9 thoughts on “Update on the voting

  1. I hope 525 (Cath’s return) beats 507 but I think many have 507 as their first pick, Lets hope, whatever the results, Cath is back for S6. I believe that she will be ( I think PL wants her back) and we’ll get that wedding before the end of the season. His buddy, Ellie, can bring a date.

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  2. Yeah, I predict 507 will come out on top. I wasn’t wowed but with the majority of Steve’s fans it was hugely popular and majority rules.


    • I certainly wasn’t wowed by the story itself, but for sure by the performance and by the execution of the whole episode. They were really paying attention to detail with 5.07 – all those little things, the choreography of the fight scenes, and AOL acting the sh/t out of it made it such a great episode.
      But the story? Meh.

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  3. I thought that we would see 2 episodes with zero/null vote, but i was wrong. We have to respect everyone’s choices.

    My guess for the two leading is 5.07 and 5.25.


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