6.05 review


6-05 Ka ‘alapahi nui

Five-0 must interrogate members of a stunt bikers gang to find a killer who escaped by jumping his motorcycle from one roof onto another. Also, the team prepares to race in a Tough Mudder competition, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, Oct. 23

CBS translated Ka ‘alapahi nui to Big Lie

WRITTEN BY:  David Wolkove & Sue Palmer
DIRECTED BY:  Eagle Egilsson

What a great start of the episode with the team training for the upcoming event. That was a lot of fun to watch. They all looked really good in their training attire.

Kudos to the wardrobe department to put all of them in clothes perfectly fitting their characters.

I do have a question about Lou. So, if he got an excuse from his doctor to not run in the race, how come he’s fit for field duty? Wouldn’t he be a risk as back-up in a situation where they had to run? OK, 10 to 12 miles is a different number than running after a suspect for a couple of hundred yards. But still I wondered.

And I also wondered about Danny. He probably wouldn’t be allowed to participate after the procedure, but maybe I’m wrong about that.


Who wasn’t wrong was Lou. His conclusion that Danny is the weakest link in the team is, in my eyes, more than correct. Not just from the physical aspect, but more so from the mental aspect.

And how dare the show not showing us wet Steve?! Come on! And, Lou, what the heck had gotten into you keeping Steve from jumping into the mud. Darn it. 😉

As I said it was a great beginning.


The teaser was not quite done, we also had to deal with the COTW before the credits could roll. So, off we went to a deposition taking place in an office overlooking the city. A biker comes in, on his motorcycle, and shoots up the place. Killing the victim of the week. By the way, that was a great camera shot.


And after being done he left in a rather unusual way; by jumping from one building to the other.


OK, those were good scenes, but I do have a few problems with that scenario. First of all, how did he even get up there? Just think about the logistics getting with that bike into the elevator, turning around inside of the elevator, then getting out on the right floor. And what, all doors on the way were automatic doors? And furthermore, getting in the building on his bike would surely be called a breach, so why weren’t they shut down right away? And after getting out of the office, they said the elevators were shut down so no one could get out? What, only going down was shut off, but not going up?

But my biggest problem is with him getting off and over to the other roof. Without a ramp? Over the at least two or three feet high balustrade? Yeah, right.

You know, I love the ideas they are coming up with. But they need to think this through. I don’t expect any stuntman to really do this kind of stunt. No, but I do expect for it to be in the realm of possibilities. This was not. Not without a LOT of preparation that this guy did not do.

Anyway, totally enjoyed watching it. 😉

And it got even better. Steve coming out of the shower. I loved those scenes. Well, for one, because it was Steve, but really, I love seeing him outside of work. And I liked the phone call. Was it Catherine? Maybe. Maybe she’s already in trouble and needs his help. Or she just wants to hear his voice. Or it is not Catherine but someone else, like Joe or Doris. But I can’t imagine why these two would call and not speak. Doesn’t make much sense. Catherine not talking does make sense. Kinda. Or maybe it is someone simply messing with him. I guess we will find out… eventually. At the speed Five-0 normally reveals such things, probably in season eight or nine. 😉

Oh, and did you wonder what’s in all those pill bottles in the background? The little white one looks like ‘real’ meds, like a pain killer bottle. But the rest more like vitamin supplements? Any ideas?

Anyway, loved the scenes.

OK, the next scenes made me laugh out loud. Why? Because all the glass was shot to hell, but not even one bullet hit any of the windows. They were all intact. How amazing is that? 😉

They start their investigation, thinking of who would be interested in silencing Harper. I must say, they had some truly amazing shots in this episode.

Didn’t you also think that something was not quite right with the wife and the daughter? I couldn’t put my finger on it right away, but I didn’t buy their story.

“Riding a motorcycle like a normal person isn’t dangerous enough.” LOL – Nope, Lou, guess riding a bike in a civilized manner just doesn’t cut it for some.

Great stunt-work by some great bikers. Kudos.

Kono and the baddie. I even enjoyed these scenes. Wow, will wonders never cease?

And we learned that this was not about any Samoan operation. So, what was really behind the murder?

Busted. Really cool way to ride a bike, but don’t try that at home. 😉 It took a little long, but I guess they had to show off their moves, so I’m good with it.

Of course this bust lead to Chin and Steve interrogate one of the gang. And I don’t think I need to tell you how much I love watching Chin and Steve working together. Or Chin and Lou, also a great team. And of course Steve and Lou; although we had many great teams in this episode, Lou and Kono was also really great. Matter of fact, I think this is the very first episode ever that I really liked Kono. Did I just say that? LOL

I guess it is a crime not to know Top Gun. But seriously, there are a few films you just have to have seen. No matter what your age is, or if you don’t think those films were any good. 😉

After more digging and following the paper trails, we figure out how much Harper stole from the company. Only question is where did all the money go? He didn’t spend it. That’s when I knew what was going on. Wife and kids somewhere else, and living a double life. Ha!

Cokie later told me that they actually said that at the table. Never heard Lou saying Messer had a wife and a couple of kids. Guess I was too happy to have figured it out to really listen to what they have come up. 😉

After that we get a second bust with more bike stunts. It got a tiny little bit repetitive. But I’m not really complaining… yeah, well, maybe I am. 😉


I’m sure if I would ever be in that blue room, I would confess to everything that Steve asked me. Well, maybe I would take my time though. 🙂

Now with a name they very quickly figure out what is really going on. And that is where my real problem with the COTW lies. Come on, that was so very weak. The daughter has her father killed because she figured out what he did? That is so very lame. And totally unbelievable. That was one really weak motive. (I know they didn’t figure that out at this point, but skipping ahead a little here.)

OK, Danny is back in an episode and I have to complain about him again. Darn it, can’t he be, just for once, act like a normal person? Why do the writers keep writing him like an ass? I just don’t get it. What am I even talking about? First, about the ride in the car, while Steve tries to figure out what happened. Did Danny never hear about hashing out theories and ideas, it’s what normal people do. You use a partner as a sounding board, it’s how you come to conclusions. Why was he so pissy about Steve asking rhetorical questions? Doesn’t he get the concept of voicing ideas out loud to come to results? I thought that was poorly written because it was neither funny not left it Danny in any kind of good light. Very strange.

But what really angered me was the totally stupid behavior when they were going after the suspect. What was that all about? They were in pursuit of a fleeing suspect. If Danny can’t handle driving fast or going after that suspect, he should not be doing this job. He was most annoying, and totally out of line with what he was saying about Steve.

I’m sorry, but he again was written as a total idiot, and a person not fit to do his job.

After more car chasing and another great stunt the bad guy was dead and the accomplice, or more likely the instigator for the hit, in custody.

All in all, there were only victims in this episode. Harper being killed, the first wife losing her husband and daughter, the second wife losing her husband and the kids their father, and even the killer was a victim in a way. Another young life wasted for the wrong love.

And now we come to what most of us were waiting for. The race. OK, despite the fact that they had great pictures, mixed with really nice scenes, I was a bit disappointed by it too. It would have been great if we had seen more video footage instead of the still pics. YES, it was very well done, but still I would have loved to see them doing the obstacle course. That would have been truly awesome. But I guess it would have been also dangerous for the actors to do that, so, I’m good with knowing they are OK and we got those great pics to enjoy.

Very nice pep-talk by Lou, nice of Kamekona to offer ten percent to give to charity.

  • the COTW was rather weak
  • the stunts and action superb
  • some scenes were truly great
  • Steve was just as awesome as ever 😉
  • I even enjoyed Kono
  • I loved the team work
  • I loved how they managed to get Max, Duke, Kamekona and Flippa into the episode.
  • I loved the missing Jerry 😉

So, yeah, I guess this was the first episode of season six that I will give an awesome. It was not perfect, but it was so very enjoyable that good or great simply doesn’t cut it this time.


All screen-shots were done by me. Credit to CBS. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

And please remember, I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously. Always remember, this is just a TV show.



39 thoughts on “6.05 review

  1. Thanks for the review, Sam! I agree with pretty much everything you said. Loved the scenes of the team training at the beginning. Steve looked fantastic is his workout gear. Agree with Danny being the weakest link, both mentally and physically. I too was surprised that Danny was cleared to do the race but they also didn’t say how long it had been since the bone marrow harvest. Unless I missed it? My cousin registered as a bone marrow donor after he lost his son to Leukemia. About a year ago he was matched to be a donor for a little boy in South America with Leukemia. He went through the procedure and was able to go back to work and most of his regular activities in less than a week, he was really sore for a few days after and it took him about 3 weeks to fully recover from the procedure and for his bone marrow to replenish. So I really doubt that Danny would have been able to compete in a Tough Mudder race unless it had been several weeks since the procedure. Didn’t Lou say that his note was from Max? Max is technically a real doctor but I think Grover was just making up excuses to not have to do the race. He really isn’t in any shape to be running a 12 mile obstacle course, just by looking at Grover I kind of doubt that he would pass the physical test to be a cop.

    Loved the shirtless Steve in a towel scenes. I want to think it is Catherine calling Steve but who knows. Agree that Doris or Joe wouldn’t call without speaking. It isn’t their style. They would both watch from afar without initiating contact. Good catch on the pill bottles on Steve’s dresser. Looks like the big bottles with the yellow labels are Nature Made Supplements, they look exactly like the supplement bottles that I buy. The ones with the yellow caps are tablets and the blue is a liquid softgel. Don’t know what the bottle that looks green is, probably another supplement in a different brand. The little white bottle looks like an over the counter medication, like Ibuprofen or Tylenol or an allergy medication or something, it doesn’t look a prescription bottle.

    Anyone else think it was funny that Chin was wearing what looked to be a really nice, and probably expensive watch for Tough Mudder? I mean it is probably a waterproof dive watch but I thought that was funny. Loved Lou’s pep talk and Steve’s “Damn Lou, that arthritis didn’t slow your mouth down.” Love that we are getting to see a little bit more of Steve’s comedic side lately. Also loved his line to the biker, “What’s Top Gun? I should arrest him just for that.”

    I also wish they would have showed more the race and not just a photo montage. The photos were great but it was lacking in excitement for me. I wish they would have at least given us a scene of Steve crawling through the mud. I loved at the beginning that Steve was gung-ho about getting muddy and didn’t hesitate for a second to get in the mud pool until he was stopped for Danny to go.

    As for the COTW, the stunts were cool, but the crime didn’t hold my interest, partially because I think they showed too much of it in the preview clips that they release the day before it airs. So I won’t comment too much on that. Overall I gave it a good.


  2. Eye candy Steve. That was the part I liked about the episode.

    Otherwise I was underwhelmed (at least my votes are consistent). Five-0 just isn’t firing on all cylinders. While the filming of the bike stuff was interesting in a way, I got the distinct impression of a “CHiPs” throwback (albeit higher tech with the passage of time) where every week they were over-advertising some new activity (Ie. dirt-biking, hang-gliding, roller derby, etc etc etc etc.). Almost like the activity for activity’s sake, and in so doing gobbled up most of the episode.

    I would much rather them spend time giving us a real ohana moment with the competition at the end rather than that goofy montage. While I agree they’d need to take care not to indiscriminately risk injury to the actors, they went totally low-ball on the end of that episode and it showed. It did not stir up the warm fuzzies for me at all. And they ARE capable of doing it because I’ve seen them do it plenty of times before in prior seasons.

    And Steve’s “Oh I can’t trace the call so forget about it” reaction. I realize even top notch SEALs wear down over time and I’m trying to write it off to that, but overall, his character has been much more boring lately. I can understand them hardening his character given all that he’s been through, but please oh please, DON’T make him boring in the process!

    But I’ll keep hanging on for a glimpse of the old Steve, which I hope won’t be too far down the track…


  3. Really wonder who was in that phone call. As wonder if it was Catherine, Doris, or Joe W? But really I am loving both Lou and Chin.
    Chin is easily becoming my very favorite character over Danny and Steve. Lou loves giving Steve a hard time. But it is again, all in good fun.
    Love more Chin rather than him just being such a sidekick as he was in the first two and a half seasons.
    Max being the team doctor and captain! LOL! Love his nerdy way of things.
    But really the biker with the Top Gun thing as it may have been way before his time if you stop and think about it. He looked like he was in his very early twenties and Top Gun came out in 1986.
    SEALS do get muddy at it seems. As they are not afraid of anything at all.
    Stunts were good but storyline kind of weak.


  4. I’m a sucker for car chases and leaping off tall buildings, etc. In the past, I usually could take Danny or leave him but that’s getting harder to do lately. I enjoy missing him much more now, as in I forgot to notice he wasn’t there. And when he is there, well. I really like the actor,–he is amazingly gifted and multitalented and seems like a genuinely nice person, I wonder if he dislikes Danny, too and that’s the vibe I pick up. His character could be great, but the writing for him is juvenile and dreadful, That is such a terrible waste of his talent. But on to what really grabbed me.

    Did you see the hopeful look on Steve’ face when his phone rang? First thought in his head was Cath! First word out of his mouth was Cath. She’s still in his head and his heart. He’s not moving on.

    It seems the writers really DO have a plan and Cath’s spy arc has begun. I wonder why the mystery man/woman is trying to play with Steve’s head with all the phone hang ups? Don’t think it is Cath, or Joe or Doris so that leaves …………..?? (If I say Daddy Wo Fat again will you all throw virtual popcorn at me?)

    I can hardly wait for Cath to return to where she belongs- with McG and a posse of little McG ninja babies.

    Just sit tight and watch the new arc unfold.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Ninja babies. I wish they were already in the works. ☺
      Nope, not throwing anything. I’m open for the idea of DaddyFat.
      But I have just developed my theory who Cath is working for, and DaddyFat doesn’t quite fit. We’ll see. 😉

      Liked by 2 people

      • 1. Tell us immediately what your theory is so we can manipulate the rumor mill. (LOL)

        2. Please don’t let her come back pregnant or the mega brains who say “Steve loves her but isn’t in love with her” will declare, “He HAD to marry her.

        Liked by 2 people

  5. Omg… just as I read your review was the FIRST time I thought about no Jerry. Where was my head? Oh…maybe it was still thinking about the mudder.

    Cotw was a bit week. I figured it out early but didn’t see the daughters connection. I had wondered about them when all the bullets were flying and they just stood there behind the biker with the gun. I was expecting mom to be in on it too after learning what hubby was really up to.

    Bikers were good and I loved the takedown but that was too much unneeded action. One scene was enough. I also agree that the biker kid 2as talented but that jump would have taken a lot of prep work.

    Loved steve’s phone call. I wish it was cath just calling to hear his voice but if whoever her superiors are, they would make it hard on her if they found out.

    I didn’t catch med bottles. Darn, I will have to watch it again.

    I agree, that while those end scenes were wonderful, a bit of action would have been nice. But I can’t complain about those scenes.

    Danny in the car… childish. Hated every minute of it.

    Sam saying she actually liked kono… wow… I was glad i was sitting down. 🙂

    Lots of great scenes and they surprised me with a phone call. Therefore it got an awesome. Not that the entire show was awesome but I will enjoy what I can.

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  6. Great review! I haven’t seen the episode yet, but it seems like you’ve hit all of the things that happened in the show.

    Thanks for taking the time and space to mention everything!

    I’ll be back after I’ve watched. You’ve been warned. Lol.


  7. also, great review! I thought the bike stunt shots took up way too much time that could have been spent on the obstacle course. Most of the promo shots were of tough mudder stuff, and they ended up covering everything we actually saw in the episode in those photos.
    I also thought that cargument was the worst ever – totally forced into the script. I thought Danny’s stress during the chase was weird after all the years he has been working with Steve, but for some reason that scene didn’t bother me.
    No need for more emphasis on that towel scene (i was not looking at Steve’s dresser, so i did not see his vitamin supply – i keep my supplements in my kitchen) , but you did not comment on “the lean”. You gave us two shots of it, but did not comment. : )


    • Ohhhhhh! The Lean and The Towel were highlights for sure. Also the Silent Call. Those were my favorite parts. But I did actually enjoy this one all the way thru, in spite of a couple of irksome Danno moments. The nagging pissy irk I’ve felt all season (and all last season til the last third of the eps) kinda faded away in this one. I credit The Lean, The Towel, and the Silent Call. :mrgreen:

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  8. Dear Mr. Williams,
    care to explain why you’ve become an officer of the law?
    To figure things out, gather information, discussing clues with your colleagues, coming to conclusions, pondering theories, thrashing out all possibilities and then to chase the criminals to catch them so that they’ll never hurt anybody else again?
    Or because after an exhausting day of buying the newest hair products you want to relax in a fancy car, windows open, elbow out, cruising with nearly terrifying 17 m/ph (tops!) around the island flashing the blue lights every now and then to impress giggling girls on the sidewalk?
    That would be really annoying because I’ve heard you’re the second in command of an elite task force. Or is it that maybe you find it funny to be and act this way? OK, than let me tell you what’s funny. Really funny, text and delivery:
    It is funny when a woman who’s hubby is in PT at the moment doesn’t want to show him “how ambulatory she is.” Strike. Funny. Really funny.
    It is funny when someone in a complete dry sense of humor tells a perp who doesn’t know Top Gun: “I should arrest him just for that.” Strike. Funny. Really funny.
    It is funny when you’re to humble to be praised and you can’t handle this person saying the nicest things: “Damn, Lou, that arthritis didn’t slow your mouth down a beat.” Strike. Funny.

    I really wanted to vote awesome, but I just couldn’t. Nothing of these carguments made any sense, just mean and offensive and stupid.
    So it’s great, because I really enjoyed this episode. The stunts were amazing, a tiny bit too much for my liking but hubby will love it to no end! Yes the bike driving in the elevator was ridiculous, but maybe it was like the ones in hospitals with two doors? Honestly I don’t care about these things. It’s a TV show, it’s fun.
    The cotw was okay, I’m not that smart I didn’t figure it out.
    Loved everything with Steve and Grover, and I loved Steve and Chin. Chin was pretty cool actually! I like that. And DDK’s eyebrows are more expressive than others with arm flailing and all.
    And I loved the Cath reference, although I was a little bit distracted. 😉 I can totally imagine that she just called to hear his voice. I mean, anybody else would have said something? Why should Daddy Fat just call? Or Doris? No I think it’s Cath… I read that people said if she’s calling just to hear his voice that would be too teenager like. I strongly disagree, if you’re in love you do such things and it doesn’t matter if you’re 15 or 75. But maybe she’s calling because she has problems and needs help and does not know what to say? Guess we will see. I am happy that they have not forgotten this storyline.
    And may I say that Steve even leans like a badass? In front of the cell and in the blue room he owned the scenes. I would confess everything, even things I’ve never done… but who cares… 😉
    Oh I totally forgot I loved the scene with McGarrett and the wife at the end. That’s what he does, being sensitive and empathic.
    I was ok with the pics at the end although I would have enjoyed the scene where Steve pulled up his team over this wooden obstacle in motion. He had a hell of a lot of fun. And I second your words about Danny being the weakest link. He is. Mentally and I think physically. He doesn’t run, he doesn’t swim, and you need to train endurance sports to do Tough Mudder.
    And the muddy race at the end? Well, Steve running covered in mud at places was a little something for us fans. Yet ‘little’ seems to be the wrong term…
    Oh, I better leave now…
    *insert waving smilie here*

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  9. Late to the party once again. I so agree with what everyone said so I should keep this short……right? Well, we’ll see if I can manage to be short and concise. I loved the stunts and while they might have been a bit over the top for real life, it was fun to watch. I don’t know if that was Cath calling and I could see why she was doing it, it does seem to be a bit mean to do that to Steve. Perhaps the threat to Steve (which is why I believe she took this job on) is still looming and that is who is making the calls. Not that I have a clue what that threat might be.
    The daughter could have been one of those royally spoiled brats that can’t stand the thought of Daddy not loving her and only her and the second family getting money meant for her was too much to handle. I don’t believe she cared how her mother felt or she would have arranged for this to happen some other way. Mom sure handled everything a lot more calmly that I would have…..I would be a mess.
    I think that Lou used Max as an excuse for not participating in the race and since I have bad knees I can sympathize fully. Max however missed the perfect opportunity to give us a very wet Steve…..bad Max. I didn’t mind the still shots at the end, loved seeing Steve smiling and having fun. And of course poor Danny has to get hurt again. He really is a weak link and I loved that line from Lou.
    Last little notes: Steve in a towel……had to wipe the drool off my chin after that. Chin and his big gun in that tunnel…..cool. Steve rejecting the shirts from Kamekona and Flippa was funny and I am glad they didn’t give in like Jerry did in that other episode. Now if the writers would just remember that Danny is supposed to be a grown up and know that police chase bad guys….I could unplug my ears when he and Steve are in the car.

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    • “The daughter could have been one of those royally spoiled brats that can’t stand the thought of Daddy not loving her and only her and the second family getting money meant for her was too much to handle.”

      And the daughter Daddy-killer is not a new theme. A few years ago it was the girl who used that poor kid Tommy as her killer for hire to off her dad for his insurance. Thankfully not all the daughters are portrayed in that light–like the daughter of the tsunami expert way back in the early years, Or the daughter of the ex-con who was reconciled to him right before he died.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Brenda, they do like that theme on the show. Maybe they think that they are fighting stereotypes if they make the girls bad instead of just the guys. I too am grateful that they haven’t done it all the time and I know if I could search I would find more good daughters. This was the best way I could explain why this one daughter would arrange to kill her dad. Now let’s hope that they can find more creative bad guys, I do think they have it in them.


  10. Obrigada, pelo prazer que me dá ao ler o seu blog!
    Alex, é um grande actor!
    Penso que não está a ser valorizado como merece.

    Bing Translator:
    Thanks, for the pleasure it gives me to read your blog!
    Alex, is a great actor!
    I think it is not to be valued as it deserves.


  11. The EP gave an interview to Mike Mitovich of TVliine on 10-29-15 regarding H50 spoilers. I will not post the link because I don’t think Sam wants us to do that here but you can easily find it online. This is just my take on it.

    Most interesting to me was the subject matter of the question PL agreed to answer. It would be illogical for the reporter to only offer PL one choice . It is more reasonable to believe he had several and allowed PL to choose. That the question referenced Cath is what struck me. He said all along that he would not answer any questions about her and has resisted doing so. We now know it is unlikely that she made those phone calls and that part of the mystery is not going to be a major plot line but only a “cloud” dealt with later. He also says he is happy people are thinking like that. So he does care that we are wondering about Cath’s secret mission. It keeps us invested and watching. That is only ONE of reasons why I believe she will return. He had no need to go there at all and I was really surprised he did. So his choice to even indirectly deal with fans request for answers made it noteworthy. And he continues to dance us around the room. One two three, one two three, one………..!


    • MamaYorkie, you are very welcome to post such links. The only links I don’t want to see on this site are links to illegal download sites or such things.
      But other than that… link away. 😉


    • I hope they will do something to turn things around soon. After last night’s (10/30/15) episode (while I was literally watching the clock to see how long till the episode was over! OMG!) I was thinking the show needs a big infusion of help.


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