9 thoughts on “BTS and Promo Pics 6.02 and 6.03

  1. 6.02… Steve doesn’t look too happy in that first photo. 6.03… the picture of him looking at the ring box doesn’t look too happy either.


  2. I’m not gonna even think about the ring box. That whole thing just….irks! 😡

    I will say, shockingly I know, that he is in blue in both sets of pics, and he is gorgeous.


  3. All I can say, is our boy in blue looks HOT! (pissed off or not) 😛
    And he is the main feature in the promo pictures – hope he will be the main feature in the stories every week as well. What more can an Alex-fangirl hope for? 😀

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  4. Just two pics are sticking out to me: Steve looking at the ring with almost a smirk (is he showing it to Danny??) and the other one where he’s outside a building holding the ring box and he seems like he’s about to snap it closed and also close that chapter of his life (for now)… We already know his proposal might not end well, if he even gets to do it. I am seeing that box being hidden in a desktop drawer hopefully to be pulled out at a later time… One can never hope too much 🙂
    But as discussed before, I am not clinging to Catherine (anymore), I am simply hoping for Steve to be happy. If it’s with Cath – great! If with someone else all I’m asking is that the storyline is handled well!
    And they better do it right because Freddie’s words will always stick to me: “I saw you with LT Rollins – it’s the real deal. Try not to mess it up!”
    PL and writers, you better come up with a good explanation if it’s not “the real deal” after all 🙂

    Other then that, I like what I’m seeing so far in regards to promo pics. I am happy that the wait is almost over and grateful that we will get to enjoy a S6 at all!!

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    • I interpreted as him being nervous in that pic in front of the house… Like he’s about to go in and ask and he’s giving the ring one last look. Not saying it’ll end well ( highly unlikely given the spoilers) but I think these pics are pre-proposal. Also if u look at the press release pic in his office, he’s showing it to a woman- can’t make out if Kono or Cath but a woman
      Also, he looks… Yummy

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    • As I just told Cokie after a ‘new’ spoiler, I bet he doesn’t even get to ask her. I think Cath gets an offer from NI or the Navy and takes it, but unfortunately has to leave for a few months.
      And again we are in limbo. 😉
      I can’t see any good way to ‘end’ them, but I can see them dragging it out some more. Which I really don’t like at all.
      BUT like you I’m really happy that season 6 is finally here, and I have every intention to enjoy it to the max. Hope Five-0 will deliver this season. Fingers crossed. 🙂

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  5. I am hoping you are right on both counts. I am looking forward to some good story lines and also, at some time in the future, seeing these two characters finally getting together. One can always hope anyhow.


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