5.24 / 5.25 New Villain in Town?

We are to believe that there is a new villain in town.

More vicious, more dangerous than all who we had before. Even more so than Wo Fat. Well… to be honest, so far I haven’t seen any of that.

So far, I have seen a young guy, greatly portrayed by Christopher Sean, who wants to play with the big boys. Sorry, but he seems like a child compared to Wo Fat.


Seriously. Wo Fat was not just a threat to Steve and his Five-0 band, no he was also a threat to national security. I think it is even safe to say he was an international threat. An international arms dealer, terrorist and ruthless murderer. Highly trained, with resources to back-up all his plans, with connections all around the world.

Who the f/ck is Gabriel compared to that? A kid desperately trying to play in the big league. In my eyes, he is nothing. A joke really.

He killed Chin’s dad. And now he’s threatening and trying to interact with Chin. He tried his luck with dealing drugs. Even made a name in that business.

And he killed a cop (the IA guy), and now his competition on the islands. Seriously? That is nothing more than a run-of-the-mill criminal does. But nothing more so far.

Threatening Chin? Yeah, so what? Others have tried that. People a lot more capable than he thinks to be.

I am sorry, but I can’t take him seriously. I had high hopes for him, simply because Christopher Sean does a great job, but the material he’s given… that is pretty weak so far. Gabriel is really no threat to anyone just yet.

But what I really liked was Chin going to Steve, keeping him informed. I think he didn’t just inform him because he’s his boss and the head of the task force, but because Steve is his friend, and Chin wanted his advice.

I truly like seeing them work together. I like their mutual respect. And I hope that Chin will tell Steve about his latest encounter with Gabriel. But most of all I hope Chin will not doubt the friendship and loyalty from Steve and the rest of the team. If the show would go that way, well, that would be totally against Chin’s character.  I also hope they don’t intend to have Chin be accused of being a bad cop again. That’s been done, what? Twice? Enough is enough. Chin has proven himself again and again. Let’s not start that all over.

So, that is one villain. What about the other? Adam? 😉 Yeah, I still hope he will not be this boring guy he is at the moment. I still hope he will be the great super villain who managed to fool them all. That would be so cool.

Let’s have a little poll here. What do you think, is Adam a good guy, or will we learn that he’s really one of the big bad bosses? 😉

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23 thoughts on “5.24 / 5.25 New Villain in Town?

  1. I too would love for Adam to be this insanely clever BigBad…who only WE eventually know is the bad guy…he’s so good he has the team fooled for a while. But McG and Chin begin to suspect…and then WTF are they supposed to do with that? Do they ruin Kono’s marital bliss? Will she even ever believe them?

    Tho I don’t want any of that to take too much air time, cos don’t care. Unless they figure a way to make McG the centerpiece of it…cannot dig out a serious care. I’m horribly prejudiced. The big problem with losing Wo is he was McG’s nemesis. Other people’s nemeses are just not that interesting.

    Btw I like the bro in law baddie…as you say, good actor. I hope they figure out some way to give him some baddie-gravitas. But again, he needs to get a grudge up against McG, or at least up against 5-0. If he’s just dogging Chin….ZzzZzz.

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    1. Your comments always make me smile. 🙂
      ZzzZzz – LOL but true.

      Yeah, but WF was also a really bad guy, getting involved with McG was just a great bonus. Something that made it even more interesting.
      Little Gabriel is not interesting at all yet. He’s not a big bad guy, and he has no threat against anyone really. Not even Chin. He let him walk how many times now?
      He does have potential though, so, I hope he will bring his A-game soon. Otherwise he will be smashed like a bug by McG. 😉

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  2. Honestly, I think Adam may be somewhere in between. I don’t believe he’s clean but I’m not sure if he is a murdering slime ball in the same cess pool as Wo Fat. That remains to be seen. As for Gabriel, he has a lot of proving to do before I’ll believe he is as ruthless as they say he will be.


    1. Adam is definitely not clean. He took his father’s blood money and used it for his company. He knew it was illegal money.
      He kidnapped Kono, an officer of the law. He duct taped her, no, I still haven’t forgotten that. He threatened Steve, he pulled a gun on yet another officer of the law.
      He kidnapped and tortured Joe White.
      I’m sure if someone would look in his closet a lot of stuff would come up.

      I don’t think Adam would do his own dirty work, but I think he could be the brains behind a huge criminal organization. And I think that would be cool.

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  3. Gabriel sure seems ruthless from what I’ve seen of him, the only difference is he doesn’t appear to have a network behind him, which is I think part of what this post is referring to. I like the actor and agree he’s very good. But I don’t see how he can be a long-term problem staying on the island if he’s working as a lone-wolf. I don’t care what they do with him, honestly, as long as they don’t really go in the implied direction of making Chin doubt his place on the team and in the hearts of Five-0. I’m not saying the guy’s not allowed to have doubts, but after all they’ve been through together, for Chin to doubt his Five-0 family would just be despicable. Since I skipped over much of season 5 because I found it unbearable to watch, I did not see the episode to which Gabriel is referring–the one where they were getting Danny out of jail and ignoring Chin or whatever. And no, I can’t bring myself to watch season 5, even for research. LOL! Anyway, I don’t know if Chin felt deserted in the referenced episode or not. I doubt it.

    As for Adam—I honestly don’t know what to make of him. I don’t completely trust him, but I hate to think he’s a slimeball. And, as GraceNotPark mentioned, whoever the villain is, if their storylines don’t make Steve the centerpiece, then who cares?

    But all of that is a backseat for me compared to having the main characters in character and having Catherine back. If the writers are on the ball, they can write plenty of great scripts, Gabriel and Adam notwithstanding. But in a sense I think scripts are going to get even harder to write in Season 6. I personally love the episodes where it isn’t just local crime but tied in to national threats. But it’s got to be hard to find fresh ways to cover that kind of material. But those are also the episodes where Steve really shines extra bright.

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    1. In the episode about Chin and Danny, it is Steve who says ‘that no one man is more important than the other’ but that Danny is in a Columbian prison where he won’t survive a week, while Chin is ‘safe’. That is what Gabriel was referring to, that they saved Danny before they went to Chin. Which was the right decision under the circumstances.

      There are tons of great stories to write in season 6, they just need to sit down and turn their brains on. 😉

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  4. Wasn’t Gabriel part of a Mexican drug cartel? Must add that to my research this weekend. The young man who plays him may develop the character more over the course of the season but I already miss Wo Fat. He was a great villain, sinister, subtle and mysterious, and yet you could not help but like him. Gabriel is a light weight by comparison, more of a thug and definitely not an evil criminal genius, we can but wait and see. Chin might have a problem with taking him down, but as you said, McG or even Danny would not. I wonder if they will find a way to bring back the taxi driving warlord. That was one of the few episodes I really liked this year. Didn’t he promise to see Steve again? Oh well, I guess we will find out in September.

    I really want Adam to be a baddie. Right now, as mentioned above, he is so bland, easy on the eyes, but such a yawn. I am not going to buy the Mr. Nice Guy routine. I think he is up to something and has been lying to Chin.


  5. I have to agree that I miss Wo Fat and no one will replace him easily. I do think that if handled correctly…..hear that writers…..CORRECTLY, could be a fun, nasty bad guy. But you have to give him more to work with than just thinking that Chin owes him.

    As for Adam, I still like him and don’t want Kono to have to pick up the broken pieces of her belief in him. I guess I have not seen him as bland but just a good looking guy who loves Kono. I am very easy to please I guess. I’m a fool for a handsome man.

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  6. I found Gabriel way more intimidating in the flashback epi last year than I do now. I don’t think any villain will ever live up to Wo Fat but I think Gabriel has potential.
    Also I think Chin having doubts ( no matter how unfounded) about his place on the team could be interesting and it could give us Steve/Chin and Ohana moments. Tbh I just want Chin to have a storyline that lasts more than an episode so I would be happy if the Gabriel storyline is centered on Chin and the rest of the team is just there for support.
    I wonder what Adam is going to do now that he gave up his money.

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  7. “I wonder what Adam is going to do now that he gave up his money.”

    I think therein lies the key to Adam’s future. I don’t want to think he’s a bad guy but we heard what Adam said.—KONO is not a material girl. But he’s been used to being affluent all his life, or at least most of it. I just don’t think he’s going to transition well to the rank and file, even if he did wash dishes for a while in Washington (or Oregon–whatever state it was).


    1. See.. thats what I thought. I thought he man in the photos with adam was going to be Daddy Fat. And he still could be… ya never know.


      1. That’s true, we don’t know under what name WF’s father operates. Could be him. I mean why would they use some random guy we never heard of before? Hopefully there is more behind these photos than what Adam told us.


  8. Oh, you are right! The man in the picture with Adam could very well be Wo Fat’s father. Since he was being hunted by Doris and the CIA, it would be highly likely that he changed his name and identity in order to survive for all those years. Interesting. Sounds as though I may get my master criminal/villain after all.


  9. But then how did Wo have no clue where his daddy was? If they both operated in the under world, they’d have run into each other, yeah?


    1. Hmm, that is a good point. But do we know if WF even knows who his father is? Maybe he never met him? I have no idea.
      Although he had asked Steve like he knew his dad, but just didn’t know where he was. I’m puzzled over this whole Wo Fat’s daddy number anyway.


  10. Good point. That didn’t occur to me. Just a thought, but if WF was a mere baby when his mother died, is it possible that the two never realized they were related? Goro did put a bounty out on MF after he killed Hiro. Would he have done that if he realized that MF was his long lost son? It is H50 after all so stranger things have happened. Hopefully the writers will create some sort of explanation for us in Season 6. Although I myself have trouble writing a grocery list, many of the contributors on this blog are very talented in their own right so perhaps one or two of them can be persuaded to give it a try. It would be fun to see what scenarios their imaginations come up with. Whoever “covered” Kono’s wedding could most definitely create a good story line, no problem, and, it is going to be a long summer.


  11. Gabriel doesn’t impress me yet as a villain. But am willing to give him a chance. As really miss Wo Fat and Mark D as he was very intimidating. Adam as the big bad would be a big disappointment with Kono finally finding love.


  12. It would be BRILLIANT to have Adam be the undercover bad guy ! BRILLIANT!

    therefore it shall never happen

    I don’t buy Gabriel as a badder baddie than early Wo Fat. He seems like a low level thug to me. I actually forgot that he was the head of the cartel. Don’t cartel heads have flunkies to do their killings for them? I’m not up on the organizational structure of cartels.

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    1. That’s just it. A drug cartel, or any big criminal operation is a business at heart. And quite frankly, Gabriel doesn’t seem like the business type. He doesn’t seem to be the man behind all the stuff, he looks more like a low-on-the-food-chain executioner. Not like the brain sitting in the office and organizing the big crime company.
      In my opinion, Wo Fat was both. He was the brains behind it, and if the sh/t hit the fan he was hands on, too.
      I just don’t see any power behind Gabriel, and a lone wolf is really not that scary.

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