12 thoughts on “YES to Season 6

  1. Y E S !!!
    I’m officially grateful! Though I always tried to stay positive, I have to admit there was that tiny voice in my head that had me doubting sometimes (dropping rates, lack of promotion from CBS…). But, we can put that behind now and happily celebrate:


    • Yes even though Sam continually told me to keep the faith, i, too, had those niggling doubts. The rumors that wouldn’t go away drove me insane. But I will state it here… I am sorry I didn’t listen to my partner and buddy… she was right all along.

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  2. Since they finally gave me a glimmer of hope in the last ep of S5 that maybe good Five-0 can return, I am very happy it has been renewed. NOW DON’T WASTE THE OPPORTUNITY, people. Go back to what made the show great!!! 😎

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    • I am THRILLED we get to keep McG for another season, but I DO hope we get finales McG and not Christmas ep alt-universe McG!!! PLenkov and co. have showed they still can write Show the way it should be written. Now go do it, Hollywood elites! Go DO it. 😀

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  3. I am jumping up and down for joy. Thanks to the hardworking cast and crew! Though there are differences at times with fans and them, still it is a great show!


  4. I’m very happy there will be a Season 6. You could sort of tell with the season finale that things were left unsaid and unfinished.
    Kudos Peter Lenkov.


  5. Oh thank God. I can’t stop smiling. I wasn’t expecting any news until 13th May so this is a bonus. Got no one to share the news with here, my boys are in bed so I’ll celebrate with you all!!! Although I knew it should be renewed and all the signs were there I was still a little worried (okay, a lot worried and in total panic for the last few months).

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