Celebrating Five-0

“Wow !”

That was the email Cokie sent me after seeing the last two episodes. You see, she can’t tell me much without spoiling it because I watch the eps a little later than she does. So, she has to be creative to tell me what she thought about it without giving anything away. And I have to tell you she always does a good job with that. 🙂

Anyway, this is not a review in any form or shape for the final episodes, I’ll do that in a couple of days when I have more time for them.

Right now I’m in the mood to celebrate and share the joy, beauty and greatness of the last two amazing episodes.

Where even to start?

This was Five-0! The Five-0 that had been missing most of season 5. This was just delightful, and if people can’t see the difference between these two episodes and the rest of the season… I pity them.

These were the real characters of Five-0, and not the strange clones who had taken their places most of the season.

This was the Five-0 I fell in love with all those years ago.

Why can’t we have this great Danny all the time, why did we have to endure the whiny, bitchy, nasty version instead of what we got in the last two episodes? Why can’t we have this Steve McGarrett all the time, instead of that, at times, very strange out of character version?

Why can’t we have this real Five-0 feeling all season long? The writers obviously have it in them to give us greatness, why not doing it more often?

Before this ends up becoming a review after all, let’s just enjoy the beauty. There will be a post every day for the next week with a scene that reflects what Five-0 is all about for me.

I’ll begin with one that will most likely become my all-time favorite scene with the two boys. This was amazingly shot, just beautiful.



All screen-shots were done by me. Credit to CBS. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

12 thoughts on “Celebrating Five-0

  1. That scene… THAT’S MY SHOW. I don’t know where it’s been for the past however long.. but this is the show I loved. Real teamwork…No nastiness…heroes! I really thought it was gone for good. This is what it needs to make the crazy assed storylines fun and watchable.

    The stylized Hawaii five 0 theme playing during the hero walk from the helicopter…. (same one as when they guys were rescued from the collapsed building) sent shivers up my spine.

    To quote Steve 😉 “Wow”

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  2. Loved, LOVED these two episodes! And it looks like you did, too 🙂
    Fresh, great action, the Bond moments, Catherine, McAdonis, young Charlie, “the wall of silence”, teamwork, PARTNERS!!!, style and fashion, heroes, great carguments, likable Danny (yes, I daresay that! – lol!), McGorgeous… need I go on? 🙂
    Where was this show all the time?! Though I always tried to find good in this season – this, THIS is what I was hoping/waiting/LONGING for. It felt like the good old times all over!

    So roll on season 6 and please carry that spirit of the last 2 epis into the new season!

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  3. I felt it had some of the earmarks for getting back to what it once was but still needs some work (but there IS hope after all. YEAH!) I initially gave the finale a C. But to tell you the truth, I’m so very very very happy to have Cath back that I upgraded to a B. This last episode, for me, was the only decent one of the season. I hope this means good things to come.

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  4. Yes! Yes yes yes yes yes yes! THIS was Show! Show came back! Please don’t leave again, Show! We missed you!!!!

    And good bye to Nasty Danno, and to, I think the word you are looking for is, Zombie Steve. He was like a Zombie most of this year. But the Real McG came back to us this week! I LOOOOOVE him! I missed him!! I LOVE him SOOOOOO much! 😀

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  5. just realized, yesterday i pondered in a comment somewhere about whether the next episode (please season 6!) would still be at the wedding or would jump ahead. I mean, it would be terrible to waste those tuxedos……

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  6. Yeah, not finishing with the wedding was weird (and the way Gabriel left was weird). I forgot the other reason I upgrade the finale to a B–Doris was NOT part of the episode. That was a definite boost.


  7. Both episodes felt like old school 50. McG was back to being superSeal, Danny was back to actually being funny. I also loved all the Daddy Danno scenes. I am really interested to see where that story goes. The Ohana sentiment was back. The carguments were actually funny and fresh. Loved seeing Chin so protective of Kono. Even Kono and Adam didn’t ‘t annoy me. Also Mrs Grover is perfect. Mostly, the show was actually fun again. It’s like the writers stopped trying so hard to be “epic” and instead just had fun. Seeing Cath again was nice. I would have liked some closure on that story but I guess i can wait til next year.
    I am excited to see (hopefully) more focus on Chin next year. One thing that I noticed in the final scene when Gabriel says that 50 isn’t his family, Chin looked kind of thoughtful so I wonder if they are setting him up to doubt his place on the team. That could be an interesting story or maybe it’s just my overactive imagination. I guess Kono and Adam aren’t married yet? Overall, after the 100th, the two best episodes of the season for me.

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  8. There was once at one point Alex taking over for James Bond. Until Daniel Craig got the job.As really think that Alex would make a good Bond. If and when Daniel C hangs it out. Great two episodes. Please let there be a season 6!


  9. I was a very happy viewer last Friday. Two episodes that I liked very very much. Now I just need for CBS to make my summer and give us the nod for season 6. I was comfortable with the fact that Steve and Catherine were a bit awkward with each other at first. Taking their seats at the wedding made me have hope that we could see her more often in the new season. Danny was refreshing…..actually likeable. Good action and a sense of teamwork made a big difference. And I can see where Gabriel can be an interesting new threat to the team.

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  10. I honestly can’t add anything to what has been said above, so I will repeat my first comment to Sam… “WOW”. They blew it out of the water… both figuratively and literally. LOVED these episodes. And Moonjat…. they just made your summer!!! 🙂 I still can’t keep the smile off my face.


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