5.25 The Wedding

Today I have the honor to present you with a wonderful guest reviewer who will report from an important event of the season finale. Our special correspondent and my good friend Miss Beatrice Goodbody. Please give her a nice welcome, so that she might think about to honor us with her insight more often. 😉


“Beatrice Goodbody here with Dateline Oahu at the wedding of one of Five-0’s elite members, Kono Kalakaua as she marries the dashing and very handsome soon-to-be-off-the-bachelor-list,  Adam Noshimuri. The festivities will begin in less than an hour, so until that time I will take this opportunity to describe the scene to those of you at home.

As you can see, we are standing on the green at the Royal Hawaiian Golf Club on a beautiful day. Clouds are in the distance and I do hope the rain will hold off until after the wedding has occurred. Club personnel are still working feverishly after the earlier shower, all closely watched by the wedding planner who continues to make changes to the venue.


Mr. Noshimuri has arrived but has asked not to be interviewed. He looks quite handsome in his tux. His and Ms. Kalakaua’s relationship has weathered some ups and downs in the past and rumor has it that those troubles related to Mr. Noshimuri’s alleged alliance with the Yakuza.  Although after thorough research by yours truly, I can find no hint of improprieties by Mr. Noshimuri or his companies. When asked for a comment for the day, Mr. Noshimuri smiled and simply stated, “I’m a lucky guy.” He is surrounded by friends and family members for the upcoming nuptials.


The bride’s parents, Mr. Ke’ano Kalakaua and his wife, Nani have arrived. The mother of the bride is dressed in a beautiful sky blue suit and looks stunning. An unfortunate illness has incapacitated Mrs. Kalakaua who used to be one of the top surfing instructors on the island.  She was the impetus behind her own daughter’s stellar surfing career prior to an unfortunate accident on the waves.


Also present, I see Dr. Max Bergman from the ME’s office. Dr. Bergman is looking rather dapper in a white tuxedo coat paired with a black shirt and floral tie. In his role of the city’s medical examiner, Dr. Bergman works quite closely with the governor’s Five-0 team. I see he is with Mr. Jerry Ortega, a recent recipient of the “Civilian Medal of Valor” presented by the police department.

Conspicuously absent at the festivities are Ms. Kalakaua’s teammates. I do hope that nothing untoward prevents them from attending the wedding, although, as we all know, crises occur at inopportune times for this group of crime fighters.

Oh, let’s get closer. It appears the groom is about to make an announcement…


“Well, that is interesting.  Apparently even the bride isn’t yet present for her own wedding.  I can’t imagine what would be keeping her away on her own wedding day, but it appears that while Mr. Noshimuri is concerned, he seems to be used to this sort of thing.

“Donnie, let’s cut the camera and take a break for a few moments.  Until the bride arrives, there isn’t much else I can report.”

Dateline Oahu viewers, we are back at the wedding of Kono Kalakaua and Adam Noshimuri. It is unfortunate that we did not get the explosion on camera, but I’m sure you either saw or have heard of it by now. A huge explosion or something occurred off the coast, sending water shooting into the air. There has been no confirmation from anyone here, but one has to wonder if the Five-0 team was not somehow involved as they are still conspicuously absent from today’s festivities. We are trying to get confirmation from the newsroom as to what has happened.

Although in the last few minutes, Renee Grover, wife of Captain Lou Grover of Five-0 has arrived as well as the young daughter of Detective Danny Williams. When I asked Ms. Grover of her husband’s whereabouts, she commented, “Oh, he’ll be here. Just running late… as usual.”


While we still haven’t seen any of the Five-0 team, Ms. Makana Kalakaua, cousin of the bride has begun to sing, so apparently the wedding will commence, albeit with several minutes’ delay… I do see Kamekona, an island favorite from shave ice and shrimp fame has just arrived and is making his way to his seat.


“Donnie, look, cue the camera.”

“Good news! The Five-0 team has just arrived with Commander Steve McGarrett taking the lead, looking like a very handsome, young James Bond in his expertly-cut black tuxedo. On his arm is a very lucky, I might add and beautiful young woman dressed in a stunning royal blue dress. If memory serves me correctly, that is Ms. Catherine Rollins who has been linked with the Commander in the past.


And true to his wife’s word, Captain Grover has also arrived along with Detective Danny Williams and the cousin of the bride, Lieutenant Chin Ho Kelly. The newcomers have stopped to talk to a very-relieved looking groom, but with the smiles on their faces, surely that explosion was no major deal.

Donnie, there she is, the future Mrs. Noshimuri. Please get a good shot of her for our viewers.

The newcomers are now taking their seats. Detective Williams will be seated with his daughter.  He has been seen out and about with a young lady who is apparently absent today. I do hope there is no strife in their Paradise but he seems quite happy with the young lady he is with.


Viewers, I have to say that while Adam and Kono are a lovely couple, they may be running neck and neck with Commander McGarrett and Ms. Rollins in the looks department. They do appear to be a very happy couple as they find their own seats, arms entwined.


And with this view of the bride, we will sign off for a few minutes to respect the happy couple’s wishes that we not record the wedding. This is Beatrice Goodbody, saying ‘Congratulations’ to Mr. & Mrs. Adam Noshimuri. Dateline Oahu, out.”

“OK, Donnie let’s sit back here so we can at least get a good view. Wonder what’s going on?  She is just waiting with her father. Wait… she keeps looking up toward the parking lot.  Apparently they are waiting for someone. Man, this wedding may never get started…”


H50 – H50 – H50

Now my question for you… will they or won’t they? Peter Lenkov indicated on Twitter that yes, they got married, but will have to wait for their first dance. I’m not quite sure what that meant, because I didn’t *see* anyone getting married. Does Chin come back to the wedding like nothing happened and then they have to leave the reception?

How do you think the new season will begin? Will they pick up where they left off, or will it be three weeks later and it is life as normal?

Just a couple of notes… the wedding venue was beautiful but I sure didn’t like that thundercloud hanging off in the distance. It looked like it would pour any minute and I would hate to think of everyone drenched in those lovely clothes.

I do want to address something that really bugs me to no end. The actor who plays Kono’s father is 57 years old, so, I suppose he could ‘officially’ be her dad. But they made him look much, much older than he really is. He is quite a nice looking man, I might add. Now… Catherine Haena Kim played Kono’s mom. This woman is THIRTY ONE years old. That’s right, she was born in 1984. OK, I understand they wanted a younger woman for the part because she played a young woman in the flashbacks. I get that. But is there not ANYONE in that make up department who could maybe find a graying wig for that poor woman to wear? I have never in my life seen such a bad job at making gray hair. My kids did a better job for Halloween a few years ago. That looked like they splattered her hair with white putty or white shoe polish. In measured 2 inch strips. I felt sorry for her. Especially since she is so cute in her normal state. OK, rant over.


I did think that Kono’s dress was beautiful and she looked stunning in it. Not quite sure about that hairdo, but I’m not quite up on the latest style.  And yes, the groom looked quite nice himself!


But in my humble, and yes, slightly skewed opinion, Steve and Catherine topped them in the looks department.  They looked beautiful together. If you don’t like her, that’s OK, but to me, they just click. As they walked down that aisle to their seat, they looked very comfortable. And to finally acknowledge to each other that they missed the other person, I think they can now finally begin to heal from the last year.

And like someone said here a couple days ago, given a bit of champagne at the reception, Steve and Catherine’s night could be quite memorable.

Oh… and I would give this episode an A+++ if I could. It continues to make me smile.


All screen-shots were done by me. Credit to CBS. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

39 thoughts on “5.25 The Wedding

  1. I love the correspondent angle. LOL! That was great. My greatest elation about the finale is that Catherine is back, and that finally there was a good ep from season 5. But I’m also tickled that the finale episode seems to have lightened the spirits of so many of us who were, I’m afraid (at least speaking for myself) down in the dumps with Five-0. I’m very grateful the powers that be at CBS/Five-0 gave me endorphins something to shout about.

    I loved Kono’s gown too. She was beautiful. And as you noted, she sure has a good looking husband to be. I don’t get why they didn’t just go ahead and finish with the wedding. I could understand if it was disrupted, but the episode didn’t really end disrupted–we just had that bizarre disappearance from Gabriel. In any case, after being burned by how Season 5 turned out (with the exception of this episode) I don’t care to speculate how S6 will open, I can only hold on to the positive thought that since they FINALLY did something great with the very last episode of S5, that they will hopefully get the show back on track and back to its former glory.

    I will be extremely disappointed if Chin succumbs to Gabriel’s taunting. No one is immune to self-doubt, but if they go down that road with Chin it will be disgusting. After Steve, Chin is my favorite character–he’s just an awesome, well-rounded character with an understated stubbornness that I love (my favorite expression of his was the look on his face when the terrorists shot up the smart table. LOL!)

    I’m sure I will speculate over the many long months until S6 debuts, but right now, I’m just busy smiling. LOL!


    • I am also way too busy smiling to speculate what might happen in season 6. I do have some hopes, but nothing really concrete.

      When we’re done with the week-long reviews we will have a poll for the most favorite episode of season five, even though I wonder if it is even worth the trouble. LOL Maybe we should have a poll if we should have a poll. 😉

      And we will have something about what we hope might happen or not happen in season 6, but that will come a little later down the road.

      And like you, I’m thrilled and happy that the show ended on a high note. It would have been depressing if it hadn’t. Now this high can get us over the long summer.


    • Somewhere I read that supposedly we didn’t see the vows so it wasn’t a rehash essentially of Chin and Mali as wedding. It’s not the choice I would make.


      • That thought briefly crossed my mind about hearkening back to Chin & Malia’s wedding, but I still think when it’s a major character, they need to show it. They could’ve fast-forwarded through much of it, just as they did Chin and Malia. Cuz actually, when you end an episode without actually showing the marriage, it’s more awkward than if you had.


  2. P.S. On a minor note, I was also tickled to see Catherine Bach again. I loved watching the Dukes of Hazzard, and it was delightful to see her again after so many years.

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  3. I need to comment on something that Miss Beatrice left out of her report. I thought it was interesting that Danny asked Steve if he was bringing anyone to the wedding so that he wouldn’t have to sit at the singles table. And Steve was lucky enough to walk into the wedding with his “only” date on his arm, both looking mighty happy. And yet, where was Danny’s date? I mean, yes, he had his daughter, but did that mean they BOTH had to sit at the single’s table? He didn’t have a grown up date. OK, even if Melissa was with him, he might not have had a GROWN UP date. 🙂 Did I just say that out loud???
    Anyway, all snarkiness aside, I thought it was rather odd that he didn’t bring her. It isn’t because she and Grace have never been together. Could it be that she is still miffed that he lied about talking to his ex???

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    • OMG good catch, Cokie! Danno had offered to hook up McG with one of Melissa’s buds too. Maybe Melissa could hook up Danno with a date while she’s at it. Another ball-drop from our writers! Tho, given the McRollins party’s happy-gorgeous appearance, I really don’t care who else did or didn’t go to that wedding, if vows were made, or what song they played for the first dance. I’m good. 😀

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      • I have to tell you, my brain is altered from participating in these forums. I was re-watching (again) the season finale and when the credits were rolling, my eyes automatically saw the actress credits for Kono as “GraceNotPark” LOLOLOL!!!!!!!

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        • LOL!!! I added that to my online name cos a couple people, first season, thanked me for my work on Show…but I’m not her…dammit!


    • Don’t forget, all we’ve seen of this wedding is the ceremony. By “singles table”, I’m assuming they’re referring to a later reception. Danny’s date could very well show up there. I’ve attended weddings where my date has attended the reception with me but not the earlier ceremony.


  4. I just can’t get used to this Melissa business. Does that mean that’s she stopped calling Danny Jersey? I think she used Danny in this episode (or the previous episode–I’m getting scenes from the last 2 eps mixed up).


  5. This made me laugh! Thanks for writing it.

    The make on Kono’s parents was the worst. I’ve seen kids do better.


  6. totally true about the makeup job on Kono’s mom. I think i twittered about it. I am glad i am not the only one unsure of Kono’s hairdo, but I am also not up on the latest trends. I have seen Grace Park wear her hair similarly at other events.
    wow, you the first to mention Danny’s young date. I mean, I think it is great he is with his daughter, but if he and Melissa are serious (I would hope people who are sleeping together are serious) then it would be appropriate for them to accompany one another to significant events. Maybe there was a scene cut out that was supposed to cover the reason for her absence.
    Could you imagine having friends as beautiful as Steve and Catherine? I mean, i would have to ask them to put bags over their heads to insure they didn’t outshine me at my wedding!


  7. Oh you clever writer……the reporter angle was brilliant. First, I do think that Adam is very handsome and Kono was beautiful. I am among the minority it seems that likes Kono. No matter, I loved how you described Steve and Catherine, they were so comfortable together at the end, it gives me hope for season 6. I do hold out hope that they show some of the wedding at the beginning of season 6 if for no other reason than the men look so good in their tuxes and that includes Max who was a hoot. I would love to see more, it does not mean they have to do a blow by blow of the entire service. Just a few shots of the wedding would be great. Personally I would like to follow Steve and Cath home because I think like a previous poster stated that it would be see where some champagne would lead those two……lol. I am really liking these daily posts, you are creating a difficult pace to maintain.

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    • Tell me about it. The difficult pace I mean. 😉

      Four more review-posts, with the final one on Sunday. But to tell the truth, We’re having a blast doing this. Because we are still on a total high from these two great episodes. We’re so happy that Five-0 ended the season on such a good note after a not so stellar performance all season long.

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      • Oh I am so pleased to hear we’re getting more! I too am riding the high from the GREAT finales and the renewal. I am relieved we got here to express our joy!


      • Oh…btw…since we are speculating about McRoll and champagne and it’s been a looooooong time and now they’re back in the same room and the wedding party is over and her stuff is at his house and all…any thoughts about another fic from You Two? :mrgreen:


        • You know, alcohol and being too eager can make something be over before you even know it. 😉
          NOT, that it would happen to these two… but who knows.

          By the way, was this a challenge? I heard a challenge in this. COKIE?! Did you? 😉

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  8. I am getting behind! That pace is fast (I purposely left the “too” because I love it). I am sad my words can’t express my thoughts. But I love reading your stories and the comments. Make me smile all over.
    these last two episodes left different feelings with me . 1 . as long as I feared the show would not go on (at least we have seen a very happy Steve – not hurt and fighting for life ever after) and2. when the fantastic news got out. ( now there is the suspense back again).

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  9. I just love the reporter angle. This had me smiling until the end.
    Regarding the episode, though, does the invitation indicate that Kono and Adam were not doing the traditional “Mr & Mrs. K request the honor of your presence at the wedding of their daughter, etc.?” I only ask because Kono and Chin seem to come from a very traditional family. Perhaps we could put that question to Ms. Beatrice Goodbody?


  10. Ms. Goodbody spoke with Konos cousin about the wording on the invitation.
    While the Kalakaua family is very traditional, kono is a young professional woman who has lived on her own for quite some time. Adam is also a distinguished professional in his own right. Therefore the bride and groom felt they should pay for and host their own wedding. With her parents’ blessing, of course.

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    • LOL – Actually, all wedding invitations were like that Kono’s parents request… but I changed that to Kono and Adam. Because we never heard of her parents before 5.23, they were never a part of the Ohana for us before. AND because I don’t like the tradition that any person could be ‘given away’. We live in modern times, and tradition or not, that is a tradition I can’t stand behind, therefor the invitation could not reflect that. And like Miss Goodbody said, they are both their own people and wanted it this way. 🙂


      • I have to search for a copy of my wedding invite but I seem to recall that it only requested the honor of your presence, etc, I thought the giving away was done after the bride was walked down the aisle and “handed over” to the groom!!!. I don’t know if its still done today but my real objection was to the “obey” part of the vows. (My daughter had that removed entirely,)

        Its true that many couples who are established and independent in their own right send out the invitations in their own names and pay for it themselves and I think that is only fair especially if their tastes put a financial hardship on their parents.

        I thought Chin referred to Kono’s mother as “killing him” if anything happened to her. It was the episode where he had a bomb attached to his neck. I could be wrong about that. Does anyone remember?


        • Yeah, it’s true her mother was mentioned back then, but she was not even present or we heard of her when their aunt died in 1.20. I mean, come on, a family member dies and Kono’s parents are nowhere to be seen, or talked about? That is why I thought they might not have a close relationship.


  11. It’s easy for me to be a back-seat writer, but the other opportunity they had to mention her mom’s illness would’ve been while she was out chasing around Japan or China with Adam while they were on the lam. Now THAT would have ratcheted the tension up dramatically–having a deathly ill mom at home and not being able to come home–or having to make a choice about where her time would be best spent.

    But more than likely, they’re not planning ahead with Kono’s character, and are slapping stuff together as the episodes roll along. Hence the “SURPRISE! Kono has parents who inspired her to take a dangerous journey!!” thing toward the end of S5. I think I will actually like that particular ep more once I get some time and distance from the debacle that was season 5—once it isn’t so painful to think about. But I know from experience with season 2, that will take some time. LOL!


  12. Does anybody know–was it a random person or was it someone we know who was talking to Adam at the end of the episode when he was lingering with Kono and they said something to the effect “You’ve got the rest of your life for that.” or something similar. I just couldn’t tell who was speaking.


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