One can wish


Wishes for Season 6

Cokie goes first. 🙂

Preface: These are MY wishes and I don’t want to step on any toes or make any enemies. Some of you will not agree with my thoughts. And that is certainly OK; I don’t expect everyone to agree. But I do appreciate tolerance. 🙂

I would like to see less Jerry and Flippa. I appreciate Flippa being added for “authenticity” but he is simply an off shoot of Kamekona. He is boring. As for Jerry, a little bit goes a long way. His story lines haven’t been interesting and while I can appreciate his conspiracy theory ideas, he has strayed from that. He went from being afraid of a phone to handling all sorts of high tech gadgets. I just think they evolved him way too fast and it just isn’t needed in the show.

I either want Danny to grow up and act like an adult OR put Steve in more episodes with Lou and Chin. Actually, leave out that OR above. I want both of those things to happen. I love Steve and Chin together, but Steve and Grover are a great, ADULT team who work well together, have fun banter, but act like adults. Steve shines when he is with Grover.

I want the presence of Catherine in the show. She doesn’t have to be there physically every week. I would be happy if she decides to rejoin Intelligence or something, but I want Steve to know that she is there and they are together. While I personally would love her living there in his house, I don’t hold much hope for that. I will be glad to take what they will give me but I hope it isn’t a nasty break up or a decision that we aren’t right for each other. If they do, I will be upset as with these two, I can’t see that realistically happening.

OK, now it’s my turn.

I do have wishes, and I think there is nothing wrong with that. I also had wishes for season 5, and most of them were crushed, destroyed and trampled on. LOL

Season 5 was not, and will never be my favorite season. Many, many plot holes, bad/boring cases and contingency had left the room right off the start. To be fair, there were also some really great, and even a few awesome episodes.

My point, with past and future wishes is, even if they will not be fulfilled, and even if I rant and rave about the one or other episode, or character or whatever, I still love the show with all my heart. I love Five-0. And I L.O.V.E. Steve.

Bottom line, even though I have wishes and hopes, I’m not one of those people screaming bloody murder never to watch the show again. And keep bugging the hell out of us on twitter – ugh, that would be a theme for another pet peeve. 😉

Anyway, let’s just say… if my wishes will not be fulfilled, I will still love the show the same. Why? Because it’s not MY show. I have NO say in the matter whatsoever. So, only thing I can do is either watch, rant about it… and still love it. Or shut the hell up and watch something else. 😉

OK, here are my wishes. Please, please, I’m begging you, keep the characters in character. I don’t think I could stand another tree incident. I just don’t want to see something that some writers think is funny, but the character would never ever do.


Speaking of characters. Please don’t introduce characters and then somehow lose them. Like Leilani. What the heck happened to Chin’s ‘girlfriend’? They wrote her like they were on a good way to some happiness. And suddenly we never saw her again. Not even a mention of her; it’s like she never even existed.

That brings me to Chin. He is, next to Steve and Grover, my third favorite Five-0 character. So, naturally, I like to see more of him. But not just him. I’m sorry, but as much as I love Chin, so far his story line was boring. The IA thing lost its appeal in season 1. Don’t give us that sh/t again. Please, enough is enough.

I’m hoping for some great episodes with Chin and Steve, these two are great together.

Great together. There is another pairing I’d love to see more of. Grover and Steve are just awesome. And putting Chin in the mix would be just the icing on the cake.

Maybe you wonder about my wishes for Danny? I don’t have any. I simply hope I don’t have to put up with him too often. Sorry, but he gets on my nerves big time. For me he is mostly rant, rant, rant, bla, bla, bla, rant, rant, rant. I don’t care about him at all.

It would be different if he were more like he was in 5.25; there he was tolerable. But I don’t hold much hope for that to happen. I will just follow Steve’s example and won’t listen to him.

Their ‘bromance’ is NOT what draws me to Five-0. Never was, and never will be. For me Danny was from the very beginning a character I couldn’t take seriously as a cop, a partner or a friend. So, the less I see of him, the happier I will be.


BUT, maybe the show will surprise me, and I will learn to love Danny. You will be the first to know if that happens. 😉   (Lord, help us all if that day ever happens… 🙂 – Cokie’s comment when she read it)

So, what else is there to wish for?

I want the writers to remember that their main character is a Navy SEAL. Use that, darn it. I would love to see him use his training more often. And I would LOVE, really love seeing him doing some fun stuff in his spare time. Like skydiving, scuba diving, how about McG on a bicycle? Come on, that would be great.

And how about seeing him on a reserve drill. I always wonder when he is doing his reserve duty. In RL he would go active for a year now after the five year stint as a reservist. I would love if they wouldn’t forget that he still is in the Navy. Seeing him in uniform would also be great.

I guess I have to mention it. Catherine. I love her. I love her with Steve. I think they are one of the best, most realistic couples on TV. She is her own person, she’s not just a trophy wife hanging on his arm. I love that. I love it that Steve had been a one girl man all these years. He never even peeked at other women. I absolutely adore that about him. He had committed to Cath a very long time ago. Long before we ever met him.

So, yeah, I would love to see them getting together. Maybe not right away. Maybe PL has decided they haven’t suffered enough yet. But I really would love to see them ending up together. Just as Freddie said, she’s the real deal.


But if PL decides for some odd reason, one I’m sure I will never understand, that they are not meant to be together, then I want Steve to find someone he can love, someone who loves him. I want him to have fun, laughter and love. I want someone to be there for him when he’s hurt, or alone, or in a pissy mood. Or in a darn good mood. Heck, I just want him to love someone with all his heart. And be loved back. Sigh.

My biggest wish of all is very simple. I just want great stories, great action and fun interaction between all our characters.

And most of all, I wish for all of you to enjoy Five-0 to the fullest. Let other people think of it what they want. Be tolerant. Just because you have a strong opinion about something doesn’t mean you have the right opinion. Loving Five-0 should be fun for all. No matter who they love the most, or who they can’t stand.

Live and let live. That is what I wish for the new season.



37 thoughts on “One can wish

  1. Well stated both of you. My wish list is very similar so I will only add a few thoughts. I will say that I really hope that Jerry doesn’t get a badge. He is funny and I was blown away by his singing voice but I too like him in small doses. I won’t go into the whole Catherine thing……I see the haters have been having a field day and that just depresses me. I want her to be in Steve’s life but I am afraid to get my hopes up. I have been burned before by a showrunner’s promises and it makes me wary. I don’t really care if Danny is around a lot or not. I wish he would be written better but the bromance thing has gone stale for me. The banter is no longer light and funny. I too would like more Steve/Chin and or Steve/Lou or all three. Maybe I need to write a fishing trip for those three. Danny can sit on shore and wait for them to come back. I want good writing and closure for some of the loose ends that have been dangling too long.

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    1. They will not give Jerry a badge… they will not give Jerry a badge… they will not give Jerry a badge… say it with me: they will NOT give Jerry a badge.
      Sorry, but if that ever happens, for real I mean, not as a joke, I would be really, really mad. 🙂

      Showrunners’ promises are not worth anything. How often has PL said we will get answers? Every season. Then he was really proud and told us we got so many answers in 5.07… ehm, excuse me, but what answers did we get? Did I miss something? What we got was ONE answer about the relationship between WF and Steve, but that was it. And we have guessed that scenario, or a variation of it, anyway. So, really no surprises there.

      I actually don’t believe a word any of them say. And I don’t mean that in a bad way. It is there job to not reveal anything. So, I take everything they (especially PL) say with a huge grain of salt.

      OH, if Danny would be written better, I bet I would really like him. There are scene I like him in, but that doesn’t happen often.

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  2. All excellent wishes!

    One thing I would add is that they should try to cast local actors for semi-reoccurring characters. Then they have a better chance of getting them to show up occasionally for a scene or two. So like say Chin’s girlfriend or a neighbor of Steve’s or the just the people in their lives. I have no idea if it’s true, but I wonder if they ended up not being able to get the actress who played Leilani back. I don’t especially want to see lots of these characters, but if Chin has a girlfriend, then I’d like her to show up for things like Kono’s wedding or a Christmas party. I think it’s much harder to get someone LA based to do that. I’m fairly certain that there are no shortage of women who could look lovingly at Daniel Dae Kim. 🙂

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    1. * Local actors – I think most of the “good enough” local actors all moved to LA and those left behind might not make the cut with bigger ‘talking’ roles for such a big production (I could be wrong about that – but have not seen many local actors that played smaller roles on the show that impressed me with their skills)
      * Lindsay Price who plays Leilani is married to an Australian actor and she had a baby since we last saw her on H5-0. (She might not be willing to travel so far with her small baby)

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      1. You made a very good point about the local actors. We shouldn’t forget that they film on an island. The pool of ‘good’ actors isn’t that big, so, to get some good ones for a show as big as Five-0 is really hard.
        And thank you for the information about Lindsay Price. I guess a lot of times a storyline needs to be adjusted becaused of the RL of the actors. But no matter if one is available or not, they could at least mention them. But that contingency is Five-0’s biggest flaw.


      2. To an Aussie chef! Curtis Stone. He appears as host or judge on Top Chef sometimes and is also all over the Food Network.

        And they did recently had a baby…so no 5-0 last year and I guess no more. But I agree…couldn’t they at least mention her for continuity sake? Say it with us, PLenkov…Con Tin U Ity. It really is a thing.

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          1. LOL!!! I sometimes do think we must just be making-up the concept! And last season was particularly bizarre…McG and the tree, McG being the messy one on the stake-out, even tho Danno used to live in a house with mold on the walls and McG icked-out by Danno dribbling crumbs on the his table (all the way back in S1)…

            And the PTSD that magically cured itself so that McDanno could go to Clown Therapy instead!



  3. Maybe you will learn to like Danny and maybe I will learn to be in awe of Grover. 😎 I don’t dislike him, he’s just meh. But I will always vote for more Steve and Chin time. Those two were marvelous together from the very beginning of the show and I love those times when they have scenes together.

    I do have one wish. I hope they won’t use up too much screen time on Kono’s marriage. Again, not a matter of dislike of the characters, just disinterest.

    I also concur that they moved Jerry’s character along too rapidly. If they’d played with his phobias longer it would have been better.

    Beyond that, I’m just waiting to see. Hoping to be wowed.

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    1. I didn’t dare mention Kono. 😉 That couple is nothing but boring to me. I SO hope Adam is the big mastermind and had us all fooled all this time. I would love that. IAD is good actor, and I like him, but Adam (and Kono) bore me to tears.

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    2. Ah! Yes, Jerry’s personality transplant. He went from an introverted nearly housebound, cuddly-creeper, tech-phobic, conspiracy theorist to super extroverted man about town and master of drones, home-burglar systems, spyware, clandestine listening-devices, and computer-hacking.

      But who noticed? 😆


  4. I want:
    To see a mature woman cast in a role of power and position.
    To see someone in authority insist that all writers watch all past episodes to insure the characters actually stay in character.
    To end some of the running jokes which were funny once or thrice but not when we see or hear it for the hundredth time.
    To see less graphic violence against women.
    To see and end to the kidnapping stories– everyone has been kidnapped at least once, Enough.
    To finally see Steve deal with PTSD.
    To ask Doris Why. Just why.
    To ask Joe Why. Just why.
    To find out who wrote the story allowing Mary to adopt a baby and make him/her sit in the corner.
    And most of all, I want “peace in the valley.”

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    1. LOL – I have NO idea who ever had the *brilliant* idea to let Mary, Mary of all people, adopt a baby. Come on! MARY. That is not just ridiculous, that borders on criminal stupidity. 😉

      Graphic violence against women? Ehm, I guess I’m not sensitive enough to have any kind of problem with what we have seen on Five-0 so far. For me, none of what we have seen was ‘graphic’. But I know the views differ here, so, it’s OK if you feel it is too much.

      Totally agree on the kidnapping stories. Not many people on the island that haven’t been involved in a kidnapping by now.

      Ah, actually I don’t care about Doris anymore. That horse was dead a couple of seasons ago. It was dragged out way too long. I have lost interest in that storyline. But yeah, for Steve’s sake wrap it up. Soon.

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      1. There was a Halloween episode where a young woman in a nurse’s costume was abducted by an insane young “boy” ( I cannot call him a man) and her organs were cut out while she was still alive for a diabolic ritualistic sacrifice. Her screams were horrific. One of the few times I turned the TV for H50. off —I could not watch. It can’t get much worse than that.


        1. With regard to violence, I think they’ve been consistently gruesome, regardless if the victim is male or female. I remember one of the seasons they were particularly fond of beheadings (it may not have been the same season but just seemed that way). I think I’ve become more immune to it now but I remember the violence shocked me in the early years of Five-0 but that’s because I hadn’t watched TV since the very early 90’s and back in those days, they didn’t show half the stuff they show on TV now.


  5. Very well said Sam and Cokie – I agree with most of what you wish for ( with just a few exceptions – I like all main the charaters).
    I was thinking of my list for a post of my own – but you have now already covered most of what I thought of to wish for in it. 🙂
    Especially one of those – Steve being a Navy SEAL – one of my most missed subjects in S5!
    I have a feeling in order for the actors to have some “vacation”, we are going to see many episodes focussing on one of the main cast (with hardly any of the others involved) And that is one of the things I am not looking forward too for the new season (Except for the ones that will be about Steve of course) And I am delfinitely not looking forward to the ones with hardly any Steve in them. But time will tell …….

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    1. That is excactly what I’m worried about. That they will focus on one character at a time.
      I do love Chin, but I don’t want an episode with him in the focus and the others missing. He is great with all the others, but not alone. Sorry.
      And please, no Kono episode again. And no Grover one. His episode had good acting, but was boring as hell.
      Steve can carry an episode, but the others simply can’t. It’s not really the actors’ fault, it’s the story writing. And to be honest none of the other characters are THAT interesting. At least not to me. They are awesome as additions to the whole picture, but as a single one, only Steve manages to be interesting enough to follow him through a whole episode.

      Don’t hold back your own list just because someone else already did that. I’m sure your post would be awesome. Most of your posts are. 🙂

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  6. I will always love the show because of Alex and Daniel.I Like both of you girls wishes for the show.Hopeing Season 6 is better than 5.Iwish Catherine can stay also .but it’s up to the boss and he like’s to keep us guessing .So Mr.PL .Im not gonna say what im thinking.Love the pictures.

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  7. I pretty much agree with all of the comments though am still not that fed up with Danny enough to wish him elsewhere but they do need to crank down the bitchiness a few degrees. Love Steve paired with all members of the cast because I just love Steve. I’d like to see him hang out with Toast. That would definitely be a hoot in a handbasket.

    I think Grover is great. He can knock Steve down a peg or two, (when he gets a bit too gung-ho), without it being annoying. The other, more peripheral, characters are good as well; just in smaller doses. Two questions though: Who the Hell thought it was a good idea to give Mary a baby and why is Danny dating one?

    My wishes are simple: 1. Steve needs to wind up with someone he loves who loves him back. I would prefer it be Catherine but if that can’t be done, then someone age appropriate. 2. Address Steve’s PTSD more directly. 3. Bring back Mr. Pickles

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    1. Oh, yeah, crank down the bitchiness. It’s getting really old. I know many people say, well, that’s just how he is. Yeah, that might be. But I for one, would not want to be around such a person. And for sure not on a daily basis.
      I doubt Toast and Steve would ever hang out. Maybe we’ll get a Danny/Toast story.

      That is what I love most about Grover and Steve… their mutual respect. They can bicker and joke, and it never feels degrading or mean. That is what I want to see.

      I think they got cold feet about the PTSD; not sure if we will ever see anything about again. But done right it would be awesome.

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  8. I agree with you Mostly Five O! As I agree 100% with you. But here are some of mine if you do not mine me saying. As would love to see more Grover and Steve. It is not mean spirited but just a good spirited competition. Like you said. Really Grover has grown on me. He isn’t mean spirited when he kids with McGarrett and vice versa. Danny needs to learn from that.
    Really wish that P.L. would not treat Catherine like dirt like the fans have and really see her and Steve happy and engaged, married, and possibly a baby. Like you say, she can be a recurring character. Not be on there week after week.
    Catherine is so fine for Steve and vice versa. As Catherine is like the female version of Steve. As really they need one another. I for one love Catherine a lot. Hate it that the fans do not and giving Michelle Borth a rough time. She has nothing but my full 100% support.
    But what will happen over this new love interest? Really just keep an open mind. We have not seen her in action just yet. And everybody is jumping to conclusions. Just keep an open mind. But still, Catherine and Steve both rock!
    More Chin in the past couple of seasons as he has really picked it up from sidekick to being more of a presence and Daniel really doing a good job. As hope he can direct again. I love Chin as he is quickly becoming my favorite character. Over Danny and Steve even.
    Kono and Adam possibly having a baby. As really think that they will get pregnant either in the middle or at the end of this season. It is not IAD or GP fault over the way they have to do their jobs. But really they need to be better written than that. Notice you didn’t mention Kono and that is fine.
    I love Dr Max but he actor playing him. Is going to be out for a few episodes due to being on Heroes Reborn on NBC. But like him just the same.
    Danny needs to stop whining a lot. Really make him better written despite feeling empathy at times for him. And if he wants to drive his dang car, then man up and not just kid about it Danny. Put your foot down. Unless he “lets” and “likes” Steve to control him. Sometimes they, the writers do badly write Danny. Sorry I know you are not a S.C. fan like I am. And yes, he can be nasty to Steve from time to time. There I said it. Needs to learn from Grover to kid in a good nature way. And learn to really support Steve. Which IMHO he does, if he doesn’t get mean spirited.
    Want to see him with Steve in the bromance thing. Like in seasons 1-3.
    Jerry I want to see less despite being a Jorge Garcia fan. But he is there it seems for way too much comic relief.
    Really the P.T.S.D. thing got dropped and it really should had been addressed more with care and concern of who Steve was and his control issues despite being a leader. Which he should be. At times however, the show goes way too far in him playing God.
    Resolve the issues with Doris as that has gone on for way too long. Have her come back for one or two episodes to tie up loose ends. But it has been a couple of years ago since C.L. appeared on the show. Really the storyline is really dragging out and beyond. Note to Peter L, need to really close this story line and fast and move on.
    Joe White want to see more of as he trained Steve, mostly good traits though.
    Christopher Sean’s Gabriel may never be a Wo-Fat but he is up there. As he is just getting started.
    BTW, I miss Mark D as sure as all of you all also have. He was the guy you love to dislike(hate is a strong word).
    As much as I love Alex O, his Steve character I loved from 1-2, half of three, then disliked him in season 4 but really got to loving him again in season 5 despite some flaws. Have had a love hate relationship with McGarrett. But still we got to see more of his softer side.More in season 5. Despite it being your very least, like Season 4 was my very least. Like with the children he had photos of in 5×19 and how he has come a long way from being uncomfortable with children to loving them. And he did get that from Danny due to Grace.
    However I do want him to be happy. And seeing him happy and goofy. Really makes us women really love him more.
    Sorry this was long. But still I appreciate you giving me this opportunity to also have others like me who are fans. To show our live for Five-0. We may not always see eye to eye but we can agree to disagree. Sorry about the long paragraphs. But you do a good job on this. In fact very excellent.

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  9. I agree with most of what you have said.

    Not all fans hate Michelle/Catherine. I believe there are relatively few who are that extreme but they are the most vocal. It seems as though they are blaming the very young fans for not playing nice, but I think that most of what you see and hear about is not coming from very young women but from all age groups, with the majority being from supposedly mature women, who should know better than to behave like the Junior High “mean” girls. Not one of them would have lasted five minutes with my Mother and less than two minutes in my home. Sometimes I wonder how they were raised to have become so uncharitable. I am sorry they have such a poor self image to believe that their behavior is acceptable.

    All I can say to them is this: McG is a fictional character, so stop acting like twelve year olds because he will NEVER ring your doorbell with an engagement ring in his hand.

    (Was that a “spoiler” about McG not being real?) Cokie/Sam- please forgive me if I let the cat out of the bag!

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    1. LOL – yeah, I’m sure some people will be really shocked when they finally discover that McG (or any of the others) is not real. That will be a real bummer. 🙂

      But I must, say, I DO realize none of them is a real person, I still DO care for them. They give me such joy and mostly entertain me on such a high level, that I do treat them like friends. Well, most of them. LOL
      But I don’t get worked up over something that might happen, or did happen, or whatever. I do always voice my opinion, and I secretly love to provoke people with an opinion, but I am always pretty calm about it. I vent about what irks me, but then I move on. And I never would get nasty toward real people. That is taking it way too far. One can rant and rave about a character as much as they want (well, OK, one should keep a level head about it) but never about the persons behind it.
      That is plain wrong. And frankly, I often shake my head about some people. What they are saying about the characters or the actors shows very clearly what kind of people they are. Some of them should be ashamed of themselves.

      Anyway, I want to thank all of you guys again for keeping it clean here. For respecting the main rule on this blog: respect the people behind the characters and respect your fellow fan. You are all doing a great job with that.

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      1. Sam: Let me second that opinion. Rant about the characters. Rant upon the storylines. But the actors and actresses are only reading lines written by someone else and doing their best to bring their characters to life. Getting personal and showing disrespect to them is absurd, And I am so happy to see that we, on this site, have not attacked Sarah/Lynn simply because she was hired to do a job. Even though I don’t believe her character will have any traction with MCG (only two episodes) and that PL will follow the formula of giving each of the main characters happiness and then snatching it from them, I believe he will ultimately put things right in the end. He wants drama. Kono has a new husband who may or my not be corrupt, Danny has an ex-wife who has done the unthinkable, not only to her children but her husband Stan.. Chin will get a new LI but who knows, she may have some dark secret. I hope it will work out because Chin deserves it. And Cath and Steve will find their way back to each other. And all will right in the world.

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  10. LOL!!! Talkative group! And what an excellent post, girlies! You clearly got everybody really thinking and spilling their hearts here. ❤

    What we wish for is amazingly similar. Which oughta tell TPTB something! I cannot imagine that Show and its Kahunas wouldn't see these wishes as not only legit, but actually a better way to go for some of their characters and the over-arching story.

    But then, I think we put more thought into these character than the producers do. I think we even love em a bit more. They aren't pay checks for us. They are our fantasy ohana. So we want it perfect…or close to. 😉

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  11. gracenotpark, you are definitely correct about the characters being more important to us than to the writers and producers. We probably spend more time with blog postings than they do writing each episode. I still wonder whether they remember we miss some details they have in their minds from deleted scenes.

    I agree with Sam and Cokie I love every Steve/Grover scene. I don’t care at all about Kono and Adam. I don’t like “solo” storylines unless they are about Steve. I hope the Catherine relationship is handled well. I also love Steve’s commitment to her and hope they can build a lasting relationship. If the show decides to stop that relationship, it needs to be finished off right, and Steve would need time to recover before dating anyone else. That situation has me slightly confused about the new “GF” coming in so soon after 5.03.
    More Steve in uniform – YES! who could ever be against that?
    a HUGE confrontation between Steve and Doris. She has lots of “splainin” to do.
    Finally, a different take on Danny’s character. I hope that the storyline with Charlie will lead to a happier Danny. I loved him with Charlie in 5.25 (i guess that’s the number).
    I should not be looking so forward to Friday. It’s a TV show, and I am an adult with real life to deal with, but I would rather stay home for H50 than go out on a Friday.

    love you guys. Here’s to all our wishes coming true!

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  12. It is that we love our show. And love our characters. But at times. people like P.L. do not hear the fans out loud and clear on what they want. It is the fans that make the show.


  13. On an off-hand note, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I get emails from CBS (I must’ve somehow gotten on their email list when I was watching the episodes on their website). Not once in all these years have I seen them advertise Five-0 in their promotional emails. They advertise every show BUT this one. That’s weird.


  14. Is it too late for me to add to my wish list?

    I would like to see a more realistic episode of what happens when Danny and Rachel remember that Stan is legally Charley’s father and has a say in his treatment, or may even demand the court grant him full or at least joint custody of his child. Legally he is bound to support Charlie and legally he is still his father. He’d have to step aside from the three year old child he has come to love and consider his own for Rachel and Danny to have full custody. Finding out now what Rachel and Danny have done does not mean he no longer loves HIS child. I wonder if the writers are even aware of this or consider it a little wrinkle they can gloss over.

    Now that is what I consider an angst filled episode which would give all of them an opportunity to really act their hearts out. But I don’t think we’ll ever see it. Why let real life intrude on the Danny- Rachel fairy- tale?

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