Your favorite Season 5 episode

After a lengthy debate (with myself) whether to have a Season’s favorite poll this year, I decided to go ahead and make a poll for all you poll-lovers. 😉

For me, this was a very weak season, with just a few good episodes in it. But as we all know, you can’t always win. So, I hope they will continue with the great quality the show went out on. Great two season finale episodes.

To get this poll together I had to actually look at the episode list. Something I never had to do before. Give me a number from the previous seasons, and I tell you what the episode was about.

This season? Nope. Guess they were mostly just not interesting enough to remember. But hey, that is just me, maybe you loved all of it. Good for you. Everyone should enjoy it to the fullest.

So, take your pick and tell us your favorite five (5) episodes of season 5.

The results will be revealed on the first of July.

Here is the first half of the season. The pics are linked to the reviews. Tomorrow I’ll post the rest of the season, and on Sunday the actual poll.















Tomorrow 5.14 to 5.25

11 thoughts on “Your favorite Season 5 episode

  1. Fun idea! The synopses are most helpful, as I do find I had totally forgotten some of these. I could name a top 4…not sure I could get to a top 5. But we’ll see!

    And always love the pics. Some of the stories were lacking this season, but there was NOTHING lacking about Alex. 🙂


  2. Can we vote for the same episode 5 times? 😎 There is only one episode from the whole season I can select as a favorite.


    • Actually, going through all the episodes for this post I realized that there are a few I had fun watching. Now, with time passed, and my expectations adjusted, a few of them were actually really good.
      I have no problem picking five out of them. I wouldn’t have a problem picking the five worst ever either though. 😉
      But seriously, going through the pictures and what I have written about it made me want to watch quite a few of them again.
      This season will never become my favorite, but it wasn’t as bad as I remembered most episodes. Not while looking at it from a little distance and without my initial disappointment when first watching.


    • 525???? It is my pick- a couple of the others were very good, others had some good parts sprinkled in the dregs and there were some that were just……………. .

      This is the hardest poll so far (in my humble opinion) and I look forward o the results.

      BTW, high 5″s to all of you, I can’t access my like button without getting thrown out, so please know that I would be “liking you” if I could. The problem is not with this site, I think its the “mother ship”.

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      • Yep, 525. It took them till the very last episode of the season to show me anything I felt was high quality (and even that one could have been beefed up just the teensiest bit more–they just didn’t have anything that made the high quality ratings of previous seasons). I’m sure I will be buying the Season 5 DVDs, but it’s only going to be so I can have that one episode.

        Here’s hoping for great things in S6.

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  3. 4 favorite episodes – that is very easy. I don’t have to think about it. The fifth one – that is hard!
    Maybe you can make a poll about THE favorite episode? I for once want to see the 100%! 😉

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      • There! You said it! It is not the /$(%#%§%&#% episode. It’s the episode that shall not be named!!!
        Yeah but you’re right. Maybe even this bummer will get votes. A lot of rose coloured lenses out there 😉


        • I am going to make a special trip to the nursery that sold me a Colorado spruce and show them a picture of how it should look. After all, H50 surely knows best. They sold me a blue tree, with short needles. Imagine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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