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6-06 Na Pilikua Nui
“Na Pilikua Nui” – It’s Halloween, and Five-0 must track down a serial killer inspired by Frankenstein. Also, Jerry calls Five-0 for help when an armed gang raids a blood bank, and Danny must track down Grace who lied and snuck out to a Halloween party, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, Oct. 30 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT), on the CBS Television Network.

CBS translated Na Pilikua Nui to Monsters

Most of the times I kinda dread the “Season’s-specials” like for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or in this case Halloween. Often TV-shows simply try too hard. And Five-0 is no exception to that rule. We had some really awful “Season’s” episodes.

So, this year’s Halloween episode was a really nice surprise. Yes, I can say it right up front, I really enjoyed this one. Of course, that won’t keep me from some nitpicking and from some serious complaints. But also some praise. 😉

Let’s start with the nitpicking.

Timeframes. I thought Danny was driving right over to the mainland. How long did that short drive take? It was kinda midday when he got the call, but he drove, and drove, and drove. It felt like he was driving forever. And when he finally arrived it was pitch black. Did he get lost on the way, or what? And then what? They spent all night to get back to civilization? The arrive the next morning at the hospital. Seriously? Where the heck have they been?

Same with the Vampire/Blood/Case. One minute they were with Kamekona, probably at lunch time, and next it was dark. Where the heck was that clinic?

The show should really watch their timelines. If they point out the time, like when they are on a very early run, the sun shouldn’t be high up in the sky. Same with this week’s driving around the island. It always makes me scratch my head asking if they think nobody will notice such things. I mean, come on.

While at the first crime scene, they already had lights put up along the way (maybe the camp guys did that?); had many technicians there, half of HPD and CSI was already working the case. Then our two heroes come along and Steve needs to tell them to get a K-9 unit and ground radar? Come on, that made me laugh out loud. I’m sure they were already on the way, I mean, they do have procedure for stuff like that. The writers don’t need to let Steve say such obvious things. It’s like stating the obvious for the dumb viewers. We all know that he’s the leader of the investigation, but don’t make the others look stupid and not knowing their job.


Speaking of that crime scene. I think for being there for ten days in the humidity and heat, the body parts looked really good. Really fresh and almost clean. That was kinda strange.


OK, let’s move on to the complaints. Actually there is only one. Yeah, yeah, you read it right, just one.

Eric Russo. Talking about murder victims like he does is not humorous. It’s unprofessional and just wrong on every level. His lack of respect towards the victims is just disgusting. I find his behavior regarding the brutally murdered people disturbing, to say the least. I find him disturbing and disgusting.

So, my wish for Christmas is either change him to a likeable, professional CSI guy, or send him back to where he came from.

I’m actually a bit disappointed in Danny and in Steve for not putting him in his place. For not making it clear to him that his behavior is not acceptable. Just leaving in disgust like Steve did in an episode before or making him stop talking like Steve did again in this ep, and Danny telling him to tone it down a notch is by far not enough.

For me, Eric is the most annoying character they ever came up with.

You know, I’m sure there are people out there who find him just hilarious and an enrichment to the show. But for me, this show is still a crime show. I expect a certain kind of seriousness from it. Especially regarding such a serious science like the CSI part. That is not the part where humor should come from. And quite frankly, this is no kind of humor. I fail to see any kind of humor in this moron’s behavior.

And I don’t freakin’ care if he were the best CSI guy ever walking the grounds. With a behavior like that he has no business in that business.

But enough of that idiot, on with the review.

The Crime of the Week. We actually had three crimes, if you want to call committing a crime what little sneaky Grace did. 😉

When I saw the sneak with Jerry, I groaned about having him in the show again. But you know what, I actually really liked him in this. And I loved the assistant at the blood bank. She was hilariously cool.

I loved how they made fun of Jerry being a ‘heavy guy’, a rather kind description of him. And I certainly loved her remarks “No… because you’re a vampire.” Now, that is humor. It’s dry, it’s to the point and delivered with a straight face. Not overacted, loud or with arms flailing. Brilliant.

But since she was really good, we will probably never see her again. 😉

I liked it how Jerry called Chin and Kono for help, but I wonder if you would really make a video call in that kind of situation. Anyway, I truly enjoyed how they all split up.

But first let’s look at the Chin/Kono case. It was great how they worked with Jerry, HPD and SWAT. Using all resources to first find out what was going on, and then to free the hostages.

Five-0 is saving the State of Hawaii a lot of tax money. The bad guys rarely survive if they encounter any member of Five-0. Their track record of actually booking someone for their crimes is not really good. I would imagine using deadly force to end a ‘situation’ would result in even more paperwork and investigations than the arrest of a suspect. So, that leaves me wondering when is Five-0 doing all this paperwork? 😉

Anyway, the baddies are dead and the good guys are safe and sound.

Danny and his wayward daughter.

It was about damn time that Miss Williams would rebel against her mother and father. It was long overdue. So, I really enjoyed it.

And yes, I even enjoyed Danny. Huh? How can that be? First of all, he wasn’t ranting against his friend. Well, he did in the beginning, GI-Jerk was totally uncalled for, but anyway. I enjoyed his solo-cargument. Can we have that from now on, instead of him constantly insulting other people? That would be cool. I also liked how he handled the whole Grace situation.

And I laughed out loud when he crashed the car. Maybe Steve should give him some driving lessons.


I also liked seeing him with Charlie. That was kinda cute.


So, all in all I enjoyed Danny in this one, but I mostly do when he’s not with Steve, or rarely in the episode. Strangely enough I really like him working with Kono, for example. I don’t know why he’s mostly so nasty and unbearable when with Steve. Well, I do have my theory, but that would be another post. 😉

Anyway, this was a good use of the character.


Lou and Steve’s hunt for Dr. Frankenstein.

As you all know, I love them working together. They are a great team. Well, they weren’t alone on that case right from the start. I also liked the scenes with the hung guy, Danny and Steve. And of course in the blue room. Uh, love the new shirt.

There is really nothing I need to complain about. Well, OK one thing. 😉 What is it with Hawaii and all the houses having no lights and creepy basements? And why did Lou and Steve go to the guy’s house all alone? Sure, for effect, but seriously, that wouldn’t have happened. Maybe all other personal was on the other case? Might be that Hawaii doesn’t have that many police officers. 😉

And what does Lou need all the ammunition for a shotgun for when he’s not carrying one? Anyway, I loved the short fight, and when we see Lou going toward the basement and we only hear the fight. Great scene.

And now to another highlight of the episode. Max and Steve. How great were these two together! Right at the beginning when Steve realized that Max was personally involved. Loved how he offered him to excuse himself from the case.

And then the absolute golden moment thanking him and telling him that he will find his mother in his heart. I loved that.

So, what is my verdict this week? I’ll give it another awesome. But still keeping in mind that there are always different kinds of awesome.

There is the awesome 1.01, 5.07 or 5.24 category. And then there is something like this episode, better than good or great, but, well, you get the idea.

Let’s hope for another, really awesome next week.


All screen-shots were done by me. Credit to CBS. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

And please remember, I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously. Always remember, this is just a TV show.

35 thoughts on “6.06 Review

  1. Thank you for yet another great review – spot on!

    Very few complaints this time. Yes, the timing irritated me too, but I guess they couldn’t get it done differently regarding the shooting schedules so we must use our imagination here 🙂
    Eric…. I don’t even wanna go there 😦
    I’m surprised to admit that I really enjoyed Jerry in this one (and appreciated the shout out to donate blood) and even Danny.

    But what I loved most where the scenes between Steve and Max and the fact that the show finally gave us some contingency! Though Steve wasn’t there in S2 when Max dealt with his personal demons, we have Steve reference that case and make Max aware he’s fully briefed and shows how much he cares for him. Now that’s the way to go!

    I gave this a top rating too, the “Sam kind of awesome” – I guess that would be an A
    minus? 🙂


    • A- fits pretty good. 🙂

      I loved that they showed us the caring Steve. He always feels with others. I think he’s the most sensitive one. Always aware of how people are doing. That is one of the most important things a leader needs to pick up on. And he does it perfectly.


  2. Gosh, all of you here are so much more gracious with your assessment of episodes then I am. Other than the Max & Steve interaction, I was again completely underwhelmed. Not only that, I actually found myself looking at the clock wondering how much longer till the episode would be over. I’m not sure but I think that’s one of the first times I’ve EVER done that while watching Five-0.

    Question: Since I skipped watching much of Season 5 (and I would skip season 6 if it wasn’t for my unwillingness to give up on Catherine), did I miss some valid reason for there being no Charlie Fong and us being saddled with the annoying nephew? I loved Charlie. I hope he’s not permanently out of the picture. That would be a bad loss. Maybe the actor has found greener pastures.

    The other question would be—if it took Danny all day to get to the north shore and get Grace, how did that 13 year old kid get there? I’m glad they spent a few minutes on Grace. With the introduction of Charlie I had a bad feeling she was relegated to the “awkward teenager not a cute little toddler any more so relegate her to the background and introduce a new tot” syndrome that is so prevalent with TV. I feel she still will suffer a bit of that fate but at least they haven’t tossed her altogether. Danny is most likeable in his father scenes.

    All in all, I continue to feel a great loss of cohesiveness with the show–like it’s all just going through the motions. Not even Steve is pulling it out for me. I saw a little glimpse of the Steve I’ve come to know and love with his genuineness and concern for Max, but it’s like he’s only a shadow of his former self (regardless of the Catherine storyline).

    But I’ll keep waiting patiently (somewhat) for a wow episode…..


    • Yeah, I’m also waiting for the WOW-Episode. But I’ll take what I can get. And this episode entertained me on all levels.
      I even liked Jerry, could tolerate Danny. Had a guy to despise that was for once not Danny. Enjoyed my Dream-team Lou and Steve. Saw a sensitive Steve, a cool Chin, a believable Kono. A not annoying Kamekona in a short scene.
      Steve had been totally missing most of season 5, so I’m pretty happy with the guy we have at the moment. Hope he’ll wake up soon and goes after Catherine. That is all I dare ask for at this point. Other than that I think season 6 was pretty good so far. Way better than last season.


  3. I like Halloween and except for one very gory and sick act of ritually removing the organs of a young woman still alive, I have no difficulty and liked the episode. But I do think Danny’s nephew is a turd. I find him as annoying as a mosquito bite.

    This time there were two crimes to solve, one concerning Jerry as a Vampire and the theft of a rare blood type for an injured criminal. I thought this was unnecessary filler for the main crime. But It also gave Jerry something to do, which probably was the intent. Chin and Kono saved him and the hostages. Everyone got something to do in this episode but no one got a lot.

    The second crime, the discovery of assorted female body parts, dealt with a serial killer trying to recreate Dr. Frankenstein’s Bride, by selecting bits and pieces of dead women which fit his dead love’s appearance. I did like McG and Grover acting together to bring this man to justice. A misty eyed Max was perfectly done as he remembered his biological mother. Loved Steve trying to comfort him and I wondered if he was thinking of his own tragic relationship with his Mom. I always love when Max is involved in an episode and wish we could see him more often. He was missing most of Season 5, which I thought was largely a disaster.

    Now, Danny was interesting. His talk with himself touched on things I will bet he never really discussed in depth with Grace, such as her mother’s lying to him about being Charlie’s father. Maybe Grace is trying to deal with the fact that her parents had an affair when her mother was still married to Stan and it produced a child that that her father didn’t know about? Is that why Grace is acting out. The Williams and Edwards families are the ones who need therapy, not McG and Danno. I wonder if that ever occurred to the writers? Probably not, since it would be a serious topic. Better to go for the cheap laugh.

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  4. Grace is a teen. And that really she has those puberty things. But bet she will be grounded over it. She is at the age where she won’t be spanked.
    Williams and Edwards families do need therapy.
    Please more Grover and McGarrett together.
    And also more Chin! Really he is now my favorite character.
    Can’t wait for him to take the lead in a couple of weeks. With the Julie Benz character!
    Sadly that episode will seem to have less McGarrett unfortunately for people like you Sam.
    Is it just me or does Jerry act like a ten-year old at times? Not this so called PI?!


    • You know, I don’t really know what you mean with ‘people like me’. You think Steve fans can’t enjoy other characters? Ugh, not a discussion worth getting worked up over.

      But one thing I do get work up over. I hope and pray that NO kid, no matter what age, get spanked for anything! What form of raising a kid is it to hit your child?! I could never ever agree on hitting a child as punishment.
      Everyone hitting their children should be ashamed of themselves.


      • I do enjoy the characters Sam. It is just that with Chin and Julie Benz, there could be less of Steve due to that episode. That is I know you like Steve. Like Chin is taking more of a leadership role. Not over Steve of course.
        Sorry I didn’t mean to offend you. If I did, then my apologies.
        And I do not believe in spanking, more like grounding.
        I do like other characters as well. And it is great to share them. You are right.


  5. I give it a qualified Awesome, too. There were great things in it and there were some ‘eh’ things.

    Danny’s rant in the beginning… quite the annoyance!

    The Nephew… please, someone send him back to Jersey. Please. I would gladly beg.

    Jerry… honestly when I saw him walk into the clinic and start like he did, I was cringing. I felt sorry for the poor girl behind the desk who was only trying to do her job. But as he progressed, I did actually like him in this. See… miracles still do happen. 🙂

    Agree with all you said about the timing. Yes, they said Grace was on the other side of the island. But I don’t think it takes all that long to get there. I can understand it getting dark while Danny is on his way, but to show up the next morning? Just how far out in the boonies were they? And another thing… they are on the road and we see lights from a house right there on the road. Why did they take the “detour” through the pasture with the scarecrow?

    And another thing… Grace was supposed to be with a friend. Did she leave the house in that costume and mom just said “have a nice time”? There is no way she did all that by herself, so either someone else helped her or Rachel knew what she looked like when she left. How did she get dressed and on the other side of the island in those few short hours? Apparently she wasn’t with her friend at all or Rachel wouldn’t have known something was up. Yes, tell your mom you are sorry. But… expect retribution. 🙂

    I did like Danny and Charlie. But why would Rachel leave her baby alone in the hospital and go outside and wait in the car for Grace? yes, I know it was because the actress wasn’t really there, but come on. You don’t leave your 3 year old alone like that…

    I loved Steve and Lou together. That was great. And I loved the fight although I don’t know how Steve kept from being stabbed badly. Loved just listening to the fight and not seeing all of it although I really wanted to know what is going on. Would have loved seeing a bit of Steve getting patched up. 🙂

    And Steve with Max. Both scenes were wonderful. He is caring and he is the perfect leader. Consistently remembers his people and their circumstances. That was great!

    So, yeah, the good outweighed the bad. That is an awesome in my book.

    And now next week. I shall withhold judgment… At least, I will try to.

    and why am I not signed in??? not sure what happened there!

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  6. Hello, so glad to see the review up. I am a sucker for anything Halloween so I am usually able to forgive more in these episodes than others. Sam, I agree with all the nitpicks although I usually blink and forget them the first time through. I did wonder about how it was light out one moment and then dark. And like Cokie said, what happened to the friend Grace was supposed to be with? Was she at the party too, how early did this party start and how did Grace manage to get to it? I see a grounding in the young lady’s future.

    I enjoyed Jerry in this episode because it seemed very in character that he would go to the blood bank in costume. And he was smart enough to call for help rather than try to do something stupid. I have now run out of patience with the nephew and want my Fong back!!!

    Danny was good in this…..except for the rant in the beginning. I get that he loves spending time with his kids on Halloween….so did I when mine were younger but he works a job that doesn’t allow him to pick and choose his hours. He should understand that a crime like this is not a mere inconvenience but a rather nasty piece of business that needs to be solved. It comes first. But I did like his solo carguement as he drove and he did keep it low key with Grace in front of the other kids. Looks like some of Danno’s fears are going to come true with her growing up.

    I didn’t mind seeing Kono and Chin in action once more and it was great how adult Lou and Steve work together. I can’t help wondering how much more Steve can take when it comes to dealing with some of the gruesome scenes he has seen over the years, not just with 5-0 but his Navy career as well. I loved how he cared about Max’s reaction to all this. All in all I do love watching Steve so this was a great treat for me. It may not be a wow episode but it did rank as one of the better Halloween ones.

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  7. I don’t tend to like the Halloween eps, and I did like this one. So it got a good from me.

    McG stole the show…due to Alex’s acting…in 2 places. 1) His look of utter horror when he discovered Frankenstein’s “bride.” That was quite a face and it terrified me. 2) McG’s heart to heart w/Max. He had to be thinking about his own MommyHeartbreak…and again, Alex’s tone of voice and face just had me sighing. Such believable real emo–both the horrified and the sweet– from our favorite actor. Bravo Mr. O!

    McGrover rocked as usual, but I coulda done without the Chin/Kono/Jerry vet surgery story. Show too often dilutes itself by trying to do too much. This happened for me here…tho I agree with Sam about the excellent nurse at the blood bank. Being a smart capable female, indeed, she will never be seen again. Like Dr, Mindy from last season. She’s a goner!

    We cannot have good females on Show. They all must die, or be shipped off to Afganistan, or whatever. Instead we get yet another quirky irksome twit in the lab, cos 12 year old boys, which seems to be our target audience, like such Beavis and Butheads. Sigh.

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  8. I try my best to not pay attention to the timeline of things; it so often doesn’t make sense. I was thrown off by Steve’s call for radar etc. at the crime scene as well. It was way too forced.
    As always, I loved McGrover. I don’t know if my first thought in a dark house would be to look for the breaker box. I assumed the house was abandoned so the power was off, but i guess since it was the baddie’s workshop they had to assume there was power.
    I am hesitant to give an awesome to anything less than 5.07. (On those student evaluations back in college, I pretty much stuck to 3 and 4s rather than 1 or 5.)
    I just look forward to next week’s episode.

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  9. I must be the only one criticizing the kids. I don´t think they can act and have just been chosen because of their cuteness. Therefor it is quite painful for me to watch their scenes and was a big waste of time in this episode. I still miss Lucy from 3.10. She was great 🙂
    It´s weird when an actor/actress is so “appealing” with just a tiny role. Like you, Sam, I felt the blood bank blondie was really great in her part, to be to captivating with saying so little (if only Teilor knew that as well).
    I still like D´s nephew, just because of the funny faces he makes Steve have
    I sure hope next week´s episode will be better. This was ok, but not that great in the end. (I blame the kids 😉 )


    • Back in season one I dared to say that Teilor can’t act if her life depended on it. Wow, I had to take cover… how dare I say that about a kid! Well, I’m sure these kids are great kids, they are cute and all. But they can’t act.
      Teilor got a little better through the seasons, although just looking with big eyes at Danno kinda doesn’t cut it these day. And the little one is a cutie, but he really can’t act.
      I know they are just kids, but come on, it should be allowed to say that there are way more talented kids out there.

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      • Exactly. Most likely everyone trying to be nice and not scar the growing kids self esteem. Some kids have the skills from early on. I think it is enough with the big eyes and motionless face. Don´t want to hurt the kid, but hope someone tells her to seek a career elsewhere (after H50 finishes).

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          • LOL!!! Totally agree with y’all’s assessment of the Williams clan. To me, they merely take up space, but they’re small, so not too, too much.

            And I honestly find Grace more interesting with McG than with anyone else…admittedly he has a giant halo effect on me. Anything he does is interesting.

            But YES!!!! Lucy was soooo good! I am sure being a child actor is hard, but that Lucy chick had it figured out. It woulda been such fun if Lucy and Grace had gone to the party together…

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      • So many child stars don’t make it when they are no longer cute, unless they have extraordinary talent. Professionals can usually tell if a child star has growth potential. Often a child is cast at a young age because they are attractive, able to follow directions and have a limited number of lines to say. I have seen other children with non-recurring parts on H50 who lit up the screen. Unfortunately, there was no further work for them so they just faded away. Now that the young lady in question is aging and we are unsure of how many more seasons we have to go, I have to agree that the wide eye– big stare expression is somewhat stale. I did see and was appalled at, some mildly sexy photo shots of such a young girl. I understand that for young adult actresses, those shots are necessary for their portfolios and I say go for it while you’ve still got it but I think that a young teen (13?) should retain some innocence . I fully admit to being old fashioned when it comes to children, even though when it comes to adults, I am accepting of most everything which does not harm another. And yes, I think this opinion is not popular but its how I see it.

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        • I’m for sure not old fashioned in any form or shape, but I totally agree with you. I think it’s horrible how some of the 11 to 14-year-old girls run around these days. Trying to look like 20-year olds or worse. I find it shocking that (a) they want to look like that and (be) that the parents allow it.
          You’re not alone, and I don’t care if this opinion is popular or not.

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    • I LOVED Lucy!!!!! I always wanted an Aloha Girls follow up. I’m not much for kids generally but that crew of girls were fun! Loved it when Steve threw the knife and said “Who wants to learn how to do THAT!?” LOLOLOL!!!!! He couldn’t see me but I was waving my hand saying “I DO! I DO!”

      Ironically, that was the one and only episode where I had a beef with Grace–when Danny and the girls get rescued and Steve & Lucy are out there captive somewhere, the ONLY person Grace asks about is Lucy—not Steve at all. I happen to know that Steve would be an awesome Uncle, so for her to leave him out of the equation was unpardonable.

      I think I’ll have to pull that episode out and watch it this weekend. It’s been a few months since I saw it last. 😎

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  10. “The file you’re reading … you won’t find your mother in there. You’ll find her in here! [points to his heart]” Lt. Commander Steve McGarrett aka G.I. Jerk according to his ‘best friend’.
    That sums up my feelings about this episode.
    All the McMax scenes were simply brilliant, I had to rewind again and again. Perfection. Subtle. Profound. If this had been the end, it would have been much better. While re-watching I’ll stop there and the episode will be nearly awesome this way 😉 .
    So I voted great, because of all the awesome episodes out there, (and I’m not talking about 5.07 it has a category of it’s own), like i.e. 5.19! But it is a great ++++.
    Because Alex/Steve’s facial impression seeing Frankenstein’s bride was so incredibly scary and so well done, it shocked me more than all meat hooks and body parts together. A WOW moment!

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    • You are absolutely right. Ending the show with Max and Steve would have been way better than the completely unnecessary and kinda stupid scenes at the hospital. Promise me never to grow up? Seriously? That wasn’t cute, that was just stupid. By the way, am I the only one who thinks their relationship is way too good in that short a time?
      A small child learning that Grace’s father is also his father and his daddy (Stan) isn’t really his daddy, and he can call his father Danno now and all is well. Very strange if you ask me. A four year old would not just accept all that and think that Danno is the greatest.

      You know, I debated for a while about giving this ep an awesome or a great or good. But then I came to the conclusion that I can’t keep the awesome for the just really truly awesome stuff. Then I would probably never give an awesome ever again. Nope, I decided to give it when I felt really truly entertained and didn’t ff through anything, or not much. 😉
      It’s like back in school, an A was also 15, 14 and 13 points. All a variety of an A. So, this one gets 13. 😉

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      • I was so irked by Danny´s daddy speech too. The kid didn´t even know about him a short while ago, and has grown only to know Stan as his dad. Why on earth would he already cherish any time with Danny? That was so stupid. I feel the show is always forcing “Danny the father” in our throats.
        Just curious so many saw this epi as awesome. To me 5.07 was awesome, 3.20 and 2.10 pretty close. Lot´s of episodes have had bits of awesomeness, but then so much rubbish, that I can´t overlook those bits. I am currently enjoying “Justified” season 3 and can´t believe how well it is written, with so many characters and yet keeping it all together. Such a joy to watch every single episode. How wonderful if H50 could deliver same standards always.

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        • Since Stan is still legally Charlie’s father (that’s the name Rachel put on the birth certificate) I find it strange that he is being ignored when it comes to Charlie’s treatment or does not object to Danny’s handling of how to prepare Charlie for the truth when his little world is turned upside down. Notice, everyone refers to Danny as Charlie’s Dad but he is only his biological father. His real Dad is the one who raised him, cared for him when he was sick, taught him to throw a ball etc. Like it or not, that man is Stan, the father Charlie knows and loves. I know its not Danny’s fault that Rachel’s lies hurt so many people but I hope the writers don’t gloss over this. I think it would be an awesome arc if Stan asserts his rights. Danny has no standing since he is not Charlie’s legal father, so its between Mr. & Mrs. Edwards. Stan had no part in the mess that Rachel and Danny made and I would like to see the writers deal with this instead of just ignoring it. I haven’t seen Danny feel sorry for anyone but himself. There has not been one ounce of compassion or regret for his part in the pain he has caused Stan. He never blames himself for anything.

          Who knows, maybe this all happened off screen but no one told us. Tell us now.

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            • LeiCa:

              We will unlikely see this story unfold (as it should) because I am thinking that they already have the Rachel- Danny all is forgiven story planned at the end of S6. The writers will have selective amnesia and it will be “Stan who?” Heartbreaking to think Charlie will forget that Stan is the one he called Daddy for four years. This whole story line depresses me.


      • I agree with what you said about the “Danny and the Wonderpremie” storyline. This whole thing is ‘knitted with a hot needle’ as we in German say to serve as an excuse for SC’s absence or his scenes without the team. A four year old learns ‘hey there’s a new father in town’ and a teen learns ‘hey, your father cheated with a married woman’ but everything is peachy? Peace, joy, eggcake? 😉 Newsflash: this little guy has a father! The one who raised him! And that would be Stan! BTW Stan is the innocent one in this whole scenario!

        And I get why so many people voted ‘awesome’, I nearly did it too. But I couldn’t because the behavior of this ‘Williams/Russo’ clan annoys me to no end.
        Now I am really looking forward to 6.07. I loved what I saw so far. I can feel an ‘awesome’ coming… 😀

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        • Nope, they surely haven’t thought this through. I’m sure Stan is a great stepdad and a great daddy to his son. It’s stupid how they ignore it. Little Charly would only care that his daddy couldn’t spend time with him. And that daddy is NOT Danno. Charly probably couldn’t care less about that person. Huge fail from the show again. On the other hand I try not to think too much about the Williams drama. It’s just not interesting enough.

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        • LeiCa, I agree with you about the Williams clan, but I vote my “awesome” or “good” or whatever on other aspects of the show. I have watched this episode again twice and it is amazing just how much I didn’t have to watch again. The Williams/Russo stuff was just way over the top. I’ve decided to vote on the parts I DO like and disregard the rest. 🙂


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