The winners

Finally, the winners to our poll.

Again, I like to thank all of you for coming here and sharing your thoughts, and for participating in the fun.

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I was only surprised that Mister Pickles didn’t make it into the top five. But I guess Steve and Danny are not what all of us love the most about Five-0.

But don’t forget that this poll is not representative in any way. Visitors to this blog are mostly Steve-orientated. But nevertheless, I think the best episodes (except 5.23) did make it into the top 12. And the top 5 completely reflect my opinion. And I’m obviously not alone with it.


Her is the overview for all episodes.


Episode Votes
5.03 Three stupid surf b/tches 1
5.06 “If you have to explain your costume, it’s a bad one.” 2
5.20 Grover’s friend from Chicago 3
5.22 Three stupid a$$holes 4
5.10 Five-0’s shot at ‘film-noir’ 6
5.14 Xzibit and Greg Grunberg are back. 6
5.02 Kidnapped SEAL’s daughter, not. 7
5.09 Felling a tree in a Reserve? Yeah, that’s Steve. 8
5.15 Steve stripping for us… well, not really 8
5.04 ActionSteve! jumping over cars 16
5.21 Elvis and the Gang 16
5.08 “When are you willing to risk your heart?” “I did.” 21
5.16 McGrover on the golfing course 21
5.11 Shrimp-cookout with Chef Morimoto 26
5.23 Kono and the big storm 33
5.13 Steve and Joe’s car crash 38
5.18 Chin and Danny arrested, McG to the rescue. 46
5.05 Meeting Ellie 47
5.17 Mister Pickles ! 72
5.01 Drones over Oahu 74
5.12 Stealing Steve’s car? The nerve. 😉 83
5.24 Wall of Silence 96
5.19 Steve’s relaxing visit to the barbershop 129
5.25 James Bond my A$$ 225
5.07 100th, ’nuff said 236

If you have an idea for a poll, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always open for suggestions.

11 thoughts on “The winners

  1. Apparently My reading comprehension skills are crap, since I thought your #12-6 Were what won for the top 5 and I thought. .. “holy crap.. these are the WINNERS? ” LOL.

    now that I’ve realized my mistake. .. I can say that most of season 5 was forgettable for me, and I only voted for 2 eps… the top 2.

    I’m actually very surprised that the horrendous christmas tree episode got 8 votes. Or that the three idiot surfer chicks scored lower than the three idiot middle aged pigs. But, to each their own!

    Fun exercise Sam. Thanks!

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  2. I couldn’t tell based on the ep descriptions unless I missed it–what episode # is the one with Danny shooting the un-armed guy in the face w/o any verification that his brother was even in the barrel?


  3. I got one, two and three. Cannot remember what I picked for number four and was unable to choose a fifth episode. ( I figured 507 would come on top but was hoping 525 would beat it) I need to study the rankings before reaching any conclusions as to the meaning of the results.

    Thanks to all who showed up to vote. That large number, along with the one vote limit, will make for some interesting debate. Sam and Cokie–another great job by our cohorts in H50 crime.


  4. Yeah, I can live with this. It’s a little bit different than my choice but not that much. And I am truely happy that 5.07 is the lead. For me it’s on its own planet with all the other episodes in its orbit.
    My choices were:

    1. 5.07 !!!
    2. 5.19 Steve and Odell, funny, a short mention of Mom from hell, action and THE END!
    3. 5.05 the graveyard scene was perfection, flashbacks into Steve’s past, McMechanic and red shoes!
    4. 5.25 Steve has been a SEAL for more than a decade, yeah, the writers remembered!
    5. 5.12 after a long struggle, great epi but Danny spoiled a lot of the fun, Nahale fixed by Steve

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  5. Love the 100th episode. As really loved the Alternative Universe. Different characters had Steve had his father living. Really the mom from you know where. On 5.19 shows that Steve did have that. IMHO 5.18 should had been a two part episode


  6. I for one completely agree with the Top 5. For me, 100th was the best epi of the show so far but I also loved the last two epis of season 5. I hope they continue that trend in Season 6 and get Steve back to being awesomely badass. And 5×12 was such a gem. I am kind of surprised that 5×01 scored so high; I don’t really remember anything particularly remarkable about it. I would put the Ellie epi in front of it but I guess the popular vote disagrees with me.

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  7. Interesting to see pictures of AOL with a beard. I don’t mind the beard, but his face is just too cute to cover up with a beard. 😎 I do hope his hair won’t be so short this season. Guess we’ll find out in a few months.


  8. Os dois mais votados, são também dos meus preferidos. Mas um episódio que eu amei, teve uma pontuação baixa.
    Concordo com Brendaa, Alex fica ainda melhor de cabelo mais longo. Os marinheiros podem usar cabelos mais longos.

    Bing translator:
    The two most voted, are also of my favorites. But an episode that I loved, had a low score.
    I agree with Brendaa, Alex looks better with longer hair. Sailors can wear longer hair.


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