6.04 short review


This review is very late; I apologize for that. But as you know I was kinda busy the last days. 😉 That’s why this will also be a rather short review. I hope to be back on schedule for the next episode.

6.04 – Ka Papahana Holo Pono

Five-0 investigates when a wealthy recluse is found dead in a remote field with nearly one million dollars in counterfeit bills. Also, Adam is kidnapped by the Yakuza and forced to torture one of Gabriel’s men, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, Oct. 16

CBS translated Ka Papahana Holo Pono to Best Laid Plans

WRITTEN BY:  Eric Guggenheim and David Wolkove
DIRECTED BY:  Maja Vrvilo

I think it was the very first time that I didn’t mind the “previously on…” – first, it was really short, just 45 seconds, not the often boring two minutes, and second, it was a great lead in for the first scenes.

I loved that they showed us the vulnerable and hurt Steve. That we finally were allowed to see the human side of him; how he was trying to deal with his loss. Those were great scenes.

And no, I will not complain about Cath packing forgetting her toothbrush. I always pack a new one whenever I travel. I never pack the one I use at home. Sure the show left it there to make a point, but I thought that was great… and realistic.

Anyway, I loved the scenes and was delighted that they were not interrupted by a ringing phone. Hallelujah, the show gets something right!

After that we started with the crime of the week, and I knew right away that I would not care much for it. Those two idiotic wanna-be-hippies and the dead guy did nothing for me.

The only thing that slightly interested me was why he was killed by an arrow, and why the money had been left behind. (And we got that answer just in passing.)

In my eyes, this was not an interesting intro. But then again, maybe that’s just me.

I loved the next scene with Lou and Steve. It’s great how close they have become, they are good friends, and I really enjoy watching them together.

Now you see, that is a grown-up friendship. That is what I like to watch, they trust each other, they respect each other and they are there for each other. I really, truly like these two.

I loved how Steve said (a) it happened before and (be) he will be fine. Yeah, boy, you looked real fine this morning. 😉

The only thing I did not appreciate about this scene was the shaky camera work. Ugh. I hate it when shows or films do that. That is not dynamic or cool, or anything. It is only annoying. Keep your damn camera still when moving and give us some clear shots.

I have to admit I got a little worried that this would be a Steve-less episode when Lou told him ‘he’ got this. But thankfully it didn’t take too long for Steve to join the team again.

And no I did not wonder about how Lou knew where to go. I mean come on, guys, seriously? If I were Lou I would have called Chin to get all the details on my way to the car. I for sure wouldn’t have asked Steve to relay what little information he had received over the phone.

I thought that was very logical that he simply left. If I were writing this story, I would have written the exact same thing. Sometimes people just need to turn their brains on and fill in the blanks; not everything needs to be explained down to the last detail.


Now we head back to the jungle where the two hippies buried the dead guy after taking all the money. Not very clever guys, if you ask me.

Anyway, theories about what happened are plentiful, take your pick. 😉


The next scenes made me laugh. Really, they take Adam out of the hospital like that? With a hood over his head? No one sees them, no one stops them? Right.

Hey, isn’t the young one in the front in the sneak peek for Friday? He looks like it. Could be wrong though.


I’m sorry, but for some reason I was not interested in their blabla around the smart table. And I normally love those scenes. So, I will just focus on the good looking guys standing around it.

Please tell me one thing. Why the heck did they take Jerry to the house? That was so not necessary; I really didn’t like him there. He has no business accompanying them like that. Sorry, but that simply goes too far. And that has nothing to do with not liking Jerry. He is not a member of Five-0, he should not go with them to investigate. That is just wrong.


To be honest I was not really engaged in the COTW; it simply didn’t interest me. I never liked Hirsch; they failed to build any kind of connection to the arrow victim, or the kidnap victim for that matter. So, I simply watched it from the outside, so to speak.

It wasn’t boring, or lame, or anything. It was just kinda meh. I don’t know, it never managed to engage me. Other than laughing at some of the stupidity of the writing.

Like not putting the GPS tracker with the painting. How stupid was that?! And that the housekeeper was involved was not surprising at all.

I don’t know why they think it’s funny to make fun of the Silverado, it’s the second time they did it. Do they even know what kind of power that truck has? I wonder about that. Sure it is not made for high speed chases, way too dangerous due to the high center of gravity, lots of wind resistance and the weight alone would make braking from high speed difficult. But it could easily keep up with the car they were chasing.

Anyway, I was more laughing about Grover in that tiny red car again. Wonder how he gets in there.

OK, let’s be done with the crime-of-the-weeks stuff, all the bad guys are either caught or dead. Oh, right, there was Adam again. Honestly, I totally forgot about his story line. Ask Cokie, she’ll tell you.

I thought Adam would be more interesting if he’d be the bad guy again. But this was not it. Yet. Still hoping.


So, now done with it all we come to the next great scene. Although I really wished it would have been just Lou and Steve. That would have been better. Why the heck was Hirsch there? Not only Steve asked that, I do too.

And the caricatures were really great, except the one for Steve. That was a really bad one. Sorry, but that thing doesn’t fit him at all. A caricature is a portray to enhance the features seen by the artist. Tell me, when did Hirsch see any of what he associated with Steve? That was nothing but another blunder by the writers, and not thinking this ‘joke’ through. And Rambo? Seriously? That is an insult to every SEAL AND to Rambo. 😉

Anyway, I loved how Steve (or was it Alex) played along, but you could still see that his heart was not in it. Great work again.


All in all another good episode. But still waiting for an awesome one. So far, sorry, but no.


All screen-shots were done by me. Credit to CBS. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

And please remember, I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously. Always remember, this is just a TV show.

27 thoughts on “6.04 short review

  1. I was underwhelmed. Again. I’m also waiting to see how this plays out in terms of the team and if it will now be “throw Catherine under the bus” in deference to Steve. I understand they would certainly want to show him their support, but each one of those people (I think even Lou) has worked with Catherine. So my expectation is that they handle it tactfully.

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      • Women on Show don’t have friends. Kono has never had a friend and she was the last 5-0 where we got to see or learn anything about her family….outside of cousin Chin. And that Show never did a girlie-buddy ep with Cath and Kono…a one shot to highlight the estrogen and not just the testosterone…is a huuuuuge missed opportunity. Huge. Or as the Trumpster would say, yuge. Mentioning that nut…given his own misogyny, kinda surprised he hasn’t appeared on Show but I now digress… 🙄

        I gave the ep a good, on the basis of no Danno and some realistic McG,,which you are right Alex rocked that, as he did all last fall until OOC McG purloined that Xmas tree, But again I digress. This ep coulda been a great, but somehow just wasn’t. I did enjoy the McGrover and the happy hour McIntervention at the end. Also I like Hirsh but that is because I pretend he is really Mozzie from White Collar living under an assumed identity. 😀


        • GNP: When they killed Governor Jamison we should have known that women on this show were disposable accessories for men and not people in their own right. We never heard the backstories telling us who they really are. The Governor was the only powerful, mature woman not Bikini ready who had made a success of her life without hanging on the arm of some man. Then they made her a criminal and killed her. Begs the question : Why does an independent, successful woman scare the daylights out of the PTB?

          Rant of the day, sorry.

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          • I feel like Cath was the only woman with her own mind and holding her own in any regard. She was a well written person, well, we all know how that ended. 😉
            She did not need a bikini or a man to hold her own. That is what I loved most about her.

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          • Yes! A Cath Kono story was my dream. Let the girls be first one damn time. And I know they did the Kono at Sea ep last year, but I really wanted em to spotlight a female relationship too. There are so many McBuddies, I’d like Show to acknowledge women have friends and support each other too…and women do things differently from men sometimes and that’s OK!!

            Hardly likely now… 😥


        • I would love it if they did an episode paring Cath and Kono for a case. They can both kick butt, but I like the more diversified skills and training Cath would bring to the case. But they’ll never do it.

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  2. I had to give it a “Good” grade. Some (a few) excellent scenes; some good and some just so-so or bleccchh… I doubt that’s a word, but I’m guessing you know that I didn’t like them. Sam, I explained the Adam scenes once; that was all my brain had in it. Honestly I have forgotten them now, seeing how I really wasn’t interested. But I would like to say that Adam’s wife is a member of a task force that looks for clues… she sure missed them with her own husband.

    The first scenes were absolutely great with Steve in the bedroom. But don’t burst my bubble. Cath has to come back because she left her toothbrush there. (And I also don’t pack my ‘home’ toothbrush with me, but still… she’s coming back to get it!)

    Love the Grover and Steve scenes. Those were just perfect.

    COTW… I guess there was one, but I wasn’t focusing on it. Sorry about that. And then we come to the final party. I understand that Grover felt Steve should be surrounded by friends, but you could tell the look on his face (excellent acting, by the way) that he wasn’t ready for this party. As for Hirsch being there, that was just pushing it. besides, isn’t he in trouble for at least something that he did??? And that caricature… I sure wouldn’t have paid $.30 for it, let alone his asking price of $30.00. Steve should have been offended. It was really tacky in my opinion. But I’ve noticed, PL and the gang have never asked my opinion on anything. What’s up with that??? 🙂

    It was good. I’m still waiting for great.

    BUT… what made it better for me is that Sam, Lt. Commander McBear and I got to watch it together. So I will always remember 6.03 and 6.04 for that reason. 🙂

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  3. I won’t touch on the whole Adam in a hood on a public elevator ridiculousness since you did that so well. Instead I would rather talk about H50″ most boring couple.

    Subtitle: What’s good for the Goose or when the shoe is on the other foot it probably pinches.

    Oh Me! Oh My! It’s over! Kodam is no more. The unthinkable has happened And Kodam’s out the door. Poor Kono is betrayed, her heart in half he tore. In one short month it is over?
    And Kodam is no more?
    His crime? Why, he’s a liar. To her face did he ignore, the vow of honor made her.
    So Kodam is no more?
    You say “she will forgive him? Like fruit flies lies do grow. “ It’s only to protect her? He really does adore?” A “fandom “ says no mercy? -all liars out the door?. If that ‘s the way they want it,

    It’s very bad rhyme, and I already know it, so if you feel the urge to tell me, it was a hard road to hoeth.

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  4. I love Grover and Steve. It is not mean spirited like his can be with Danny. Even love them both more than Danny at times. As it is all in good fun. Gee does Steve have to drive every car that is not his! Danny’s Camaro and Lou’s truck?
    Oh he gets car sickness and control issues LOL!
    However Lou I think decided for him to drive his car as it was the least he could do for Steve and Lou at least did not complain like Danny does. Lou is a good friend. And really is trying to help Steve over Catherine. It takes beyond awhile.
    But I bet Mostly Five 0 you were glad that Danny was not around to say the least.
    It was an OK episode and to see Jerry Rice as an NFL fan! Love it!

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  5. I rated this episode higher than ya’ll did, but strictly because we got to see mourning Steve at the beginning. For once the writers didn’t forget the last episode. Alex blew that scene out of the water.
    I also LOVE Lou and Steve scenes and hope they can still have drinks together sometime. The Jerry Rice interaction was a little awkward to me.
    That caricature was terrible. Looks like Danny’s face on McG’s body. The rambo reference would have had to have come from Danny’s description of Steve rather than from anything Hirsch knew about him.
    I rarely care about the COTW. This one I followed with a little more interest since they included the counterfeiter from last week. I enjoyed having Hirsch return, but found no need for him at the end (he did have to give out the caricatures).
    I couldn’t care less about Kodam. Ian Anthony Dale is a good actor; i just have no interest in his and kono’s storyline.
    The best viewing party ever had to be 2 fanfic friends with one Lt. Cmndr McBear!

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  6. I finally get to put in my two cents worth and that is about all it is worth. Loved the beginning although it did make me as sad as Steve. Nice to know that they didn’t decide he could just go back to work without a second thought of what had happened the day before. I didn’t mind the crime of the week because they had to have something to investigate or it would have been one sad day to get through. At least Steve had something to occupy his mind.

    i am so glad that I am not the only one who found that caricature of Steve looked wrong. I liked the others but that face did not seem to catch Steve/Alex at all. I expected better since I saw the others first. As a football fan i liked seeing Jerry Rice and any mention of the ProBowl (I am watching the Thursday night game as I write this) and I loved that Steve was thinking of Danny when he got the autograph. He truly is a good friend, thinking of others before himself.

    I like Adam and Kono but this just is beginning to sound so contrived to make nothing in their life easy. Come on, can’t anyone on this show have a life outside the job that isn’t all drama. I don’t want to jinx Lou since his marriage seems secure but who knows what the writers will do to mess with that. I guess I won’t ever be happy with the writers.

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  7. Well and thanks to your review, you answered my question–last Friday I turned on the TV a few seconds too late and I had wondered if I’d missed anything other than Steve in a still shot sad face. Voila! Toothbrushes! 😎


  8. Actually I liked this episode. I think it was the best so far.
    Of course you all said it: Mr.Snooze storyline is boring and ridiculous. I’m convinced that he will never be a convincing baddie. He is just a wuss. And protecting his wife? LOL!!! Really? His wife is more badass than he will ever be. Although she seems to have no feelings in her neck 😉
    But enough of this…
    I absolutely loved the beginning. I am never going to be able to look at toothbrushes the same way again. They made me tear up, it’s embarrassing. And AOL was wonderful. So much sadness, oh my heart… And he did this the whole time, this underlying sadness deep down inside, the fake smiles, the ‘not really being there’. Emotional continuity!!!! That’s what makes me love this episode and want to watch again. Add a little bit of McGrover in the mix (or McChin!) and I am happy.
    About the guest stars: I don’t care. I knew Willie Garson only by hearsay and I have no idea who Jerry Rice is, so… But I never really cared about the guest stars. The exception: George Takei, such a great guy, and Ed Asner (who made sense!).

    This episode will forever be the one Sam and Cokie watched together with Lt. Commander McBear! I am pretty sure McBear was upset about the unrecognizable, superficial and one-sided caricature of his fellow SEAL! Tell him you shouldn’t mess with perfection! You fail!

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  9. McBear thought the caricature was SO wrong. He knows he could do better. LeiCa, you hit on something I realized but never thought through. Steve/Alex was wonderful in the fact that he was “not really there”. I agree about the fake smiles and I love the end when you could tell he wasn’t up for a party but knew his friends were trying to help him out.

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    • Yes we noticed all that…he did much of that last season too, in the first eps. He was just…off. But I have never ever heard the producer or the writers mention his amazing, full-body acting. Which always irks me.

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