Five Years – part 3

So, after another long hiatus, and not knowing who would die and who would live (as if that was ever a question), season three started. And as the years before, they participated in a blessing ceremony. There were some really nice scenes and great interviews. Also later we got a nice SOTB, also with good interviews and great coverage of the event.

(All credits for the pics to CBS and as stated on the photos)


Can we say ridiculous? What the heck was that claw? Oh right, the epic claw. Sorry, I forgot. LOL

Seriously though, I really enjoyed the season’s opener. Except for that stupid escape. πŸ˜‰ And I was very happy to see Catherine right from the start. I was really looking forward to seeing Steve having a relationship. That gave us a whole new side of him, one we only saw glimpses of so far.

Click on the picture if you want to read the ‘old’ review. πŸ˜‰


Since season three and four are my favorite ones, I could simply name every episode here. Episode two gave us some really great promo pics. If you want to know what I thought of the episode, well, read the review. πŸ˜‰

I did enjoy the first 25/30 minutes of ‘two men lost at sea’, but after that the episode wasn’t so great all in all. But some really nice views. Again. πŸ˜‰ Interesting, I never wrote a review for this one. But I did write a tie-in for it.

H50 - 303b

3.04 not one of the best episodes, but damn, we got some fun scenes.

Steve and Cath trying to get some alone-time. Awww. Of course, that never happened. πŸ™‚ Β >>review<<


3.06 had some great scenes, but the time in the warehouse was way too long for my liking. Β >>review<<


Episode seven I will forever remember as the botched-up make-up epi. How the heck did Steve NOT get his perfect skin shredded to pieces? That was a major fail. Sorry, but I simply can’t overlook such things. I know, it might be picky, but for me that is just not doing your job right.


OH, how I loved the power-play between Steve and that evil doctor woman. What a great match they were. And I loved it how Steve was sure he was right, and his team never truly believed him, but he never really wavered in his opinion. But at the same time encouraged them to investigate in all directions. Β >>review<<


AND seeing Catherine’s little blue car gave us an idea for another tie-in. Well, sort of. πŸ˜‰


Leaving out 3.09 which had fun scenes, but was really not that spectacular, moving right over to 3.10. What a delight that episode was. Lucy, my girl, you stole the show.


Be back

310 A Most Excellent AdventureΒ 310 Out of the blue

Aww, Steve and Cath is all I have to say about 3.11 – well in the >>review<< I had a lot more to say. I loved that episode. It had such wonderful and funny scenes. And lots and lots of Cath and Steve in it. Loved it.


Season three really was full of great episodes. The next one was 3.13. Chin in peril. Great work, exciting show, AND Steve in a helicopter. Steve and a helicopter is pretty much all I need. If I had anything to say, he would probably fly in every episode. OK, every other one, so he still has time for other cool stuff. πŸ˜‰ >>review<<

And more awesomeness followed right away. Another great episode, despite the stupid way Wo Fat escaped again. >>review<<

Five-0 was not done with being awesome. Nope, they gave us 3.15 – Hookman. >>review<<

315 001

Season three felt like they got better from episode to episode. It was such a joy and fun to watch this season. 3.17 was another favorite of mine. >>review<<

317 001

And of course we couldn’t let Steve get away from that injury like that. Way too easy. πŸ˜‰

Kinipopo peku


Oh, geez, how can it get much better than the scenes at the smart table, and then at the end of the episode? >>review<<

318 001

318 002

You know, it did get better than this. Unbelievable, but the show gave us 3.20. A hot contender to rival The Pilot as my favorite episode. >>review>>

320 001

Episode 3.21 was a really strange one, but it brought us Wo Fat again, and some fun scenes as well. >>review<<

321 001

3.23 gets a mention simply because of awesome NinjaSteve. πŸ™‚ >>review<<


3.24 was a good ending for a great season. Season three is my favorite season, with barely any episodes that I didn’t like. None really comes to mind. πŸ™‚ This quality I expected to continue, and for a while it did. But we’ll come to that in the post for season 4, or more so for season 5. >>review<<


10 thoughts on “Five Years – part 3

  1. Yeah, S3 was chock full of great stuff. But first, what is SOTB? I’m sure I’ll be really embarassed when you tell me what it is, but I’m just blanking out.

    But I loved S3. The Aloha Girls are another group of guest characters I would love to see back in a follow up. And who could not see Lucy’s wisdom (as reported by Grace) when she says she wants to marry Steve when she grows up? 😎

    Another fantastic moment from the series is that scene at the end of Hookman when Steve is talking to the deceased, including his Dad. I know some people tire of Daddy stories, but I never do. That’s a subject very close to my heart and the way they have sprinkled Steve’s Dad throughout the series has been great (and please, may they never screw THAT up!).

    And I just loved Catherine & Kono besting Steve and Danny’s man date with her “seats” for the game. That never ceases to crack me up. You go, girl! As I’ve said before, Catherine is the best female presence they’ve had on the show by far (no offense, Kono).

    I realize reading your review of S3 that I didn’t make it through all the S3 eps last week–I didn’t see the Freddie one again. I think I’d been skipping around between S3 and S4 at that point.

    Seasons 1, 3 and 4 were definitely the best of the series.

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  2. S1 is my favourite but S3 is a close second. I love Chin’s prison epi; I love Steve’s confrontation with the Governor in 3×14 as well as their conversation at the end. I also love Hookman and how they tied in McG’s dad. For me, the McG Senior storyline is always good (actor who plays him is terrific); it’s the Mom story I have a problem with. Honourable mention to the epi with the shrink/killer and to the Danny-centric 3×06 which was really well done.
    The only thing that I didn’t like about S3 is that they gave too much time to Doris and never really explored Chin grieving for his wife.


  3. Ah yes! S3… McG had a life, even if weirdly he also suddenly had a mom…lots of amazing McG in that season. And there were some females in that season! Imagine that! What is not to love love love? πŸ™‚


  4. Ah, now we are getting to those seasons I love the most. So many great episodes in S3. And an actor who has developed his character. It’s another Steve in S3. I can’t tell how often I have watched 3.20. It is in my list of the best epis ever, together with 4.08, 4.10, 5.19 and of course on top 5.07.
    Hookman was a very special and very good episode in S3. Loved it an still do. Could have been better without… something… though. But I really liked the ending. Steve needs people that tell him he is doing a great job, he is making a difference and that he is all around a special guy. And if there’s nobody in real life… well…

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  5. It’s off topic of Season 3 discussion, but I watched the brief promo blurb for the S5 finale and while I’m afraid to hope for high quality finale, at least the promo uttered probably the most sensible words I’ve heard during the entire series–Danny prodding Steve about moving on to someone else because it’s been a year since Catherine [was horribly written out of the show] and Steve says he’d been with Catherine a long time and he’s fine alone right now.

    Quite frankly, I didn’t think the show had it in them to acknowledge one of Steve’s best character traits–he doesn’t hop around from bimbo to bimbo. I’m glad I was sitting down when I saw that little blurb because I was in shock. But it does raise my expectations for a good ending episode. I hope they don’t let me down. I’ve had enough of that the last year.

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    • I was also excited after seeing the sneak peak but then I read the interview with PL and wasn’t so excited anymore 😦
      I guess we just wait and see now.


  6. Since I am also a Steve and Catherine lady……this was a good season. I did enjoy most of those episodes and we got to see Steve smile a whole lot more than at first. I did always wish that he had pressed his mother more about what she was hiding. It seemed that once he learned she was alive, he walked on eggshells around her. Do you think he was afraid of losing her again or just flat out didn’t know how to deal with her?


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