6.02 Random Thoughts


6.02 Lehu a Lehu – Five-0 investigates when a bomb squad is attacked and the culprit threatens to detonate additional hidden explosive devices unless arsonist Jason Sinclair is released from prison. Also, after Adam returns from the hospital, Kono realizes that they are being watched, and McGarrett prepares to take his relationship with Catharine to the next level.

CBS translated Lehu a Lehu to Ashes To Ashes

Well, to be honest, I don’t have much to say about this latest episode. One reason is that I don’t have time for it. Just two more days before my vacation, and lots of stuff still to do.

And the second reason is that the episode just didn’t inspire me.

So, I will just voice a few things I wondered about. 😉

Can I take it that Steve and Cath had that talk? She told him to come home, and he said he hoped they would spend some time together. For me, that sounds like they had at least a talk about where she’s staying and that she actually is staying. At least for the time being. So, I was happy about that scene. It was cute and sweet.

Danny. Well he, or SC, not sure which, looked bored out of his mind during the whole episode. At least he didn’t annoy me. So, I take that as a win. 🙂

The crime of the week. Nothing spectacular, very predictable. Way too long scenes with Sammy. I had to laugh that the two baddies escaped. One of them even shot and heavily bleeding. That was rather silly, if you ask me. But, I guess, nobody does ask me. 😉

Kono and Adam. Just ugh. Sorry, but no matter what they do, they don’t feel real to me. I just don’t get any feeling from them or for them. They are the most boring couple on TV for me.

But, on the other hand, at least Adam didn’t recover from his gunshot wound like Steve normally does. In a matter of hours. Guess Steve is the only one the writers use their magical cure on.


The other thing I remember in a positive way is Steve looking great. And getting a little sneak at his skin. And that I liked Grover’s shirt. 🙂

I think that was the shortest review ever. 😉

All in all, this was a good episode, with many scenes to enjoy, but also many scenes to fast-forward through.


Looking forward to what you have to say about this one.

All screen-shots were done by me. Credit to CBS. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

And please remember, I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously. Always remember, this is just a TV show.


41 thoughts on “6.02 Random Thoughts

  1. Well, although I sound like a broken record, it was another episode that was just blah. Like you, I wasn’t moved. The special effects seemed sort of weird but I’m not hip on the technology for that stuff.

    Maybe I’m just incapable of being moved by Five-0 any more. Although that can’t be totally true since I really and truly did love the last episode of S5 and was eager to rewatch it. With the first 2 eps of S6, I’ve had no desire to re-watch.

    I’m grateful for any moments that have Catherine and with Steve and Catherine together, but they didn’t really spend enough time to make the moments worthwhile. All I know is I’m glad Catherine was there. BIG improvement from last year.

    I feel bad that I’m so bored with Kono and Adam. I genuinely do like them. But I’m bored with them. Although I do have to hand Kono the award for the funniest line of the episode when she said something like “Where else can a girl get a different kind of jello every day?” or something to that effect. That was funny!

    Honestly, if I was supposed to get the significance of the dead people in the car at the end of the episode, I guess I was just too dense to catch on. Dead people and violence are a dime a dozen on Five-0. It sent me no particular message.

    And Kono continues to NOT bring in the guns (ie. her Five-0 team) that can bring resolution to the situation. Typically a character gone rogue is an appealing trait, but for some reason it just doesn’t work with her.

    I give it a “fair”. Certainly not as bad as anything from last season, but still ‘meh’. Let’s see what they bring us next week.


  2. Gotta agree. I didn’t love it, I didn’t hate it. It was good, because Alex looked spectacular!!!! Amirite? 😉

    But I do kinda resent the way Show is going about building up the McRoll when they have also made clear they gonna shut it right down. Cruel to us, and also cruel to McG. And not the first time they did something similarly assholey with McRoll. Exhibit A : “I love you, you know.” Again, amirite?

    And my own particular peculiar pet peeve… Show hates women and disses em. It showed, again, in this ep. So Cath is now working with 5-0 for 1 ep cos Kono is busy staring out her front window. Once Kono comes back, bye bye Cath. Because there can ever only be one icky cootie-infested female. They can’t work together like men do, say Cath and Kono catch a case. Oh nooooo…one at a time featured in any story. And more over, In a task force that already has 4 men to 1 woman, freakin Jerry, who has zero business being in a cop department, will be getting his own office! Did Cath ever have an effin office?

    So I rate it a good. But I mentioned that was on the basis of Alex’s allure, right? :mrgreen:

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    • “Did Cath ever have an effin office?”

      Not only no office but did you notice she kicked in her contribution to the case pro-bono? Really? Not that Cath wouldn’t do that because she’s a classy lady, but you’re right about the not-so-nice nod toward the ladies. Worse, when they DO spend time on the women, they always pick the wrong ones to spend time on.

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    • OK, I do get that people are kind of frustrated with how the Cath/Steve relationship is going at the moment. I am one of them, too. BUT where in the world did ‘they’ made it clear that ‘they’ will shut down the relationship? I am sorry, and I do agree with you on how they treat women, but I strongly disagree with all of the people painting doomsday for the relationship. Yes, it MIGHT happen, but in no way was that said by anyone.
      All we have are speculations and stupid ass spoilers which doesn’t say anything about what is actually going to happen.
      People read about a potential ‘love interest’ for Steve and jump the gun. Sorry, but Steve had so many ‘love interests’ over the course of the seasons, that even the term is ridiculous. None of them ever panned out.
      I haven’t heard anything that tells me Steve and Cath are finished after 6.03. YES, they might be on hold, but they won’t be over.
      I just don’t get how people can see something written in stone when in actuality nothing of the sorts was ever said. That is a strange phenomena to me.
      I do love Cath and Steve. And I am kind of worried about them, but I am also confident that all will be well in the end.
      As I said to Cokie a couple of weeks ago, Steve and Cath will get together at the end of the season and will finally be a team in season seven. Mark my words. 🙂
      And if that is not gonna happen, well I am open for other things to happen as long as that will be well written. And that is my only concern, because I have my doubts about the ability of the writers to get that right. 😉

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      • True that at some time later we may get McRoll back…and the fact that PL had some hesitation himself calling new girl a girlfriend is encouraging. But Show is actually more interesting to me when Cath is in it. I enjoy McG more when she’s around, cos layers. I like her better than Kono, cos she’s more animated…tho I’d also love to see an ep where she and Kono have their own adventure. I like her as McG’s girlfriend, cos sexy times. And I like the concept…never ever used since S1…of her having and telling stories about McG’s former life in the Navy. Total waste they never do that. Total. Waste.

        But it is hopeful thinking, not any fact or guarantee, that she isn’t gone for now, for a long while, or even for good. There certainly is nothing wrong with hopefulness, and yeah she may come back this season. Obviously I hope she does! Or she may pop up at the end, a la ER’s finale, when George Clooney rowed up to Juilianna Margolies’ cabin in the woods and they shipped off together. I obnoxiously have posted that hope for a happy ending all over the place, maybe even here. 😆

        But she’s gone for now…we’ve seen several Cath-less eps being filmed. And Show is duller without her. The eps are more boring and we get very little McG-at-home or outside the work space without her. Last season was dull to me except for a handful of eps…including the one ep Cath was on. 😉 Maybe these will all be awesome eps. I hope they are. Maybe new girlfriend, who is apparently in RL one of Alex’s friends, will be spectacular! I hope she is. But my immediate experience with recent Cath-less 5-0 is a lotta yakity yak from Danno and a lotta merely police work for an underwhelmed McG. So I hope you are right and my dread is misplaced, but in these initial eps, a lot of promise that WOULD make excellent stories cannot happen, coz she’s already gone for now. So 😦

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  3. To me it looks like their building up a “your-work-comes-first-and-I-cannot-cope-with-this” ending to the McRoll story and I find it hard to believe this! I hope I’m wrong and they not totally mess THIS up!
    Anyway, hopefully when the McRoll circus is over, we can get back to the normal cop show-drama and hopefully H5O is taking me in again.
    I like Kono, always have, and the same with Adam, but I like her as a badass cop! Are they doing this sideways scene because she doesn’t want to be in Hawaii very often?!?
    They should give us some more CHIN!


  4. I really wish they would make Adam a bad guy because I cannot stand how boring this relationship with Kono has become. Shall we take bets on how long it takes for Adam and Kono to go on the run so GP can take some time off again? What if Adam prefers the family business to Kono? Do they start a Mom and Pop operation or does she take him out? . Ouch! I really love the actor. He deserves so much better than what they have written for him.

    Besides, I really think Kono should wind up with Pua, Then we can ship Pono.
    I will hide now.

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  5. i actually liked this episode. I do need to stop watching all the spoiler videos, since the explosions the H50 crew on twitter thought were so exciting were all expected by the ones of us who keep up with anything.
    Anyway, as uninterested as I am in Kodam, I thought Ian Anthony Dale did a particularly good job this week. Adam’s lack of concern for the Yakuza leads me to believe he had some sort of contribution to the demise of the two men in the car. Maybe i am trying to create some excitement for his character though. Sorry, but I have never really cared about Kono. I do think i would like things better if she did not have to be the token “badass” female. (Where did Max’s assistant go to?)
    The development of the case I found a little difficult to follow, but AOL’s scenes in the last quarter of the show were awesome. His “defeated” and slightly vulnerable demeaner in the office with Catherine was priceless. I loved the restaurant scene with him and bad guy (i never keep up with those names). As well, the scene at the p.o. box was great, but i was concerned as why he did not attempt to protect himself from explosives. I’m pretty sure after everything that happened in this ep with two crazy baddies, there would have been some measure of protection.
    I am going to try to ignore all the previews for next week, so everything is a surprise. I still have hope for a really good conclusion to McRoll. The best one would be a “lifelong mission” but otherwise, they have to give respect to the end of the longest relationship on the show and give AOL the opportunity for an amazing performance. I just think there has to be more to the situation than meets the eye. I mean, how do they continue the hype of this proposal when they have also made the new gf so public? The writers and producers have not really earned the benefit of the doubt I am trying to give them, but until the episode airs, there is still room to hope.
    I really need a good story from ya’ll about midweek, so i can stay sort of sane til next Friday! it is difficult when the two shows i follow the most, air on opposite ends of the week.
    OMG, i can’t believe ya’ll’s get together is already here! That is so exciting.


  6. Well, I actually liked this episode too although I could have done without the threat of Jerry getting his own office. The Kono/Adam thing, well it is what it is, a good opportunity to make popcorn. Other than that, I have no interest in this storyline whatsoever. The two dead guys in the car, I am guessing they are Yakuza and things will heat up with Gabriel in the future.

    I really liked the villain in this episode. A little offbeat to be sure.

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  7. Just returned to my computer and to catch up on all the comments. I tend to agree with most of the opinions expressed here. Way too little of Catherine in this episode. For all the build up that CBS is pushing with the proposal, her presence in the first two episodes is pretty small. I have no idea how they could not have talked by now…..is Steve afraid to confront the possibility that she might say no? That doesn’t seem like him and the comfortable relationship they have had in the past. I’m not happy with the thoughts I am getting about how their parting will happen, I don’t trust the writers.

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  8. I want to believe Mama…..I really do. I saw the photos of Michelle with the writers and PL and I do take hope but I also read or hear an interview with Sarah where she said how the characters “fall in love” or begin to and that just made me wonder what she meant. Maybe she is reading too much into her part, I don’t know. I still don’t trust the writers to be sensitive or care how they write this part. I believe that Catherine will be seen again but I question how well the leaving on Friday is written.


    • I wrote a long reply that got lost somewhere. About Sarah’s comments. She was reading from a blurb the writers give the actors describing their character. This is commonly done. She did not say ( I paraphrase) they were falling in love but that she loves his seal moves and he loves her adventurous spirit. The actress may hope for more but I believe she said they would see how it goes. Being signed for only two episodes should be her first clue.

      We know already that Friday will be a sad day for Steve and Cath so we should already be prepared. Since PL said that there would be roadblocks the implication is that she will return and after tearing them apart he will put them back together again, There would be no drama if Steve and Cath married early in the season. There would be no drama. And PL loves drama.

      And anything negative you read on line should be seen in the light of some people wanting to upset you. If they believed McRoll is dead, they would be silent but they are not. They trust the writers less than you do.

      Go and be peaceful.

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      • All I know is they set themselves a hard row to hoe. Because off the top of my head, I can think of no good solid in-character reason for Catherine to say no. But I’ll wait till Friday to see. Either way, I lose. If she’s going to be absent from a bunch of episodes during the season, the show simply won’t be as good. S5 was very dull without her and it will be again.

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        • Brenda- with a few exceptions most of S5 was either just ok or downright horrible. (The Christmas episode, the 40 year old obnoxious drunks and Kono’s raft thing come to mind.) They have a whole new season to make Steve suffer since he apparently hasn’t suffered enough in the first five .
          Lets se how this season goes.. After Cath leaves it will likely be dull for me but I have every expectation she is returning so I’ll wait for that and concentrate on hoping that Adam gets a real storyline that doesn’t consist of him mooning over Kono or her mooning over him. I want to see Chin happy. Actually, I ‘d just like to see more of Chin because he has become almost invisible. I’ll enjoy Grover being Steve’s go to guy when he needs a grownup to confide in and I hope Danny enjoys a nice long visit with his Mom. I know you don’t like Doris but she needs to explain herself now so we can end this crazy story. But I do like Joe White. I just wonder what he’s up to.

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      • LOL!!! I find it difficult to believe anyone else trusts the writers less than I do…but it is an amusing idea and I totally needed that giggle, babe. 😆

        And they already ripped McRoll apart two Springs ago! If they are already repeating memes from just a year and a half ago, they have reached ultimate writer’s block!

        Unless they think they didn’t piss-off the fans enuf the first time around… 😯


        • GNP- Since the number of vocal H50 fans who use social media is a relatively small number, I think pissing off the main “camps” is s writer’s room diversion, like playing poker when nobody has a clue where the story is going. So, today its the McRolls, tomorrow the McDannos and finally the ABC’s (Anybody But Cath–the segment of the fan base who thinks McGarrett is cheating on them with Cath).

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  9. I am looking for Catherine and Steve in the not too distant future. On hold like Five 0 Says. Hope so but really am keeping an open mind on the proposal. Really not fond of the so called love interests. He is for her, and she is for him.

    As for the Adam and that of Kono. Hope he is not involved in his former crime partners. Nonetheless his and Kono for the time being will be looking over their shoulder for Gabriel. Until Gabriel is put in the grave. Which will not be soon enough.


  10. I am going out on a limb here, but there was a comment made by Catherine about “the job comes first”. I am guessing that she will turn him down because she knows that their relationship will always be secondary to his work. Just guessing mind you. We will find out this Friday.


    • And that would be an example of an out of character excuse if that’s what they go for. She’s ALWAYS known what his work was like and in fact herself has been pulled away by her assignments in the Navy. And Catherine has NEVER been the ‘uptight chick” persona so that just doesn’t fly.

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  11. It may not fly Brenda but it does seem to be the lame excuse the writers will likely throw at us. They have all ready proven that character continuity is not their strong point.

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  12. i think that sarah will be in more than two episodes because i just read an interview by peter lenkov and he said that sarah will be in some of the up coming episodes so i think that means more than two he also said that things dont go well for steve and catherine so i think that this is really going to be the end of them and it will get serious for steve and sarah iwonder if the bed scence will be before or after he proposes because it seems a bit odd to me that he would sleep with her if she turned him down i do hope that they get back together because they are so well matched and i woudnt like to see steve with anyone else i read a interview that alex olughin gave when they were making season 4 and he said that he will like to do another two seasons and that is it so if it is to be the last let us have a big mcrollins wedding i live in the uk and we cant get it over here yet so i wont no what happens please could someone let me no the outcome of fridays episode we wont get it untill the new year

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    • Christine: I checked to see if PL had any new interviews but I couldn’t find any. So unless the interview was today or yesterday, I think you are referring to an older interview regarding episodes still be aired, She has not appeared in any as yet. I base the two episode count on what the actress herself has said and she says only two. PL never gives the number of episodes a character is contracted for but apparently the actress didn’t get that memo not to give away the information.

      If you have an interview from today or yesterday please let me know about it otherwise, relax. Cath will return no matter how rocky the road becomes and how great the “obstacles” (his word, not mine) they face are. I’ll keep checking around but whenever PL gives an interview, he is usually vague about anything he doesn’t want to let us know. He wants us to be surprised. And any rumors you read or interpretations of his remarks by others should be suspect. When he says something with quote marks around it then I believe it.


          • Christine: I found a Deadline Entertainment which is a site for TV shows but I could not find an article for a recent interview from Peter Lenkov. There also seems to be no buzz in the fandom for a new interview so I’m not sure where to look anymore. Maybe one of our posters has an idea if there is an other Deadline site which I am missing.

            Also, after the episode Sam and Cokie usually do a synopsis of the episode and we comment. I think they may wait a while because we have different time zones and don’t want to ruin it for others. You can keep checking until you see the new post and then you will have an idea of what the episode was about.

            In any event, I will continue to look for a new interview but what you have said regarding the article you read is just a rehashing of what he said before.


          • Christine, if you want to know what each episode of Hawaii 5-0 is about you should follow The Five-0 Redux on Facebook. They put up a review of each new episode of the show either Saturday or Sunday after it has aired. Wendy is very good at recapping what occurred along with giving information about Hawaiian customs and other details we mainlanders might not know. They also have great photos and Angie makes lovely collages for the show.


        • if you look on Christian today there is a big statement from pl dated today all about Steve and Catherine relationship
          and from what he is saying it doesn’t sound to good there is also something about Sarah on deadline this is anew statement and pl seems to be quite certain about what his going to happen but it doesn’t sound good for them if you read it you will see for your self anyway I hope you enjoy watching lucky people


  13. I have looked as well Mama and nothing new comes up. I tried Christian Today on my phone but saw nothing. I googled “recent Peter Lenkov interviews” and came up empty. I give up but will check with Sam and Cokie tomorrow if they have heard anything although I am sure they are too busy seeing the sights. I hope you are right about all this, my fingers are crossed except when I am typing. 🙂


    • Moonjat54- I even checked out what the super crazies were saying online and they are quiet. Nasty (but quiet about a new interview.) LOL
      Let us know what happens tomorrow when the three of you meet up. It must really be exciting. Its been years since I was in Chicago but I really loved it.


  14. Shortly before the episode of fate airs my 2 cents…

    Actually, I liked this episode. It was better than 6.01. So I voted ‘great’.
    Lots of action, lots of McFaces, lots of Steve. Vulnerable, committed and a leader!
    Not much of Mr. and Mrs. Snooze, but the few scenes bored me as much as Mr. Pesky looked throughout the whole episode.
    I’m shallow, if I get my Steve (in character!!!), who is the lead and the reason btw, I’m happy.

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