The not quite winners

Wow! 1224 votes for your favorite season 5 episodes. Thank you all so much for voting and sharing the fun with us.

It’s amazing that more than 1100 votes fall to the top 12 episodes. Rank 25 to 13 could only gather 119 votes in total.

Is one of your favorite episodes among these?


Tomorrow I’ll post the rest of it with the top five.

Episode Votes
5.03 Three stupid surf b/tches 1
5.06 “If you have to explain your costume, it’s a bad one.” 2
5.20 Grover’s friend from Chicago 3
5.22 Three stupid a$$holes 4
5.10 Five-0’s shot at ‘film-noir’ 6
5.14 Xzibit and Greg Grunberg are back. 6
5.02 Kidnapped SEAL’s daughter, not. 7
5.09 Felling a tree in a Reserve? Yeah, that’s Steve. 8
5.15 Steve stripping for us… well, not really 8
5.04 ActionSteve! jumping over cars 16
5.21 Elvis and the Gang 16
5.08 “When are you willing to risk your heart?” “I did.” 21
5.16 McGrover on the golfing course 21

11 thoughts on “The not quite winners

  1. Well I’m intrigued…but gotta say, I’m surprised the Xmas tree fiasco wasn’t last place. I usually watch the eps a lotta times, but I’ve seen that travesty exactly once. Sooooo…apparently somebody actually liked that sucker? LOL!!!!!


  2. No surprises here. I did think 509 would get fewer votes but I put that down as a sympathy vote.
    When might we expect the other “winners? Not pushing, mind you. Not pushing at all.


  3. *waves frantically* Hey there! Eight people!!! Come out of hiding! Please tell me the reason you voted for 5.09, the episode that shall not be named! I’m really interested. I mean, if you voted for real reasons and not because the “fun” of it.
    I’m happy, none of my top 5 is in this list.


    • I think it is wonderful so many people voted. Wish they would post and share their feelings. I did watch the very beginning of 509 again just to be sure it was as awful as I remembered. It was. Not only was the tree cutting an affront on McG’s character but I am still in shock that none of the writers can identify a Colorado Blue Spruce. It’s one of the most common and beautiful trees (my opinion) and certainly one of the most expensive Christmas trees which is why people buy them with ball and burlap
      for transport in their gardens after the holiday.

      Liked by 1 person

        • Thanks for responding, I could not watch the whole thing – just up to the theft of the tree so I could verify my initial view. Don’t piss off a gardener! LOL


  4. By the way, I’m not sure this post will show up. I have lost all the icons and cannot read the “like button” ( which I still cannot access) and am afraid I’m going to be spending some time with McAfee today. Would someone please let me know if my last comment shows up?


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