Press release and promo pics 6.07

“Na Kama Hele” – McGarrett’s first date with Lynn (Sarah Carter) on a deserted island turns deadly when a mob boss hiding there hunts them down in order to keep his location a secret. Also, Chin, Kono and Grover must race against the game clock to locate the father of a high school football star who will be murdered by a local gambler if his son doesn’t throw the big game, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, Nov. 6 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT), on the CBS Television Network.

This will hopefully be  an action-packed episode. I do wish it was with another woman, but I will keep an open mind and judge after I have watched it.


(*”Na Kama Hele” is Hawaiian for “Day Trippers”)


Alex O’Loughlin (Steve McGarrett)
Scott Caan (Danny “Danno” Williams)
Daniel Dae Kim (Chin Ho Kelly)
Grace Park (Kono Kalakaua)
Masi Oka (Dr. Max Bergman)
Chi McBride (Lou Grover)
Jorge Garcia (Jerry Ortega)


Sarah Carter (Lynn Downey)
James C. Burns (Dennis Logan)
Danielle Rayne (Vickie Kelly)
Jake Nutty (Jesse Frontera)
Gregory Albrecht (Oliver Zelenko)
Gibi del Barrio (Kai Frontera)
Sewell Whitney (Marshal)
Manuel Eduardo Ramirez (Armando Diaz)
Johnny Rey Diaz (Sean Roberts)

WRITTEN BY:  Ken Solarz
DIRECTED BY:  Hanelle Culpepper

Thanks to SpoilerTV for the pictures. You can find pics for 6.06 on their site.

P.S. the review for 6.04 will be up on Thursday.

20 thoughts on “Press release and promo pics 6.07

  1. I expect we will see a very lovely young actress in a adventure filled episode, but barring any break in PL’s wall of silence in the Steve/Cath saga, and the obvious set up of an new arc for Catherine who has clearly not left to “find herself” and is engaged in a covert action to which Steve is not privy ( I think for his own safety), it is my belief that telling Steve to “get back on the horse” will be a waste of time and he will be doing no riding until Cath returns.

    Is that a run on sentence ?

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    • LOL!!! I enjoyed your run-on sentence. ❤

      I would love to see Cath return and all to be right again in McG world. But who knows what'll happen? I do hope fans will not take their displeasure with the writing out on the new girl…just as I wish the fans had not gone after Michelle (and Lauren before her). Show is misogynist enough without the fans doubling down on the producer's/writers' many many maaaaaaannnnnyyyyy female-gender fails. 🙄

      I don't know if Sarah, as rumored, IS the friend who introduced Alex to Holly Valance all those years ago, but maybe folks will be kinder to her knowing she and Alex have been friends.

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      • GNP: I hope, too, that fans will treat this actress with respect. I was sad to see how cruelly some of the “fans” treated Michelle and Lauren. Its just a job that they are hired to do. If the writing is crappy, its not their fault. They just read the lines the way they are written and how the director tells them to do it. I think that the ABC’s and McDanno’s will split on the new girl and it may get nasty, but I hope they will keep in mind that this is just a show–make believe. As to the actress’s past friendship with AOL, I know nothing about that, but it seems to me that his personality is one of making and keeping long term relationships with his friends. I still think she is one of PL’s little bumps and roadblocks on the way to Steve and Cath’s happy ending. Drama-Drama-Drama!!—- the man thrives on it.

        I think Steve should wear his uniform when he marries Cath. I just can’t decide if it’s the navy or the white. I don’t know what the protocol is. I envision Cath in her Great Grandmother’s dress ( and not her uniform). I select Sela Ward and Gary Sinese as her parents, so pay attention. PL. I have made the casting decision for you. LOL

        Or they could elope and not tell Danny, who will just screw things up.

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        • The only navy wedding i have been in, the groom and his navy attendants wore dress whites. Wonderful wedding plans and casting choice on your part.
          As much as i want to see Steve and Cath back together, I am looking forward to this dating opportunity for Steve. I hope it stays PG as I don’t want him in bed with anyone else. Probable more though I look forward to Steve on the run from the bad guys. The above picks show some new facial expressions on our fave Lt. Commander.
          I didn’t realize she was only contracted for 2 episodes. Her twitter posts seems to show her there for more, but my lack of understanding the shooting schedule affects that inference.

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          • “I hope it stays PG as I don’t want him in bed with anyone else.”

            If he even remotely takes this “date” seriously, then once again we’ll have lobotomized, OOC Steve.


  2. By the way, forgot to mention again for the 100th time that this actress was only contracted for two episodes and for those who hate Cath, will have to accept that she will go the way of Ellie. Nowhere. Mc Roll will “:ride” again.

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  3. Also (following in MamaYorkie’s addendum footsteps) can I just request that the photo banner for allll future posts be that post-coital shot of McRoll on the 6.03 post? Please? 🙂 Pretty please? 😀 Pretty pretty please with whipped cream and a cherry on top? 😆


  4. I hope there will be no COTW.
    I hope there’s a bunch of action.
    I hope there is a lot of SEAL Steve!!!
    I hope there will be no wonderwoman.
    I hope Steve will kick some serious a§§!
    But first and foremost:
    I hope Steve is getting (lucky 😉 ) HAPPY!
    I am really looking forward to this episode, no Adam, no Danny, Steve centered. I’m in!

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    • I can agree with all of your wishes, well, almost. I want him happy, but only to get lucky with one woman. 😉
      No, seriously, if this is the way it will go, then so be it. Just make it a good story.
      But I DO believe Steve and Cath are the endgame.

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      • I have to agree with Sam. I think it would be unlikely for Steve to “get lucky” on a first date when the woman is trying hard not to get killed, Using her when she is grateful for being saved is not his persona.
        I expect to see a big hug instead, and people scrapping the Ellie hand holding avatar for a shot of McG with Lynn in his arms. Steve hugs everybody- I think AOL is a hugger. Look at the fan pictures. I believe this first episode with Lynn will be the larger of her parts, like Ellie’s first appearance, followed by a casual sighting the second time. This is a filler relationship to try to get Steve to forget Cath , set up last season when Ellie tried to get him a date. Cath is his first love ( probably not his first girlfriend) and you ever really forget your first love, do you? Cath is returning.

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  5. I want an episode that has danger and our Commander kicking bad guys behinds……..:) I am keeping an open mind on the new girl and even if she hangs around more episodes, if she makes Steve happy than I am for it. As for how serious it will be……I still feel he won’t get Cath out of his system for some time but that doesn’t mean he can’t date. I do not want him to brood all the time, happy Steve is fun. Now I can’t help wondering if Danny will decide he has to take Lynn aside and give her a pep talk on how fragile Steve is and that she needs to be careful around him. That is just the kind of butting in that I am sure the writers think he needs to do to be the “great” friend that they seem to think he is. I for one wish he would mind his own business since his love life doesn’t have such a great track record.

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    • Danny has no great track record in his own love life and, in my opinion, (a) his friend skills are practically nil and (b) his advice is disastrous. Factor in the fact that he can’t keep his mouth shut and blurts everything he knows, I wouldn’t trust anything he says.

      Although I’m sure the writers will think Danny’s the absolute best friend anyone could have and he will be spouting off some nonsense very soon…

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  6. I think that if anybody is the best friend Steve can have, it has to be Lou. Come on it is all in good fun. When they kid around. And that it is not mean spirited like Steve and Danny can be!


  7. I want Steve to realize he’s taken Cath. for granted. He should take her on real romantic dates . I believe Danny will tell Steve about his conv. w/ Cath. and that will lead to the couples therapy. Hoping he’ll learn things to help w/ his relationship w/ Cath. I don’t like this SL but I have nothing against the actress. Steve believes he’s “moving on” when in reality he’s running from his feelings which I can say from experience leads to disaster.


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