11 thoughts on “please be patient

  1. We will bei absolutely patient! Anything else would be misbehaviour ! You are giving us so much in letting us in on your private tour. … we will wait!
    Enjoy your vacation 🙂

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  2. I think we all know that Lt. Commander McBear is demanding your total attention. Have fun with him and we know that you two will get your random thoughts posted in due time.

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  3. Pfffftttttttt! Y’all are all too nice!

    Hey! 😡 What kinda lazy bum have you become, Sam? You come to America and immediately become a lazy, self-entitled, ill-mannered, pop-culture-obsessed, uncultured American wannabe? You have led us to expect a timely blog post about each episode and I believe a lawsuit against your negligence and tardiness here would hold up in our courts. You have caused us all mental anguish and gave me a sad. 😥 We are all special snowflakes and cannot deal with disappointment. We sue for dat kinda pain and suffering! We all of us know and are related to, if only by marriage, at LEAST one lawyer, ya know! 👿

    So hop to it, you slacker! Also can this be my entry into the essay contest? Cos I know it doesn’t conform to the rules, but special snowflake and all, so surely the rules don’t apply to me…I hope Cokie has explained all this important stuff to you. :mrgreen:

    Ahem. Btw, I betcha it was fun watching the ep together, huh? Enjoy every minute together. We’re all delighted for y’all…and the bear. ❤

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  4. We need to cut our vacationers some slack. It must be exhausting keeping Lt.Commander Mc Mischief
    under control. I can just imagine what the passersby thought of his antics.


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