Five Years – part 5

Sadly, while writing the first four parts of this ‘look back’ I realized that season five simply couldn’t hold the high standard the previous seasons set for the show.

I know I have complained about a lot of things this season, about scenes, about character development, or the lack of. About rewriting Five-0 history, and about many other things. But I’ll do that purely out of love for the show. Despite all that is wrong with this season (at least in my eyes), Five-0 still is my favorite show. And I love it with all my heart.

Yes, the main reason, at times the only reason, for that is Steve McGarrett. And if he’s not himself because someone never ever watching an episode before wrote his charater 😉 than there is still Alex who always saves the day. His performances have always been flawless.

Thanks to AOLww (THE best place for all things AOL) for the wonderful pictures.

Season five came with a new photoshoot. Was about darn time, if you ask me. 😉

Episode wise there really isn’t much worth mentioning again. Not that they have all been bad, but since it should be still really fresh in our memory, and you can always take a look at the reviews, I will not recap all episodes here.

Of course, there is no question that 5.07, the 100th episode has to be mentioned. That one deserves a post of its own. Not because of an awesome plot, or some creative writing regarding Wo Fat, but because of the execution of the episode. AND because of the freaking awesome performance by Alex O.

The fight choreography was unbelievable. I guess it pays when you have two martial artists who know how to look good, and who can actually back-up their make-believe fighting. That were some freakishly good fight scenes.

The alt-universe was a lot of fun to watch. Over the top, but total fun. And I loved to see Daddy McG again.

I loved how they blended in the original pilot, and I loved all the small details. That’s what I meant with the execution of the episode. That was darn near perfect.

They surely deserved their celebration of episode 100. Would have been nice if they would have picked another day, not the one their main character was kind of out of it because of some intense filming. 😉

By the way, if you’re interested you can check out all our season five tie-in stories here.

This season had very few awesome episodes, a few good ones, some OK ones, but sadly also some real bad ones. Most of the time even the bad ones had some great scenes in it, but that is not enough to make an otherwise dull, or poorly written episode any kind of good.

What are my hopes for season 6? Yes, I do believe in at least one more season.

– I want Steve back, not this lobotomized stand in he was in some episodes

– I want contingency; don’t start something great and then just forget about it

– I want clever cases, plots that actually make sense

– I want the characters to be in-character

– I want the actors either in the episode, or stay out of it completely. No more scenes filmed seperately and then badly stitched together.

– I want more Grover/Steve. I want to see them actually working together.

– I want more Chin/Steve.

– I want more Chin/Steve/Grover, they are awesome together.

– I want Danny be partnered with Kono. They are actually working well together.

– I want, no I NEED them to dial back on the nastiness.

Seems that I want quite a lot from season 6. But actually, I don’t. I just want them to find their way back to the greatness they had in season 3 and the beginning of season 4. I truly wish for that. Because I love this show. I want it to be successful. They have the actors for it, they can do great things. Just give them the right material and the magic will be back.

Now I’ll put my hope in two great finale episodes. Hopefully with a good come-back for Catherine.

I hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Five Years – part 5

  1. Problem with season 4 I had was that the cararguements were becoming way too mean spirited. And that they did in season 4 toned it down a bit. And Steve and Danny are still working on their trust issues. Hopefully Danny will stop whining and tone that down. Grover and Steve work better together as their Bromance is not mean spirited like Steve and Danny!


  2. The first ep of this season was so awful I was shell-shocked. I got used to it. Sadly. 😦 Except that Xmas ep still shocks…worst episode ever. Or maybe that recent 3 Drunk Amigos ep. Don’t care which was worst. I hate that either one exists.

    There was very little good here, cos there was very little 5-0 here in this season. I don’t know who these writers were, or what show they thought they were writing for, but I didn’t care for much of it. As you say tho, Alex pulled it out. His acting kept me coming back. I hope PLenkov realizes how lucky he is to have this actor saving his ass every week.

    And ep 100 was yet another Alex revelation. Handsome man can act the shite outta anything. Can’t wait to see the finales and fingers sooooo crossed for S6!


  3. Thank you so much for the ‘look backs’ and for all you have written over the years. I still try to catch up :-). I I love the show and would be very sad if it would be no more .
    Oh please let there be another season!!!!


  4. Sorry for the late comment on this:
    Could not have summarized Season 5 better myself.
    And the wishes for season 6 is spot on – I might borrow some of them for a post about it later myself 🙂


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