5.24 / 5.25 Aloha Action!

Hello, my name is Sam, and I’m an Action-Junkie. 🙂

There, I’ve admitted it. I’ve always loved action, always have and most likely always will. But, and that is a big but, it has to be good action. I don’t like action for the sake of action. If you know what I mean. It has to fit into a clever story, it has to be done on a believable level. OK, at least not totally out of the realm of reality or the law of physics. 😉

And it has to be done by someone I can believe in, can root for, can think “yes, he could do that and get away with it”. I like my action heroes highly trained, intelligent, and just all around awesome. I want them to be capable of all kinds of stuff; running, fighting, using all kinds of weapons, or kill with their pinky finger. I want them to resort to violence as the last resort, but if they do I want them to be swift, brutal and effective.

I want them to be all that, but also sensitive, smart, funny, caring, driven, devoted, loyal, modest and kind.

Does that sound like someone we know? Someone who could pull off some incredible action?


This was supposed to be the Aloha Action! post, but I realized I can’t do the action post and the Steve post separately. They simply fit like a perfect glove.

Tomorrow was supposed to be the Steve’s Back post, and we will still get something about that on Sunday with the final post. When I will talk about… well, it’s not Sunday yet, so let’s get back to the Aloha Action! post.

My favorite action is running, preferably in pouring rain, with a lot of jumping, up and down stairs, and over all kinds of obstacles.  😉

Of course that has to end in hand-to-hand combat. Or at least in a cool fire-fight while on the run.

I’m not so big on car chases, simply because the people are not really personally involved. I like them when they are short and lead us to a chase on foot. 🙂

So, there you have my love for action in general, now let’s talk about the action in the last two episodes of season 5.

Let me say right up front, it weren’t the most action packed episodes we had in the last five years, but they still felt fast paced and the action was just right.

We had a little bit of everything. A short but good hand-to-hand combat in a fight with the bounty hunter. That was so fast, precise and quick that Steve had him on the ground before he even knew what was happening. I loved that.


And we had a short hand-to-knife-hand-combat with the deranged killer, who cut off his own thumb to get out of handcuffs. Ugh. Even though I doubt that is even possible. Anyway, cool move, Steve.

And an even cooler scene afterwards. That showed what Steve is about. He is all what I wrote above; after he puts the steely, cold, deadly side away again, he morphs into this caring human who will make sure that the grieving father can cut a deal with the DA. Steve always looks at all angles of a case and makes sure that not only justice is served according to the law, but that also the human side of it all will not be forgotten.

That is what I love about him, he fights for what is right.


Running. Well, we even had a little bit of that. Steve running after their killer, who was then snatched by the bounty hunter right under Steve’s nose. OK, I have to confess, I smiled during that chase. The cop-killer looked like he ran in slow-motion, and Steve didn’t run at full speed either. That was not the best chase we’ve seen. But there was some cool fence-jumping. 😉


Car chasing. Well, it wasn’t really car chasing, more like a convoy when they stopped the trolley and then drove to Kamekona’s to get into the helicopter. But it was SO good to see that little blue car again. I have missed it.

Gun fight. Oh, yeah, we had plenty of that in these episodes. All very well done. Ah, except, they weren’t all in the fight. Well, not in the second one and at the same time anyway. Come on guys. I don’t know who couldn’t be there when they were shooting the scenes. Scott, or if it was Alex this time. There are no scenes with both of them in it. It’s either Alex and Scott’s stunt double, or Scott and Alex’s stunt double.

They did kind of a good job with Alex, in the very few scenes that he was not in. But a horrible one with SC. I mean, even I saw it in the first go. He was replaced in a lot of scenes, that’s why I think it was him missing the main shooting of the scenes. But I could be wrong.

That is one of my biggest hopes for next season; no such nonsense anymore. Either he’s there or not. Even though I have no idea how they would explain his absence from such an important scene.

Let’s have a poll for that. Do you want to have a stand-in when SC (or someone else) is not available, or do you rather have him not in the scene at all?

Anyway, those were great shootouts. And can I just say that I absolutely loved the sound of Steve’s gun? That was so cool. There were a lot of normal gun sounds, some of them even kind of high-pitched, and there was the very low-pitched boom of his rifle. I actually rewound, just to hear it again. 😉

And I loved how they ‘interrogated’ one of the shot suspects. Steve, thinking on his feet, locking him in the container. Very much to Chin’s amusement. Loved the smile on Chin’s face about his boss’s method. And it got the job done, they were off to the second shoot-out. No idea why they whole team couldn’t be there at the same time.

“Yes, he could do that and get away with it.” 🙂

Steve flying the helicopter to dispose of the nuclear bomb. OK, let’s not think about how over the top it was to actually have a nuke explode off the coast of Oahu, let’s concentrate on the execution of it.

I loved the scenes in the trolley. Danny and the wire were funny. I mean, how often was there a wire on a bomb that had to be cut? Reminded me of Murtaugh and Riggs. But this time there was no wire, and I loved Steve’s tech talk. 🙂

So, with the bomb disposal unit too far away, it’s up to Steve and Danny to save the world. Or at least Paradise. I guess it is a good thing that Kamekona does have a helicopter, even though I still think it was a terrible idea to make him a pilot. I am totally with Danny on this. Anyway, we got some really good scenes with the boys, but also with Catherine and Kono.

I wished it would have been a little more dramatic to be at the edge of the blast zone. Not that I wanted them to crash, OK, maybe I did. But a bit more struggle, or more warning lights flashing… or something would have been cool. At least the landing should have been a little harder. Maybe some damage to the bird? But, then we wouldn’t have had those great scenes when the boys got out of the helicopter. Well, guess we can’t have it all.

Did I mention that I love Steve flying a helicopter? I absolutely love it. I jumped for joy when he did it the first time back in season one. I was like, “YES, he can fly” with a huge smile on my face.

Just as these two episodes put a huge smile on my face. Action wise, this could have had a little more whump and blood. And I don’t mean serious injuries, no, but I love them sweaty, bloody, muddy, wet… well, you get the idea.

But, seeing them doing all this stuff while dressed up so nicely? That was something new, and fun and really great. So, yeah, I’m very happy with the action in these two episodes.


7 thoughts on “5.24 / 5.25 Aloha Action!

  1. I love Steve this couple of episodes. Where he is all caring and stands by his team. And yes I do love Danny when he is not whiny. Hope when Daniel Craig gives up Bond and whenever that is, Alex could take over as really he would do really good with that part. Love him in a tuxedo.


    • How did you read the whole post in under three minutes before commenting on it? Just wondering.

      And no, I don’t think Alex would be a good Bond after DC. He would be a great Bond right now, but not when DC steps away from it. By then the time has passed. When he auditioned for it he was too young, when the role will be available again he will be too old for it.
      Besides, I highly doubt he would want another stereotype role like Bond after H50. 😉

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      • Just curious—I don’t know anything about the Bond franchise–how do we know when it will be up for the other guy? There’s already a contractual limit? I’m clueless.


  2. This was great action. I loved it all. These 2 episodes gave me everything I could have asked for.

    And while the intensity could have been a bit more after the explosion, that was a trade off for the boys in slo mo coming back after saving the world. 🙂


  3. Although I try to view the nuke aspects of the episode loosely, you can’t help but wonder a few things–like wouldn’t they have to decontaminate the chopper since it was caught in the blast spray? I wonder if we’ll see sea-life washing up dead on shore start of next season? What does an island that depends heavily on seafood do in a pinch when the seafood isn’t edible? I know. I know. Just take the enjoyable episode and forget the questions.

    But I loved all the action too. I also prefer the hand to hand, physical stuff over the car chases. One of my favorite Steve-in-action moments remains the scene from the pilot ep when he hops between the two cars that are crashing as he is pursuing Duran. I could watch that a million times over. And taking down the bounty hunter made me smile just like the time Steve and Catherine were eating in the truck and the guy tried to hijack him. Loved Duke’s reaction when he brought the guy into the precinct.

    I too found myself wishing they’d cut it just a little bit closer with the nuke blast in 5:25–it took just a bit of the edge off the climactic moment, but I was so happy to see Catherine back it makes all the other nit-picky stuff pale in comparison. LOL!

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  4. Far and away, these two finales were my favorites of the year. Loved ep 100 to pieces too…but it is a stand-alone, sorta existing in its own universe.. These eps seemed to give us back the show, and the characters, we have loved and missed…and in Cath’s case they literally gave her back. Woot!

    Agree with your preference for hand to hand or gun to gun rather than car chases. The action here worked for me. And the chopper/nuke bit gave us comedy, suspense, BAMF McG and that slo-mo instant-classic tux-clad walk of McVictory! I say in the next Bond movie, let McG go to London and work WITH DC as Bond. McG would hold his own just fiiiiiine! Book em, Jimbo! 😀

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