6.03 Review


6.03 – Ua ‘o’oloku ke anu i na mauna

While Five-0 investigates a scuba diver’s death from a gun recently used in another murder, McGarrett prepares to propose to Catherine, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, Oct. 9

CBS translated Ua ‘o’oloku ke anu i na mauna to The Chilling Storm is on the Mountain

Crime of the week

Was there even one? Honestly, I had to watch it again to even remember what this episode was about. Not that any part of the show was boring or anything, there was just one part of it overshadowing anything else. But we’ll come to that a little later.

We start the show with a diver going for trinkets that were lost under water. He found quite a few, including a gun. Unfortunately, that same gun was also his demise.

I watched this episode with Cokie live at eight, first time ever, and we both thought what a neat and original idea those scenes were. Not that it would be possible to get shot like that under water, but who cares about real science. – There was a documentary about proving or disproving the science behind “James Ryan”, and they clearly proved that it would not be possible to shoot anyone like that underwater. Anyway, on with the show.

I thought the crime of the week was interesting enough and it produced some really great scenes.

I love Steve’s look here. 🙂


I had a really good laugh though when the printer was STILL printing those bills. That was kinda silly.


One additional thing, OK, maybe one or two things, I have to say is about Annoying-Danny-Nephew. Do we really have to put up with that putz (Danny’s words, not mine) again? He is even more annoying than Pua ever was. Please, I’m begging you, send him back to wherever he came from. He is NOT funny. He’s annoying, disrespectful, and should not be trusted with any kind of job until he grows up a bit more. Even Steve found him more than annoying, and he normally has the patience of a saint with most people.


I’m sorry, but having Jerry, ADN and Kamekona is just too much. That is overload. Please do something about that. Thank you.

Oh, and by the way, when did Jerry get his boxes back? They were stolen in early season 5, and as far as I know he never recovered anything, did he?


Second thing, I am so not interested in Kono’s side story about the surfer. That was an unnecessary filler, one that didn’t even move me. I don’t know why the show always, always tries to shove the father-theme into our faces. I do not appreciate it. And again it was such a waste of screen time. Of course, that might just be me, I know others probably loved it. So, there you have my complaints. Now on to more important things. 😉

Like some of the great action scenes and such pretty on the screen. 😉

OK, enough with that, let’s head over to the discussion worthy stuff.


Yeah, I still say he should mind his own business. What did he accomplish with talking to Catherine? Nothing. Nothing at all. He only made her feel truly horrible for something she already knew.

And my question even more so is, what the heck did he think he would accomplish? If she wanted to leave that she would change her mind because he told her Steve felt heartbroken? What kind of idiot is he really?!

This whole scene was not for Catherine; it was not for Steve. It was just a tool by the writers for the fans, so they could show ‘us’ what a wonderful friend Danny is. And what Steve really felt while Cath was gone.


Sorry, but didn’t work for me. Simply because that person was not Danny. It was not Danny talking to Catherine, and it certainly was not Danny who talked to Steve on the boat. Because their roles were completely reversed. Since when doesn’t Danny believe doomsday hangs over every relationship and can only see the worst outcome of everything?

And since when doesn’t Steve think in the most positive way? That not just bordered on ridiculous, it was. Yes, those scenes on the boat were great, but what Danny was saying was just not Danny. He does not think like that. Never has, never will. Another tool to get us to like Danny, and show us that all his nastiness is just a front. Sorry, again not working for me. Because it simply doesn’t fit the Danny we have been getting for over five years in every darn episode.

And one more thing, I hope Steve does kill him when he finds out that Danny went behind his back and that he talked to Cath. That was the ultimate betrayal of any kind of friendship and trust. Danny’s motives might have been good, but you just don’t do that. Especially not if you won’t accomplish anything with it.


Many of us have guessed that Steve wouldn’t even get the chance to ask Catherine the big question. We all probably wondered what the reason for that might be.

And I’m sure most of us thought it would be because she would leave again. But did we also think about the CIA/NIA/whatever angle?

All started out so well that morning. Guess Steve loved being awakened by her before these scenes. Too bad we didn’t actually see those scenes… you know, just saying.

OK, let me tell you something, I loved those last scenes. They were fantastically acted by the both of them. I loved MB in this, that was a great performance.

Did I love where this was going? Do you even have to ask that? NO, of course I didn’t like it.


Obstacles to overcome to have a great relationship are a great tool. It creates great drama. For a short while! But what Five-0 is doing is just ridiculous and repetitive.

Cath and Steve have been together for many years, long before we ever met them. And they were in a really good place until 4.21. After that we had a year of misery for Steve (and us) until Cath came back.

Finally, after so many years Steve was ready to make their long-time relationship official and all. But no, of course not, because someone decided these two need more separation and more drama. Well, let me tell you something, at some point this drama and waiting loses all quality of drama and becomes stupid.

That is where we are with Steve and Cath at the moment.

So, Cath is forced to lie to Steve, to the guy she really loves. And I have NO doubt that she really loves her man. She is forced to lie to him to go on some super-secret mission to do who knows what.

OK, let’s start with the speculation. No, let’s wait a moment for something else first. You see, this is the pretty much only problem I have with this storyline. I can’t see Catherine lying to Steve for anything. Not again. She would have found a way to tell him what is going on. But back to the speculation.

I think Catherine did this to protect Steve. I think ‘they’ threatened him, and most likely Danny too, if she wouldn’t keep quiet about her mission. I believe this has something to do with Columbia.

And Catherine would do anything to protect Steve. Anything.

She hurt him, hurt him deeply with this, and she knows it. But it was probably the only thing she could do. I have no idea what she has to do, or why Steve can’t know about it. But who knows, there might be a good reason.

I don’t think at all that her character was ruined by this. I think her character gained a lot by this. It is just sad that they felt the need to add more drama to it because as I said it’s not drama anymore. It has drifted into ridiculous territory.

And if anyone believes this relationship is over for Steve, even if he said so, doesn’t know Steve at all. Yes, he tries to protect himself at the moment from the absolute misery he has felt the last 12 months, but he loves Cath, and he will wait for her. Even if he doesn’t know it yet.

He will wake up one morning and realize that something was not right with Catherine’s story. Her words never matched her behavior. He knows her. He’ll figure it out… sooner or later.


They will come out of this stronger than ever. Maybe Steve will even get the chance to go and rescue Cath from whatever mission she’s on right now. That would be a cool episode.

So, as you can see, I’m by far not as upset as one would think I’d be after the episode.

Steve might live a little for a while, trying to forget, but he’ll come to his senses. Mark my words. These two are far from over. On the contrary, this is the beginning of a great come-back-together.

At the end of the season they will be together, and in season seven they will finally be a team.

Did they have to do this? No, of course not. You can create great drama without separating two people who clearly love each other and are ready to take the final step. Lots of drama in that.

But no, they felt the need to give us another lying spy. How original. Sigh.

But still, I thought this was a great episode.


So, let us hear what you’re all thinking about the episode. 😉

All screen-shots were done by me. Credit to CBS. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

And please remember, I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously. Always remember, this is just a TV show.

23 thoughts on “6.03 Review

  1. Thanks for your review. As you may be quite right. About they meaning the CIA and the Navy threatening Danny and Steve. As Catherine could not let them do that to them. And if they got on Hawaii jurisdiction, I could see Steve kicking them out and say, “Now You are On My Island! Stick with your own country.” Like they did him in 4×21. As would love to see that so badly. But doubt it. Good way of putting it that my friend.

    Really Catherine and Steve belong to one another. As want to see a happy ending. But do not blame Michelle or Alex but the writers and yes,Peter L for really ruining this. Mission or no mission. But he will figure it out as Steve is a smart guy. As her words did not match her body language indeed.

    This is coming from someone that has had a love hate relationship with Steve but still love Alex though. But want to have Steve happy. As love him when he is happy and with Catherine at best.

    I am trying to keep an open mind however on this so called new love interest. As we have not seen her yet. But still, it is just not right without Catherine for Steve and he for her.

    Steve deserves to be happy no matter what. As he has a messed up mother, father dead, and a sister who can’t keep it together. Let alone a baby! With her mind like screwed up like Mary’s. You do have to feel sorry for him very badly.

    Sure you may not like Danny. And that is OK. It is called agree to disagree But at least he is not whining like he was in seasons past. As IMHO only, he is becoming the friend Steve needs to be without all the nasty names. So far in the past three episodes. But of course that could change.

    Danny’s nephew kind of looks like a young Brandon Frasier to me. Do not know about you all. Thought that was BF to be honest with you guys.

    At least it didn’t take the episode of Kono and Adam like it has in the past two episodes. Know they bore you. Bet that had to make you feel happy.

    Jerry please do not give him a badge. Consultant yes. But a badge not cop material!

    Please show more of Lou and Chin. They were sorely lacking.

    Notice that Chin when he was driving a motorcycle about 100 MPH as he was not wearing a helmet. Though the show was to be looking authentic with DDK riding the motorcycle. Please Daniel for your safety, wear a helmet. That is how people die in motorcycle accidents no helmet.

    Sorry for the long review or rant however you want to call it. Hope you enjoy vacation. Thanks for the review.


  2. It is said that the proof of a fair resolution of any situation is that no one walks away completely satisfied. This is what happened in E603. Whether you love Steve and Cath or hate them together, nobody got everything they wanted. But am I worried about Steve and Cath’s future? I wasn’t before and I’m not worried now either. Here’s why.

    TPTB have begun a new “spy” arc for Catherine, so she’s coming back. No point in doing that unless we are going to see her again. And it’s apparent she didn’t want to go, so why did she? My guess is it has something to do with keeping Steve safe, because I can’t think of any other reason for her to tell him “I’ll always love you” and then walk out. It was all very hush, hush, secure phone lines and all, and not blowing her cover, nonsense. I think Doris, Joe and Daddy Wo fat are also involved in that arc because Doris is the only spy we know, right? I expect Cath r to return in the latter half of the season. PL ripped them apart and I expect he will put them back together again after wringing every last drop in the name of “drama”. They will start filming E611 soon.. As far as the excuse for her departure at this time, it is just E421 rebooted. Dumb then, dumb now.
    Steve told Cath if she left he wouldn’t wait, so that’s the setup for the date with Lynn. We will see Steve suffer and we know Cath is suffering but since Lynn will be in only two episodes, she is just a place keeper for an empty seat until Cath returns.

    Now moving on from merely stupid to— really— really— really— stupid.
    We now have an amateur treasure hunter who manages to find a gun in the ocean, murder some innocent coral, discharge the gun underwater, and get himself killed. Would we classify his death as accidental or can we argue that the coral fired in self-defense?

    I found Danny’s nephew annoying . A character, which I previously found likeable, became another casualty of adolescent writing. I believe he is recurring , so please don’t make him obnoxious. But then again, he is Danny’s nephew, so………………?

    They send Cath away and add another male to the mix? Do they even know how wrong those numbers are? So, the burning question is still why do all women, except Kono, have such a short shelf life on H50?

    My theory is that Kono doesn’t like to work with or for women. She is secretly subversive and blames other females for things which are clearly her fault. That’s why none of them last. Ah, it must be that men are more manageable as bosses and less likely to call her out. Did Kono have a traumatic experience having to work with a woman of power and authority? Bless her little heart if she was forced to work for or with one of us she-devils who think competence outweighs “cute”. Not getting along with one female character at work is unfortunate, two looks suspicious, three or more says ”look in the mirror if you want to see the cause of the problem. So the reason for the dearth or death of females on H50 is finally revealed. Kono is a misogynist! All fingers not holding pizza point at Kono! (I have no idea what the point of her story was either.)

    AOL and MB acted their hearts out. They get my A+ for their work but for the rest of this show I give it an awful because the crime of the week was “Meh” and Danny’s nephew made me want to sit that kid down and explain how well mannered people behave, That is just how I see E603. I refuse to give pity points for this episode.

    And this is really a long rant—SORRY.

    (Tuck our furry little angel in for the night and give him a big kiss from me).

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    • Mama Yorkie .. if I could like your review 1000 times I would.

      That’s it! THE CORAL DID IT IN SELF DEFENSE! BwahahaBwahaha that guy was pawing at the coral, I was mortified!

      And Kono getting all the women to leave – hysterical.

      Any way.. points for making me laugh early in the am.

      I’ll be back for my comments on the epi later (heh promise or threat.. you decide)


  3. MamaYorkie, you hit the jackpot again!! 🙂 🙂

    Sam, thanks so much for your review. Ah, it feels good to read the weekly dose of your insight again. I admit I take a peak at others once in a while and the majority of the blogs read like “Oh, Danny the best friend in the universe…”, “Oh, bad, bad Catherine…” and so on and so on. You get the picture.

    After all the spoilers I really dreaded to watch the episode but actually I enjoyed it a lot (well, until the last few minutes). Everyone who can put two cents together -obviously not all people in this “fandom”/Kindergarten 🙂 – knew that there was not only NOT gonna be a wedding but most probably not even a proposal. And the show took indeed the road I feared, more drama for drama’s sake.
    I really, really needed a couple of days to digest what we have seen. That very last minute was not what I wanted. Cath was addressed as Lieutenant – does that mean she never left the Navy and everything since her farewell was a cover or was she recently re-enlisted?
    I was live-watching 6.01 in the US and live-tweeting with the writers etc. I remember seeing a pic of MB at the viewing party in LA. with PL. It gave me the feeling that whatever did happen (I know there were some disputes with MB) and will happen on the show story wise is not so bad to have caused a total fall out and keeps the door open for Cath’s return. I am not sure if I want that anymore. I love her character but that “bringing them together, ripping them apart over and over again” is not what I was hoping to see. I believed Cath when said she wanted her own thing, not 5-0, felt misplaced and kind of lost. That rang true because honestly in S4, as a 5-0 team member, she sometimes felt like a fifth wheel to me.
    Yes, I too believe that we will see her again some day or at least hear about her. But that is not how I wanted this to play out. Either happily ever after or final closure for Steve as this man has been put through the ringer enough times.
    Well, PL said he loved Cath’s character so people who cheered online that she’s finally gone might be in for a surprise 🙂

    Oh, and I loved Nahele (he has strived under Steve’s wings!) and Grover in this episode. Chin was great on his new bike (backstory??). Steve looked awesome and I loved his action scene on the boat.
    The nephew was simply annoying, but hey – even uncle Danny told him to tune it down, that’s a positive point, right? 🙂

    Alex knocked it out of the park again, his acting around Cath was pure joy to watch. From bliss to worry to devastation paired with setting up a wall of self-protection and showing a stiff posture.
    Gotta love this man!

    Looking forward to the next episode and your next review!

    Until then, take care of LT CMDR McBear and have fun guys!!

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  4. Ugh. I gave this one a poor. Cos I knew what was coming the whole time, but I still didn’t realize the “big” “surprise” moment was gonna be sooooo plebeian and dull. The acting was extraordinary, but the scene, the words, the lather-rinse-repeat of it was just beyond belief. It’s almost like PL had 2 exit scenes for Cath in S4 and went with the Afgan one, and seeing how badly that went over, he decided to bring her back to use his left-over one. ZzzzZzz It was OOC then (or at least Show did not give us enuf to really believe the BS they wrote) and it is still OOC now. And so effed up that PL doesn’t get their chemistry and how much life and energy she adds to the episodes. Show needs life and energy at this point.

    And I guess I’m not as certain of her return as y’all. PL is like a 3 year old with a ridiculous short attention span. He could get totally side tracked by some dumb storyline for everyone’s favorite 🙄 nephew/lab annoyance and drop McRoll altogether. Sigh…

    I also take offense at the build up, trying to promise an exciting romantic ep. Only 1 exciting scene and they harshed our armchair orgasms by having her get up too damn soon and break his heart immediately…no afterglow there. PL apparently also does not get romance. We all knew she was leaving…we couldn’t enjoy the love scene for even one WHOLE scene? Pfffffttttttt! 👿

    And so irked they added yet another adle-brained, PeterPan, I-will-never-grow-up, quasi-comic MALE side-kick. If there is one thing Show does not need is yet another male. If there are 2 things Show does not need, it is another side-kick. So Eric as a regular is all lose/lose. Can no one at 5-0 find a goofy chick? Or another accomplished team member chick? Or a gorgeous attract-men-to-view chick? Oh yeah, we had one of those…HAD. 🙄

    As to calling Cath lieutenant, I think that’s standard procedure for life, if one knows of her military service…just as they always call McG “Commander”…which is really sexy, so that’s one thing, one, Show does right. Pffffffftttttt! Did I say that already? :mrgreen:

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  5. Oh lord I was gonna add a comment to my already War&Peace-length comment and I hit my own like button! 😆

    My comment was…I swear I didn’t even notice Kono had a side story! I saw her in Show, and I thought she was just working their case, and some surfer musta got shot by that gun? Was there something else to her story than that?

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  6. I gave it another “fair”. I remember the first 20 minutes I kept getting up to go do things because I was bored out of my school. Didn’t believe the crusty gun shooting in the water bit. I’m sad that they have over-used Jerry to the point that I don’t like to see him any more. He used to be fun.

    And OMG! What did they do with Charlie Fong? GET HIM BACK!!!!!!! Please tell me that annoying nephew is NOT Charlie’s replacement. That is unbearable.

    Yes, the Danny and Catherine scene was just filler. Realistically, he barely gave her a chance to get in a word edgewise (which IS typical Danny. LOL!).

    While I appreciate that Steve has the right to get cranky every once in a while, the boat scene just didn’t work for me. We’ve got Danny’s nephew, we’ve got Danny inserting himself oddly into situations, and now we’ve got Danny in Steve’s body.

    As to the ending scene, no, none of us were surprised. Tearing them apart again is utterly stupid but I loved the scene. But they very clearly left the door open for them to get back together. But the problem for me is, Five-0 without Catherine is BORING. If they have no plans to check in with her until the end of the season, then S6 is going to be another yawner like S5. It would be one thing if the storylines and crimes of the week were so fantastic they took my mind off it, but unfortunately, they are not.

    More importantly, however, if Steve doesn’t IMMEDIATELY see through her ruse, then he’s had another lobotomy. I mean really–a big black truck comes to pick Cath up and he suspects NOTHING? Sure, he’s upset at that instant, but if that alone doesn’t trigger his “something’s up” intelligence radar, nothing will. We need Seal Team Steve back. The guy who’s always thinking 3 moves ahead of everyone else.

    And while the end scene was very touching, and I do appreciate the uncertainty Steve has been through, the “I can’t wait for you forever” stuff doesn’t ring true. Over all these years, their relationship has been marked by long separations, on her part *AND* on his. It’s not like this is completely new territory for either. I’m sure the fact that they’re both getting older and priorities are changing plays in as well, but sheesh, he’s been down this road before.

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  7. What a great review Sam! I love it, I was so looking forward to it.
    My 2 cents about an episode I really wanted to watch again (but with using the fast forward button of course):

    I liked it. Some (weird) twist and an incredible BAMF hand to hand Steve. That’s all I’m asking for.

    Make him go away. Why oh why didn’t Kono bust his nose? I would have. The only one in this family who is not completely annoying is dead. Sigh.

    I second everything you said. Finally someone said it, I thought I was alone with my feelings. Let me add that Danny proved to be a lousy detective. Everybody could see that Cath was hurting and she promised nothing. D didn’t get it at all. And Danny knew that Steve was suffering the whole year? Well, he hid it well didn’t he, with all of his assholeyness.

    Yes Danny was ooc, but Steve? Maybe a little bit. He is not one jumping to conclusions that’s right. But I think he is a totally strong, competent and confident man when it comes to his job. He knows what he is capable of, not in an arrogant way, but gained in years of training and bearing responsibility. When it comes to being loved, to deserve being loved it’s different. He never learned that he’s worth it, everybody abandoned him. Don’t know, maybe my Steve-hormones are speaking… 😉

    She was clearly and absolutely devastated. And of course she was forced to leave him. I am not sure it’s the CIA or the navy, the voice on the phone sounded very personal as he was asking her if she’s sure she can do that. CIA or any other organization would be all business. And Steve? Oh boy, the walls came up and he separated himself from all feelings. The acting was superb! And I am pretty sure he did not believe her. Not one bit. He is no idiot. She was talking in Pashto at the phone, and now she pretends to go to Nepal? No way is he buying that.
    Funny that I thought the same about Steve rescuing Cath at the end of the season. Would be a great story. I don’t know if I want them together again, depends on what was happening and forcing her away. It would be okay for me if Steve will move on with someone different. I just want him happy.
    The Steve/Cath storyline is the only one that holds my interest. I know I will have to wait a million years till the show addresses this again. But then again I clearly know too that Alex will rock his scenes like he did last year. He will give us emotional continuity, his self-made continuity like he did last season, even if tptb ignore it. And I will enjoy every single moment!
    And now I am going and vote for ‘great’.

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    • Oops, I can’t vote. There’s no poll. Has Lt. Commander McBear something to do with this? Big paws and all, maybe he hit the wrong button as you saved him from hitting his head? Maybe he destroyed your phone? Uh oh.


      • I have no idea why the poll suddenly vanished, it still is in the post and 20 people did vote. But it’s not showing up at the moment.
        Our little commander is tired this morning and is still in bed, so he really is innocent… this time. 😉


    • Wow, you are right about the question if she can do this. I never realized that. You are good!
      Yeah, why would anyone be interested if she was good to do this? And what is this excactly? Leaving Steve, or going on that super secret mission?
      I guess I have to discuss that some more with my partner-in-crime. I’m sure we’ll get back to you about that. 😉

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  8. I also gave this episode a ‘great’. There were some absolutely awesome scenes but then there were also some that were kind of ‘eh’. And then we had Jerry and Kamekona, Kono trying to show us how sweet she is to people and my absolute favorite, Danny’s nephew who has about as many brains as a turnip. Those scenes didn’t even make it to the ‘eh’ side of my scale.

    There was a crime of the week which was pretty good, no real complaints there. The continuing Kono timeline bores me almost to tears but I wasn’t watching for that.

    I knew that at the end of this show Steve wouldn’t be happy and I was sad about that. But the scenes between he and Cath were absolutely wonderful. Heartwrenching, but wonderful.

    I truly believe this story line will be revisited and she is not gone. Steve is a smart guy… once he is over his hurt, he will realize something just isn’t right. He feels he can’t wait for her now. But I really don’t think his heart is ready to move on. He won’t be willing to let more people into his life only to get hurt again.

    Oh, one other person I haven’t mentioned… where was Danny in this ep? There was a guy who looked like Danny but when he opened his mouth, he was full of optimization and hope. Must have been his double.

    What I really feel sorry for is that Steve has to go back to work and face these people who think he proposed. Because some jerk couldn’t keep his mouth closed and just had to let the cat out of the bag. My motto is “if it isn’t your story to tell, keep your mouth shut”. Danny obviously didn’t get that memo.

    But it was a pivotal show. I hope episodes down the road do it justice.

    Oh… another plus – we had Scuba Steve. That was quite a nice scene.

    Yeah, come to think about it, it really was a great episode.

    It was doubly great because we got to watch it together… not with me sending screaming messages over text on Friday night for you to read when you get up on Saturday morning. Rehashing it and asking each other questions about it was almost as much fun as the episode itself!

    Disclaimer: no tv sets were harmed and no hotel rooms were trashed during the watching of this episode. We were good and stayed sane. Well, relatively so. 🙂

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  9. No vote for me, the poll is still missing. I will vote later if it returns. So many of you said all the things that I agree with. I have read several other reviews and no one gets that the real Danny was not in this episode. He was easier to ignore since he was being so nice for once. No idea what he thought he would accomplish by talking to Catherine behind Steve’s back. And why make that move when he knew Steve hadn’t proposed yet??? I half expected him to pop the question for Steve.

    I may be the only one who laughed at the nephew. However a very little of him goes a LONG way. I hope he is not reoccurring. I loved that CBS mentioned that Steve’s scuba scenes were actually Alex. Kono’s little bit was just to give her something to do so I didn’t mind it.

    I totally forgot that Jerry’s boxes went missing, maybe they found them after that whole storylne finished. I liked seeing Steve’s young friend again, he seems to be following the right path these days, most likely because of Steve’s influence.

    The other thing that I noticed in other reviews was that they all feel that whether Cath comes back or not that Steve and Cath are done for good. They feel that Steve will never forgive her. I am beginning to suspect that none of them have ever been truly in love. Of course Steve was angry and hurt that Cath was leaving. He has no idea at the moment why she is going. But you don’t just turn off love because you are hurt and angry. It will be a slow process of getting over her and in that time he may come to see that things didn’t read true in what she said. But I do think that he will be open to someone new because he has no idea if Cath will ever return.

    Cokie, I am glad that no TVs were damaged in the viewing and that is why I checked in with you that night. I can only guess what fun it was for the two of you to view it together. I am sure there is more I could add but I will stop here.

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    • Moonjat54:
      “other reviews was that they all feel that whether Cath comes back or not that Steve and Cath are done for good. They feel that Steve will never forgive her. I am beginning to suspect that none of them have ever been truly in love”

      I’ve said this all along. People who love also forgive. Other reviewers HOPE Steve and Cath are finished but I think even they know that PL has set up her return and when you read their reviews you know that there is some deliberate baiting and mean-spiritedness going on there — so maybe they are themselves love deprived (or unlovable) ? I just ignore them. No point engaging people who pretend to know what’s going on in PL’s head when they don’t.

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      • Mama, I do not reply or post on any of those, just read them. I will not engage any of the haters and even unfollowed a page that had nothing but hate and celebration that Catherine was gone.


  10. Sorry, I’m a bit late to the table! I really enjoyed this episode and I was dreading it for weeks. The only bits which drove me mad were Danny’s nephew and Jerry (must he be in every episode). He’s becoming the Huggy Bear of Hawaii Five-0. If you need an answer for something, turn to Jerry! Anyway, I must be the only one that enjoyed the scenes with Danny and Catherine and Danny and Steve but I’m a bit of a sucker for bromance. Take me back to Starsky and Hutch (all time greats at the art of bromance) or Bodie and Doyle! I tend to look on the bright side of Danny and Steve together (in a strictly non romantic way) and think that Steve enjoys the banter otherwise they surely couldn’t work so closely together. In fact he goes out of his way to wind him up just to enjoy one of his rants! I’m happy the way it ended as I couldn’t work out how the writers were going to end Steve and Cath’s romance when they were obviously so in love with each other. My theory, after watching the ending, is that the writers have decided this is probably the last series, so send Catherine on some mission, let Steve test the waters with another romance (which obviously won’t work out for him) and come the end of the series, Steve will find out that something has happened to Catherine, he will need to save her, they’ll realise that there is no one else for each other and marry at the end of the series. I can understand why the writers haven’t married them off already, there are not many shows where the main character, who happens to be an action stud muffin, is also married. I think Steve has been lucky that he’s had a consistent girlfriend, look at poor Chin and his wife that was killed, or all the many girlfriends of Starsky and Hutch that were killed off, turned out to be crazy or were assaulted in revenge attacks. The only bit which doesn’t fit with my theory is that I too think Steve will work it out way before the end of the series, if he hasn’t already. He had a pensive look on his face as Catherine walked away as if he already knew there was something suspicious going on. I just hope tonight’s episode realistically deals with his reaction to her going away.

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    • “He’s becoming the Huggy Bear of Hawaii Five-0”

      Oh you gave me my laugh for the day. LOL! Although Huggy Bear was never annoying except when they did a full episode with him in the “Huggy Bear and Turkey” episode.

      I agree with you that S&H had the bromance thing down, though they weren’t really similar at all to Steve and Danny—Starsky & Hutch may have come from different backgrounds and they didn’t always agree, but it was typically fun banter. While I agree that if Steve didn’t genuinely like Danny and his rants, he would’ve tossed him a long time ago, I think Danny’s rants some of the time don’t qualify as “fun”, though I do like his cynical side and he does add a different component to the show.

      As to the final season, though I know it’s not a popular thought with fans, I hope this season IS the last, but not before they make it right for Steve and Catherine. I’d rather see the show close out with a bang than fizzle and sputter out like the original Five-0 did many years ago because they hung around a few seasons too long.

      Thanks for the Starsky & Hutch reference. A blast from the past. I still miss my Torino. LOL!

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  11. ya’ll have all said the stuff i was thinking. So glad to know some section of the fandom wasn’t clueless on expectations for a proposal. The number of people who actually thought Steve would get to ask was surprising. Since the “break-up” was spilled, I had assumed the plot would leave the possibility of a life-saving rescue on Steve’s part to end the series (however far in the future) with our beloved couple out on the lanai forever.
    I liked the last scene. That walk Steve took from his truck to the porch was perfect. We all saw the instant he put up his wall during that hug – stiff as a board. I don’t know what to think about his ability to read Catherine’s lie. Barring something extremely serious, I would think she would have some way of communicating to him that things are not as they seem. If only “Nepal” was a code word or something……
    One thing that bothered me was that from Steve’s perspective Catherine is choosing to leave for her own fulfillment. Well, the two of them have been in a relationship for ? years with no movement forward. Why should a woman stay when there has been no solidification of the relationship? She had no idea he had planned to propose. From that perspective, he should have declared his love for her and his desire to spend the rest of his life with her. Obviously that would not have fit into the charade the writers needed Cath to continue. I hope she returns and we along with Steve can learn the truth. I had thought Doris and Daddy Wo Fat, but i had not thought of Colombia. I really hope we get to see.

    I enjoyed the boat scene. Was able to decide Steve was allowing himself to be vulnerable and thus pessimistic. And I am okay with Danny being optimistic because he wants to see “his boy” happy. The confrontation with Catherine was a little awkward. I mean, what was supposed to be the premise? ” i suspect something because your boyfriend told me about an overheard phone conversation” ?

    Oh yeah, no one Scuba dived in this ep. That was all snorkeling. I don’t get the point of the snorkel since they stayed underwater the entire time and did not skim the surface to get any air anyway. The fact that Scuba was referred to in written previews is embarrassing.

    So glad the three of you got to enjoy the episode (and provide comfort to one another) together.


  12. Watch S6.3 all the time. Lately been using good head phones. I believe voice on phone is asking Cath where she was at is Agent Caughlin. And he made her join CIA so he wouldn’t do something to Steve , Danny and Chin. Actually, Chin better watch him in S7.24 he offered job. But don’t trust him. Listen a view times voice let ime know what you think Caughlin????


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