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A murder leads Five-0 to investigate a centuries-old Oahu palace raid involving pirates, buried treasure and a killer who is using a stolen painting as a map. Also, the morning after their wedding, Kono and Adam are threatened and tortured by Gabriel, and Danny shows concern for McGarrett regarding Catherine’s return to the island, on the sixth season premiere of HAWAII FIVE-0.

CBS translated Mai ho`oni i ka wai lana mâlie to Do Not Disturb the Water that is Tranquil

Welcome back to my often controversial and never rose-colored reviews. 🙂

Sorry that this one is so late, but I spent all Sunday trying to get my computer running. It did the oddest things after the latest Windows 10 update. Now I have it back where I want it, well close enough anyway. 😉

Please don’t expect a long and detailed review. I guess I have to ease back into the swing of things; a few random thoughts have to do this time.

I’ve decided on a new ranking system. I wanted one that gives a bit more room in the ‘Good and above ranking’. 😉 So, I adapted the one from SpoilerTV. I think that one is pretty fair.


Let’s hope we will never see the one or two stars. 😉

First off, I’m really happy to have my favorite show back in my living room. I have missed Five-0 during the hiatus, even though this felt like the time just flew by. For me, this was the shortest one ever. But I guess time really is relative. 🙂

Anyway, let’s get right into it. Last season ended with us not seeing the wedding. Guess they felt we already had one (Chin’s in season 2), why repeat it. We were promised the show would start where we left off.

And they actually delivered. After the teaser with the pirates we went right back to the wedding. I think the whole pirate thing was really well done and an interesting part during the whole story.

We got some really, and I mean really nice scenes at the festivities. Excellent work, guys. That was fun to watch.

And after that we were treated with a scene that is my new favorite Steve/Cath scene. The two of them waking up, still dressed from last night. I absolutely loved it. I have said it many times before, these two are a realistic portrayal of a couple. No nonsense soap opera crap. They just feel real. Real in who they are and what they do.

The show gets a lot of things wrong, and one can argue how they treated this relationship, but when these two are together, the show gets it right. Every time.

So… this scene made we wonder. And this is not a complaint, I’m just really curious. The day before they saved the world, well, the islands anyway. A freaking nuclear explosion happened, and right the next morning they are called in to investigate a homicide?

Come on, guys, they would be swamped with paperwork; with the press wanting interviews; with the Governor wanting answers; and the whole alphabet of agencies would want to question every single one of them.

They would not go and investigate like nothing ever happened not even 24 hours ago.

I at least hope the show will come back to this later in the season. I hope they will get a commendation for their acts. Or something. I truly hope this will not be forgotten.

As I said, not a complaint, I’m just wondering who decides when Five-0 should get involved. Don’t they have a homicide squad? Why involving Five-0 in this in the first place?


Next thing that stood out for me in a positive way was the cargument. This one I really enjoyed.

OK, you’re all waiting for it, right? Me, bad mouthing Danny. OK, you asked for it, here we go. 😉

I don’t believe him. I don’t buy his totally over the top happiness for Steve. He just didn’t ‘feel’ real or sincere to me. Hopefully I’m wrong, but I doubt it.

And since we are talking about Danny. I think he broke a new record. Not even half an hour into the season and I already despise him. How dare he take that moment, to tell his friends about his proposal plans, from Steve? What kind of miserable person does such a thing?

That was mean spirited, and totally out of line. That was Steve’s story to tell. And his alone, in his time. Danny had no right to tell it. And Steve was rightfully pissed about it. If looks could kill, Danny would be toast.


And by the way, Danny, your friend is not getting married. He’s going to ask Cath to marry him. Big difference. But I guess you have no clue about that either.

That betrayal of trust angered me to no end. YES, the scenes in the jungle about the kids complaining and wanting bug spray, and all that were great. Chin, Lou and Steve are a lot of fun to watch. But Danny ruined it.

Steve is a very private guy, one who thinks his moves through before he does or say anything. For Danny to give away this huge decision Steve made, I think that is an unforgivable act. To tell the world about it before Steve ever got the chance to ask Catherine, or even set anything in motion, is just wrong. How can anyone, who says to be Steve’s friend, do such a thing?

I’m sorry, but I couldn’t see any fun or humor in this. And it showed me again that Danny knows nothing about Steve, and what a selfish guy he is. That he simply has no idea what is important to Steve.

I know many people probably think it was so great and funny that he told the group. But just imagine it was you and your friend would give away such a big step you were about to take. How would you feel? I can tell you that friend could kiss our friendship good bye. Yeah, well, not really, but I would be royally pissed, and there would be no invitation for him to my wedding. 😉

It was nice as long as it lasted (all of one and a half episode), but Danny is back in the dog house. Sorry, buddy, but this way you won’t win any points with me.

I guess I should say a word or two about Kono/Adam. Well, as you know, this couple doesn’t give me anything. They always feel artificial to me. And I’m not interested in their storyline. It always felt really boring to me.

Seriously, we start the stuff from season 4 again? They are again threatened by the Yakuza? This time because Adam, who I STILL hope is the head of the Yakuza, can’t pay back the money because Gabriel took it. Come on guys, how original is that?! We already went through all that.

To be fair, the scenes were all pretty good. Although it was pretty dumb to go to the bank on her own. Why not call for back up? She calls Five-0 after all is done and she’s at the hospital? Sorry, but since she had no idea that they were in the middle of a case, calling Chin or Steve would have been her first move after she killed her capturer. Not doing so was, in my eyes, a huge flaw in the whole storyline. And a really dumb move by her.

I like Christopher Sean, he’s doing a great job with the role. But if they want to have a villain over the course of the whole season, they need to come up with someone better than Gabriel. Sorry, but he’s just an ordinary criminal. A ruthless one, but no master mind of anything. So far he couldn’t convince me to be any kind of serious threat in the long run.

Jerry. Oh, Jerry. He had some good scenes, but get him out of McG’s office. Pronto. That was ridiculous. I guess I’m too much of a realist to find this funny. This is the office of the task force leader. What if the Governor, or any other official came for a visit? Would they sit among Jerry’s crap and Pizza boxes?

That said doesn’t mean I didn’t like the scene. No, I did, it was great. BUT not in Steve’s office. That office is off limits. Give Jerry an office, I have no problem with that. As long as he never, ever becomes a member of Five-0. And by member I mean getting a badge. Don’t you dare give that man a badge. He can be a consultant. Fine, do that. But he should never be an officer of Five-0. Don’t even think about it.

Another thing that stood out for me; they obviously remembered that Steve is the leader of this group. The main focus was on him, and I truly enjoyed it. But even though they let the others shine too. Well balanced all around.

Great take down at the end. The fight with the woman was not as epic as with the b/tch from 5.07, but it was a great fight. I love hand-to-hand combat, so that was a total win for me.

And can I just say that Steve looked great. And he was as cool and collected as always. Love that guy.

The case was interesting enough and gave us many great scenes. But to be honest, this felt more like a run-of-the-mill-episode and not like a season opener. Which PL himself named blockbusters. He said they always aim for a big bang to start the season. Uhm, I guess their aim was way off this time. 😉

But, hey I don’t need any blockbusterish crap like a claw or something like that. I’m content with a solid episode. It doesn’t always have to be the ‘Big Bang’. 🙂

But compared to the other season premiers this was the weakest in my eyes.

For me, this was a good start into the season. I truly enjoyed it. I know I will ff through all the Kono/Adam scenes when I watch it again, but I also know that I will watch it a few more times.

All in all, well done Five-0. And welcome back. Hopefully with a lot more fun, action, drama and all the stuff that makes Five-0 my favorite show.


All screen-shots were done by me. Credit to CBS. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

And please remember, I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously. Always remember, this is just a TV show.

Update for the people who have missed the ring. 🙂


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  1. Wow! They got Hagrid and the first year Griffindors heading to Hogwarts as guest stars. Things are looking up. Even the blond bad guy pirate looked a little like a grown up Malfoy sans the blind eye.

    Next, in the order of least interest to me.

    Adam and Kono have become the most boring couple on TV, in the least amount of time. I hated seeing the torturer pulling out Kono’s teeth but I did enjoy her scalpel work. Nice-effective and quick . As for Gabriel , he does not have the same intellectual capacity for evil which made Wo Fat so dangerous, but he is effective as a thug. I miss Mark D. — he was perfection.

    Give Jerry an office? I am sure they will. A badge? It depends just how whimsical the writers feel that day. Also what happened to the conspiracy theory guy? Did they get a new writer who didn’t watch last season? Why am I even asking a question about that?

    The pirate story? Meh. Just OK for me but the beautiful tall blond bad girl? Perfect. This show cannot write women unless they are absolute horrors but they do that extremely well. I know Steve had to shoot her to stop her but I would preferred to see an interrogation scene. Apparently they only hire tall beautiful blondes if they are temporary characters. The pile of discards is growing by each episode.

    Danny—I loved the new Danny’s excitement and happiness when Steve said he was going to ask Cath to marry him. And then he blabbed what Steve told him privately to Chin and Grover and the old obnoxious Danny was back. If things go south, Steve will have to deal with pity- not something he deserves or will find easy to do. I now believe we have been dealing with passive- aggressive Danny all along. Is he jealous of Steve? Does Steve make him feel inadequate in some way? Maybe so. Explains a lot.

    Steve and Cath. If that kiss didn’t say “ I love you ‘” the viewer was either blind or in denial. The fact that AOL was wearing his wedding ring in another scene may have PL’s wink to us about his ultimate plan for this couple. To put it down to AOL’s error or the editor’s carelessness seems a little suspect since AOL has forgotten to remove it before and they have had to reshoot They are all aware he sometimes forgets and I am sure they must watch for it. It would have been simple to edit that scene so that a different frame or angle was used. The editors are professionals . I don’t think they missed it at all. This is my own conspiracy theory. I want Jerry’s job.

    All in all I mostly enjoyed the episode. especially the wedding.

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    • Either I saw the wedding ring and already forgot, or I never noticed. Your powers of observation are a wonder! I’m amazed at how many details folks here pick up on that I often don’t even notice.


        • you know, it makes my heart happy that he wears his ring to work and “forgets” it doesn’t belong on Steve. If I were Malia, that would make my heart sing. 🙂

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      • I believe it was the one when they were talking to the woman who was confirming that her husband?partner? (not sure) was missing. (they later found his corpse.) It’s fairly early in the investigation. The ring is either white gold or platinum. It is fleeting, just something you see a flash of and want to check out to know if you are seeing things. You need to rewind and freeze it but it is there. Trick of the light? You decide.


    • Totally with you about the ring. That was no mistake. 😉

      I’m not into pirates at all, but I think they did a good job with it.

      LOL – do you think they look at the stuff they have written over the years? I doubt it. If they did we wouldn’t get such strange character changes.

      I DO believe that Danny was passive agressive all this time, and I do believe he is jealous of Steve. Of his ability to make friends where ever he goes. His people skills are great, and I think Danny realized that at some point. Danny’s problem is what doesn’t fit in his tiny, ignorant world, and doesn’t work like he does things, than it must be wrong.
      Any psychologist, a serious one, not the clown ones from the show, would have a field day with Danny.

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      • LOL!!! I dunno about y’all’s Ring Theory. That sounds awfully intelligent and premeditated for our writers. Whereas Alex just faithfully loving-on that damn ring 24/7 seems more likely. 😆

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        • GNP- Remember the Santa and sleigh from the Christmas episode? He wanted to make sure we all looked hard for that. Hints all over the place. Took me at least five rewinds to see what the fuss was about. So he loves little “got cha’s” . Then they can always say AOL just likes to keep his ring on but its like a child who has just learned to walk- got to keep eyes on him all the time. And knowing his, I think they do, especially about the ring. I also doubt that, if this is true, it was the writers idea. Would have had to come from the top.


      • Sam– just wanted to let you know that I re-watched the scene with AOL wearing his wedding band again. It is so curious because if you watch you will notice that his hands are not visible in most of the scene. Its not until we get a longer shot of him that the ring is evident and the camera stays for a couple of seconds, Thereafter, the scene cuts away to McG and Danny leaving and this time his hands are turned so his fingers cannot be seen. This was no accident. As Steve would say “He’s sending us message.


  2. I wasn’t sure how to apply my vote in the poll–I give it a “mediocre” but I wasn’t quite sure if that equated with “OK” in my mind–I think it does because it didn’t deserve a poor rating. You are 100% right in that this was absolutely the poorest season opener of all of Five-0. Seasons 1-4 had fantastic openers (I don’t know about S5, I’ve tried to blot all but the final episode from my mind).

    Ironically, THIS episode finally brought me into the “too much Jerry” camp. I’ve never felt he should get a badge, but I didn’t mind him. But yep, now he’s definitely on overkill. And I think it’s too early to do any “treasure related” stories, even though as a rule I’m always a sucker for treasure stories.

    I also totally agree on what a wonderful representation Steve/Cath are of a real couple. Someone complained to me once that there wasn’t enough romance between them. My response is that real couples aren’t always in each other’s back pockets 24 hours a day. That is just so unrealistic. But, as you stated and as we’ve witness from the beginning, when these two are together, it’s awesome.

    And it goes without saying that Steve looked great. I can’t remember a time when he didn’t look great. 😎

    Whether people agree or not, I view these episodes relying on instinct, and my instinct in watching this episode was that a low energy seemed to be emanating from the whole cast (even the dance at the wedding seemed subdued somehow) and I still got the impression that the writers just don’t know what to do with Five-0 any more. It makes me sad.

    I was hoping NOT to waste a lot of screen time on Kono/Adam but that wasn’t meant to be. I like the characters. I really do. I just don’t like them enough to want to spent several minutes out of that measily 42 we get each episode on their storyline. Sigh…

    And yes, while Danny doesn’t grind me anywhere near as much as he does you, he was way in the wrong by jumping the gun on Steve’s news. That was extremely poor taste, even for him. He should know how private Steve is on the most personal things, and marriage is as personal as it gets. I’d need to watch the scene again to see if I missed something, but I was surprised that Chin wasn’t at least a little reserved at Danny’s blabbering. But maybe he was and I missed it.

    As I said before the new season started, I’m waiting to be wowed. It didn’t happen in 6:01. Maybe next time.

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  3. ah… I had to give it a ‘great’ rating, simply because it was just SO good to see them all again. And I had problems with the areas you had problems; namely beginning with Danny’s proclamation in the jungle. I swear, I would have left him there. That was not at all funny; I thought it was uncaring and insensitive and shows that he doesn’t understand the word friendship. Totally ticked me off. But the scene itself with the boys complaining (even Chin) about bugs was cute.

    Now, one of my beefs. I have said it before, “SHOW, would you please hire me for continuity?” I could do it from my house better than you do it right there in the studio. Case in point… as last season ended, Kono’s hair was up in a tight, kind of ugly, thingy on her head. When she entered her reception, I would assume less than an hour later (giving time for photos), she had found time to go to the hairdresser and have her hair taken down and then braided on the side. Why do they do that? At least she was wearing the same wedding dress she had on before. I know it is small in the scheme of things, but it just bugs me.

    The case itself was good; not over the top, but a good, solid episode. I loved seeing them working together again. Yes, another bug was the fact that Kono didn’t bother calling anyone. That just made absolutely NO sense.

    As far as Jerry, I still don’t like him hanging around all the time. He bugs me, gets on my nerves and just isn’t believable to me. I mean he’s a sweet guy, but I can take the character in small doses only. As for being in Steve’s office, I’m sorry but I didn’t find that funny at all. They weren’t there, so he found that was the ONLY place he could sit? How about the conference room? I’m sure there are things in Steve’s office that are confidential. He doesn’t have any business there. As for setting up a funny scene – no, not much.

    Gabriel is a bully. He’s mean and cruel. But I can’t see him as the next big thing, aka Wo Fat. He’s like a bug that needs squashed. I just hope it doesn’t take all season to do it.

    OK, as for THE scenes. Loved the dancing and yes, I had to laugh when Steve and Danny were dancing together. We had seen it earlier but I didn’t know if it would make it into the final episode. It was cute and funny. Steve and Cath seemed very comfortable dancing together (and kissing together) 🙂 so you know they have done that before. Grover looking for his wife was funny. I even liked seeing Duke out there dancing. That was sweet. It was nice seeing the crew having a few moments of carefree life.

    And then we get to the morning after. Wow, that was nice. I love those two. Like Sam said above, they aren’t phony. What did gripe me is that Steve never got back to the house. I just hope that he and Cath get a few moments of time together in the next couple of episodes before she leaves. Yes, I’ve seen the previews but they need time to talk; either before or after that mind-bending sex. 🙂

    Yes, it was a great episode. Maybe not all of it; but it was SO good to have them back! I just hope for many more solid episodes this season!


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    • ROFL – the hair and wedding dress? I have NO idea if that was different or not. I guess I don’t pay any attention to her, so I wouldn’t know if she had the same dress on or not.
      Of course, Miss Goodbody would notice such things. 🙂


      • You right about the hair. I liked it down much better than up. I still don’t like the dress on her. I would have preferred something more in tune with her heritage. The dress is pretty but wardrobe could have done much better, I’m just saying the look was not Kono and that’s why it failed for me.


        • very true. That is not the dress I would have chosen for Kono. And… while we’re back on the subject, her hair in 5.25 was ick. I really didn’t like it at all.


        • The dress did her figure no favors. And I did also notice the hair. Also she lost the big necklace at the reception. Do even the actors never remember what they wore, did, said etc, from ep to ep?

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  4. You know it seems marriages are a curse on Five 0. And would warn Steve that. As maybe that is the reason he is not ready for marriage over the curse LOL. But really love him and Catherine a lot. As hope that they can break that curse.

    Know you do not like Kono and Adam Mostly Five 0. But still do not want Adam to die. As really want him to live to make her happy.

    I love the men in the tuxedos. As really think that they look handsome.

    But really at least Danny was happy for Steve. Hope that the proposal works out well. Hope Danny will not be miserable but doubt it.

    Gabriel will not be like Wo-Fat but he is close. As you do not like to ever wish that on anybody whether you like them or not. Torture and pain.

    That is why I hope there is more Grover and Steve. Their buddy buddy ways are not mean spirited like Danny and Steve at times. It is all playful and all in good fun.

    Chin what can I say. Love him as he is my all time favorite character on the show. And Daniel is being used in ways for the past few seasons. Not just a sidekick like he was in the first two and a half seasons.

    Thanks for the blog again. Keep it up!

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  5. Oh I have been waiting for you to post a review of this episode. Sam, I could hear you in my head the minute that Danny opened his mouth in the jungle. I think Cokie was echoing you in the background. Personally I think Danny is just waiting to say “I told you so” when this proposal doesn’t work out. I read all the other reviews that felt Danny was giddy with joy and wondered if they watched another show because his joy just rang false to me.

    I think I like Adam and Kono more that most here but I see your point about her not calling Steve or Chin the minute she was free of that psycho with the mask. And I too am tired of Jerry taking over Steve’s office. He truly has no social skills and no sense of what is proper.

    Loved the dancing and I had to just sigh with happiness to see Steve and Cath together and the morning after was so cute. I would be a puddle if that man smiled at me that way. As for the ring business…..I see a new job in my future. I would happily volunteer to be the official AOL ring watcher. I will be on set every day and make sure the man removes his ring before filming starts. I will even hold it for him so it doesn’t get lost. I have a real soft spot for men who faithfully wear their rings for all the world to see. I am lucky, I have one of those. But I would still like the job.

    I was happy to see the gang back and while the opener was not the blockbuster some of the others were…..at least it made sense and the crime was interesting. I happen to like pirates so the idea of lost treasure was cool. And kind of made sense that stories often get blow up and twisted and don’t pan out the way you want them to. For that I gave it a great. That and Steve in blue, the man looks fantastic in that color.


  6. I gave this episode an “OK” mainly because from the trailers I saw previous I didn’t have very high hopes for it to begin with, so I wasn’t too disappointed. Perhaps I am being too critical but those pirates were carrying 18th century weapons, in ships that would have looked good on the Spanish Main, and I kept waiting for Captain Jack Sparrow to pop up. This is late 19th century Hawaii not 18th century Jamaica.That ship just didn’t sail for me (sorry, couldn’t resist).

    Kono/Adam. As noted above, they are just so boring. Who cares? Gabriel, well he’s a thug. Wo fat was intriguing and mysterious. I always thought he was the quintessential “bad guy” the one you love to hate. I think he would have been much more subtle and devious dealing with Kono and Adam. Also, I hate gratuitous torture scenes. But that’s just me.

    Danny, well, I am a fan so I didn’t find his behavior all that annoying (please don’t put a hex on me for saying that). I did want to smack him for giving away Steve’s plans to propose to the other two, but, I don’t think he is the type to keep a secret like that. I like to think he was just overly excited for his friend.

    And then there’s Jerry. I still don’t understand why the powers that be think that this character would an asset the to show, and certainly don’t understand why they give him so much screen time. He is not the reason most of us are watching H50. Don’t the producers get that? I have been known to change the channel when he is on.

    One of the reasons I like the show is the relationship between Steve and Catherine. Someone above noted that it was so realistic and of course, even in a heavy romantic relationship, you are not in each other’s lives 24/7. I suspect things are not going to go according to plan for them this season but I will wager in the end that they will be together.

    The crime itself was okay, I guess, considering some of the episodes last season, it was a bit tame. My favourite scene was actually when the bad guy closed the fridge door and had his light punched out by McGarrett. The fight with the woman was good, I am just hoping the people who lived in that house had good comprehensive insurance coverage.

    As always, I love visiting this site and reading everyone’s comments. As you said, we don’t have to agree on everything but it is a fun place to come to. Thanks for keeping it classy too. Great job.

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    • Lol… I wondered the same thing about that woman’s house insurance. And I did love steve behind the refrigerator door. PRday I hope you are right and danny is really happy for steve. It will take me a while to forgive him for blowing Steve’s news. 🙂

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  7. I thought that Max summed Danny up pretty well in last year’s premiere episode. I actually went back just to make sure but he said Danny was cynical, misanthropic and short tempered. That he says things that are not always appropriate doesn’t make him a bad person, just a person who doesn’t always remove his foot from his mouth before he begins to speak. I am sure we all know someone like that. I am also pretty sure that Danny is genuinely pleased that Steve is going to have a shot at happiness, although we all know that “ain’t gonna happen” any time soon. By the way, there was a comment made that Danny was “alone and miserable”. From that, can I safely assume that Melissa/Amber is out of the picture?

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    • Max also summed up the Danny situation in an episode (don’t ask me what ep or what season–one of the last two seasons I’m fairly certain) when after one of Danny’s moments Max looked at Steve and said “I don’t envy you, Commander.” LOL!!!!!!

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    • prday: Maybe not out just yet. PL says he likes those two together, in response to a question about that relationship, so we’ll probably see her again. For how long, I don’t know. Maybe the writers will send her on a humanitarian interstellar mission to destroy space debris or something and she will have found her calling and tells Danny to move on.

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  8. I love reading your revues, girlie! Always fun and provocative and gives me something to think about…and lots of McG pics, so there’s that. <3. I also love reading all our FanOhana responses to your reviews. This is a nice crowd, with a full spectrum of faves and dislikes, and I enjoy reading the variant opinions and the reasons behind them. So *mwah* to you all! 🙂

    I thought last year's premiere totally sucked (and now I know why…McG was pining for Cath but they cut the explanatory scene, so McG just seemed so down and I figured Alex was acting on his Cath-love, but the dummies didn't show it! Grrrrr!). So this one was better than that one, but that puts it only in 5th place. 😉

    The highlights of the ep were every scene with McRoll, every scene with McG, every scene where McG discussed Cath, every scene with McG, and let's not forget every scene with McG. 😈 I got my priorities straight, y'all!

    Yes, I did notice Kono, Adam, and Jerry were in this thing, but didn't particularly care. I actually found the cargument charming. Which was a surprise to me and I wasn't sure what to do with those warm-fuzzies!! The jungle-reveal was back to vintage Danno. But McG managed to maintain his dignity, and his two real friends rallied so supportively to his news, that I chalk that up as another win for McG, in spite of Danno's attempt to one-up his (both figurative and literal) superior. :mrgreen:

    And the McRoll was fleeting, but absolutely superior. They cannot possibly be considering breaking up these two warm, sentient, dutiful, brave, resourceful, fully adult, gorgeous human beings. They light up the screen when together. The smiles look REAL. Tho in all honesty, if I got to do Michelle's job for even a minute, my damn smile would look real too…just sayin'. 😉

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  9. Does anyone know where the writers and Michele were when they watched the premiere together? I thought it odd that those shots of her were posted or that she was invited to watch with them unless they already knew she was returning. (That girl can sure eat- her metabolism must be outta sight, I am so jealous). She seems to get on very well with them.

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      • They were posted by one of the writers and there was a group of people in a room watching the episode together. I think most of them might have been the writers or at least connected with the show. I heard PL actually retweeted a photo of MB but there were several others of them posted by the writer. The writer’s name began with a W but for the life of me I can’t remember his whole name. I think they should be easy to locate. Maybe some of those who post here might be able to locate them and maybe Sam??? could add them?? I don’t know how that works – I hate to impose on Sam and Cokie at this time especially as they are preparing to wreak havoc on the city of Chicago and need all their strength. Let me know as soon as you see them. It was just a very curious thing and I would like to know where it was taken. Wish I knew more but they do exist.


        • GNP- Thank you. God bless. I had not recognized PL in photo with MB. You ask “What does it mean?”

          Well, what it doesn’t mean is that “he fired her” or was “ordered to fire her by CBS ” as some of the pea brains in the fandom have burped out with their bile filled cookies and cupcakes. (It would be lovely if they read the 1st Amendment to our Constitution and its legal ramifications- but I digress because I’m sure they would have questions and I have no time tor patience to explain it to them. Been there, done that.

          It also doesn’t mean that when he brought her back it would be “one and done” as some have said or hoped. Its been four so far and if that picture is anything to go by, I doubt he’d be sitting there with her if he disliked her or was done with her character. I’m still convinced she will be the end game.

          I realize that there are still members of the fandom who were sure there would be a McEllie and I know how disappointed they were when it fizzled even though PL told them outright it was going nowhere. My heart goes out to them. I know that they are now pinning their hopes on a “date” with a new character “Sarah” but the actress was very open about only being signed to two episodes and if PL intended to have this relationship go anywhere he would have had to commit to many more than just two. Otherwise, you can’t count having the actress available to continue the story. This is the way business works- you plan ahead. And make no mistake. This IS a business they are running. I think its safe to say that Sarah is two and done. But perhaps they just want to grasp at straws. Grasp away. We may hear her name mentioned but her character is just a blimp on the radar like Ellie. As for the new character being a “breath of fresh air” I couldn’t say, since neither they nor us have met the character. The actress seems to be a lovely young woman. Perhaps opening a window and letting the stagnant air out would be more beneficial to those who want “a breath of fresh air”.

          Liked by 1 person

  10. I read a statement that pl gave to the Hollywood reporter that he didn’t no if Catherine was staying on the island or going back to the middle. east so there good be some good news for Steve and Catherine after all maybe she will leave and come back later on as I think that the new gf is a recurring actress so
    she won’t be in it all the time so let’s hope we have a big mcrollins wedding. and they live happy together


  11. iwas looking at the names of some of the recurring actors for episode 4 and michelle borth name was not among them so i guess that she leaves in episode three so sad i would love to see catherine and steve back together and i read on twitter that sarah carter will be in episode 7 i live in the uk and we cannot get it at the moment anyway so sad no more mcrollins


  12. I know, I am late. But finally I had the chance to watch.
    So only a few random thoughts:
    I voted for good.
    Because show’s back. Steve is back to be precisely. Loved the dance, loved the kiss, loved the waking up without making out, loved the love, loved the BAMF, loved the fridge-face, loved the hand to hand, loved the smirk, loved the pissed face, loved the concern, loved the man.
    Didn’t care at all about the whole KoDam storyline. Just yuck. You know that I always liked Kono, but now? Marrying this wuss? “Oh Adam, you’re taking good care of me!” ??? I wanted to puke. Really? When hiding in a cabin as his girlfriend took out a bunch of killers? Or as he was waiting while she was repairing their escape car? Or when he was ducttaping her to a chair? Or holding her best friend and boss at gunpoint and she had to save the day? Or as he hired some muscles to torture said friend’s mentor?
    Jeez, watching this scene was like pulling teeth… 😀
    And sorry, Gabriel is no Wo Fat. Still hoping Wo Fat’s father will come out as one other criminal mastermind. I desperately need something about the Steve-storyline. HE is the reason for 5-0, without him there would be no 5-0. Let’s concentrate on all the dangling storylines here, writers, please?
    And now Danny – ah well. I was so happy. At first. Loved what he had to say to Steve in the car. What. Not the way it was delivered. That was so overacted and ‘overvoiced’. But I am pretty sure the writers meant Danny to be happy. And then, BAM!, the jungle. Dude needs to get an own life and own friends! And needs to learn respect, towards friends and women!
    Maybe Adam will go on a long vacation to recover, takes Danny with him. Mr.Snooze and Mr.Pesky. PL can make a movie. That I won’t watch.


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