Five Years – part 4

After the hiatus the production again started with a blessing, which I think is a great tradition they are honoring. And later there was another SOTB.


(Not taking credit for any pics. The pictures are from various sources. Especially the BTS ones. If they were tagged I left the tag on. Screenshots were done by me, but credit still lies with CBS. A very special thanks to everyone who is generous enough to share their pictures from events with us. Thank you!)

After an exceptional third season, and a cliffhanger that let us guessing how Steve would get out of that situation, season four started with a bang. And the introduction of yet another new character. Lou Grover is, for me, the best addition they ever came up with. I loved him from his very first scene. >>review<<

And not to forget the season 4 premiere gave us something really rare; Alex on twitter. Oh, that was a fun night. 🙂

And the first episode inspired me to write my first tie-in for the season.


In 4.02 we learned more about Billy, a guy I was sure wouldn’t last long, and we played baseball. AND we got a new car and some great pair of pants. Sigh. But other than that it wasn’t the best episode.  >>review<<

4.03 I purely liked because of Steve and Catherine. We got yet another new character, one I still don’t really like or need. But he did grow on me over time. Well, a little bit. >>review<<

Sadly, the show really took the easy way out and killed off Billy in 4.05. That episode gave us some really nice scenes and a great song at the end. >>review<<

4.07 made me smile a lot. It had some really cute scenes. And a confrontation between Grover and Steve that I really loved. It was one of the rare occasions that Steve made it very clear that he’s in charge. He never spoke up like that before, and I truly loved it. >>review<<

Oh my goodness. Grover and Steve, what a dream team. I loved, LOVED 4.08. It was clear after this that these two will become great friends. If you haven’t done so, watch the episode with the DVD commentary. Hilarious.

This is one of my favorite episodes of season 4. Well worth watching it again and again. Uh, and did I mention it? Steve on a horse. 🙂  >>review<<

4.09 – another ‘made-me-smile’ episode. Sad moments in it, too. But lots of fun, and some really great scenes. >>review<<

From an artistic point of view, and from the ‘importance’ point of view 4.10 was brilliant. But as a Five-0 episode it was not one of my favorites. YES, the episode has some really great scenes, and some really important lessons, and a lot of people learned a lot they never heard of before. Even though I’m still shocked to learn about how many people had no idea about their own history. But that is a different matter.

The episode was for sure awesome in its own way, and one could see how much love and work went into the episode. Kudos to everyone for it. But despite all that, it still doesn’t make it into my top five. >>review<<

Another Grover/Steve episode I really enjoyed. 4.12 gave us some nice walk in the woods, sorry, forest. 😉 Unfortunately it also had a really bad B-plot with a new ridiculous love interest for Danny. Or was it a playdate for Grace? Never sure about that. >>review<<

Forget about the part with the visiting mother from hell who we had to endure for three episodes. Ugh. But Grover and Steve again saved the day. AND some deleted scenes from the DVD. >>review<<

4.18, just an OK episode. But watch the gag reel and look out for Bradley Cooper. 😉

Despite that Danny was a total idiot in 4.19 I really enjoyed the episode. It was a lot of fun to watch Steve doing his thing to save them both. And how the team worked from all sides to save their team mates. >>review<<

And the episode inspired us to add a little extra to the episode. If you know us, you know what that little extra is. 😉

PT - Special Edition 419

Awesome. 4.20 is one of my favorite episodes from season four. I loved the scenes in the blue room, that woman did a great job. Kudos to her. And Steve was just awesome in this one. Again a wonderful example what a great, cool character he is. >>review<<

And Cokie wrote a light and fun tie-in that you shouldn’t take too seriously. 🙂


4.21 – one of the saddest episodes of Five-0. We all knew it was coming, but watching Steve say ‘I love you’, and knowing it might have been the first and only time, that was really hard. But even harder were the torture scenes. That was some incredible acting from all around. That was some really heavy stuff. >>review<<

For a change a season finale without a cliffhanger. That was kind of strange, but not in a bad way. I liked the episode, but it was lacking the last kick, so to speak. On the other hand I was really happy with Grover’s development and becoming a member of Five-0. I loved that. >>review<<

And with that we’re already at the end of season four. Besides from the third season my favorite one. But along the way something happened, and it felt like the show changed direction. Suddenly Cath was barely there, and Steve liked to live alone. WTF? Danny was often nowhere to be seen (OK, not really a problem for me, but still).

Then we had the mother from hell visiting, NO, not Doris. The terrible person from New Jersey, who I hope to never ever see, and more importantly, hear again. What a waste of time that was. But despite all that, it was still a really great season, with some fantastic episodes in it.

7 thoughts on “Five Years – part 4

  1. Wow… great season and I loved your look back. Lots of great moments and lots of people I loved. And some I had to learn to tolerate… aka dannys mom and jerry. Sorry… he hasn’t grown on me yet… I try, really I try to like the character. But I just don’t see it.


  2. This is my first post but I always read your comments with interest. I love the ‘discussions’ posted most I agree with, some I don’t but if I don’t say something I’m going to explode. I can’t stand the suspension any more! I’ll have to wait to the morning (in the UK) to watch the season 5 finale and not knowing whether it is going to be the last is driving me mad. I keep reading all the comments posted on the web, some say they’ll be a season 6, some say there won’t be, others are sitting on the fence, people on the show are saying there definitely will be and I don’t know what to think!!!! It’s making me ill. Then I keep analysing what’s been said about the finale. Cath’s back (yey, some good news) but does that mean they’re tying up loose ends as there won’t be a season 6. There’s news for Danny that may be starting up a new story so there is a season 6? A new bad guy, ….. for season 6? Do the writers know or not? Is it a secret to everyone on the show, only be revealed on 13th May (hope that’s a good omen as it’s my birthday).

    Anyway, now I feel a little better, thank you for the recaps to the previous series, it’s made me go back and watch some of them again (some of them a lot). It also helps that Sky One is repeating them constantly at the moment. I do miss the Steve and Cath episodes, especially from season 3. They do make a great couple and Steve really deserves his love interest back.

    Anyway, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a great episode tonight and for good news on 13th May.


    • Welcome to the blog. It’s always great to see a ‘lurker’ come out. 🙂
      Well, I firmly believe in season 6.
      I will also watch the episodes in the morning. They air at 3 a.m at my place, oh, that’s in 2 1/2 hours, I could stay up. Nah, I will enjoy them sometime tomorrow. 😉


  3. Hope that there is a season 6. If there is, it will be the last season that CBS will order IMHO. Hope that they can give better character development and the characters will get better closure.

    Season 4 MVP Was Chin Ho. As really DDK loved it that he had to step up in wake of GP absence. Hate it when he has to play sidekick at times.But really he was the MVP of that season.


  4. Season 4… My love/hate season. The first half was awesome. Then Kono returned and Cath all but disappeared. Coz in a PLenkov show, apparently women are both interchangeable parts and better in small doses. I don’t know what happened BTS to cause Cath’s ridic departure…I know there was Twitter drama but I handled it like I handle all Twitter drama, block and and unfollow…but the ep they wrote did NOT make it ok for me. The eps that followed her departure are among my least favorite of all time. So I began the season in love with Show, and ended angry and cynical. Sadly S5 did not cure this issue for me….but I haven’t seen the finale yet. Maybe it will save the season. 😉


  5. Season 4 was great until they pulled the rug out on Steve and Catherine’s relationship and that happened before epi 21. How did they miss how funny it could have been if Jerry had crashed at Steve’s with Catherine still there? I was hoping for more triangle drama when they brought Billy in but that ended rather abruptly. I like Grover a lot and seeing more of him has always made me happy. I would still like to know just why Wo Fat bothered to go and kill Ian. That was so out of the box for me.

    As for a season 6……I am like a rubber ball bouncing all over the place. I want to believe that CBS will keep the show but I just can’t bring myself to trust them. I had hoped that Nina Tassler’s husband being involved would help but I have been disappointed before. My experience with Moonlight when they said it was likely to come back and then didn’t just makes me wary.


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