5.25 Reunion

OK, here we go, second part of the week-long review posts.

Last year a huge part of my love for this show was left in a godforsaken country looking for a lost boy. I had been devastated that Steve yet again had lost an important person, someone he had known for many years. Who he knew long before we ever met Steve McGarrett.

He came back battered and bruised, and not just on the outside.


But just like Steve, I never got over it, I never gave up on her. I knew she would be back. True, I had hoped it would have been sooner, around Christmas actually, but I wonโ€™t be picky. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I was a bit apprehensive about how the show would deal with her โ€˜come-backโ€™. But I must say I am delighted about it.


I have read people who said there was no passion there, no love. People, are you blind? And pray tell, what did you expect? That he whips it out and takes her on the beach? Too blunt? Yeah, but that seems what people expected. I can only say those people donโ€™t know Cath or Steve at all.

Their separation had hurt them both. It would be totally unrealistic if they would have fallen all over each other. Yes, even a kiss at that moment would have been awkward. ย But there was loveโ€ฆ and yes, passion in the looks on both of their faces.ย  It is called โ€œlongingโ€.

Besides, I think that hug was way more powerful than any kiss could have been.


Steve didnโ€™t care that she was suddenly there without calling or anything. He just wanted to show her that he didnโ€™t hold a grudge. He was showing her that he was there and willing to work everything out that they needed to work out.

I actually loved that he offered to go and talk. That is actually what they need to do. I never thought these two had any problem communicating. They are both highly intelligent, highly trained people, who have the chops to talk. And despite Danny thinking otherwise, Steve has no problem talking about his feelings with the right people.

I think this reunion was realistically and brilliantly done. I think their action and reaction was very natural. And I felt a deep connection between them. Something that time apart cannot sever. They have gone through separations before, not like this, but it was nothing completely new for them. They both have learned to deal with it.

And I have no doubt that they will deal with it. In their own way and time.ย  Like Steve said, โ€œweโ€™ll talk โ€˜when the time is rightโ€™.โ€

Of course this was just the beginning of Cath being back. But the development of their complete reunion will be told in the next posts.

46 thoughts on “5.25 Reunion

  1. oh… to use Steve’s word, “WOW”!!! I didn’t know we would get gifs… Beautiful. And I second all that you said.


  2. Oh man you said all that perfectly! It’s almost like you are a gifted writer or something!!!! And obvi I totally agree with your POV…

    The reunion moment was spellbinding. That look on Alex’s face!!!! And I do mean Alex; how did he get that look like that? He is so under-rated! That face said so much. And then that sweet moment they shared, a little awkward but also a lot of relief in that moment, like they could both breathe again after a year apart. I also thought MB rocked the scene. She was typically calm, as Cath is, and soft spoken, but also a mixture of go-for-it-brave and nervous…how would he take it.

    And thru the ep, they were just settling back in. Comfortable in each other’s presence. Tho when he wowed her in the dress…that was an awesome little guttural sound, no? Figuring if Kono DID get married and there was alcohol at the reception…McRoll had a lovely night. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I so hope she stays. She does things for his character no other character on show has ever done! And his one-woman man thing is just so McG…it is who he is. They need her in show so the writers can be true to this magnificent character they created. Come on PLenkov! She doesn’t have to be in every ep, but she’s McG’s lobster. She just IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

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    • I love you for your comment. You just get it. You just get Steve. And Catherine.

      And I SO hope she will stay. Steve is so much better with her there. Like you said, doesn’t have to be in every ep, just to know that she’s there for him would be enough. And yes, MB rocked it. They both did. It really felt like Steve and Cath were ‘real’. Both, AOL and MB, breathed life into this scene.

      LOL about the idea of a lovely night. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. I loved the way the writers handled the reunion. If there had been a major make out sessions, yes we would have loved to see it but it wouldn’t have been as realistic. Catherine was nervous about Steve’s reaction and Steve was I guess pensive is the word I would use. She didn’t know how he would react after telling him he needed to move on and he was wondering exactly where their relationship stood. This is a tv show but the way the scene played out is what a lot of relationships in real life would go through faced with the same circumstances. I would love to see the relationship explored further but the big question is whether Michelle Borth would be willing to come back if she was asked. I hope so but given the hatred that some people have for her we will have to wait and see. To those haters I have to say the show did not get renewed because of your hatred of characters, it did not get renewed because of our love of characters nor the excessive butt kissing that went on it got renewed in spite of it. The McGarrett-Rollins story is at a new beginning and I would love to see how it unfolds.

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    • Perfectly said. I hope she will be back next year. But I also hope she won’t interact with fans on social media. For her sake.
      I doubt she has to endure any stress on the islands, if she keeps out of the spotlight.
      And like many, I would love to see where this relationship goes. It is the only constant one we have on Five-0. It was even formed long before Five-0. So, yeah, I would love to see her come back.

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  4. yes, steve lit up when he saw Catherine. His face was one i had not seen before (and oh AOL can “face” with the best of them). The scene was done very well. Anything else would have not fit the stability of these two characters; they have incredible history that a lot of people cannot understand.
    And the “wow” – so cute; i’m glad they had him do it twice. I rewatched parts last night and realized i don’t think i heard the “i missed you” as they sat down at the wedding the first go round. That was acknowledgment that them together was “right”.
    I also want him to stay a one woman man. I appreciate his unwillingness to move on. i look forward to what his life will be like with Catherine back in it.

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  5. I absolutely agree that they handled the reunion very well and very realistically. There is still a lot of affection between these two but also a lot of unresolved baggage. I do hope that as PL said we get a definite resolution to this storyline within the first few eps of next season. And by definite I mean either she stays for good or she leaves for good and McG moves on. Btw, I had to laugh at Steve’s phone constantly ringing at the most inopportune time. One thing though is that if she does stay , I hope they explain her leaving Afghanistan in a way that doesn’t make her seem flaky.

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  6. Really I love Catherine and hate it that others do not. I really think Catherine completes him and makes him more humane. Hope that both of them end up tying the knot and that it would be nice. To give both of their characters closure. And really hope that MB does stay away from social media for her sake. As someone on here just said.

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  7. You had the perfect description of the reunion! I thought it was just perfect. A make-out session on the beach wouldn’t have fit their characters. They aren’t in a place where they hook up when they can manage to get together anymore. Steve’s not going to jump back in, if she’s just around for the wedding. Yes, he’ll be happy to see her, but is it a reunion of old friends or a couple?

    I don’t get the comments about there being no passion between them. I feel like it’s asking that they be different people. They needed to be fairly circumspect about PDA when they were both on active duty and not off base. And Steve’s not going to do anything that makes Catherine appear “less than” in any kind of public professional setting. And they aren’t teenagers. They act like the 30 something accomplished professionals I know.

    And yes, hopefully, Michelle will stay off social media. I think it takes a very specific personality type to be able to do it well as a celebrity, and she doesn’t seem to be good at it. I don’t think I could be.

    Honestly, I think one reason that Alex is so popular (besides his general awesomeness) is that when he talks to the press or fans, he’s thoughtful of how he sounds. Like all of us, he probably doesn’t love every minute of his job. I don’t think playing Steve is especially challenging for him professionally on a day to day basis. But he realizes 1) he’s got a very good job that lots of people would kill for and 2) his fans and the general public are not the people to complain to about the limits of acting on a procedural for five seasons. That’s what other successful actor friends are for. Or his wife. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Yes, Alex is very clever to pick his times to be on soicial media and when to speak to the press. But I get the feeling that is not completely planned, I think that is just who he is.
      But I’m sure he does complain about the one or other thing to the people he trusts. We all need that, no matter how much we love our job. As you said, there is always something we need to complain about, something that gets on our nerves. It wouldn’t be normal if it wouldn’t be like that. But it would be clever to do it with the right people, and strangers are not the right people. ๐Ÿ˜‰


      • I didn’t mean that it was scripted. More that he has strong sense of what’s gracious and thinks ahead a few words to not sound tone deaf.


  8. Loved this recap. Steve and Catherine are such a grownup couple….they are a good fit, the real deal as Freddy said. Of course that first meeting would be a bit awkward, that is normal. They bring out the best in each other and understand each other. I am thrilled that Steve is slow to jump into relationships. I too hope that MB is careful with fan interaction in the future and I pray that Lenkov knows how to handle this return.

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  9. Re: the passion argument I think it’s also worth keeping in mind that this isn’t Grey’s Anatomy or a “prestige show” like The Good Wife. It’s a procedural on CBS that tends to skew “old” so there is a limit to how much of anything they’ll show. I have heard that some people don’t see much chemistry between them but chemistry is super subjective.


    • Chemistry is super subjective. But I have to say that I know no real life couples that act like people on Grey’s Anatomy or The Good Wife. I know far more real life couples who act like Steve and Cath.

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  10. Thank you, THANK YOU! So perfectly said! I am sick ad tired of people bashing Cath and saying this scene was awkward, no passion, yada yada… It was wonderful, spot on, reluctant but yet full of longing and feeling – and you put it in words SO well!
    I get that some people don’t like Cath (ok, their choice), but Steve loves her and she is good for him!
    I loved how we finally got to see Steve telling Danny (in 5.24) how he isn’t ready to move on. He still loves his Catherine. I know that in real life MB seems to have had a few run-ins with people on set, twitter etc.. Sadly, that is a fact. BUT – I love her character, not her in particular. I find it immature that some bash a show in general because they might not like a person behind a fictional character. Oh, grow up people!
    This, this is true love. And the show finally gave us just that. I am hoping that we will see more of her. If she just comes back as an offscreen friend and we see her once in a while I’d be quite happy already and I guess Steve would be, too ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • The scene was a little awkward, but that seemed very real. It was kind of an awkward situation. They needed to talk etc. It would have been weird to me if they just fell into bed.

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      • I think they nailed that scene in that it was supposed to be awkward. I loved it and they played it so well – both of them. She was babbling and he was gawking like he couldn’t believe she was there. to me, it was perfect… I guess I’ve said that before, huh? ๐Ÿ™‚ And I’m still smiling.


  11. For some reason I missed this post yesterday. Very well said!
    You made my day with this comment. Could not stop laughing. >>>>> “That he whips it out and takes her on the beach?” ๐Ÿ˜†

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      • I do not think the people that complain about it was hoping for it – I think the majority of them say that there was no chemisrty there, because he did not do it . Most of the people who have no problem with the relationship – understood the moment perfectly.
        It was just the way you said it, that gave me a good giggle – kind of making fun at the expectations in a very fun ‘visual’ way ๐Ÿ˜†


  12. I know that I am a minority among you guys here loving the Cath/Steve relationship very much. I am not a “Cath hater” either. I just never felt that this was this deep love some people think of. It started with a woman who did a lot of favors to Steve – up to “extras”, and she could not be sure if there were real feelings on his side. But well, he is McGarrett, the dream of dreams. And therefore a girl can be very patient being ask for all that favors. Maybe Steve then remembered how people normally interact in that situations. He felt a little guilty, and – of course, because Catherine is beautiful and smart and knows his military behaviour – fell in love with her. Maybe because he thought he should. Later in season 3 it started to become real love – at least for him.
    I don’t know if it was that deep on Caths side. Maybe the man of her dreams, the most beautiful badass, turned out to be not so desirable when she finally had him. But this is just speculative.
    I agree that this reunion (I still doubt that it is one) was really well played by both Alex and Michelle. And also well written. They both don’t have time to talk, not even to answer the question how long she will stay. And… suddenly Five-O, Steve, need a special Catherine-favor to save the world – oh, no, I meant the island – again.
    What I saw in his look at her on the beach was…, yes, he lit up to see her. But up to that point he thought he’d maybe never see her again. Insisting that she hasn’t ripped off his heart and he deeply understands her motivation. But Danny was damn right about that, she has hurt him so deeply. Because the main psychological issue of Steve is loss and being abandoned. Mom, Dad, Freddy, Cath. In season 4 he pretended to be sympathetic when Billy offered her a job, being non-macho. But we have seen his looks back then and – Danny was right, too.
    Telling Cath that he loves her when she was miles away in Afghanistan was much too late, but she knows him and should be dealing with this. And she also knows what she did to him going on her “mission”. So when they meet on the beach they love to see each other again. When I saw them interact there, immeadiately the German word “fremdeln” came to me. It is translated with “being shy with strangers” and means the behaviour of little kids who suddenly are not so open with even people they know in a special age. But we also use it when people get together after a long time and cannot recall the quality and atmosphere of their past relationship. This is, what I have have seen here. Cath feels guilty and Steve will never trust her again (in love matters). I am very curious about the writers solving this.


    • Welcome to the blog. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Well, I must admit I never saw the ‘favors’ as what they normally imply. This was not something done, and then being repaid for with sex. It was just a natural thing to help a friend, and for that friend to ask for help. If Steve wouldn’t have deep feelings for Cath, even in the beginning, he wouldn’t have been with her exclusively. He could probably have any girl he wanted, but he never did. He could have had a girl in every port, but he didn’t. He only had Catherine. And if this ‘favor’ thing was just about sex, well, there was an easier way for that. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Anyway, I think the character Steve is more than desirable, and that has nothing to do with his looks. He is a very caring, loyal, honest man. I think that is very desirable.

      I didn’t get the feeling that they ‘fremdelt’ (nice explanation by the way). The first moment was awkward, understandably so, but after that they were right back were they left off. As Steve said in 4.01 you only say ‘I love you’ when you mean it. He meant it, and no matter what happened in the last year, I don’t think his feeling have changed. But he might be weary about Catherine’s feelings for him. Even though she already said she will stay as long as he will have her. So, there you go.

      I’m looking forward to what the writers will do with these two characters. I hope they won’t screw it up, no matter what direction they will take.

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    • I appreciate your viewpoint and your well-considered response, even if I don’t see it the same way. It’s interesting to read another take (especially when it IS well-considered, not bashing). I think one thing that has to be taken into consideration in their relationship is how much alike they are–I think that’s probably one reason why me, the non-romance person loves them as a couple. I get sick and tired of the “opposites attract” mantra. Steve and Cath have a lot in common–a sense of adventure, both very competitive, sharing certain ideals, and a bit cautious with relationships.

      I don’t know why BOTH Steve and Cath referred to each other as friends all this time when everybody around them knew differently (as shown in more than one episode) but they were both clearly comfortable with this game of not making verbal (and I stress verbal) commitments. And that to me is the clincher, they were BOTH comfortable with how they publicly portrayed their relationship. It’s a nice change of pace from the cliche of the woman ringing her hands, wondering when, oh when is he going to say those three words.

      I’m sure a part of Steve was hurt when she opted to stay in Afghanistan after she found the boy, but I also know he truly DID understand her–because they’re cut from much the same cloth. They’re both about doing what needs to be done. They both are capable of faltering and fumbling and making mistakes. But in the end, they know each other, understand each other. They are both very interesting characters separately and very compelling when put together.

      I’ll be curious to see how things go in S6. There’s so much we don’t know–like what happened in the time that Catherine was gone. I briefly wondered if the village where she was staying got wiped out. That would cause havoc for Catherine considering she already felt like she let Billy down when he was killed in the crossfire on their 2nd case.

      Steve and Cath’s relationship also goes on in the context of modern relationships–back when I was growing up, sex before marriage was not considered, but in this day and age, that’s out the window. In the time period of these characters’ formative years, the rules of the relationship game were vastly changed..

      And “calling in the favors” was part of the game that they both were happy to play. It doesn’t signify lack of depth of feeling to me, but more a once-in-a-lifetime ease and comfort with someone that they don’t feel with anyone else.

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    • Nice to have you join us here. My only comment is that if Steve loves Catherine, and I believe he does, then, while he may be hurt, he will always trust her to do the right thing. And as far as people forgiving each other, that’s just what people who love each other do- every day–all the time–no matter what.

      As an aside to those in the fandom who make a distinction between Steve “loving” Catherine and being “In love” with her, it helps to think of men as flip top phones. Perfectly adequate and gets the job done. Women are more like smart phones, full of nuances and weighing every word. Ask a man if he loves his significant other and he says yes. Ask him if he is in love with this person and his eyes glaze over and he says that he just said that. See, for men, it means the same thing. A woman can interpret those same words a hundred ways depending upon the time of day, the number of cups of coffee and a poll of her friends as to what to make of it.

      My point? Steve loves and is in love with Catherine. Lets not confuse the guy.

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      • LOL about the phone comparison. By the way, I don’t have a smart phone but one of those flip top phones. And I love it. I may even be in love with my intelligent but non-smart phone. Maybe that is why I understand Steve so well. ๐Ÿ˜‰


        • My husband bought me a smart phone but I hate it. I don’t know how to use it. I’m not smart enough for a smart phone. Want my flip top back. I’m just a basic, get the job done girl.


          • Yeah, everyone tells me I NEED a smart phone, and I’m always like NO, I DON’T. I need my phone to make actual phone calls with it. ๐Ÿ˜‰ And it does a great job with that.
            For all the other stuff I use a real computer and a real camera. ๐Ÿ˜‰ But I guess my next phone will be a smart phone anyway since it is hard to find any phones that are not stupid multi-tool-somethings.


            • Hold out as long as you can. I have actually cried when I can’t figure out how to answer it before it stops ringing. Not kidding this time- its the truth. This phone does nothing for my ego except to step on it and smash it to pieces. I am truly pathetic. .


              • I don’t have a smart phone either. The only reason I changed from my 15 year old flip phone to a newer version of a stupid phone was because I couldn’t text on my old cell phone. I don’t use phones the way other people do. I HATE talking on the phone. I have to talk to 12 billion people a day (or so it seems) at work, so when I leave work, I could care less if I touch my phone, much less use it for other things. And with my eyesight, it’s not a viable option for surfing the web etc. I’m sure one day the changes in technology will leave me with no option but to get a smart phone, but until then, I’m keeping my stupid phone as long as I can.


                • P.S. The phone conversation is yet another shout out for Five-0. They rely heavily on technology, but thankfully you don’t see all of them walking around with their heads bent down staring at their phones 24/7. Thank God!


                • I am so glad you responded. I thought I was the only one who had to pretend to be just thrilled to speak to some of the people who called my office. It went on all day and my face had a smile freeze. The worst is when they have your name and you become their best friend.
                  I come on this site so I can unleash my “inner bitch”, I wonder if anyone has noticed…………….?

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  13. Tbh I have a problem with the whole “Cath broke his heart” point because yes she did leave him but it’s not like she dumped him for some random reason or to go be with someone else. She stayed behind for the greater good because others needed her more than McG. I thought what she did was pretty selfless; she left behind her job, her friends, her comfortable life to go to a war-torn country to protect strangers. Their relationship whatever it was, ended because of circumstances and not because they were incompatible. I think Steve is more upset at the circumstances rather than at Catherine. I mean if he really is mad at her for leaving to protect others, then I would really lose a lot of respect for his character.
    As much as I liked Danny looking out for his friend and I know I have been hard on Danny, I don’t think he was right with the whole “she ripped your heart out” .She did what she had to do and Steve knows that. Btw, I didn’t appreciate Steve’s comment about Danny not knowing about taking care of others either. That was probably my only complaint in an otherwise great episode.

    Anyway, I do agree that I don’t think their relationship is an epic love story or will ever be headed in the marriage/kids/happily ever after direction. I don’t think that Steve is a marriage/kids/HEA kind of person but I think it is a nice companionship/partnership/friendship that makes McG happy and I am all for my fav characters being happy.
    I think it will be interesting to see where the writers go from here. I think at this point it’s 50/50 about whether she will stay or not. But whatever it is I do hope it’s permanent because I would like to see a resolution to the storyline.

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    • I took Steve’s comment being about the situation with Cath, not in general. I got the feeling that this had not been the first conversation of the same sort, and that Steve got tired of the same argument again.
      I’m sure Steve does think of Danny as someone who cares about others. I mean, it does come with the job, even though some are more caring than others, I’m sure.


    • “Btw, I didnโ€™t appreciate Steveโ€™s comment about Danny not knowing about taking care of others either. ”

      I hear ya–and I don’t even think Steve believes that about Danny. But this is what I was referencing several posts back in that this cargument was different because Steve finally bit back. They have repartee, yes, but this time, he got right back in Danny’s face (and I loved that in these two episodes, Danny shut up afterward–even on the helicopter). But I know Steve doesn’t truly believe that–I mean look at all the times he compliments Danny directly (including in THIS episode).


      • I don’t think he believes it either which is why I found it odd and since I’ve been particularly hard on Danno this season I figured it’s only fair I mention it.


      • Although I was thinking about this helping others thing some more and while Danny definitely helps people, if you put him and Steve side by side for a comparison on that front, Steve would win hands down. Danny is far more cautious and reserved on helping people–and I’m not saying that’s a bad thing–he’s got a kid–kids–to think about, but from day 1 he has been much more reserved in how much of himself he’ll pay out on behalf of others. I think that’s necessary though. It probably wouldn’t fly if the two partners had the same character traits in common.

        And sometimes Steve scares me with the risks he takes–even though it’s heart stopping to watch. I’m thinking in particular of the episode where they were at the fundraiser and he dove off the roof to save that guy from killing himself. Steve nearly gave me a heart attack.

        That’s why, when this show is being done well, it’s so much fun to watch. There are so many contrasts and nuances when watching all the characters.


  14. I’m a little late to the party and just finished watching 524 and 525.

    I’ll dispose of 524 first. Never, with all our the tongue and cheek comments that Danny would turn out to be Charlie’s father, did I think they would really go that way. Could they possibly not have known we were joking about how original that scenario would be? What they did do, however, was to destroy the integrity of another female character. For whatever Rachel’s justification that she feared Danny’s job, she still was willing to end her marriage and return to Danny, who still had that same job, and then again leave him and lie to him about Charlie being his son because he still had that same job. Did I get that right? So, Rachel goes into the discard pile along with Jenna, (the traitor) the Governor (the corrupt politician) Lori ( the immature, stars in her eyes, I “have feelings for you Steve” cough, chough, clears her throat). We no longer need to like or care about Rachel because the writers gave her second place to Doris in the mother of the year awards. Was she a good mother because she thought Danny’s job too dangerous to be Charlie’s father or was she a bad mother because she kept her child from knowing his father and robbing Danny of three years of his son’s life? You choose.

    Now on to 525. I think that the writers got the reunion between Steve and Catherine just right. It would have been unrealistic to have them resume as though nothing had passed between 421 and 525, The actors conveyed such emotions of two people who loved each other but were afraid that they might be hurt. I think the ending had big brave Steve asking the one question he was afraid to ask Catherine. How long are you staying? (translate that to are you going to leave me again?) You could see it took a lot to ask that and put his heart out there again. Her answer was just as insecure. How long did he want her to stay? (translate that to “if you ask me, I’ll stay forever.) She also put her heart out there wondering if he still wanted her. This is why I believe there will eventually be a Steve-Catherine wedding sometime in S6. I doubt she will be back full time but I think we will see her as they work through their relationship. We will spend the first part of the season watching them warily test the waters until the inevitable happens. We saw loss–we saw hurt–. we have now seen the glimmer of hope. They have to be one of the most gorgeous couples on TV. Remember, Steve was unable to move on from Catherine. He pointedly said he didn’t want to take Ellie to the wedding because he was her buddy (a big ice bucket of cold water on you McElllie shippers, or as I say SMEllie shippers –Steve M + Ellie = Smellie) or have Danny get him a date for Kono’s wedding with one of Amber/Melissa’s teenybopper friends who may not be of legal age to drink. Did he actually take AmberMelissa to the wedding? I didn’t see her there. Did he have to fight Flippa for the last spare rib at the singles table?

    I hope they let Adam live

    So, my assessment was a A. for both episodes.

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  15. After watching 5/25 for about the 100th time since it aired last week ๐Ÿ˜Ž the other thing I was thinking about was that someone had to be looking after Catherine’s car while she was gone—I bet that someone was Steve. They may choose their wheels differently but they both have a soft spot for the right car. ๐Ÿ˜Ž


    • I’m sure Steve took care of all her stuff. And not just the car, the house and her belongings. But also dealt with the Navy about her absence. She’s in the Reserves, she made a commitment, you can’t just walk out like that. So, I’m sure he had some negotiations to do on her behalf.
      Paying her bills, and all the other stuff. Put her stuff in storage, or in his house.
      A person cannot just stay away for a year, and nobody cares for her stuff. I’m sure that guy caring for it all was Steve.

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