Silent Majority

I received an interesting comment I would like to share with all of you.

Unfortunately, that person decided to do his/her comment anonymously. Sorry, but this blog doesn’t allow anonymous comments. 😉

But since this person took so much time to voice her/his opinions, and I really want to respond to it, I am simply making a post out of it.

So, bear with me and let’s see what this person had to say.

I’m sincerely not trying to sound like an asshole but enough with the Danny bashing. We get it, you don’t like him and you find fault in every thing that he does. He opens his mouth and you hate him, he keeps quiet and you hate him. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen you hate him for the exact same something you’ve loved Steve for. He’s not in an episode and most of the time you still find a way to hate him. You can’t even come up with new things to say about why you hate him. Let’s not get into the semantics of whether or not you actually use the word hate because we all know that’s what it is.

You use the word hate pretty often, must be a favorite of yours.

Personally, I don’t care enough about Danny to develop such a strong feeling, like hate, for him. And I don’t despise the person Danny either; I just can’t tolerate his behavior. By the way, I do wonder who ‘we all’ is? I think you should pretty much speak just for yourself.

And I’m always the first to point out when he did something that I liked. Which I have done many times.

I don’t think that Steve ever did anything that I hated when Danny did it, but thought it was great when Steve did it. I only complain about Danny’s disrespect and what he’s constantly bitching about. I can’t recall Steve ever doing anything like that.

And I don’t have to come up with new things to rant about; what he’s doing over and over again is plenty. So, no need to look for even more faults in Danny.

Enough is enough.

Enough is enough? Yeah, it will be enough when Danny finally starts to act like a decent person. Until then, you have to either deal with me complaining… or simply stop reading.

With AOLWW all but shut down I want to find another place to talk about the show I love but all I see here is week after week of the same thing: if it’s not about Steve/AOL you don’t like it and you make it obvious that people who do like Kono and Danny aren’t very welcome.

LOL – I’m sorry, but that is the most ridiculous thing to say. I don’t like the show except for Steve? I guess you haven’t read my reviews then. I love the show, the whole show. And have said so numerous times. Don’t mistake me pointing out what I can’t stand about certain persons with me only enjoying the parts that Steve is in.

See, that is a huge problem these days. People are being critical about some parts of a show and other people assume that person must hate the show or the person the critique was about. How small minded that is! You critique something because you love it. Why would I even bother if I only wanted to watch Steve?

And you would be really surprised to learn how many of the regular reviewers on this blog are actual Danny fans, or at least like him a whole lot more than I do. You know, the majority of fans who visit here is pretty silent. I know the statistics of this blog, so I know exactly how many people visit every day. And trust me, the people (you call them a “small circle of Danny haters”) commenting here, are not even mentionable in percentage to the big silent majority.

But I do know that everyone is welcome to voice their opinion here. Every opinion is welcomed. And we do have very different views in our comments, and none of them have ever been attacked or silenced by any of us “Steve-lovers”. Who is not welcomed, on the other hand, is someone bashing on actors, or any real people. You don’t like a particular character, be my guest, bash away. As long as you can back up your claims.

Just saying ‘I hate him’ doesn’t cut it here. But until now we have never had a problem with people not feeling welcomed on this blog.

Would you seriously want to visit and try to make friends on a so-called Hawaii Five-0 fan blog that constantly trashed Steve? Between your reviews and all the back slapping circle jerk “I hate Danny/Kono too” comments it’s not a friendly atmosphere here for anyone who might disagree. I say so-called Hawaii Five-0 fan blog because that’s what your name implies, that you’re a fan of the show, not just Steve but you wouldn’t know it from your reviews. I just think it’s sad that there is literally nowhere left in the fandom to go. All the good sites and the more accepting of differing opinions have left.

You know, I have a great idea. If you’re looking for a site to interact with people who feel just like you, and where you can dictate what is posted on the site, why don’t YOU start a blog on your own time, with your own money?

I’m not getting paid to do this, I don’t do it to entertain anyone, I don’t have to be ‘opinion-free’, I can do and say whatever I please. You don’t like it? Well, too bad, this site is not here to meet your needs. None of the great sites out there are. We are not doing a public service, you know. We do spend our own personal time and our own money to maintain the blogs.

But I’m sure if you look hard enough you will find something that does fit you better than this site.

So if you care at all what anyone other than your small circle of Danny haters thinks, can you maybe try not to bash him (or Kono) in the future? Everyone knows how you feel. It doesn’t need to be repeated over and over and over and over and over. Instead of repeating the same complaints every week maybe you could just fast forward through his scenes or not pay attention. That’s what I do when a character I don’t care for is on screen. I certainly don’t spend what probably totals to hours of my life trashing the character and by result, insulting the fans who do like them.

I don’t bash Danny, and certainly not because he’s “Danny”, but because of what he’s doing or saying. Again, I also have found great praise for him when he deserves it. (Deserves it from my point of view)

And about Kono. No, I don’t like her much. Simply because I think she’s boring and I don’t buy her prowess. But if you had read the latest review, you would know that I really liked her in this episode and pointed it out more than once.

And by the way, I for sure will not adapt my opinion to your liking. So, don’t try to tell me how I write about the characters I love. Yes, I do love all characters on the show, some more than others (yeah, even Danny in a way), but I despise Danny’s behavior and I’m certainly not sad if I don’t have to see him in an episode. I bet that is a concept you don’t get.

Do you really think Lenkov or anyone who matters reads these reviews? Do you really think your opinion would matter to them if they did? So what exactly do you get by saying you hate particular characters again and again when anyone who visits this blog more than one or two times is gonna already know how you feel?

ROFL, you think I care about what Peter Lenkov thinks if he would ever read one of my reviews? I couldn’t care less about what he thinks. I’m really glad that he’s not influenced by any fans. Every fan who thinks he or she could make a difference by appealing to Lenkov is just delusional.

H50 is Peter Lenkov’s vision, it’s his product. And that is a good thing. Just imagine if the fans would have a say in the matter. That would be a disaster.

Do I always like what he’s doing with Five-0? No, certainly not. But it’s not my place to condemn him for doing his job the best way he thinks it should be done.

It is my ‘job’ however to voice my opinion about a product I spend a lot of money on; from season passes and BluRays/DVDs to working this blog. So, yeah it is my right to complain or praise the product I’m spending money on.

So, you are welcome to join our discussions, which are always fun, respectful of other opinions and come from our hearts.

But don’t ever again try to tell me how to write my reviews or how to maintain my blog, so that you would like it better here.

But seeing you choosing not to even give a name or email, I guess the problem really lies with you, and not with me or the people on this blog.

Oh, and your wish from the beginning, not to sound like an asshole? Sorry, but you failed.

46 thoughts on “Silent Majority

  1. I’m sorry for the tension for all parties who feel it. I will just say that I concur that people here are free to express their opinion barring real-person attacks–and unless I’ve missed it, I don’t remember anyone ever attacking an actor/actress. We have no grounds to do any real person bashing anyhow–we don’t know the actors. But the characters DO come into our living room every week, so them we can speak on.

    What is that saying? Opinions are like butt-holes. Everyone has one. That’s the FUN of blogs like this. Everybody should know going in that if you visit a blog associated with a show, not everything you read (or post) is going to be agreed with. I am absolutely certain that some of my views of the show/characters are not held by others, but I neither worry about speaking my mind or hearing someone speak theirs. I come here because I WANT to hear what others have to say.

    And it doesn’t bother me if people repeat the same info. First, we’re human, second, it often comes with some new insight. That’s cool.

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    • You are absolutely right. I love reading different opinions. It’s the only way to look at something from a different angle.
      When I say in my review disclaimer not to take all of this too seriously, I actually mean that. It’s a TV show! The characters are not real! Guess many people forget that, and are offended when one doesn’t like all that is said and done in an episode. Some people seriously need to lighten up.

      Oh, we had two or three people who are now blocked. They didn’t know the difference between actor and character. I will not allow bashing or insulting any real person. Not even the Danny-actor, or a certain EP. 🙂

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  2. OK…. I read this shortly after getting to work this morning and I’ve been pretty much seething all day, just waiting for Sam to post this so I could comment! First and foremost, I don’t like people who intentionally want to stir things up under the guise of anonymity. That is very cowardly and childish.

    Second, I had NO CLUE until a couple weeks ago how much time and energy Sam puts into these blogs. I have a renewed appreciation for all that she does. I tried to watch how she does it, and I admit defeat. 🙂 I finally managed to post a photo onto another blog and considered myself smart. Sam, I truly thank you for all of this. For your time, your inspiration, your ideas, your gorgeous banners, the photos, having to go through the episodes again and again to find good pictures

    But no one has any right to tell YOU or anyone else what to think, what to post or what to feel. Every person on here has her/his own opinions and that is good. I hope no one would hesitate in voicing what s/he wants to say. That is what discussion is about and I absolutely love the different opinions and discussions we can have here. I hope that never changes.

    Yes, I have opinions. And it might surprise you to learn that Sam and I don’t always agree on those opinions… and because of that, we have had some great conversations. Just how boring would it be if we all agreed on everything? Life would be pretty blah.

    Come here… speak your peace… discuss/argue/banter with others… but step out and post. Don’t make snide remarks under the cloak of secrecy.

    But please come talk. For those of you who are faithful in commenting, don’t ever hesitate to join in. Sam has made a fun place for us all to participate. And for those of you who never make comments, don’t be afraid to jump in here. It’s fun, it’s safe and very entertaining!

    And now I will shut up… I feel much better.

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    • Yes, this is a safe place for everyone. Bullies are not allowed here. And I’m so very happy that some people posted on this blog for the very first time in their ‘internet-life’ because they felt secure enough to do it here.

      There is no little circle of Danny haters on this blog. I find that offensive to call the regular reviewers that. That is what really angered me about that comment. I don’t care much about being attacked like that, had a lot worse emails and comments, but the reviews on this blog deserve better.

      Anyone attacking someone for a different opinion will be warned once and after that banned from the blog. So far, I mostly encountered very respectful, nice and fun people. We do play nice on this blog and respect different opinions.

      My opinion in the reviews is often free for interpretation, and many know by now that I sometimes say things to provoke a reaction. My opinion which I often voice very clearly 😉 is not the only one and right opinion. There is no right opinion.

      I’m going to say something that a lot of people will not agree with, and that is OK, but I believe many Danny fans don’t really seperate their love for the actor from the character. And they feel like I’m ‘bashing’ their favorite actor. Which is not true. I couldn’t care less about the actor, I don’t have a public opinion about him, and when I talk about Danny, I’m talking about Danny. But I believe they don’t.

      When I talk about Steve, I talk about Steve. I don’t mix the characters and the actors. There are very few posts about Alex on this blog because my main focus really is on the character.

      Do I love Steve the most? Hell ya. Because in my eyes, he is the most interesting character. There is a reason that he’s the main focus of the show. He is the main character, and the main reason why I watch the show.
      But without the others the show would only be half as good. But without Steve… well, I for sure wouldn’t watch.

      We all have our own reasons why we do the things we do, or love the things we love. I for one would love to hear all kinds of different reasons.

      Oh, and thank you Cokie. I love working on the blog, it’s not really work for me, it’s my yoga, or zen, or whatever you wanna call it. 😉 And you’re doing fine, your posts are good, and I rarely had to save you from yourself lately. 😉

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      • Folks, that’s an inside joke. You won’t believe the things I have posted for Sam’s eyes only… only to post them from my email directly to this blog. Bad, bad Cokie. But like she said, she saves my butt on a regular basis by either erasing my personal information or deleting the entire post because it was meant for her and not the blog.


    • Yo, Cokie! I enjoyed your little Intel on how much work Sam puts in here. I imagined it was time consuming, but I think I may have underestimated it all the same. I’m very grateful for our bloggers and site admins. The fact that so few sites have survived I guess should tell us just how much work goes into this.

      Thanks for the eye opener…and thanks for the slave labor, Sam!.

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      • It’s been my pleasure so far. But you are right, many blogs were shut down because of the huge amount of time they take to maintain. People have no idea how much time and energy are spent on the blog posts.
        If you want to have daily posts (which I don’t) or want to keep up with all of social media (which I don’t) maintaining a blog is a full time job.
        And complaining that many have shut down, or demanding to adjust to ones needs, is simply offensive and unreasonable. And then to even insult the readers and reviewers on the blog… well, I guess I shouldn’t say what I really think about that. 😉

        Anyway, thanks for your support. 🙂

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  3. No one completely shares the same view of each character completely. I happen to like Kono as Sam knows and we didn’t come to blows when that came up. I take no offense with those that love Danny’s character…..I just don’t see what they see in him. That is why I keep trying to change some parts of him when I write my stories. I maintain hope but I suppose I fit in that writer’s stereotype of people on this blog. I think the writers don’t treat Danny well, he has had no chance to grow in the seasons the show has been on the air. And the nice thing is that I feel free here to say these things. This is the only blog that I comment on because I know that we are all tolerant of other people’s opinions. I am glad that Sam does not let anyone spew hate.

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    • Nope, we certainly did not come to any blows. 🙂 In fact that was a really great meeting, and I’m very happy to have the priviledge to know you personally.

      And about Kono, well I do seem to warm up to her. Maybe not all hope is lost. 😉

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      • Everyone has a right to their opinion and I was thrilled to see that you had kind words for Kono in this episode. I was so delighted to meet you and Cokie and had a wonderful evening. Sorry I talked your ears off but it was such fun.

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        • I really think we all talked… a lot! Wish we could have stayed longer. McBear just sat and took it all in. 🙂 It was a great evening and I wouldn’t have traded it for anything. And even the thunderstorm cooperated. We didn’t get wet at all on the way back!

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          • You’re right, it WAS a great night. That reminds me we still need to announce our winners. I also loved our discussions about the essays. I think we came to the right descisions about them.

            Oh, yeah, McBear was very patient with us. 🙂

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    • you know, I think you have just hit the nail on the head. And, let me preface this by saying it is MY opinion, but In six seasons, I don’t think Danny has really grown as a character. He still does and says the same things he said in season 1. He complains about the same stuff and just never seems to “grow”. That makes it very difficult to write for him because the other characters have changed their perspectives on things. Thank you… I thought it was just me not being able to write Danny. I realize now that HE isn’t allowing me to write for him. Huh… it’s his fault. I feel much better now. 🙂

      Seriously, I totally agree with you. We shouldn’t all agree on everything. But we should be tolerant of everyone’s viewpoint. How else would we ever learn and grow?

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      • Hey, remember, you told me yesterday that it’s in his contract not to be in every one of our stories, so we don’t have to write for him. 😉
        Like you I find it difficult to write him because as they said on the show he’s such a ‘nasty human being’ (3.15 Hookman). If they write stuff like that about him, we are certainly allowed to call him that too.
        But seriously, that is the problem with him, all others have learned from their experiences the last five years. Danny hasn’t. He’s still stuck in the early stages of season one. And that is simply annoying. He’s talking like he just met Steve or the other guys. It’s boring, repetitive and NOT funny.
        I can’t write such a character. Guess that is why he is slightly different in all stories I have ever read. No one writes him like he’s on the show. Maybe because no one really likes Danny, but the actor. Ever thought of that?

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  4. I try to keep close to the show’s view of him……just a nicer, kinder version. But I can only do so much with what I’ve been given to work with. I often wonder what some other FF writers are seeing when they write him. Of course there were many who thought it was wonderful that Danny announced Steve’s intention to propose to Lou and Chin. They don’t see how wrong that was.

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  5. To Ms./Mr. Anon.
    I can understand your frustration when a character you have invested in emotionally is not adored by all fans. I feel this way about Cath and am truly sickened by the way certain fans have pretended to hate the character but not the actress. That’s a load of B.S. and no one is fooled by it.

    I don’t post on other sites run by “cheerleaders” who post their glowing evaluations so that they can get a re-tweet, because I am not allowed to have a different opinion from theirs. While they ask/plead/beg the TPTB to please read their reviews, they do believe that by inserting a little “wish” as to what they think should happen will get PL’s attention. Because, he’s now their BFF, right? Meet him once, get his autograph and he’s in their pocket? Right? Nonsense. PL will do exactly as he has planned to do with the storyline and that is his right because it is his show. None of us can do anything about that. Why doesn’t everyone understand that? None of us gets to pass on the scripts. and all we can do is wait for it to enfold. Sometimes we are happy-sometimes we are not.

    None of us agrees with each other all of the time here but we do respect each other, so you will find no mean responses from us if you choose to join us. And I hope you do. Sam does a wonderful job keeping this site a safe, happy place for all of us, and hopefully, it can be that way for you, too.

    Love Danny, or don’t. Everyone makes their own choice. Personally, my own response to the Danny character is perhaps the one that would bother his fans the most, complete indifference.
    (BTW, I really like and respect the actor and if you read my most recent comments, I make that very clear.) Peace.

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    • While they ask/plead/beg the TPTB to please read their reviews, they do believe that by inserting a little “wish” as to what they think should happen will get PL’s attention. Because, he’s now their BFF, right? Meet him once, get his autograph and he’s in their pocket? Right? Nonsense.

      ROFL – every week the same amusement on twitter. 😉

      Oh, MamaYorkie you rock. And yes, I remember you telling us how much you like and respect a certain actor. And that is totally fine. 🙂

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      • Yeah, one of them tweets everyone who has ever drawn a paycheck at H50 to his/her/its weekly beg-a-thon for a “please read”. Wonder it is followed by a fruit basket?


  6. I think this is much ado about nothing, I follow this blog and enjoy it and have not witnessed all this hatred that allegedly resides here. I enjoy everyone’s opinions and the humor expressed here every day. I look forward to the posts and stories. The only person I don’t enjoy on the show is Jerry, wish he wasn’t even there. Yet I know there are people that enjoy his character and I respect their opinion. Just keep doing what you’re doing, I stop by everyday and loved all your McBear posts while you were on vacation. Keep up the good work 🙂

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  7. I’m really happy this blog provides us a place to air our opinions about the show’s episodes and its characters – to vent, (in a non-threatening way of course). I know that not every one of us likes everyone one of them and that’s what makes it interesting. As far as the Danny character goes, I’m not sure I’d like to know someone like him but I find him easy to write because he provides a wonderful contrast to Steve. The show, most times, highlights the best characteristics of both: Danny’s fearless willingness to point out everything that is wrong with the universe, (Steve included), and Steve’s bemused tolerance for his partner’s sometimes harshly stated opinions shows he has the self-confidence to ignore much of it. Both characters are strong and honorable men with differing views on how to deal with life’s issues. I think there’s a great balance there that makes it fun to write within the framework of their sometimes times contentious relationship. That said; I truly believe it’s important we all respect and support each other. After all, there are those ‘normal’ people who think we’re a bit off for drinking the Kool-Aid of H50. We may have to circle the wagons if they try to drag us off to the funny farm. (Sorry about mixing those metaphors. I’m sure something will explode now).

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    • Just FYI…you write him, and the McD relationship, far better than Show does. If they wrote him like you do, we’d not be having this convo, and I even might, MIGHT, think the stoopid McD fake-clown-therapy was amusing…but probably not. 😆

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    • “The show, most times, highlights the best characteristics of both: Danny’s fearless willingness to point out everything that is wrong with the universe, (Steve included), and Steve’s bemused tolerance for his partner’s sometimes harshly stated opinions shows he has the self-confidence to ignore much of it.”

      Well said.


    • “Danny’s fearless willingness to point out everything that is wrong with the universe, (Steve included), and Steve’s bemused tolerance for his partner’s sometimes harshly stated opinions shows he has the self-confidence to ignore much of it.”

      See, there lies my problem. What Danny sees as wrong with the universe other people don’t see it that way. If people don’t do things the way he does, or see the things like he does, they must be wrong. He is just too small minded for my taste.

      “Honorable men?” Cheating with a married woman, killing in cold blood? Insulting and trampling on ones feelings? Sorry, but I also have a problem seeing the honorable in Danny.

      “Men with differing views on how to deal with life’s issues.” That is certainly true, although I don’t think Danny is dealing… he’s lashing out at anything and everyone. Trying to make himself feel better, no matter what the cost.

      Sorry, I didn’t mean to go on like that. I just want to make a clear point how people can see some things totally differently and still respect the other. I love your work, and I respect your opinion. I will probably never agree on the points though. But that doesn’t really matter, I still love to read about your or any other person’s point of view. And I’m happy for you (and others) that you can see Danny like that.


      • I actually agree with you on the cheating with a married woman thing. It disturbed me when it happened. The other stuff not so much, (I know I’m a sick puppy). The killing of his brother’s executioner I believe wasn’t so much ‘cold blooded’ as more a hot blooded, temporary insanity style, fail of control – a really, really, bad fail – but I kind of understand it. As for the insulting and the trampling, I think it’s part of a prickly personality. I wouldn’t like to be around anyone like that but then, I’m neither as strong, nor as patient as Steve. I would have totally kicked Danny’s ass by now.

        By the way, forgot to tell you how much I appreciate all the work you put into this. I can’t even imagine how you do it. Thank you!

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  8. Well, this is a fascinating little convo! I have always LOVED that we don’t have to stick with praising Show here, as long as we are respectful.. We can let it all out! What we loved, what we didn’t, what we didn’t understand. I love that we have fans of every actor here, cos it makes it more interesting. Also I have sometimes changed my mind about a performance or a plot reveal, based on reading the give and take of opinions here.

    I will admit that I am one who does not care for Danny. I am sorry if my tut-tutting has dimmed someone’s enjoymeant of Show, but I bluster a lot (as Danno does…my hubs says I AM the female Danno…grrrrrrrr!) to be humorous (hubs also says that, like Danno, I fail in that intent). I will admit, I don’t like how Danno is written quite often, but I even feel that his actor sometimes makes unfortunate line-delivery choices, which doubles down on how the character is perceived by me, That doesn’t mean I hate Scott or think he’s a bad actor…and in fact Danny is one of the characters whose champions here (including Sam) have helped me enjoy the actor’s work from time to time. And I love that! I love that someone explaining why a scene worked for them sometimes, not all the time but sometimes, gives me a better perspective…I like enjoying Show way better than complaining about it.

    Actors and script writers get reviewed all the time. They gotta learn to take it. We gotta learn to deal with variances in opinions too. I like that Sam keeps us honest and polite tho. Polite goes a looooong way in influencing people.

    This really is an interesting convo…

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  9. Hi, silent majority here too 😆
    Really like to come here for the reviews and the comments and stories… Please keep up that fantastic work!
    As for Danny: I simply don’t care for him anymore. I liked him in season one as he provided contrast to Steve but I do agree with the people here that he hasn’t changed at all whereas the world around him has. A lot. So I just can’t bring myself to care for him anymore; by now I think I know his reaction to almost any situation. That’s quite enough 😆 should the show decide to change that I might get interested in him again 😆

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  10. Ladies, I thoroughly enjoy this convo here! Thank you for making it a topic Sam.
    It is not ok for an anonymous reviewer to come out of hiding criticizing, well no – rather lecturing you and us others here.
    Your blog is the only one I comment on. I admit that I take a peak at other too but they are often too one-sided and glamorizing a certain partnership.

    MamaYorkie, I once again love your comment! Spot on. Yes, haven’t you all noticed lately the increase in bloggers and how they advertise their blogs to the TBTP and actors?
    I feel always calm, relaxed and confidence is restored after I read your remarks 🙂
    I also believe PL has a masterplan and weather we like it or not -or these bloggers!- he will do exactly what he feels is right. And that’s a good thing. Let’s just hope 5-0 will run long enough so we will see closure to the storylines that are left open 🙂

    Sam, thank you for all the wonderful work you do! I can’t stress again how much I appreciate the time and efforts you put into this blog!
    Sometimes people -like Mrs./Mr. Anonymous- can’t see the difference between heartfelt critique or bashing. I pity her/him.

    Keep up the good work! We’ll be here!

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  11. Ah well, hello a….. nonymous. See what I did here? Everybody’s polite here so I think I’ll try this concept even though I feel different at the moment. So, hello again. Back slapping jerk typing here.
    I’m always wondering who these “We all” people are. I read so much about them in the last time. “We all want…”, “We all don’t like…”, “We will all be happy…” Phew, maybe you can enlighten me? Are they ALL the people who are watching the show? About 10 million in the US and more million people around the world? Really? Wow. How did you get in contact? Did you make a poll? Your email account must have run hot.
    But let’s get serious for a moment. Let me tell you why I love Sam’s reviews and her approach. Because they are ‘adult’ (for the lack of a better word) reviews, they are real, they are well-founded. And you know why? Because she freaking loves this show, no one in his right mind would make such an effort to write a review and take screens every week if she doesn’t love it! That doesn’t stop her from pointing out what’s wrong, what’s ridiculous and what’s annoying. No rose colored lenses, no childish “show’s getting better and better” – but her real opinion. And yes, she dislikes Danny’s behavior most of the time, so do I, and she says so. And again, you know why? Because he’s is part of the show and can’t be ignored when you’re going to write a proper review. She does not like Kono. I do, very much. But I have absolutely no problem that Sam doesn’t like her because she always backs her opinion up. Something you didn’t btw! In her latest review she said she liked Kono and I can’t lie, I was happy about that. You see, if someone of those characters who are by far not her favorites does something she appreciates, Sam’s not ignoring it just because it doesn’t fit her opinion. No. She says so! She has done it with Danny several times now!
    And to sum things up, Sam has the right to write her opinion; she is not running this blog to please you or anybody else. Just because it is HER blog, HER time and HER money!!! If you don’t like it, well, why don’t you follow your own advice and skip the parts you hate (I think you’re fond of this word) or even better search for another blog that is more after your ‘gusto’. Take a look at twitter, you’ll find other blogs easily. Very easily. I promise.
    Another suggestion: Why don’t you sit down after the next episode and write a full length review yourself, including screenshots and a poll. And then you can come back, posting it and apologize. Ah wait that would mean you’ll have to come out of your cowardly hiding. Cowardice destroys opportunities.

    Liked by 3 people

    • LeiCa:

      If all you want is an answer to who the we all and everybody is, I can tell you. Its the ones who “know someone” who works on the set of H50 and is privy to the scripts before even the actors see them, or knows the actors personally and has become a confidant to their secret feelings about other cast members, or knows someone so high up in CBS Entertainment that theirs is the first phone call made after a policy meeting. Everyone of their predictions has failed so far, so I think its time for them see if they can locate Doris and ask her to become their spy because a fictional character has more reliability than their imaginary sources.

      Liked by 3 people

      • Wow, they seem to be some really influential people. Ya think their power reaches across the pond? I shudder at the very thought. Is it a bird, is it a plane, is it an owl – no it’s a ‘we all’.
        Maybe I should shut my mouth. 😀

        Liked by 2 people

        • LeiCa:

          No please don’t ever let anyone try to shut you up. A quiet woman is just a woman who is perfecting her roar. I like hearing from you.

          As far as reaching across the pond, of course their power and insider info extends there and also to the fan base in many other countries, too. Check to see who some of the “we all’s” are. It’s enlightening/frightening.

          I’m just part of the ‘I think and my opinion only and I don’t know anyone at H50 or CBS” group. In other words, simple guesswork and analysis on my part. Occasionally. I get it right and do my happy dance and throw things at the TV when I’m wrong.

          Liked by 1 person

  12. A virtual high five happy face “like” to everyone who posts here (regulars know why I have to do “virtual)’ And a sincere thank you to everyone who puts up with me when I do “silly” and doesn’t want to know if I’m running a fever when I do serious.

    Liked by 2 people

  13. Thanks Mama…..I have always wondered who those folks were with the pulse on the cast and crew of the show. There is always someone claiming to KNOW exactly who likes who and why someone is not on the show as much but never seem to give us any proof of how they know. Using a screen name seems to give them great courage to make any claim that they wish.

    Liked by 1 person

  14. Oh dear!
    As usual I have auf lot of words to say- and cannot come forward with my thoughts! 😦 , sigh!
    So everything allready posted is o so right !
    I love the friendly bantering on this site-a lot!
    I absolutely love the show with all its characters. Even Danny – the way He is brings the most Lively discussions on the way! It is the salt within the soup. But no, I would Not tolerate my friend acting this way.
    People who just cannot differ between show and RL … I think we only know the characters – they are familiar by now. But I don’t know much (let alone anything) about the actors.
    And that is a good thing. They deserve privacy.
    I can dream with the character – and I dream about Steve a lot. But that is the joy about the Show. And also the joy I am feeling whenever I visit your site. I can dream and escape RL for a while. Making life much more fun. I usually don’t post that much. But today I just had to. I hope you get what I meant.
    Don’t let somebody whose only aim seems to be making fuzz get to you!
    Thank you for your work – each and every word of it.

    Liked by 3 people

  15. Sunny, you brought up a very good point. THIS is my free time. Where I choose to spend my escape from real life. We all have a real life and sometimes we need to take leave of it. 🙂 This is what I do. It is my fun. And that being said, it does annoy me when people want to act like the horse’s patooty. We don’t need that. What we do have is a great group of people who love it here. And for that, I’m thankful!


  16. On my phone, so this may not be revised very well. I have always appreciated that ya’ll are clear about what and who you like but are very friendly toward commenter who obviously don’t mind when your opinion clashes with theirs. Some of the most frequent commenters are Danny and Kong fans.
    I for one watch Five-0 for Steve. I do love Danny when he is a loyal friend and when he is level headed with Grace. I also agree with the observation that the writers will not let him move past his annoyances. I.e. there is no need for him to complain about Steve’s driving after 5 years (at least, no need to argue with Steve about it)
    I have gotten annoyed with Steve before. The episode when he and Danny shared the apt. Steve he was a slob (OOC) and he did not let Danny pick dinner after he said Danny could. His personality is one that can force things on people without realizing he is doing it. I still love him, but it is a little flaw he could work on if he would listen to some criticism.
    it is normal for a high achieving person to behave that way because they are accustomed to people looking to them for answers. They can forget sometimes there are legitimate options that just happen to differ from the one they have thought of. See, a Steve lover found a flaw.
    Love you guys and may need more info on watching out for the “we all” on Twitter. I live tweet regularly.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Totally agree with your assessment of Steve’s flaws – he must have more than one . . . right? Though I myself cannot identify with being a ‘high achiever’, (being more Bart Simpson than SuperSEAL), I know people who qualify for the title. They are sometimes totally surprised when one points out they’ve just steamrolled over someone else’s options
      . It’s annoying but it’s who they are. I said earlier that I don’t think I’d want to know anyone like Danny but I think Husband fits in the Steve category. If only he looked like him . . . sigh.

      Liked by 1 person

  17. I have never commented on this site before, not even sure how to do it, but I wanted to say that I am one of the silent majority that reads this site every week and love it. I check two and three times after the show airs just waiting for your review. I find myself agreeing with just about everything and I love all the pictures you put up. Even as I’m watching the show I’ll find myself wondering how you will write about a certain scene. Please keep up the excellent job you do and don’t let anyone wear you down


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