Five years – part 1

It’s almost unbelievable that season 5 of Five-0 will come to an end in just a couple of days. This might be the perfect time to reflect on the past seasons.

Today I’ll bring you a few highlights (at least from my point of view) from season one, tomorrow we’ll move to seasons two, three and four, and yes, you guessed it, Friday will be all about the latest season.


Long before the first episode aired we were spoiled with a lot of promo material. With pictures, videos and interviews alike.

(Credit to CBS and as on the pictures)

Let’s hear what Cokie has to say:


Of course, the season started with a really great pilot episode. For me, still one of the best, if not the best pilot ever for any TV- show.

For me, that episode is almost perfect. It pulled me right into the show. Seeing the first five minutes and I was doomed. After the show I knew I had found my new passion. 😉

It only took a few episodes to make it clear for me that Steve McGarrett was my all-time favorite TV character. He still is, and I’m pretty sure he will be for a very long time.


It had been a lot of fun getting to know all the characters. All their quirks and faults. From the very early episodes I remember 1.02 when Kono got her uniform, and the boys dressed all up in their shiny uniforms to give her this special moment. That was really sweet and moving. I loved what Steve told Kono.

“We care for each other like a family. Please know that we will always do all we can to protect you.”

I loved it how he made the safety of his team the first priority.

And like Cokie I loved the introduction of Catherine in 1.05 – I knew right away, that she was something very special for Steve. Which brings me to another aspect of Steve I absolutely love. He’s not interested in any other women than Catherine. I think that fits his character perfectly. And after seeing them together I just knew they had known each other for quite some time, and that she was the one.

One of the many episodes of season 1 I really loved was 1.07 – Steve and the other SEAL on the ship. That was a great episode.

In 1.08 we learned a few things about Danny’s first six months on the islands. Also the boys dressed up quite nicely.

In 1.09 we met an old buddy of Steve and got our first glimpse of SEAL-Steve. 🙂

And then we got our first Christmas episode. I truly liked it. Chin in danger, and the team doing everything to save him. And we learned what kind of guy Steve really is. Instead of killing his father’s murder, he arrested him. I don’t think that kind of revenge ever even crossed his mind. I loved that.

1.13 is an important episode for me. Because we were introduced to Wo Fat, we learned something really important about Steve, and I fell in love with a very special FanFiction writer. OK, the Wo Fat part is very obvious, but maybe not what we learned about Steve. I thought it said a lot about his dreams as a young man. He told Danny that without his mother’s death and his father shipping him off the islands, he would never have left the islands, would never have joined the Navy, wouldn’t have missed every birthday, holiday. That it made him who he was today. That showed me that it wasn’t Steve’s dream to join the Navy and becoming a SEAL. Maybe he wanted to become a scientist, maybe he wanted to be a teacher, or a mechanic. Or something we have no idea of what little Stevie wanted to do with his life.

So, that explains the knowledge, but what about the FanFiction writer? 🙂 I read a tie-in for this episode, and one sentence just struck me like lightning. Don’t ask me why, but I knew this person was special. And boy, was I right.


Click on the image to read her story. 😉

There were a few more good episodes with great scenes and interesting stories, but another one that stood out for me was 1.19. With the introduction of Jenna. This episode had some really funny scenes, we also got some good information. I really enjoyed the episode and I liked Jenna.

And then there was 1.20 – the boulder-to-the-face-episode. Despite the absolute ridiculous looking boulder hitting Steve and knocking him down, I truly enjoyed it. AND it made me write my very first tiny little Five-0 tie-in. So, thanks to that episode I started writing for this fandom. Yeah, well, not so sure people will be thankful for that. I’m sure Steve isn’t. 😉

And finally one of the best season finales. 1.24 had me, just like Cokie, on the edge of my seat. What a great way to end a first season. I loved it, and I still do.

But let me end this post with one of the best views from one of the weakest episodes of season one. 😉


13 thoughts on “Five years – part 1

  1. wow… thank you. I really wasn’t expecting the shout out for that little story. But I am so glad you read it. I’m also glad you decided to write a little scene after the boulder to the face. Yeah, when I watched that episode I couldn’t help but think they could have done those scenes so much better.

    And I have to thank you for those last pics above. Mighty nice. And the header at the top of the page… doesn’t Steve look so much younger and more innocent??? He was such a baby! 🙂 The promo pics of Danny with unkempt hair are two of the best I’ve ever seen of him.

    and just for the record… I could barely tolerate Jenna after she stuck her gum up under the computer. That was just gross. Not to mention rude. 🙂

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    • Oh, you didn’t like Jenna? I thought she had potential. And the scenes Steve going to her hotel room were hilarious.
      About looking younger, in 5.23 in the helicopter, I swear I saw Mick there. Really, take a look, he looks like Mick. First time I thought that.
      But younger or not, I think he looks way better now. OK, maybe not way better… but, you know. 🙂

      You really had me with “That was encouraging”. I can’t explain it but that sentence struck something in me.

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      • I never felt they were comfortable with Jenna. And then in 2.10 I understood why I didn’t like her much. I agree, I think Alex/Steve looks better now, too but those first promo pictures were mighty fine!!!

        and you were encouraged that Steve was left drooling all over the floor. So that’s the kind of person you are, huh? You must like whump or something. 🙂

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  2. Awwwwww! We get a little Show appreciation retrospective this week! I’m in. 🙂
    I enjoyed S1 very much. The pilot was awesome and I loved McG and Chin and Kono…I had issues with Danno from the very beginning. But I thought McG and his ironic humor handled the Blond Blowhard really well. My fave ep was indeed the one with the SEAL on the Missouri…Alex really got to show his stuff in that one and I’m all about the Alex. 😉 The S1 finale had me in tears and so did the summer promos showing my beloved McG in prison. And that S2 opener was as good as the pilot for me!

    Looking forward to your continuation tomorrow! 😀

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    • Oh, trust me, I had ‘issues’ with Danny after a couple of episodes. But back then I still hoped he would grow up at some point. Sadly, he didn’t.
      BUT, this is not about Danny, this is just about all the wonderful stuff I loved and still love about Five-0. So, Danny gets a pass for once. 😉


  3. OH! OH! OH! You’ve covered so much of what I loved about Season 1. The pilot was fantastic. It had EVERYTHING. We saw take charge Steve right away, saw him pull together his team. And his reaction in the field when he’s had to shoot Anton and Victor is calling him back—oh it breaks my heart. I’d never heard of ANY of these actors before watching Five-0, but the pivotal moment for me in defining Steve and Danny came when Danny walked in on Steve at his Dad’s house when he was first going through the tool box. When they first drew their guns, it stuck in my mind instantly that it was Danny backing up with a gun in his face, not Steve. It probably is a minor moment to other people, but that defined the whole series and those two characters for me.

    And the episode with Graham Wilson on the Missouri is very, very, very high on my list of favorite episodes from the show. Again, just stupendous guest characters and storyline and an awesome showcase of Steve and the team. I was always greatly disappointed that they never brought back either guest actor from this episode for a future episode. Both Graham’s character and Ed’s (I think the old guy’s name was Ed) would have fit beautifully into some other episode down the road. I’ve got a partially written story sitting on my hard drive if I ever get a chance to finish it.

    The last episode of S1 was stupendous as well. I especially love it when Steve’s about to come unglued when they’re at a crime scene on the street and Danny’s trying to talk him down. Super duper stuff.

    And that Spectaci-con episode was great too. Don’t ask me why, but I just really liked Johnny D’s character. He was such a dufus but I loved him. And Danny’s line when he’s talking to the bartender “So when’s the last time Johnny D found you?” LOLOL!!!!!!

    And in the boulder to the face episode, I loved the scene where Steve has Danny inspect the fish. The facial expressions were priceless–not just Steve, but the whole ensemble. And I just loved the “EF Hutton” moment as the restaurant staff all leans forward to look at the hole in the fish.

    Oh my goodness, what a blast from the past. Such fantastic stuff.

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    • That scene, pulling their guns on each other is one of my all-time favorite scenes ever. That was so darn good, and very telling. It made perfectly clear who the boss was. And that had nothing to do with calling the Governor. 🙂

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  4. P.S. I’d never seen those promo pics before now. Obviously they’d intended a different look for Danny, but clearly that evolved as they set to filming. Because those promo pics of Danny give a totally different impression of his character vs. what emerged. Interesting!


    • yeah, in looking at those pictures, I know I would have liked that Danny a whole lot better. He doesn’t seem to be someone who would complain all the time. 🙂 Maybe that is just my own wishful thinking!


  5. Well Hello S1! Long time no see ;-)! I’m like GNP, I found D incredibly annoying right from the start. And that’s the reason my interest in re-watching S1 is not that strong.
    Thank you for reminding me, that, if you ignore him, a lot of great stuff happened in S1!


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