Random thoughts on 5.24 / 5.25

I hope you all enjoyed our week-long celebration of Five-0. The last two episodes really deserved it.

Thank you all so much for sticking with us this week, and for sharing the fun in your comments. We really had a blast despite all the work. 😉

Here is the last part, just some “random thoughts” and “ramblings” from the both of us. (Sam’s in italic.)

FI - 525b

After Chin is dropped off on Sand Island, I love that he goes straight to Steve. Steve listened calmly and then offered wise advice to not drive a wedge between him and Adam, catching Kono in the middle. Very smart, although Chin in the next ep had to talk to him regardless. Love that Steve was able to smile at Chin’s comment when Wo Fat was mentioned, saying that maybe Adam was collecting the bounty on Steve’s behalf for killing Wo Fat.

Like you, I really like Steve and Chin. I like seeing them working together, but I also like how Chin seeks out Steve to get his opinion. They respect each other; they also respect each other’s experience. Steve has listened to Chin a few times, and has asked for his help and advice and vice versa.

And yes, I think Steve should get that bounty money for getting Wo Fat. 😉 I hope he at least got a recommendation for getting an escaped international terrorist and arms dealer. I actually had to smile back in 5.07 when Steve shot WF. Alex had said it a few times before, let’s just shoot him. Finally PL had listened to him. 🙂

Not only did Danny lie to Melissa, but she is the type of girl who snoops on his phone. I see this as a lasting and trusting relationship.

LOL – I don’t think I will ever see her as Melissa. She’s Amber for me. Come to think of it, these two are a perfect fit. Totally screwed in their previous relationships, both liars, both cold blooded murderers. So, yeah, they are a match made in heaven. (Insert sarcasm font)


In Max’s office after the Star Wars explanation, loved the look on Steve’s face when he said “Moving on…”

I love it when people use examples from movies or TV shows like it were real references for anything.  🙂

The cargument: No date. No, because no. I’m good… no jumping in with something else…

Danny has to have someone, while Steve is content. Maybe not happy, but content. But in that scene before the “Wall of Silence” you can see he is NOT over Catherine. Period. And I did smile when we hear Danny say “you have the brain of a five-year-old”. I think he knew he had been bested and couldn’t stand it.

I agree, Steve is content and secure in himself. I don’t think he has a problem spending his time alone, I doubt he’d feel lonely. There is a huge difference between liking to be alone and being lonely. People often don’t get that difference. I think Steve likes to be alone at times, doesn’t have a problem with it at all. But he’s also very social and likes to spend his time with people. Danny on the other can’t be alone; he needs people around him at all times.

Steve is someone who if he commits to someone or something, he does it with all his heart. Completely in or not at all. I love that about him. One year is by far not enough time to get over someone, especially when Steve doesn’t believe it is over. Cath told him he shouldn’t wait for her. Shouldn’t. That is something Steve is not good at. He’s not good at doing what he should do. Besides, ‘shouldn’t wait for me’ doesn’t mean it is over. Cath had no idea when she would be back, and I think she told him to not wait just because she felt obligated to say that. But Steve would wait for her as long as she needed him to. I’m sure she knew that, and hoped for it. 🙂

I don’t think Steve would end a relationship over the phone, he would not move on before they could talk face to face about it. Contrary to what Danny believes Steve is very capable of expressing his feelings. That is why he offered to go to breakfast and ‘catch-up’, which, I’m sure, would have led to an interesting conversation. Now I hope we’ll get some of that right in the beginning of season six.

These are just random silly things but it was cute when Steve introduced Danny to the bounty hunter.

Right, that was not just a BAMF-scene, but also cute.

Another cute scene was back at the beginning when the boys stood around the car watching the video, I had to chuckle when Steve pointed out that it wasn’t a normal kidnapping either because what victim shoots the ones to help them? Good point, Steve. And the boys looked really nice.

Actually, I think these two episodes were off the charts on the attractiveness meter. Just wow.


When Steve and Danny were at the overlook, I liked that Steve was the calming influence and that Danny actually listened to him when Steve said they needed to do what was best for the kids.

When you think about it, Steve always was the calming influence. He’s the level-headed one. Always was. And he knows people. He knows how to handle people without ‘handling’ them. If that makes any sense. He just has a natural sense for what is the right thing to do, and most of the times he’s right about it. And more importantly he acts on what is right. We often ‘know’ what is right, but don’t act on it. For whatever reasons. But Steve is not like that, the acts on the right things, no matter what the cost is for him.

That bounty hunter had NO clue who he was dealing with. Loved Steve getting out of the car all smiles, only to pop him one in the face. He deserved that and more for messing with our guys!

“Nobody messes with my team!” or Steve. 😉 That guy had it coming. Snatching the bad guy from right under Steve’s nose? I’d think twice about making McG angry like that. 😉

And I totally loved the line “Part of me really wants you to try.” when he had the gun aimed at the bad guy.

OH, I loved that scene. Really cool.


And finally – Danny going to the hospital. Loved that Steve texted him. HE is a kind and considerate friend. Maybe some of that will rub off. Um… after 5 years… probably not.

Nope, not gonna happen.


Danny on the floor playing with Charlie was a cute scene.

Yes, absolutely. I can’t wait to see Steve with Charlie. He can take both kids on an adventure hike. 😉

And now… on to 5.25

Loved the look of both surprise and adoration on Steve’s face when he first sees Catherine. And loved her hesitancy, not knowing how she would be received. But Steve cleared that up pretty quickly. 🙂 “Don’t go anywhere”, says a whole lot.

I think it was not just surprise, but also a little shock to see her like that out of the blue. But he recovered quickly. I think it was the right thing for Cath to come without calling first. I mean seriously, what should she have said over the phone? I think this was the way better option.

Now… why was Cath upstairs? Steve had seen her suitcase, so had she already brought it in? Was it on the front porch where she left it after the taxi ride?

Well, first of, I’m sure Steve didn’t mean for her to wait on the beach for him to return. 😉 She did live in that house, I’m sure Steve kept her clothes there somewhere. AND, of course, she had to check if there were any signs of another women in the house. I mean, wouldn’t you check? 😉 I’m sure Steve told her to make herself feel at home. I bet she moved into the guest room. I don’t think she went for the bedroom.

Cargument… loved the inflection of Steve’s voice when he said the words, “Well, she didn’t rip my heart out”…” And totally loved how he turned the tables on Danny and asked when he was going to talk to his girlfriend. “There you go… we’ll talk when the time is right”. That should have shut up anyone!

Yes, I loved that Steve defended Catherine’s actions. Yes, he had been hurt by it, but he did understand it, and knew she had to do it. He just gets her on a very deep level. Steve telling Danny that he wouldn’t understand that only meant that Danny didn’t understand their relationship and their understanding of each other. That Danny didn’t understand Catherine’s need to do that even if it meant hurting the man she loved in the process. But Steve did understand it. He’s a man who would look at all the facts first before he would make his judgement, and he would never judge Catherine or fall out of love with her before he had talked everything over with her. How could he if he understood and supported her course of action? I’m sure he thought it sucked, and in some way his heart for sure hurt, but he was willing to accept that if it meant Cath could do what she thought was right. It’s actually pretty easy and logical thinking. If you love someone, you support him. No matter if it hurts you or not.

Loved how Steve told the bad guy that this was his ‘lucky day’ and threw him into the container, telling him he was going home… “You’ll probably bleed out on the way but hey, you’ll at least be buried in your homeland”. Smart man.

I loved that scene. Loved Steve’s quick thinking, and the other watching him do it. Chin’s smile was priceless. And even Steve let out a small smirk at the end.

And I loved how Steve shot the bad guy in the leg through the windshield of the wrecked car.

I just loved the sound of Steve’s gun. 🙂

I already talked about the ridiculous scenes with Danny while SC was not available, but I failed to mention that the scenes at the first crime-scene (the airplane) were even worth. Well, they did it slightly cleverer because there are no scenes with Steve and Danny in one frame. Except once, but that is Danny from behind, and that is SO no SC. I take it SC was again not available for filming for a huge part of the episode? Well, whatever the case, please stop this in season 6. If he’s not there, for whatever reason (I really don’t care about the why), keep him OUT of the episode, or at least the scene. Because this extra filming and cutting him in later takes on ridiculous proportions. Seriously. If one is not there, then he’s not there. Geez.

Tux scene on the beach… I loved the view of Steve in tux from behind. And how he knew Danny was having a hard time and offering to pick up Grace. Once again… a good friend.

and “wow” a couple of times, and Catherine repeated it back to him. And immediately she couldn’t keep her hands off of him. Now… this was the next day. Where did she spend the night before that? I would like to think that she and her suitcase stayed there, but I don’t know.

OH YEAH, the scene on the beach, all of them dressed to the nines. Hmm.

I loved Cath and Steve talking about how long she plans on staying. That took some guts to ask her, and it was brave of her to make that his decision. I think Steve was, scared is too strong a word, but worried to ask that question. What if she was really just there for the wedding? But I think that was just an excuse to come back home. Anyway, I think it was the most important question and the most difficult, and I loved it that Steve went right for it. No foreplay, not blabla, getting right down to the point.

And I loved it how Catherine gave her answer by laying her heart and her future in his hands. She knows that she had hurt him deeply, no matter that he understands her motives. That in order to give his heart again, it has to be his decision. I love it that she knows him so well, and that she’s willing to give him that.

Of course, the phone had to interrupt them. But seriously, how could they explain if she would leave again? Steve will not send her away. Come on, he waited a whole year for her. So, if they will not be together, in whatever form, next season, that would just be ridiculous. I truly hope we will get her back. She makes everything better. For Steve, for the team, for everyone. Please let her stay, I’m begging you.

I’m not even dare hoping full time, but I need her to be there. Maybe she can work for the Navy and on occasion for Five-0, because frankly, I would love to see her and Steve work together again. But most importantly I want to see her doing fun stuff with Steve. He needs to have some fun in his live. And some love and passion. Yeah, that would be really great.


In the blue room… Steve shot the bad guy in the leg pretty much like the Alt-Danny did in episode 100.

Huh, I have to disagree here. Wondered when that would happen, didn’t you? When Alt-Danny shot Alt-Hesse it felt like Danny enjoyed it, and that he had gone completely nuts. Steve on the other hand was in total control the whole time.

I’m not quite sure if I liked him shooting the terrorist. But I guess under those circumstances other rules apply. This was basically the question many people like to ask; “Is torture OK when millions of lives are at stake? When you need to get the location of a bomb?”. Torture is never OK, no matter what. And as we saw, it didn’t give them the answer they were looking for. That’s what I loved about the scene. I completely understood the need for shooting him, and that it would be sanctioned by the law, but that it was pointless.

But none-the-less, very powerful scene. I even liked Danny in these scenes.

The entire helicopter scene. 🙂

Nothing to add to that really. That was so great. Over the top with the bomb actually going off. I mean, really, a nuclear bomb off of Oahu? But, hey, it was so much fun. So, I’m not complaining. 😉

Loved the I’m-OK-but-I’m-glad-you-worried kiss. And the look on Steve’s face when Grover mentioned James Bond.

The whole scene, getting out of the chopper and walking towards the two women, so great. You know, that is what I was missing so much. If there are people worrying, the action and the whole story gets enhanced by it. What sense does it make to have someone in peril if there is no one there to worry about it? No one there who loves the guy in peril. Yes, others worry too, but they are not the woman who loves Steve. I really missed that.

And can I just mention that I really liked Kono in these last two episodes? If she can keep this up, I might even start to change my view of her. 😉

I love it how much fun they are having with remarks like James Bond, or mentioning other movies. I really like it.

OK, I’ll shut up now… just totally random thoughts which probably won’t fit anywhere. And that’s OK, they don’t need to.

Nah, I think they fit really well, and it was a lot what I also wanted to mention.

Actually I think we did really good with all our kind-of-reviews for these two great episodes. Especially the last one is right at the top of my favorite shows for this season. Right there with 5.07, but actually that one was not really a regular episode. So, maybe that one doesn’t even count.

The next post will be our annual Favorite-Episode-Poll. 🙂

All screen-shots were done by me. Credit to CBS. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

And please remember, we don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how we perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. We don’t claim in any way that our opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously. Always remember, this is just a TV show.



21 thoughts on “Random thoughts on 5.24 / 5.25

  1. I think you were spot on with this. You understand both Steve and Danny. Steve knows how to be alone and not be lonely, a trait shared by strong, independent people. Danny needs someone, sometimes anyone, to revolve around. I think that’s part of his attraction to the entire H50 team. He can flit from one relationship to the other without missing a beat, Steve values his relationships because he has known such loss and betrayal his whole life. That’s why his Mother’s actions hurt him so deeply. I will go so far as saying that I think Steve still loves Doris, but may not trust or respect her. That is a very sad thing for any child to bear. He’s not even sure of Joe anymore and he thought of him as a father,

    Cath is the only “real deal” relationship he has ever had. Sure he has been hurt, but he hasn’t moved on because he doesn’t want to. He hoped she would return and she did, There is a lot to talk about and we will hear it during season 6, I just loved how these two strong people were so unsure of each other’s reaction. Its what happens when you have not seen the love of your life for a while and wonder how much is left. And from their “wow” and “I missed you” moments, its still burning bright. And yes, she did go upstairs in his house and if she checked to see if there were signs of another woman, so be it. It would answer her question about his moving on. How many of us would have done that too?

    Melissa/Amber and Danny have no trust between them, nor does there exist any trust between Danny and Rachel. Danny treated Gaby poorly. She was asking for a commitment so she could stay and he gave a stupid excuse of not wanting to hold back her career. I would have liked him better if he just told her outright there was nothing there. Maybe that’s why I think much of Danny’s nastiness this season comes from resentment of Steve’s ability to commit to one woman. Danny can’t. He needs Heinz 57, the flavor of the day. Steve is a rock while Danny is a top spinning out of control.

    And I think Steve would be one hell of a Daddy. Imagine a baby Ninja who looked like Steve and Cath. I hope we see Steve trying to deliver his own kid. That alone would make up for the train wreck of S5.

    The child who played Danny’s son looks just like him. I wonder if SC gave them a baby picture and they used that to cast? Is Danny headed back to NJ to introduce his son to his family? That should explain the character’s further absence for half of S6. Come to think of it, Kono’s honeymoon will explain the lengthy lack of screen time for the actress. They will try something novel and bring in someone to take up the slack. A man, I guess. There are so many female cast members already.

    End of rant.

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  2. Loved your random, rambling thoughts. I totally agree with all of them. I don’t understand how SC can get so much time off, surely the contract he signed had so say that you show up for work. Is there something keeping the girlfriend and baby in LA? Why can’t they join him there during filming. Oh well, I’m afraid it will be more of the same next season with Danny standins when he isn’t there.

    I keep hoping that MB will say something on her FB page as to how long she will be around. I suppose it is too soon for her to know since I am sure they aren’t writing just yet. I would love to see her at least semi-regularly and I agree that Steve needs to have some fun in his life. Personally I wouldn’t mind seeing their “foxhole” play. And I firmly believe that Cath spent the night but that their “catching up” didn’t include discussing the future. Probably not much talk at all, but then I am a hopeless romantic.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Well, I think MB has learned her lesson and will not comment on anything H50 related. And that might be a good choice. 😉

      I’m not sure they would jump in bed before their talk. And who knows when they actually got home? I’m sure Steve had to be in a few meetings with the bad guy in custody but the nuke still missing. I bet he only got home early morning. 🙂


  3. MamaYorkie, I think Steve & Cath would make absolutely gorgeous children!

    The other Steve/Cath moment I loved that was so understated yet so powerful is how she helped him straighten his tie and jacket right before the wedding ceremony. I just love that despite the awkwardness that is there because of time and distance, they are still absolutely natural together and not even the however-many-thousand miles between Hawaii and Afghanistan could change that. Just both remarkably awesome characters.

    I’d love to see Cath back as part of the team.

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    • I would also like to see Cath’s parents. She mentioned her mother and Steve mentioned her father, so its not out of left field like it was with Kono. What fun to be had when the “rents” show up. (do they approve of Steve? I have no idea) Is it too soon to start knitting camo booties to go with the tiny cargo pants?

      Liked by 2 people

      • I’m sure they very much approve of Steve. Catherine’s dad showed Steve pictures of his baby girl. Dad’s don’t just show that to any ‘friend’. So, yeah, I’m sure they approve of him. 🙂

        Tiny cargo pants. LOL – love that.

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  4. Okay, I have another question about last episode. Danny mutters sometimes and I can’t understand him. When he’s talking to Max about what color tux he’s wearing to the wedding. Right before Max says something like “Unlike you, Detective Williams, I do not have an aversion to bold colors.” Danny says “_________ green?” What the heck did he say? I’ve listened 5000 times and I still have no idea what he said.


  5. Yeah it’d be cool to meet her parents. I always figured her Dad for a career Navy man though they’ve never said so that I recall. And her mother has to be cool—she’d have to be to raise such a calm, confident daughter.

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  6. 5:25 brings up another question. Since Adam had to give up his money to get out of the business, does that mean Kono doesn’t get her honeymoon on the cobblestone streets of Prague like she hoped? Hmm….. (Yeah, I know, not the most pressing question on our minds, but still an interesting one, in keeping with canon).


        • way back – and you will be able to give me the exact episode and title, I’m sure – early season, a man went missing on his honeymoon. Kono and Chin were in a nice suite in the hotel and they talked about everyone coming to Hawaii on their honeymoon and she said she didn’t get it. Chin asked where she would go and she said “Prague… and then talked about walking the cobblestone streets.”


  7. Totally agree on y’all’s McG/Danno contrasts. I would add, Danno often accuses Steve of doing, thinking, or behaving like what, in fact, Danno is doing, thinking or behaving like. He really has no broad understanding. As we’ve discussed before, his worldview is quite narrow and he doesn’t even suspect there are alternate perspectives. So while he loves McG, he never will understand him. And that will always frustrate me…but if the carguments are the kinder gentler variety as in this ep, I’ll live with his obtuseness. 😆

    Also what fun, and typically insightful, “random thoughts,” girls! 😀 I can’t say I particularly enjoyed this season, but I enjoyed some of it, wildly enjoyed these last two eps, and enjoyed another year of happy Alex, so win. And I have very much enjoyed spending the season here with y’all. Lovely group of addicts y’all have collected! I look forward to next year. And maybe some decent summer treats. Fingers crossed. 😉

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    • Ok I am aware that I am commenting on a post from 2 months ago and I am also aware that I pick on Danny quite a lot even though he was great in the last two epis but I am just now reading this post and reading your comment I finally figured out what irritates me about the whole McDanno dynamic.I have always gotten the sense that Danny loves Steve and viceversa (no question) but he doesn’t really respect him as his partner/boss/a cop/a soldier. It’s not that I want him to constantly agree with Steve or to constantly tell us how awesome Steve is and I don’t mind the name-calling but a subtle acknowledgement once in five years that Steve knows what he is doing would be nice. Like when Steve told Rachel way back in season 1 that Danny was good at his job or when he told Gracie that he is the best man he knew or when he told Grover that the drug guy who was blackmailing Danny had no idea who he was dealing with.


      • That actually is what is bugging me about Danny right from the start of the show. His lack of respect.
        He shows no respect for Steve in any regard.
        Steve is a highly decorated Naval Officer who worked hard and always gave, and still gives hundred percent at what he does.
        Danny doesn’t show any respect for his abilities as a leader, investigator, or even as a friend or simply as a fellow human being. At least not that I can see.
        If he shows a tiny bit of it, he always follows it with name-calling or other mean-spirited words.


  8. I never thought about it until they mentioned it in the last episode, but other than Danny wearing a red cape at Halloween when he went trick-or-treating with Grace, he really hasn’t worn any different colors. Interesting.


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