Five years – part 2

Welcome to the second part of celebrating five years of Hawaii Five-0.

I have to confess that I have a real problem watching season 2. And I’m sad about that because there are some really good episodes, but I have a hard time watching Alex O getting sicker and sicker. At some point when the show first aired it got really painful to watch it. I felt so sad that he had to go through some obviously serious problems. When he finally was able to get out and get help, I was so glad.

And when he came back, happy, healthy and stronger than ever, I was the happiest person.


(Again all credits for the photos to CBS and as on the pictures)

With season 2 came a bunch of new promo pictures. Sadly, that was the last photo shoot for a long while. And with it also came a new cast member. One I never understood the reason for. Yeah, yeah, she was there to be the eyes and ears for the Governor. But she never really did that job. So, why was she  on Five-0?  Anyway, let’s first enjoy some great pictures.

Wow, what a thrill-ride that first episode was. I had been looking forward to this episode all summer long, after the great cliffhanger of season one. And I can surely say, I was not disappointed. When Steve was stabbed in the first minutes of the episode I was like WTF! Of course, I thought there should have been some consequences with an injury like that. After passing out at Max’s place and after Max patched him up, he was basically fine. So not what would happen in real life. (I wonder why I never wrote a tie-in for that episode. Hmm.)

Anyway, I loved the season’s opener. Great action, great team work, even though they were hardly together. Great new character coming onto the show with Joe White. An all around awesome episode.

In 202 we learned about the spy who never did her job. We saw Steve on a horse and in a suit, and we learned that he drinks his coffee with milk. And we saw Steve on a horse, uhm, that can’t be mentioned often enough. 😉

Episode three gave us skydiving Steve and a glimpse into what he had done during his active duty. I so wish we would see more of SEAL-Steve. Or how about letting him do some sky-diving or diving just for fun. I mean, he’s a professional, I’m sure he loves doing that stuff, and I’d imagine he would do that in his spare time.

And in this episode we again were introduced to a new character; Wade Gutches. I really like him, and I hope to see him again. And we need to find out what Strawberry Fields was all about. Still waiting for that to make an appearance again.

In 2.04 we saw another glimpse of Catherine, and were introduced to Danny’s new girlfriend.

I truly liked the Catherine scenes, the hug at the end was so sweet, and so full of promise. And in season two they still remembered that Steve was a SEAL, so, this time he went diving with Joe. Read the short review here.

Remember this scene? 😉


And the next one also had some nice ‘views’. 😉 But you could also already see that something was not alright with Alex; he had lost some serious weight.

A lot of good stuff and fun scenes sprinkled over the next few episodes, but the next one that really stood out was, of course 2.10. I don’t think I need to say much about it.

Here is one of my earlier reviews, if you want to call it that. 😉

One of my favorite BTS pictures. 😉 It’s from filming 2.11, a pretty decent episode. The only other review I did for season 2.


Some more entertaining episodes in between, including Chin’s wedding. But as I said it was getting really hard to watch. The next one that stood out in my eyes as a whole episode, alone for the flashback/flashforward filming, was 2×16.

And the episode inspired me to write two tie-ins. One really long, fun and adventurous one, and a really short one.

going-all-the-way impact2

Oh my goodness, was I happy to see him back. And it was just amazing what a difference two months can make. Besides from being a really great episode, it gave me a picture I absolutely love. To this day it is still one of my all-time favorites. When he locks up Wo Fat. Just wow. 🙂

FiveYears-2-058 FiveYears-2-057

What was left was the season finale. Which I really loved. I truly enjoyed the first 30-minutes-non-stop roller coaster ride. That was one action-packed moment after the other. Here is a small reminder with some BTS stuff mixed in.

Even though I haven’t watched most episodes as much as the ones from the other seasons, I think season two is a really good season. With great action, good humor and good cases. The time Alex was missing, well that made it very obvious who is the leading man on this show. The episodes without him missed the normal drive, and it all felt without any kind of leadership. I have watched them once, and never again. I so wish he would have been there for the Max episode, that would have been great.

And now, if you want you can watch this Ultimate Look Back at season 2 from CBS.

Next up will be season 3 and 4.

10 thoughts on “Five years – part 2

  1. When I was watching previous seasons of FIve-0 last week to get me through unpacking, I had forgotten that season 2 was the season when AOL was out some episodes for health issues. Like you, I watched those eps the first time, but not since–so between that and fast-forwarding past all the Lori scenes, it didn’t take me long to blow through season 2. The finest episode of season 2 was the first ep–again, sensational stuff. I always felt bad for the ambulance attendant and the cop Steve clobbered but knowing Steve, I’m sure he found a way to make it up to them. 😎 That scene when he comes rolling out the back of the ambulance still makes my heart stop.

    My other 2 favorites from season 2 were the North Korea episode and the one with the guys from SEAL Team 6 being targeted. The SEAL Team 6 episode was a highly pivotal one for me with regard to Danny. I won’t re-hash the many discussions we’ve had about Danny’s lack of respect for Steve and his skills, but all throughout season 1, Danny definitely demonstrated cluelessness about the skills Steve’s training brought to the table for Five-0. But in this episode, when they’re watching Operation Payback on the live video feed, you can see the light bulb FINALLY click in Danny’s brain and a deeper level of respect emerge (and it was about damn time!). That’s the episode when I began to cut Danny a bit more slack.

    And the North Korea episode? Other than the presence of Weston, the episode was perfect. And the musical score they used at the end as they flew out of there was just awesome. I still go back to that scene if I’m writing something that deals with a team because I found it so completely inspiring. And I loved everybody chipping in with the line that went to the effect of “find a woman you hate and buy her a house.” ROTFL!!!!!! That helicopter sequence probably goes down as one of my favorite scenes of any TV show. There were so many nuances to it it would be impossible to write them all down here.

    And of course, in the episode where Weston finally got her marching orders, I was elated. Steve was tortured in North Korea and I felt having to watch this pointless character week after week was my long term torture. It was an incredible relief when she was gone and some sense of normalcy could once again be attained (barring the aforementioned AOL absence during part of the season).

    But there was some high quality stuff in season 2, despite those 2 major issues.

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  2. I never minded Lori, but she is Exhibit A for the writers’/producer’s continuity deficit that has only worsened since S2. Seriously I guess we shoulda seen this issue coming, cos if they have already forgotten by ep 4 in a season the purpose of the new character they just intro’d in ep 2, then clearly continuity isn’t gonna be a strong suit of the program! 🙄

    I love the eps y’all mention…,and totally agree with Brenda about the Danno light bulb! I loved him having to see the awesome of the SEALs, to witness the respect with which EVERYONE else regards McG, and I loved his irk that won’t nobody gonna tell him jack about Strawberry Fields! You don’t rank, BooBoo!

    I don’t cringe about Alex’s troubles now. I did. It was awful to see him so sick and to lose him for 2 months, not knowing if he’d come back. Awful to read the crap some wrote about him. But Dude crushed it, like he crushes everything else. I enjoy watching S2 now…Alex is healthy, happy, married with kids and living large and in-charge. He’s a RL hero now too.

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    • Yes, it is easier to watch it now, knowing that all is good. But back then, it was really hard. Nowadays I watch it so that his struggle wasn’t for nothing. I kinda feel like I owe it to him to watch it to honor what it had cost him to film it. Stupid, I know, but it’s how I feel.

      I’m not sure about Danny really realizing what Steve stands for, and that he deserves a lot of respect. Danny didn’t change his behavior towards Steve after it. I’m not even sure he didn’t asked about if Steve did that stuff because he was kind of repulsed by what he saw. Chin and Lori were kind of in awe, but Danny? I’m not sure, but respect I did not see. I never saw or heard him showing any respect for Steve. Ever.

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      • I like that…I like that you watch it so that “his struggle wasn’t for nothing.” It’s lovely. And I agree. He did the work at high cost to himself. We should appreciate it. And he’s smart. He missed the biggest hyped eps of the year to be well. He had a new family. His priorities were, as always, so right. Tho I gotta admit I felt like I held my breath nearly the whole time he was gone! And I have never watched any of the Alex-less eps. Maybe someday, but just have had zero interest… 😥


  3. Well, I must say that you gave us some beautiful pictures for Season 2. Man, there were some good episodes that I had forgotten. As for Alex being missing, I am so proud of him for stopping what he was doing and address his personal struggles. As gracenotpark said above, he really is a hero and I applaud his decision to seek help. And when he came back… boy did he come back!!! I still feel like that scene on the airstrip was as much of the team welcoming Alex back as it was the team welcoming Steve back. I still love that. And like Sam said… the scene when the door closes on Wo Fat… one of the best views of Steve EVER!

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  4. It’s always hard to watch some episodes of S2. Although I really love 2.16, because of this ‘time jumping style’. You have to be attentive and keep an eye on it to get everything. I like that, and we had a Steve not caring about any politics. Just focused on getting justice. And I remember Steve and Kono together, talking to the sister of the victim. That was *my* scene! Sigh.
    We all will never forget 2.10, I am sure of that. But just thinking about the commentary of this epi, when Lenkov said that Alex was hanging there with an already damaged shoulder for several hours, makes me flinch. But that’s him. That’s his commitment.
    I never watched the episodes without Alex, and I never will.

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  5. S2 would have been very good except for LG – watching her act (if you could call it that) was awful. She batted her eyes so much as Steve it was like an S.O.S. signal.

    5 seasons in and Danny still doesn’t get Steve. I think on some level he does but just won’t acknowledge it. Maybe there’ll be hope in s6! I had always hoped they’d do another cross-over with NCIS-LA. Imagine how good it’d be with Alex in it! And I’d still love to see Danny in a nose-to-nose with Heddy!

    My favorite episode (next to the one where LG left) was when the team was first reunited after Alex’s painful absence. The hugs and love were genuine and emotional. I loved when Kono told him, you didn’t write, you didn’t send flowers! I (still) wish they’d be together but I know it’s not happening. Sigh…


  6. I’m very late to the party here. After a week with my granddaughter I could only read your comments but not respond, Lydia does demand a person’s full attention.
    I agree with so many of the comments here. Especially the last ones about Lori in this season. She would have been far more interesting if they had actually made her the Governor’s eyes on the team and they had her clash with Steve on decisions that he made. Perhaps then we could have seen her respect of how 5-0 worked and succeeded would have made more sense. Her final scene was so awkward and I was glad that Catherine was back for them to end the episode with her and Steve together.
    Alex’s illness was difficult to watch and I kept hoping it was not as bad as it turned out. During that time I ended up leaving a Moonlight site that I enjoyed because one woman there continued to insist that he had a major drug problem that was including illegal drugs and that he would always be in danger of backsliding. Some people can be so cruel and she always blamed him for Moonlight’s cancellation and rejoiced in his illness because she claimed she had inside information. I am thrilled beyond belief that she was wrong and Alex came back better than ever. Now I have to continue reading the other seasons recaps. Crossing my fingers for good news from CBS on Wednesday.


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