5.24 Charles William Edwards… Williams

Who’s Your Daddy?

OK, raise your hand if you saw this one coming three years ago…  I mean, really… I called it at the beginning of… was that REALLY Season 2?  I guess it was, Steve had just broken out of jail and they were driving around in Max’s yellow “Thing” with Steve looking all nice and luscious lying in the back seat. 🙂

Maybe it would be easier to count the small number if you asked who didn’t see this coming, Cokie. 😉 I mean, seriously, Mr. Lenkov, you call this shocking? How is this even news, much less shocking news? OK, sorry for the interruption, please continue…


That story just didn’t ring true at the time and all along I thought this story would come to light someday.  I thought that during the show when Danny was her labor coach, something would come out… at least a question in Danny’s mind.   But no, we were supposed to be clueless for three + years.

Hey now, something did come out, the little boy was born. Sorry, couldn’t resist. Please, don’t mind me, keep going.

Well, I can tell you’re going to be on a roll…

Danny said that when he would go to pick up Grace, he would see Charlie in the room.  Did it ever occur to him that the child with blond hair and light eyes didn’t really look like either Rachel OR Stan?  But that he did rather resemble Danny himself?

Wait, what are you implying? That kids often look like their parents? Huh, that is news to me. I’m sure the writers never heard of that either.

Apparently not…

I know, this is fiction and we are supposed to suspend belief, but sometimes I get annoyed with having to play dumb all the time.

You know, I have no problem suspending belief when the story is fun and exciting. When you don’t care if something would go like that in real life, simply because the scene is awesome and fun. But yeah, I get what you’re saying, playing dumb, bordering on retarded for stupid plots and lame scenes? Yeah, I have a real problem with that, too.


Now, on to Gripe #2.  Why couldn’t they have thought up a better angle about announcing to Danny that Charlie was his son?  Come on… just how many times has that scenario been used?   It is in every soap opera that has ever been written:  My baby has an incurable disease, and oh, guess what?  You’re my Baby Daddy.  Surely there could have been another reason.  Like oh, I don’t know, Rachel finally saying, “This guilt is eating me alive…”   But no, let’s use the tried and true ‘sick child’ storyline.

Actually that is not my biggest gripe with this at all. Guess I haven’t watched many soap operas. 🙂 Nope, my gripe, huge gripe is with making Rachel looking like a total bitch. Alright, alright, it was in character. Kind of. But why not letting her find out when they did the testing for the match? Why making it a total deception of two men and a child? 

Looking at it, neither Rachel nor Danny are saints. Both cheated on a married person. Rachel has been lying about a lot of things. And Danny letting her go back to NJ in the belief that he would follow her wasn’t so nice either. 

Good point, Sam!

But her reasoning for lying to Danny and to her husband about her child is totally bogus. She was scared to have two children growing up without a father? Well, it seems to me that she has one child growing up with two fathers and a cool uncle. I got the impression that Stan is a very good stepdad to Grace, and her biological dad is also always there for her. Also her uncle loves her, and she has a whole Ohana caring for her. So, even if Danny would get killed, she still had a father in her life. A stepdad can be just as loving. It all depends on the parents, what they make of the situation.

And the little boy would have had the same. Besides, Stan travels a lot, and has a high stress job. Who say that he won’t die of a heart attack early, or die while traveling? Heck, I have heard of people dying getting out of bed. Nobody knows what life will bring.

NO, it’s not the reason why she did what she did. I think she did it because she couldn’t handle being Danny’s wife. And she was just sick of having all that stress dealing with yet another divorce, losing all what she has with Stan. Security, a good life.  Yep…

I think she did love, maybe still loves Danny on some level. But I also think she realized it was a mistake to get in bed with him again. Why on earth they thought it would work out the second time around is totally beyond me. The situation didn’t change at all. The same problems were still there. And after she realized that, she took the easy way out. 

Yes, agreed, but I think they jumped into bed… again… purely intent on sex. NOT thinking about next year, or the year after until she realizes she is pregnant.  She would have had to give up a lot.  I think once she got to NJ she took a good, hard look at what her options were and took the easy way out.  Yes, Danny thought he still loved her.  Did he really?   I don’t think she is the most trustworthy person around…

I don’t know how this will end.   I can certainly see Danny’s anger with Rachel.  I wouldn’t be able to trust her again.   But Danny is handling this much better than I would have thought.   The Danny we met in Episodes 24 and 25 was an adult and not the whiny person we… and Steve… have had to deal with for the past seasons.   I truly LIKED this Danny and sure hope we can keep him around for a while.

Don’t get your hopes up too high. I also liked Danny in this, but I liked more that Steve put him in his place. Oh, yeah…  I think that is why he wasn’t so nasty and whiny, because someone shot back at him. But I agree that he handled the miracle baby situation very well.

Even though I am not interested in it, to be honest. Danny’s whole family is way more screwed and over the top than Steve’s ever was. I truly hope, I pray, that his mother won’t show up again to see her new grandchild. Oh God, please no! 

How do you really feel??? 😉

Here are a few thoughts these scenes brought to mind.

First, I applaud Danny for making Rachel tell Charlie who his father is.   I do wish they would have mentioned how Grace is handling this, too.   Of course, she might have figured it out just by living with this kid and realizing he was just like her Dad.  🙂

Nodding along here. Gracie is a clever kid, I wonder if she never asked her dad about it. OR her Uncle Steve. I think she would have gone to Steve and talk to him about it. That would be a cute scene. 

It goes at the BOTTOM of the list.  Chapter 8… remember???    

Before or after the steamy scene you want from me?

Second, Claire van der Boom looked really pretty in this episode.   I’ve always liked the actress and I thought she looked very nice.  Initially I really liked the character but I don’t think she can be trusted now.

I really liked her when we first were introduced to her, but that was it. I was asking myself the same question as Steve: “How did you get her?” In my eyes they never ever fit together. I never saw anything between them.  

It is called sex…

Ah, OK.

I actually think she didn’t look much like Rachel in this episode. But that is just me, not good with faces at all. Especially women. I’ve said it before, with very few exceptions women in TV shows are not interesting to me at all. Very few exceptions. 🙂   

No, she did look different.  In fact, I thought she looked younger, but I still think she is very pretty.

And third, very random, but in the chopper when Danny was talking about dying, Steve said “You’re not going to die today.   Instead of one kid, you now have two… and in my head, all I could hear was Stan from “The Back Up Plan” saying “and two’s a posse.  Are you ready for a posse?”    🙂

ROFL – So, as I see it you heard Stan in the chopper while I’m convinced it was Mick. Interesting.

“Listen to me for a minute. Alright. Just listen to me. Alright?”

Close your eyes and you will see the scene when Mick begs Joseph to re-turn him, so that he can save his Beth. Awww.

And now it’s time to go back and rewatch ‘The Back-Up Plan’ AND ‘Moonlight’…  🙂


All screen-shots were done by me. Credit to CBS. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

17 thoughts on “5.24 Charles William Edwards… Williams

  1. OK, priorities… Steamy scene, THEN chapter 8… no, it is now chapter 9. That’s the order. Got it? 🙂

    Folks, if you made it this far, you need to realize that the above format is pretty much what most of Sam and my emails look as we “discuss” things. I think we do pretty good for being six time zones apart although things can certainly get crazy! What stinks is when she has to go to bed when it is only 6 p.m. my time. I’m just getting ready to party! So… don’t tell anyone, but most of our work is done during my work day. Shhh….

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You two hit all the points I would have made about this part of that episode. Rachel was never cut out to be a cop’s wife and that is it. She might have enjoyed the adventure of going to bed with him behind Stan’s back but after meeting Momma Williams, I can understand why she may have changed her mind about remarrying Danny. And I do think that Stan’s lifestyle probably seemed more appealing. Sure would have liked to be a fly on the wall when she had to confess that Charlie was Danny’s. I had kind of liked her up until this point but now I just figure she is going to lose a lot unless Stan his more forgiving than she deserves.

    Love your back and forth banter, just what I expect from the two of you. So Sam are you heading stateside in the near future so that the two of you can meet? That is a party I wish I could attend.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Nope, not the least surprised about Charlie. The 2nd to last ep of the season, therefore, was in large part yawner. Interesting take above–I thought Rachel looked old and kind’ve weird in this episode–no makeup? And I think because she didn’t have bangs. I’m sure having a critically ill child can age you but this wasn’t her best appearance.

    I didn’t get the impression that Danny misled her about not following her to Jersey. Now I don’t know if in the episodes it stated how much time passed while Steve was in jail, but I never got the impression that Danny misled her about going to Jersey. I’m sure he thought that they were going to get Steve out of that mess and move on pretty quickly. AND we also don’t know when Rachel turned around and told Danny she was going back to Stan. We only know when Danny told STEVE this–in Max’s car–but we don’t know how long Danny knew this info.

    And don’t forget–Grace doesn’t just have Uncle Steve, she has Uncle Chin too!

    I didn’t mind the sick-child ploy, but I thought they didn’t really execute it with enough tension. Yes, it’s very common for people to be very sick and not show it, but looking at Charlie, you’d not know he was ill. They didn’t drive it up to the wire. I actually thought similar thoughts about the nuke but that’s another thing altogether.

    In the end, the one who loses is Rachel. Danny can’t trust her, and now Stan can’t either. She really dug herself a nice deep hole. If her life is a shambles from here on out, she has herself to blame.


  4. Really Grace is in good company with Steve and Chin. But Rachel seems to be sleeping around. No offense of saying that with everybody besides Danny, Stan, etc. As Rachel they really made her out to be that. You do have to feel bad for poor Charlie. Knowing that Rachel will have a lot of explaining to do with the poor boy.


  5. Sooooo…the Rachel pregnancy timing thing is just one of Show’s many bizarre boo-boos. She told Danno the kid was Stan’s, cos she was further along than she had realized. Then, Charlie also came early, as y’all will recall, and so Danno had to be Lamaze coach because Stan was still on his business trip. That should’ve sealed the Not-Danno’s ownership of the babe. So when the hell did Danno and Rachel start cheating on Stan? Musta been earlier than we knew…tho of course, we never saw when the affair started cos, in Lenkov’s words, this happened off-camera. But Danno is old enough he shoulda been able to count the months backwards from birth to sex party…so his bad if this takes him by surprise.

    No one is surprised by the fatherhood thing tho…just as no one was surprised Doris was still alive in that hut in Japan. Lenkov’s big reveals are as shocking as my kids’ annual Mother’s Day gifts to me of candy, flowers, and their art work. 😉

    All that said, don’t particularly care about Danno babies…but I guess since Gracie was maturing, they needed another prop to make Danno soft and humanoid. So I’m cool with it. Plus surely Little Guy will soon be transfixed by Uncle Steve. That I’d love to see…a mini-SEAL in training. Hours of entertainment pleasure there!

    Speaking of, LOVE the little peak into y’all’s demented, talented brains! That right there is more entertaining than several of this season’s less successful eps of Show. 😆

    Liked by 2 people

  6. My interest is more with the characters in the show so I usually don’t pay much attention to the “bloops” in the plot lines of H50, but I do recall the scene when Danny is standing in front of the glass, looking at newborn Charlie and the gentleman standing next to him remarks that “he has your nose”. I will have to dig around this weekend and see if I can find that episode again because now I am curious and it is going to drive me crazy until I watch it once again. I am wondering if this was a hint about things to come in the Danny/Rachel storyline. I suppose I will now have to “suffer” through several episodes of season two before I find it. A tough job but has to be done. (Heavy Sigh).

    Liked by 2 people

  7. Thank you! But, can we just keep that little tidbit between ourselves. I am using it as a defense against the dark arts aka hockey playoffs. I may have to research other episodes for hints as well. Could take all weekend. I’m a slow watcher.

    By the way, love your classy blog. It is almost as much fun as watching the show itself. Cheers.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I loved the format of this section of the review! Hysterical!

    But I’m really impressed that you spent so much time and energy on this God-forsaken storyline. Rachel… OMG I’m trying to rack my brain to think of a way to make her look any worse and I can’t come up with anything. The immaculate conception…. everything. It’s just the douchiest story imaginable.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well, this is about Danny, so, that alone makes it pretty uninteresting for me. 😉 But since we most likely have to deal with this stupid stuff again next season… I guess we thought it was worth mentioning.
      The only hope I have are some cute scenes with Charlie and Steve. Now, that would be cool. As GNP said Mini-SEAL in training to the horror of Danny. 😉

      Liked by 2 people

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