5.24 Wall of Silence

As promised here is the first day of celebrating what I loved about the two season-ending-episodes and Five-0 in general.

But I thought about it for a while and came to the conclusion, why not doing the celebration and the review at the same time? Since you are already commenting on the episodes we can also have the polls and I tell you what I thought about the one or other scene and the episode in general.

So, here we go with the first poll for 5.24 – Luapo’i / Prey


As you all know I complained loudly and often about the nasty human being that Danny has become over the years. Yeah, I know you do. 🙂

But you know what? This Danny, I really liked. Yes, I really enjoyed him. He was not that whiny, bitchy idiot he has been most of season 5 and before that season 4, and season 3, and, well you get the idea. This Danny actually seemed to genuinely care about his friend and voiced that in a civilized manner. Without trying to hurt said friend’s feelings. Like he did in 4.22, back then that was the Danny who I didn’t believe for a second cared for his friend, or for Catherine or for any other person than himself.

And since I really liked Danny in this, I had fun watching a cargument. Wow, how long has it been that the carguments were actually fun to watch? A very long time. Most of the times Danny had just been nasty. But this time they talked like I expect two adults, two friends to talk.


Thank you, show for giving us that. Thank you for bringing back a Danny I can actually like, who I can see as being a friend. That had been not possible for a long time. But this time he acted and talked like a friend. Like a grown-up, like a nice human being.

Wow, who would have thought I would write such praise for Danny? Well, as I told many times, I don’t hate him, I hate his behavior. And in these two episodes I loved his behavior, I loved his actions. There you have it. 🙂

But the cargument would have been nothing without Steve’s Wall of Silence. Don’t we all need that wall at times? How often did you wish to have a wall of silence to shut someone up, or at least to change the subject? I loved that.


But what I loved most about this cargument was the subject matter. Danny was the second person who tried to set up Steve with a ‘lady-friend’. And I absolutely loved his response the first time when Ellie tried it, and I loved it this time. Steve is not a guy who gets over such a long relationship in just a year. Since we’ve known him we never ever saw him look at any women other than Catherine. That is just not him. He’s devoted. To his work, to his friends, and to the woman he loves.

I don’t care if people like Catherine or not, because quite frankly, that is totally irrelevant. Steve loves her. That is all that counts for me. She makes him happy. I’m happy. That is how it is supposed to be, people you like, you care about, you want to see happy. YES, I know this is a fictional character. LOL – But that doesn’t matter. Come on, be honest. They come into our homes once every week, some of them are part of our family. In a way at least. It is OK to care for them. To fear for them, to want to see them happy. It is a testament to the character on screen to make us care for them. And I care a great deal for Steve, and for his friends.

So, this scene gave me something back I dearly love, and what I had missed very much. A really good cargument. With two friends who obviously care for each other.

39 thoughts on “5.24 Wall of Silence

  1. Yeah as Steve is very loyal! No matter what! Thanks for the review and the great work you do on here Five-O blog. You are very sweet to go out of your way to do this. Yeah that Wall of Silence is funny! Needs to do that more often.


  2. Pretty much a perfect cargument. And yes, the wall of silence was perfect. And in that scene, I really feel like both Alex and Scott had fun. Which made it a good scene for Steve and Danny.


  3. Could not agree more, nodding along to your every word, just as I nodded and thrilled along to that cargument! It was funny, the men were funny, McG was adorable, and he was the real McG, not that body-snatcher dude who chopped down the Christmas tree. I was thrilled to see HIM back! Bad-ass, kind-hearted, and damn fine looking! Welcome back 5-0!!!!!!!!! 😀

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  4. I’ve never been as hard on the carguments as others have–yep, Danny’s been a jerk at times, but I just don’t expect guys to talk all polite and flowery all the time. Besides, I never got the impression Steve minded Danny’s rants. As a long time naval guy, he’s had to deal with many personalities so I’m sure Danny is not even close to the worst he’s ever dealt with.

    That aside, the interesting thing to me about this cargument was the appearance of two new things: 1) Steve bit back, which he doesn’t usually do (ie. the “I’ve got an idea. Why don’t we talk about [insert Danno’s latest main squeeze–I can’t keep track of them], and 2) Danny shut up. And when he shut up about Catherine, you could see the sensible “Okay, that’s as far as I can take this” look on his face.

    As for Steve, there are two things that sold me out about McGarrett from the beginning: 1) standing by his family (blood and otherwise) and 2) not being the stereotypical bed hopping leading man so prevalent in so many shows I saw growing up. What a relief to see a man who can think with his REAL brain and love and be dedicated to one person.

    I have heard Catherine haters, among other things, express that there just wasn’t enough romance between the two. That always made me sick. I’m sorry, but in the real world, couples have jobs, duties, sometimes life bends them down to the ground and they have to spend time thinking about something besides sex and being in each other’s back pockets. That’s why Steve and Catherine are a natural, real couple to me and I’m glad Steve straightened Danny out on the subject. I think Danny knows this too–but since he can’t seem to get his relationships right, I don’t think he can resist poking at others. I wonder if he gives Chin any ribbing about Leilani (I assume she is still dating Chin unless I missed something during unwatched Season 5 episodes).

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    • No, I don’t expect Danny to be always polite, but I expect him to not hurt a friend on purpose. He did that many times. And all those times Steve did speak up. Back in season 4 in the office when he attacked Steve about his mother, and also in 4.22. Steve had been miffed back then.

      Those examples are what I call nasty and mean. I don’t have a problem with the men not talking in a polite manner, heck, Steve’s a sailor, I’m sure he knows some words that would make even Danny blush. But I don’t expect this nasty behavior at all times. And that is what it was for a couple of years. It was just too much.
      And as Steve said, he stopped listening to what Danny has to say. That is normally the beginning of the end of any friendship.
      Maybe Danny woke up when he said that, and tries to change his ways. I truly hope so, because this Danny I like to see more often.

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    • I loved the carguments in these last two episodes. They were relevant and there was good snark from both Danny and Steve. My problem with the carguments recently is that they seemed forced, not amusing and crossed a line. I suppose I may tend to give Steve more leeway – but it seemed that Danny was getting downright nasty, going to places that you just shouldn’t.

      We haven’t gotten there with Sams review yet – but I loved Steve shutting Danny up with logic “THERE YA GO! I’M GONNA TALK WITH CATH WHEN THE TIME IS RIGHT” – Danny underestimates Steve’s ability to know when to say when. And he just doesn’t get that Steve doesn’t always share every thought with him.

      As for what you said about what made Steve attractive to you – YES!!!! YES TO THIS 1,000,000 times! I remember saying that on a blog back in season one and I’m so happy that I can still say that here in season 5.

      Lets be honest – most of the people who don’t like Catherine don’t really want to see ANY romance at all. And that’s fine. What irks me to no end is that they come up with all of these reasons why they aren’t a couple, when in fact they are probably the most real couple I’ve seen on TV.

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      • “when in fact they are probably the most real couple I’ve seen on TV.”

        What Kimphin1 says! And I can say that because I don’t typically watch for romance or couples pairing. But I don’t see how anyone could NOT root for Steve and Catherine because they are so natural together.

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  5. I totally agree with all you said in this lovely review. I too was shocked to find myself liking Danny and not cringing every time he opened his mouth. Concern about his partner’s emotional balance was okay and this was the conversation that I expected from two adult men. Steve was so supportive when he learned what Rachel had told Danny. That is a real friend. I have hope for season 6 and would like to tell Peter to keep the writers that handled these two episodes because they are what all of us are expecting 5-0 to be.

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  6. “Back in season 4 in the office when he attacked Steve about his mother,”

    I can’t recall the specifics of that dialogue now though I have a vague recollection. But for me, Steve’s response this time was different—a different feel than any of the others. Maybe an “okay, on this subject, we’re not going to go there, and that’s that” response. He just seemed more definitive in putting a kabosh on it then at other times. I liked it.

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  7. Spot on review. Also, as much I hate the Charlie plot, Danny seems to be handling it pretty well with the well being of the kids in mind.


  8. Now here I come… My verdict, but don’t be afraid (if you aren’t a fan of Danny that is 😉 ), I liked it and voted Good. Not awesome. By no means awesome.
    So let me start with those things I didn’t like, or better, didn’t care a damn about. This whole Charly the wonder-premie thing – wasn’t it a big surprise? No. Everybody guessed it before. But what’s the worst in my case is, that I absolutely don’t care about anything related to Danny. I was close to ff the whole thing. But I didn’t because I am such a good person and wanted to be fair. And now Danny should be afraid, because maybe Gracie isn’t his. He he. Other than Charly she does not look like him one bit. And we all know Rachel has no problems cheating her husband(s) (thanks for another shitty woman btw writers, there was no need for that, she could have found out that Charly wasn’t Stan’s after the blood test!) and there are for sure men like Danny out there. On another note: I think this storyline just serves as an excuse for Danny not to be around that much in S6.
    And I am not such a big fan of this cargument as you ladies. For sure he was much nicer than the last years, but my problem is that Danny never ever, not once (and it has been a year as we all know now… 😉 ) in all this time Danny was there, talking to Steve, caring about his feelings for losing someone (again!) he loves. When these two met at their “wall of talking” it was always Steve being their for Danny, listening to him, never the other way around. The last thing Danny said about Cath was at the end of S4 this stupid “she’s a big girl, can take care of herself” BS. This cargument showed again that D has no idea who Steve really is, how he thinks and how he feels about commitment – in love and on missions. If you love someone one year is nothing, and Steve is incredibly loyal and no womanizer at all.
    What I loved about this cargument was Steve’s reaction, what he said to Danny, and I for sure love the ‘wall of silence’. Hilarious. Wonder, if that was ad-libbed? I need one when it comes to SC’s Danny.
    The beginning of this epi made me happy too. Very very happy!!! Chin and Steve. They are so good together. Full of respect and understanding. Steve is the one Chin turns to, I think Chin is the one who really gets Steve, Grover is going there and Kono admires him for what he is.
    Loved that the real Steve was back!!! Love love love it! BAMF Steve! Yeah, I missed him. And than on the other hand this sensitive man, caring about someone he did not even know yet. I loved him talking to the father of the murdered girl, on the phone and at the stretcher.
    Handsome, being BAMF, showing emotions, fiiiine acting, lots of Alexpressions? What’s not to love?
    So all in all it was good, I enjoyed it and it was a great intro for the finale. And that was AWESOME!

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    • I’m totally with you. It’s not like I’m a Danny lover all of a sudden. 😉 But if this Danny would stay, and keep caring for his friend, and not being an a$$hole all the time, then I could really like him. I think this cargument was a good start.
      And you are right, Danny doesn’t know Steve at all. Never has, never will. But that is also nothing I haven’t said many times. But rest assured, this is only the very first part of the 5.24/5.25 reviews. There will be more every day associated to the scenes I comment on. 🙂 So, I’m sure Danny and his miracle baby will be dealt with later. 😉

      Good is good enough. 🙂

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      • Lol, miracle baby that is true!
        My big problem with SC’s Danny ever was that even if the writers let him say something nice (Steve: ‘Your words hurt you know that?’ Danny: ‘I don’t want to hurt you…’ – roughly ) I don’t buy it. But you’re right, this cargument was tolerable. And Steve’s reaction so Steve!


        • That scene was really one of the worst. Danny’s smirking when asking about Cath was just disgusting. And no, I didn’t think he was interested in how she was doing, or Steve was doing at all.
          But as I said, maybe Steve’s words not listening to him anymore woke him up. Yeah, right. 😉


          • I think that is a big difference between Danny and Steve – and I’m not Danny bashing here, it just is – Danny loves quickly – he’s one of those people who can’t be alone (we all know those types right?) and he just doesn’t GET that Steve isn’t like that. He can’t understand it and never will. Maybe it’s because he has a child (well – children) and he believes that is the be-all end-all kind of love, not romantic love. I don’t know. I don’t ever see Danny being able to have a long-distance, many year relationship with anyone. He needs attention too much.

            So yes, he has been alternately glib and harsh about Catherine – but I don’t think he understands at all.

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            • Truth, Kim. In fact Danno is the kind of person who doesn’t have awareness that there ARE different perspectives. He thinks what he thinks and knows what he knows and values what he values and his brain just assumes everyone else thinks and feels the same way because there is no other way to think or feel. When presented with someone different, he immediately presumes they have a pathology. They must be a caveman or a loser or a jerk…cos their brain and their worldview is not in lockstep with his own. McG is a giant puzzle to him, cos McG is complicated and worldly…he’s seen and done things Danno couldn’t imagine.

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    • I just didn’t understand the motivation for Rachel’s action about the kid (not telling Danny the boy was his). And while Danny & Rachel had their snarky moments together, I never took her to be completely mean spirited as this implies. It was just—weird.


      • I agree Rachel’s action was weird. Just another way Show proves it has no clue how actual women think or behave. Then peeps hate on the character for the fails of the misogynist writers. Really tacky.


  9. RE: Danny and relationships–I finally figured out where I went wrong. I was confused with the whole Melissa thing–when I was watching the ep before the finale I kept thinking, that girl looks like Amber but he keeps calling her Melissa. Then when I was re-watching one of the scenes between him and Steve I realized it was because the “Amber and her ex” episode was one of the ones I skipped watching from Season 5 so I didn’t realize she’d changed the name she used. I’m relieved. Because that would have been a lot of women-hopping, even for Danny.

    I also finally figured out why I can’t “Like” posts–I’m not logged in with a WordPress account. I need to fix that so I can get my likes in. LOL! (what can I say? I’m always behind).

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    • LOL!!! You weren’t logged in and you didn’t realize Amber is now Melissa! What an adorable post! And you kept working it out til you figured it out. Perhaps 5-0 could use you, junior detective. *mwah* ❤


  10. I simply adored this episode. I didn’t realize how much I missed McDanno until this cargument which was sweet, sincere and funny. When Danny isn’t nasty and snarky, he can be quite endearing.

    I was upset over how Rachel handled the whole thing. I knew Charlie was his, but figured it was Rachel who was sick, not sweet, little Charlie. Danny stepped up to the plate and is doing the right thing, which he always does it comes to his love of his kid, now kids.

    I’m having trouble accepting Catherine back into Steve’s life because I’m also having major difficulty separating the psychotic actress from the character. I’m sorry, no hate please. I do agree with what was said that Steve is honorable and loyal (to a fault) and will wait till the time is right to discuss the situation. I’m going to try to work on it because I don’t want her to ruin my love of this show and she does (if she’s back). Suggestions gladly accepted.

    I loved that BAMF Steve was back and can’t wait for season 6!! Cheers to season 6 and the continuation of the adventures of our team!!


    • I will not tolerate any hatred on real people on this blog. If you don’t like Catherine, that is fine, but leave the actress out of it. Name calling, like you just did, is not acceptable on this blog.

      You can call the characters all you want, but not the people behind it. And it is no problem to say if you don’t like how something was acted by an actress or actor.

      But it is NOT OK to call a real person psychotic or any other personal insult. I will not allow any hate or slander here. No matter against which actor or actress.

      Only and last warning.

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  11. The reason I liked this cargument is that it was fresh and it actually provided an insight into a character dealing with something. It wasn’t just pointless drivel or something that’s been rehashed 100 times. As everybody else pointed out there seemed to be a different energy to both Danny and Steve in these episodes. Not sure where they found it but I like it.
    I think that they wanted Danny’s increasing nastiness this season to be an indication of PTSD following the stuff with his brother but they never really developed that angle.
    Also, while I like Steve and Cath together, I did understand Danny’s point in this particular case. I mean at that point it had been a year since she stayed behind and they didn’t have any indication that she would return so it was understandable that Danny would want his best friend to move on and be happy. Obviously I am glad that Steve shut him down but I do think that Danny’s suggestion came from genuine concern for his friend. I think we are to believe that any earlier discussion about Cath between these two happened where everything interesting does… “Off-screen”.
    Re:Cath’s return
    How exactly did she know about Kono’s wedding? I got the impression that she and McG hadn’t been in contact recently so did Kono mail the invite to Afghanistan? In that case Kono didn’t tell Steve? Also I get that she and Kono were friends but they never seemed so close that Cath would drop everything and fly back? I mean she was doing dangerous and important work, it’s not like she was on vacation. Also wouldn’t that raise her profile and endanger her further? I hope there is more to the story and we find out next season.
    One last thing, I can’t understand the level of vitriol that’s directed at the character on social media. I get not liking a character, actress, etc. but by reading some of this comments you would thing Catherine is a convicted criminal and not a fictional character.

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    • Like you, I can’t understand people hating on other real people. Disliking a character is fine, but the people behind it? That is beyond my understanding.
      And even the characters I don’t hate. I dislike what they are doing, but I never hated anyone. Or wish for them to die. How awful is it to wish for Cath to die? That is just sick.
      And wishing bad luck to the actress is even sicker. These actors are people. Fellow human beings. They have feelings, dreams, they try to get though a day just like the rest of us.
      Some of these idiots on social media make me sick. There are some very disturbed people out there.

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      • It’s the forcefulness of their dislike that disturbs me. I don’t think I can summon that kind of hatred for real people let alone a fictional character. I don’t know if it’s because she gets in the way of McDanno or because they feel she is replacing Kono or because they are delusional enough to feel like if she is not there they get a shot with McG ( I don’t even want to think about that part). Of course as with any other character, there are people who have valid criticisms but they aren’t the ones throwing insults.

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        • Yes, it’s not the criticisms, it’s the personal insults I cannot accept. One can think about a person what they want, but you cannot run around and insult a person on a personal level. No matter that you can hide behind your avatar. It’s just not right.

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    • I think they handled Cath and Kono’s friendship the same way — off screen. Really the only glimpse you got of it was when they were down on the field during the pro-bowl. I was so elated to see Cath I put the questions out of my mind, but I did wonder–didn’t she have to sneak into Afghanistan in the first place? So it couldn’t have been as simple as hopping a commercial liner and flying home. But she did and still does appear to have connections. But it does make you wonder.

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  12. I am going to go to my happy place and disregard the negative. Folks, we can like or dislike a variety of people, but please, please be kind.


    • No, you don’t have to apologize for your feelings. But I will not allow voicing such slander on this blog.

      But most of all, I don’t want that stupid hate MB-thing to start again. The past is the past. To all haters, grow the f/ck up and move on.

      If you want to personally insult a real person, any person, feel free to do that some other place. I’m sure there are enough blogs out there that will allow such things.

      To all my readers: thank you for always being so civil. I know we all have strong opinions about a lot of things. And you know that all your different opinions about the characters or the execution of this show are welcomed here.

      But I draw the line at personal insults. And most all of you respect that and voice their opinion in a civilized manner without slandering any persons.

      This is my blog… my rules. Don’t like them… don’t come here.

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  13. This >>>>> I don’t care if people like Catherine or not, because quite frankly, that is totally irrelevant. Steve loves her. That is all that counts for me. She makes him happy. I’m happy. That is how it is supposed to be, people you like, you care about, you want to see happy.

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