The new girl?

Falling Skies alum Sarah Carter is set as a recurring on the upcoming sixth season of CBS’ Hawaii Five-O. Carter will play Lynn, a nature enthusiast and avid explorer McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) takes to a remote island on an adventurous first date, where they stumble upon a criminal hideout that puts both of their lives in danger.


I’m actually really excited about the news of a new girlfriend for Steve.

GASP! Wait! What?!

How can that be? Especially since I love, truly love Cath and Steve. So, why am I excited about the prospect of a new girlfriend for our hero?

Read on to find out my reasoning. 😉

The answer is pretty simple really. I want Steve to be happy. I want him in a real, close relationship. I want someone being there for him when he’s hurt, physically or emotionally. I want him to be able to come home and having someone there who he can love. Also emotionally and physically. 😉

And I feel like that is not going to happen with Catherine. That relationship isn’t going anywhere.

It could have been an awesome relationship. They are a great couple, but the show has pretty much screwed it up, and I don’t think they will be able to make it right again.

This relationship makes Steve and Cath miserable, and us too. And I don’t want to feel miserable anymore.

I want to be happy with Steve and for Steve (and for Cath too). And if their relationship needs to come to an end for that to happen… well, then so be it.

I just have one wish, please let the end (if there is one) be mutual. Please make it a good story. Bring this wonderful relationship, that brought me so much joy, to a satisfying end, if you feel the need to end it that is.

Please, they deserve it. And, heck yeah, we deserve it!

One more thing, please welcome the new actress to Five-0. Don’t hate her for the character she’s playing.

And who knows… maybe this will finally give us the love and passion we always hoped for.

Now I’m going into hiding before my partner is going to kill me for posting this. Or revokes her invitation. 😉

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  1. grumble…grumble…mumble… I suppose it is TOO LATE to cancel the plans, so I guess you HAVE to come. 🙂

    How about this: I have nothing against New Girl. She is very cute. But I will withhold my judgment and my comments until after I see what happens with Steve and Catherine. I don’t want to be in a pissy mood about it, but I have to admit I will be sad if they break up.

    Give me a month or two and we can see how I feel. 🙂

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  2. In my ideal world Catherine would come back and they’d have a real relationship. But since that’s not going to happen, I agree about seeing Steve in a happy relationship again.

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    • Yes, absolutely. I’d love to see Steve and Cath being happy and in a real relationship, but since that doesn’t seem to be the plan, I’ll settle for Steve to be happy with someone else.
      On the other hand, we were also told that Lori and Ellie were new girlfriends. So, I will still keep the hope, but will also be open minded about a new relationship.

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  3. This is what I feared was coming to pass. I see your point although I am depressed about the news. I can’t help wondering why they just didn’t kill Cath off while she was gone and kept it that way. Then Steve could have mourned and moved on. Now it seems they did this just to torture us and give the haters more to scream about. I see no reason to have brought Catherine back just to dump her again. All I ask is that this new girl be a smart, worthy woman of our Steve…..not an Amber knock off. I am off to check out this actress’ age.


    • As far as I know she was born 1980, so not really that much younger than Alex. Age wise they are a good match.
      I totally get what you’re saying why to bring her back only to take her away. Doesn’t make much sense. But I will wait and see.
      And I will be sad, but I will also be hopeful that Steve will find love. Real love, in a realationship that brings him happiness.

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      • Cokie, I don’t want them to kill Catherine off but it would have been kinder to those of us who like her to have that happen then bring her back and then yank her away. Now I will have to read all the haters comment about how right they were and she was impossible to work with or whatever.

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      • If it makes you feel better, the new girl has only been signed for two episodes. That does not seem enough time to build a lasting relationship. Even if, as the actress her self says, they will see how it develops between her character and McG, PL does not seem to be committed to a new LI or she would have been signed for more episodes. PL keeps storylines from his actors. Ellie got only four–two more than four, by my count! PL keeps storylines to himself and the actors rarely know where they are going, The actress who played the Governor had no idea she was being killed off and Mark D. found out Wo Fat was going to die when he got his script. So, I doubt the new girl knows anything herself, except getting only to episodes should tell her something.


  4. I love you!
    >>I want Steve to be happy. I want him in a real, close relationship. I want someone being there for him when he’s hurt, physically or emotionally. I want him to be able to come home and having someone there who he can love. Also emotionally and physically.<<
    May I add: I want someone who listens!
    Steve's happy, I'm happy. It's that simple folks, it really is!

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    • Yes, it is that simple. It would be perfect if that someone would be Catherine because I really think they are a good team.
      But if it’s not meant to be, I’ll be happy to see him with someone else.
      It’s like in real life. People love each other, but they are not meant to be together. And hopefully they will find someone else to love.
      I’m sure Steve does love Cath and vice versa. But I don’t see this going anywhere. Hopefully I’m wrong, but I doubt it.
      I DO wonder why Cath came back if she won’t stay. That seems rather strange to me. Heck, I don’t even know why they ended it like that in season 4. THAT was also really strange. But whatever the reason, it’s water under the bridge. I’m looking forward to a great new season, and hopefully some real love and passion for our Steve. He more than deserves that.

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    • I’m ready to boycott the show! No hate here for anyone , just absolute frustration for otherwise smart people not realizing the goldmine of a couple they have in Steve and Catherine ! Why were we strung along only to have the rug ripped out from under us?


      • You know, I do get people’s frustration. But to be honest, we don’t know anything yet. Why not keep an open mind, waiting and seeing what might happen, and THEN rant and rave?
        CBS and especially PL loves to provoke people with strange ‘news’ about girlfriends and other stuff. I wouldn’t give much about it. But IF it happens, I will keep an open mind about it.
        We never know if it might be the best thing that could ever happen to the show. We never know until we actually see it.
        So, all of you, keep your calm and wait and see.

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  5. Well my first reaction to your post is:

    So, I waited all season 5 for a good episode, they didn’t deliver a really good one till the last one when Cath came back, and the chemistry of these two was able to pick up right where it left off. So I thought they were finally going to do things right.

    But no, here we go into the same old cycle of introducing female after female instead of using what truly worked.

    My second reaction was “Okay, how have they screwed Catherine over this time?”

    So much for my revived confidence after the S5 final episode.

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    • That is what I am worried about. That they won’t bring this to a good ending. To not make Cath out to be a b/tch.
      But I truly hope I’m wrong and they will get it right this time. To make up their mind, and then stick with it. Not this limbo we had since the end of season 4.

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  6. I’m happy that Steve will have someone in his life that has the same love of nature, giving them something in common outside of work or Navy! As for Catherine, I think she stayed away as long as she did because she was unsure of her feelings for Steve. In my mind, the beginning of the end started when ex b.f. Billy came back, then died . Catherine was way too comfortable with him, and instead of turning to Steve for comfort when Billy died she turned away from him.


    • Good point granny, the same thought crossed my mind. I, too, often think that Cath ran away because she was unsure, scared to commit despite her feelings for Steve.

      Just why, oh why, bring her back and then send her away again? Yes, I am willing to wait and see. I haven’t completely lost hope that they might give us a good explanation other then “I couldn’t miss Kono’s wedding” for her to come back and another reason then “I have to continue my support over there” for her to leave again.
      I am willing to keep an open mind on Sarah but I do admit that I’d rather like to see Steve with Ellie, if at all. Then again, what was Ellie’s purpose? Right now we don’t know for sure whether Cath is out of the picture for good. But everything points to it. Whatever the outcome, I wholeheartedly join Sam in wishing that Steve will finally have a person by his side who’s there to stay with him.


  7. While I welcome Sarah and we do need to have an open mind. But for those of us who love Steve and Catherine and want both happy. As all of us mostly here are Steve and Catherine shippers. Really fans of those two wanting them happy and together. Well not so much. Of another lady as Steve is for Catherine and vice versa.

    At least Steve will indeed have a person by his side this time. And not ridicule him. But please let’s cut Sarah some slack and welcome her. Despite being shippers of Steve and Catherine. Really hate the producers mistreating Catherine. I love her for one.

    Team Steve and Catherine!

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  8. Okay. I do not believe for one moment that PL brought Cath back for it to end this way. I didn’t think she and McG would have an easy time of it at the beginning of S6. That said, I have been watching what PL does very carefully since E421 and, lord help me, I think I understand him. He just loves to play around with this nutty fandom. He throws something out there and then quietly exits when all hell breaks loose. I had a boss who did this. He called it “motivational”.

    I saw this happen three times before. First Jenna, even though the flirting lasted nano seconds because she was still mourning her lost love.

    Then there was Lori, who was hailed as the new female McGarrett, – strong, smart, professional and in charge. Well, the writers gave us weak, unprofessional and embarrassing — a puppy dog following McGarret around. She did everything but salute him and say “yes sir”.

    Next we have the “new woman in his life”, Ellie. That was the ship that never sailed. PL denied that it was a love interest, although he certainly made some people panic (both McRolls and McDanno’s) because of some mixed signals during early interviews.

    Notice the vague way the story of this “date” was framed. It leaves the same wiggle room as we had with Ellie. It’s ripe for denial and if history repeats, she will be recurring around the same amount of episodes as the new M.E. ( I can’t even remember her name.) Ellie had virtually no screen time. Her dates with McG consisted of:
    1. Lets fix my car,
    2. Lets catch some fish.
    3. Let’s see which one of us is the better boxer and oh, yes,
    4. Let me buy you a cup of coffee.

    Has anyone noticed if PL said anything more than they would decide Cath’s fate later? I put no credence with any spoiler site which gives ANYTHING but a DIRECT quote from him. Only then will I believe it.

    One thing I have learned about PL is this. He does not lie. If he is emphatic when he makes a comment about a character or a story line, you can believe him. If he is vague or thinking out loud or speculating , as he often does during interviews, it leaves everything open for fan interpretation and I think he really loves that. He can take cover and say, truthfully, that he never said such a thing, It’s actually quite brilliant.

    So, I am not panicking that Steve and Cath are done, because if he wanted to end that relationship he could have done so “off camera” or at the end of 525 or certainly by 601. So how does Cath exit in 603? Maybe they need some time to see how they really feel about each other and are going to go slowly because they really have only two options- break up or get married. They have 24 episodes to do this.

    If this is the final season, ( and I hope not) I suspect McG and Cath will marry. It seems PL has decided to give everyone at H50 a chance at love. First Kono, then Chin and even Danny, who I am sure will forgive Rachel and want to bring his family together. Why should PL throw McG to the wolves? He won’t. MB is recurring, so we will see her again. I doubt a new woman would have time to master the puzzle that is McG , so I think we are in for another new “LI” which will go the route of “buddy”.

    So about the length of this.

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      • I woke up to the S601 promo about the proposal. See, this is what I mean about PL having his bit of fun with us. The various fandoms go from joy to despair and back again.

        A couple of days ago it was a date with a new girl and today Steve’s talking marriage. It begs the question of what may or may not happen in the third episode. We’ll see her again Cath again because he told an interviewer that she and Ellie will meet. He didn’t say maybe- he said yes and Ellie is not in the first three episodes so it will have to happen later in the season. Aunt Doris is returning, so its either a sad goodbye or to attend a wedding. ( I’d love to see baby Joan as a flower girl wreaking havoc with flower petals.)

        As for Doris, I want her to redeem herself in a way that will make Steve understand and forgive her. He deserves to have a mother who loves him and he needs to love her in return. The only way that will happen is if the writers can come up with an acceptable excuse for her behavior. Unfortunately, they may have dug themselves so deeply into a hole that they have no idea how to climb out. Maybe those of you who are clever writers can figure it out for them and send them a ladder.

        Got to give PL credit. He is a master handler of this fandom.


        • UGH! Doris. That is a story line that could quietly disappear and I wouldn’t miss it. For me anyway, they have written this one into a hole they cannot dig out of. She was unlikeable from the start, and while I appreciate the whole ‘redeem herself with Steve’ part, I’ve never been able to get past the fact that she’s never demonstrated a single iota of remorse over what happened to her husband. And I’m astonished that people give her a pass on that. Though I could care less if we ever see/hear from Doris again, I’m hoping Aunt Deb will make a reappearance. And yes, I’d love to see toddler Joanie back in an episode. She was adorable!


          • I’m just talking redemption and forgiveness.

            I want the writers to come up with a credible reason to show us she is not a monster. Perhaps that will explain her reaction to John’s death, but I agree that I don’t recall it ever being addressed when she made her appearances. I could be wrong.

            I just want McG’s character to heal emotionally as well as he does after Cokie and Sam try to beat him to death.


    • Oh Mama, I love you more than ever. (Blushing) You have voiced what I was afraid to say. I will keep my fingers and toes crossed although that is going to be very uncomfortable for some time. It may mess up my typing. I so hope you are right.

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    • I do agree with you and I truly hope you’re right. All I’m saying is that I will welcome a new woman in Steve’s life if the show won’t go ‘our’ way. Steve and Cath would be perfect, but if I can’t have that because PL has other plans I won’t scream bloody murder and deny Steve happiness.
      Unfortunately none of us has any say in the matter, if I had my way… trust me, Steve and Cath would have had a LOT more fun during the last years than they had.
      They are awesome together, and I damn well would show that and build on this great mature relationship. Unfortunately the show has an EP who, in my eyes, has no idea how to handle or write a strong woman. He has such a great character on his hands, but he messes around with her. It’s a pity really.
      I am kind of amused about all the people who are devastated that Cath is gone. Excuse me, but who said she is gone?
      What PL calls a ‘date’ might very well be Steve tagging along as her security detail, or something like that. He had ‘dates’ with Lori, Jenna and Ellie. 😉 If that were dates, oh well, Steve obviously does something wrong. LOL
      So, I won’t panic, I will enjoy every scene with Cath, and I will keep an open mind about any new girl.

      And I LOVE this great discussion here about the new character. You guys are awesome. 🙂

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  9. MamaYorkie,

    I commend your analysis and can relate to all exhortations not to panic. However, while we truly DON’T know what they have planned for S6, the show does have a very predictable (and abysmal) track record. Buddy females aside, they have demonstrated that they genuinely don’t know WHAT to do with a totally fantastic female character, and Catherine is the best female character they’ve had on the show (all due respect to Kono).

    Also, regardless if they kill Catherine off or otherwise dispose of her, for the last 5 seasons we’ve seen McGarrett is a 1-woman man. So no matter what they do, they can’t genuinely write him as being IN character if they dump him with the latest female cast insertion.

    In any case, there’s nothing to do but wait. I’m assuming the new season will launch by the end of this month? Then we’ll see. I do know that after being burned in S5, they will get very few chances with me in S6, not that they or anyone cares. LOL! But I just don’t really have the patience for the B.S. I don’t like to read novels that do not have good follow through and its the same for TV.

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    • Brenda:
      Yeah- PL had no reason to bring Cath back in 525 unless he thought It was possibly the final season. When that episode was written/conceived, he likely had not gotten the final go for S6. Even if, as some say, she is somehow involved with Doris and he considers it a betrayal, we need to keep something in mind. Steve still loves Doris. She is his mother and his earlier memories of her before her “death” are happy ones. He loves Cath and even if he is somehow angry with her, he will forgive her because that is what we do when we love someone. We know McG doesn’t trust easily. Other than Cath and Freddie, his best friend, and Joe, no one else, certainly no one on the task force, can relate to him and his experiences as a Naval officer and the things which make him the man he is.

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  10. Girl… Get out of my head. You read my mind. I like S/C together but if it’s not meant to be then it’s not meant to be.At the end of the day I watch for McG so as long as they give him a good SL I’m happy. I’m excited to see how it unfolds. Hope the new girl is not in law enforcement or military+ shows us another side of him. Never seen the actress but she’s very pretty and I’m sure she’s good. Hopefully she doesn’t get harassed on Twitter.

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  11. ya’ll all covered everything that has been swarming in my head. Except the frustration I have over that racy scene that may occur just before the couple breaks up. I’m not so keen on that, but I am old fashioned.
    I have heard a betrayal mentioned by several fans. Is that just a guess or has there been some official mention of Catherine doing something?
    I also have fingers crossed and breath held. I am more excited about new scenes with McG than I am worried about McRollins, but i really want them together.

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    • Everything is speculation at this point. We are ALL making guesses. No one but PL knows where this is going, For me, it is illogical to think that PL is influenced by what a small percentage of the viewers who use social media want, He is going to do what the ten million who tune in on Friday night expect of the characters. Those are the people whose numbers count for renewal. And I think they like Catherine.

      Just because he returns the tweets of some of his cheerleaders does not mean that he is influenced by them or being anything more than polite. That they plummet into the throes of mind blowing, toe curling, earth moving, rolling waves of rapture when favors them with a reply is, uh, ……. interesting.

      As for as that bed scene in E63, well, I’m not old fashioned. I’m just old.

      (I hope they broke the bed.)

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  12. I’m with ya, Sam. I am a serious McRoll fan, but if Show stupidly poops on its best love match, then give McG an also-ran cos dude would NOT be alone! I have said he oughta run into some old High School flame in town. You KNOW as soon as the Commander hit the island in S1, the Kukui High alumnae were alllllll over that newsflash! 😆

    My distrust, and what will be my massive irk, is if they mess with her character, and villainize her in any way. That is how Show conveniently creates love-drama for its men, by turning women characters into insta-bitches. Doris and Rachel, as well as Cath, have been used this way…as was the old Gov and Jenna. Don’t make me come out to Hollywood and smite yo ass, PLenkov!

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    • That would be a typical PL move, to make her betray Steve and their love. If he makes her one of the bad guys, he has to answer to me! 😉
      But I guess I’d have to get in line to give him a piece of my mind then. 🙂

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        • Moonjat54— Consider that it is only FF and reflects the personal prejudices of the writers and nothing more. If there is a fan base that hates Cath (did I really say “if”?) this is what they will write because it is what they enjoy and they have readers who also share that sentiment. They are entitled.

          I want a happy Steve and Cath so I prefer FF which is kind and gentle and loving. I am entitled, too. Steve and Cath will find their way back. I am In no doubt about that. I think Cath will be part of the larger Doris-Joe arc which is supposed to be resolved this season. (Only Doris can make Steve angry with Cath. Maybe that’s the big turn? Cath knows where Doris is or was in contact with her but didn’t tell Steve? )

          PL now says Steve and Cath will have hard time getting back on track even though they want to. What does that tell you? The road is rocky but NOT impassable. He has NEVER said anywhere that she is leaving for good. The new “girl” must be Ellie’s friend. She’s just another red herring and so we get led around the floor once more by “master of the dance”. (Personally, I think the man is brilliant.)


          • Bless you Mama, I do want to believe you. I was just surprised by who was giving that story great reviews. I will hope with all my heart that PL really does care about Steve and Cath and will not botch this story line. MB recently thanked all her supporters but gave no other clues which I appreciate.
            You are right that something could have had Cath hook up with Doris while she was gone, it is not beyond belief. I asked my hubby about this actress who is joining the show, since he watched Falling Skies and he said she was a good actress for what that is worth. Bless his heart, I think he liked the actress that played Coraline on Moonlight. His judgment is suspect….lol.

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              • Mama, I have said more than I should. I hope Cokie and Sam forgive my outburst. I just have an issue with that particular author but should have kept my mouth shut. I am very sorry.


                • No Problem, You got a chance to vent and that’s good. For the record, every faction of this insane fandom can say, write or tweet what they want but in the end, PL will make his decision, In fact, he probably already has. If he wanted to end the relationship he could have left her in Afghanistan. Bringing her back was a statement and the fact that we are hearing the same spoiler repeated seven different ways means that there is a shutdown on this communication. Only PL, MB and her agent know how many episodes she is contracted for and we won’t know much until PL tells us or MB is spotted in Hawaii. So, feel better. Sometimes an outburst is the very thing we all need to do clear the air.

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  13. By the way, CBS is a source of expanding the teaser about the “date” which is interesting since they were also behind the Lori Weston rumor. PL denied that one as not coming from him. He denied the Ellie romance, too, blamed others for making it a LI and said it was just a friendship. I have every expectation this will go the same way after a sufficient amount of time passes and it is no longer fun watching the children squabble.

    These interviewers pick and choose a phrase here and there until can slap together a “scoop”. History is repeating itself once again. I was more concerned about the arrival of Ellie until I figured PL out. I am not the least bit concerned about the new girl. Wasn’t amber/Melissa supposed to be Danny’s new love? That just may have fizzled with the return of Rachel. Wasn’t the new M.E. supposed to have something going with Danno? Did I miss it?


  14. Has anyone seen the teaser for6-1? Steve tells Danny he is going to ask Catherine to marry him!!! Then he breaks out in the brightest smile. Aaah, the plot thickens !!! Can’t wait for the 25th .


    • Thanks. I’d never heard of Spoiler TV before so now I learned something new. LOL! As to that blurb—that would be totally, totally awesome if it turns out to be true, but I find TPTB to be completely untrustworthy. But we’ll just have to wait and see. It can only go two ways–they’re going to nail it or screw it up royally.


  15. Ladies, I’m really enjoying all these comments here!
    Fresh banter, no bashing, open minds…. Thank you, this is once a great place to turn to while the “fans” rip each other apart on twitter etc. 😳
    Yes, I think PL likes to play with us and the spoilers we get have to be taken with a grain of salt, if they’re not direct quotes from him, as said above.
    With all the little bits and pieces of info and spoilers floating around we can only assume what might happen. But since we don’t have a crystal ball, PL might surprise us after all 🙂
    I am willing to keep an open mind. All I want is Steve to be happy and -please!!- a good storyline to explain whatever will happen. Is that too much to hope for? 🙂

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  16. I’m so confused. I too want Catherine back and the spoiler for season 6 has Steve telling Danny he’s going to ask Catherine to marry him but then he’s got a new girl lined up for later episodes! PL says it’s complicated and there is a huge change to Steve and Cath’s relationship and I’m left trying to think of too many different scenarios to explain all this!! If I can’t get access to these episodes when they start in the US and I have to wait until they show in the UK I’m going into meltdown. Argghhhh!


      • That’s why I’m wary. There are a whole bunch of ways they can screw Catherine up. And neither books or television are immune to continuously using cliches—for example there’s the old “while she was gone she met someone and got pregnant”. Although now that I say that I have to give credit when they earn it–I THOUGHT they were going to turn Billy into the over-used cliche love triangle, but they did one better and killed him off and I was glad. Stuff like that irritates me. There DO happen to be people who can remain faithful in this world. Not everybody is waiting to jump in the sack with anything that moves (that’s closer to Danny’s territory. That’s not a slam, that’s reality, he’s been through the women during the series run.)

        This series has been very interesting for me as far as what my priorities are as a fan. I make no bones about it, I watch for the eye candy–the lead guys in most shows. Let’s face it, in most series, the lead is usually a real hunk and who WOULDN’T be drawn to watch them? And yes, AOL is that and more for Hawaii Five-0. He is absolutely superb and I can’t imagine FIve-0 with anyone else. But many of the FIve-0 fans latched on to AOL in prior roles. I’d never seen or heard of him prior to Five-0 and I’m older now so I don’t have that giddy attachment I would have with other male actors in previous years. So though I have tremendous respect for the character of Steve McGarrett and the awesomeness that AOL brings to the character, this time, in this series, that’s not all I’m looking for.

        Because there’s the other half of the equation. Generally, as we’ve discussed here in the past, women haven’t been done well on TV, with a few exceptions. Elise Keaton from Family Ties comes to mind (though I didn’t go with her liberal views). If you’re old enough to remember it, Miss Kitty Russell from Gunsmoke was a fantastic female character (although she disappeared from the show in a rather lame way near series’ end when the actress left the series. There’s still a big hole in my heart at how that was handled.) But other than those 2 characters that I can think of off the top of my head, women characters were poorly done (aka the screaming brainless bimbos from when Bonanza was on).

        And that circles my long diatribe back to Five-0. From the minute she appeared in her first episode, I knew Catherine Rollins’ potential. I was thinking to myself, “Here’s a fantastic female character with a LOT of story potential built in and they are bringing her in to use her in a fantastic way and be a well-developed character in her own right.” Well they did a little bit of that but I’m sorry to say didn’t try too hard to mine the goldfield they had in her character. Kono’s character is just too young to provide the background and potential of Catherine Rollins. I also saw tremendous story potential when she went to Afghanistan. They could have checked in on her story at the start of episodes the way they did Kono’s and Adams chasing around China (and Catherine’s would’ve been a lot more interesting). They could’ve reversed roles and instead of Steve having to be RESCUED from a foreign country, he could’ve defied all odds and orders and gone in to help her when things hit the fan. But instead, the show just completely dropped the ball.

        All that to say, as much as I love Steve (and his character development has been awesome), I’m more attached to Hawaii Five-0 because of Catherine Rollins–because of the potential she represents for a fantastic female character in a land full of drought and very mediocre female characters. And as I saw with season 5, if Catherine is not present, the show just loses a lot of luster. So we’ll see what happens next. I hope the powers that be will astonish me with their great skill and story-line writing on Catherine’s behalf. I hope they will wow me by finally allowing that character the range she needs in her own right and as Steve’s long time love. And yes, they CAN do that in the context of Five-0’s format.

        I don’t know what MB’s acting background is, but I’d love to see her get a show of her own, because I think she could do a lot with it, but I get the sense peripherally that she hasn’t gained that type of momentum in the industry. That’s too bad because I think she’d be awesome.

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    • Louandt, there are many legal ways to watch the show right after it aired. You can get a season pass from iTunes or amazon. You can even watch it on the CBS website for free.
      There is NO reason for anyone in the world to wait to watch an episode until it aired in your country. Go and google all the possiblities. There are so many ways. Legal ones, and many from a, let’s say gray area. Not even to mention all the not so quite legal ways.

      A note to everyone: Please don’t post any links to illegal sites (download or streaming) on this blog. If one doesn’t want to invest in an iTunes pass or watch on CBS, that is their choice, but please don’t post anything like that here. Everyone can find what they need on Google or any other search engine. Thank you.


  17. I think that Steve and Catherine had a good relatilonship that could have been made in to
    something special if they had not got rid of her they should have not brought her back. for the season
    5 finale only for them to get rid of her again in season
    6 I watched a episode in season
    five where Steve told dannyhe wasn’tready for another relationship so
    Why bring in someone else at this late stage I think there will
    be a lot of dissapointed fans


    • “I watched a episode in season five where Steve told danny he wasn’t ready for another relationship so Why bring in someone else at this late stage.”

      Precisely, not only did he say this in season 5, that has CONSISTENTLY been McGarrett through the entire series run. So while I may not have great confidence in the powers-that-be, I find it hard to believe even they would be so stupid as to make such a tremendous character gaffe by having Steve be a 1-woman-man for over 5 seasons then suddenly drop everything to chase a different skirt. No one in their right mind would find that believable. And you don’t even need a continuity check to recognize that trait in McGarrett.


    • Christine:

      As far as the new girl is concerned she has signed for only TWO episodes.. That shows just how much of a commitment PL has made to that relationship. She is this season’s Ellie. with little impact on the ultimate story. She is nothing more than just a little dramatic diversion – a speed bump in the Cath/Steve relationship. PL loves drama to move along the story line.

      If PL wanted to end their story, he could have done it with a phone call or she could have been killed in Afghanistan. But, no, he chose to bring her back for four episodes and all we know is that Steve is going to be blindsided by something that happens in E603. What is that? We can only guess but my feeling is that he wakes up to a note perhaps with his ring saying something stupid that only these writers can come up with. Maybe we’ll see her get a phone call and her leaving. I don’t know. I always suspect Mama McG when there is trouble. Maybe she needs to help out with stopping Wo Fat’s father from killing Steve because he is almost certainly gunning for him. Whatever her reason for going is, it must be very serious since it is evident that they love each other.

      So, it looks to me that logic says she will return later in the season. Incidentally, the new girl could possibly be Ellie’s friend. Perhaps that whole scene where she wanted to set up a date, which he refused, is now being played out. I think a sad Steve will be prodded into going on a date and trying to move on. People don’t move on that fast. Even the writers know that going on a date with a new girl can’t suddenly erase years of a relationship serious enough to plan marriage.

      The whole “girl friend/new love interest” is not coming from PL. It’s coming from CBS who gave us Lori as a love interest, Ellie as a love interest, etc. and from the entertainment magazines who embellish the story on their own. PL has never said Steve and Cath are done, only that he would address their relationship early in the season and there would be roadblocks. He has never said that there would be a new love interest. We know there will only be a date with a character who will appear twice.

      So, ignore the ones who try to bait you on line . They would never engage unless they are worried that Cath will return. Anyone foolish enough to believe that fans determine what PL will ultimately do has not learned from the past. The first half of the season is likely written and the second half is being drafted but it almost certainly be where PL has determined he wants the story to go.

      I draw my conclusions from facts- what PL says that are in QUOTES, logic in understanding that a new character who will have any impact on the Steve Cath story would have been signed to more than two episodes, ( and I don’t think we were supposed to know that but the actress seems very open and honest and probably slipped). that no actor or actress on H50 knows their story line before they get their script and everything they say after that is guarded and top secret. PL likes Michelle enough to invite her to their live tweet and party for the screening of E601 (and I believe that she is in the picture for E602 also) so its doubtful he would do that unless she is returning for the end game. Otherwise, why bother? Why bring her back? He could have ended their story without doing that. I have to conclude he has other plans for Steve and Cath,

      The 10 million who watch on Friday night have no idea that we are even having this discussion .


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