in Catherine doesn’t sway some others, they’re not going to sway me either. Just look at the many different ways this thread has shown how different fans view the same few moments in the most recent episode!

    Cokie316 said:
    “I felt like they dumbed down Steve for this episode.”
    EXACTLY what I was getting at. Only I don’t feel it was just this episode, but several. They’re making him go from super-supreme to regular unleaded.

    And Finally, MamaYorkie said:
    “Cath: Let’s watch the ball game while we clean our guns.
    Steve: I’ll get the popcorn.”
    Thanks for that. I’m closing out the day with a big smile on my face. 😎

    Thanks you guys. I can’t wait to see what conversation the next ep brings. LOL!

    Liked by 1 person

  18. [insert Monty Python voice here] And now to something completely different:
    Now I have Steve and Danny as butterflies in my head. I blame MamaYorkie with all her butterflies for that. It is annoying I have to get it out.

    It is all MamaYorkies fault.

    ButterflyDanny is flying around thinking about his life: “Oh no, I am no real butterfly without a beautiful flower by my side, look over there, a wonderful red flower”. *flutter flutter* *suck suck suck*
    “Mmh tasty, but now I am going to fly around a li – oh look, over there, a wonderful pink flower.” *flutter flutter* *suck suck suck*
    “Mmh tasty, but now I am going to fly around a li – oh look, over there, a wonderful purple flower.” *flutter flutter* *suck suck suck* …tbc

    ButterflySteve is flying around thinking about his life.
    “Oh what a joy to be a butterfly, it is so much fun to fly around, look at the butterfly down there, just sitting and sucking on his flower, yet he doesn’t seem to be happy, I love to be a confident butterfly, there’s no need for a new flower flavor every day, look what I can do, loopings, rolls, turns yeeehaaaa…. And now I am doing a ‘kamikaze’, woooooooiiiiiii, isn’t it amazing. Oh look, over there, there is a wonderful yellow flower with long petals. She is all alone; maybe I should talk to her.” *flutter flutter*
    “Hello, may I sit on your petals a little bit? Maybe we can enjoy the wind together? See if the breeze flaps us in the same direction?”
    And they sit there together for a long time, enjoying the breeze and memories of their seed and caterpillar times…
    …and then a stupid mainlander catches ButterflySteve with his net.

    Liked by 1 person

      • LOL, my mind is a weird place sometimes. I was just thinking about a Danny chasing butterflies with a net, as you mentioned and then this happened in my head… Headcanon… 😉


        • See, this is why Danny and Lynn belong together. She could float around looking at ALL the pretty colors and he could flit around doing what he does best—sampling all the pretty. A mating made in insect heaven!


          • ROFL, no, I can’t think about Danny as someone who likes to do anything that involves nature and being outdoor, not in the least. No swimming, no running. Nope. He is the sitting on the couch watching ‘Enemy mine’ or baseball kind of guy.

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  19. in my first comment i did not mention the inconsistencies i saw in the ep (even though i have seen others mentioned that i am amazed i did not catch) I commented at some other reviews so maybe i mentioned them there.
    Anyway, I didn’t really think Steve was dumbed down – thought maybe he was letting Lynn take the lead since this was her fave island. Remember, at first this was not a “mission” so wondering around aimlessly for a while could be kind of enjoyable. I did find it odd that they managed to make it back to the plane so quickly when they were originally “lost”. The trek up and across the waterfall was a little stupid. How in the world was climbing a waterfall a shortcut ? Also, no one in their right mind would choose to walk across the thing right next to the edge. I know someone from college who died falling down a waterfall (he was not crossing running water when he fell), so i guess i’m a little sensitive to it. The main thing in the jungle that bothered me was steve running ahead of Lynn. I couldn’t figure out whether that made sense since he was leading the way or if it was bad because it left her more vulnerable to gunshots.
    Finally, steve pulled the knife (and sheath) out of his backpack, but i guess we are supposed to assume during his calm breathing talk with Lynn he got it strapped to his leg. It was magically there when they stood up.
    Absolutely loved her pushing Steve over the boat!
    I remain a McRoll shipper because of the fact he does not have the entire story with Cath, and i think they can still work things out. However, i do want to see him have happy, lighter moments as long as he doesn’t start playing musical beds like Danny.

    I’m going to have to go back and read the rest of these comments. I was able to peruse a few, but i have put off my afternoon chores for too long now.

    Liked by 1 person

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