5.23 – quick review

5.23 Mo’o ’olelo Pu

When Kono goes on a solo outrigger trip around the Hawaiian islands in honor of her mother, she hits a patch of wild weather and must fight to stay alive. Meanwhile Five-0 investigates a man busted for cooking meth who claims he receives a threat on his son’s life if he didn’t continue making the drug.

CBS translated Mo’o ’olelo Pu to Sharing Traditions


OK, this will be a real quick review. If you even want to call it that.

Since I feel no connection to Kono at all I found the Kono part utterly boring and uninteresting. With some nice water views sprinkled in, and a couple of nice scenes on the beach.

But also with the most stupid explanation for a missing Adam ever. And the most ridiculous ‘old-makeup’ I’ve ever seen. Just ugh to the whole thing.

What a ridiculous job on the hair.

What a ridiculous job on the hair.

And, oh look, the gray's almost gone.

And, oh look, the gray’s almost gone.

I know a lot of people don’t care about such things, but for me… it takes me right out of the scene. Because that looks so ridiculous I can only see the young actors getting a horrible make-up job.

I could go on about the stupidity of starting the journey with such bad weather coming in, or on the major f7ck-up not to have the sat phone on her person in a waterproof case, or for dropping it back into the ocean. (That actually made me laugh out loud) Or about not having an emergency one-person dinghy trailing behind, with the flares, life-vest, water, emergency beacon and stuff like that. Despite wanting to honor tradition, as a smart person you just would make sure that all this essential stuff would be there in case of an emergency.


Moving on.

The case of the week. I am so very tired of the show’s father issues. I really can’t hear it anymore. Geez, guys, think of something else for motivation of the crimes committed.

Now some stuff I actually enjoyed.

Steve and Chin. They work great together, just as always.

Steve in a helicopter. I wish he was allowed to fly in every episode.

The teams’ concern for their missing team-mate.

Steve. What a beautiful man. Inside and out.

That’s it.

If it weren’t for the Kono-lost-at-sea-flashback-to-her-past-part I would have actually really enjoyed this episode.


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And please remember, I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously. Always remember, this is just a TV show.

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  1. I rated it an F. Not even Steve could pull this one out of the dumper. Where has the real Hawaii Five-0 gone? I’m so embarassed and I’m not even involved with the show. It didn’t work for so many reasons:

    Kono: Kono may not be the reason I watch Five-0, but I like her. I WANTED to like her moment in the sun but again, they botched it royally. In the first place, other than in the episode summary that I’m assuming appeared before the episode aired, the viewer has NO CLUE Kono is doing this for her mother at the beginning of the episode. I thought it was a poorly planned civilian version of “be all you can be” like in the Army (though that gives me a laugh because in my head I hear Steve saying, “It’s the Navy, Danny, the NAVY!!!!”). In the 2nd place, didn’t her mother suffer the aneurysm like 2 years ago? Why NOW? And don’t these writers know that if you want a reader/viewer/watcher to buy into something about a character that is a significant change or event, that you have to foreshadow it? Good grief! We never hear a thing about Kono’s parents. So we’re just supposed to believe that out of the blue she decided to take this harrowing trip? They couldn’t have showed her in previous episodes getting that rig ready? SOMETHING? And since they didn’t build up to it, since they didn’t introduce it at episode’s beginning, the whole thing fell flat. And that opening sequence blathered on for a long, long time.

    The team efforts to rescue should have been good, but the Ohana feel is simply gone. I don’t see it or feel it. The Steve McGarrett from earlier seasons would’ve been far more aggressive in his role as searcher for Kono. A far cry from the Five-0 Leader who decked Captain Fryer for messing with Kono in an undercover op in season 2.

    And the crime of the week? If you blinked, you missed it. It wasn’t even worth writing in. Season 5 has been so painful to watch. It’s like being a person inevitably drawn to watch a traffic accident unfold. Who are these imposters and where is my real Five-0 team?

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    • Harsh, but I totally get what you’re saying.

      That is what I meant with not feeling any connection to Kono. They totally failed to make her a real person. And not building up to this episode, to this event that was obviously very important to her, was a huge fail in my eyes.
      Suddenly out of the blue a mother and father come along, and we should be emotionally involved? Nope, that is not how it works.
      And don’t even start with the timeline. Kono was in the academy when it happened, but she’s wearing the wrong uniform for that. Cadets don’t wear black, they wear light blue according to their website. She was handed her ‘real’ uniform in 1.02, but she never walked the streets. So, they again rewrote history. 😉

      I kind of disagree that Steve would have been more aggressive about the search in earlier seasons. Not when it comes to the chain of command and the military. He respects the authority of the Coast Guard, he wouldn’t have done anything differently in an earlier season. There was simply nothing to be done. You can’t just fly out with any helicopter in those conditions, and Steve is experienced enough to know and accept that. Offering to fly one of their helicopters was a sure thing, but he would never have taken a ‘normal’ chopper to go searching for her. Not now, and not in any other season.
      Decking Fryer is a very different thing. And I’m sure if someone would mess with his team now he would be plenty aggressive. 🙂

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    • Omg. Exactly. Give me something to care about, and I will. This episode didn’t. At all.

      And it was just silly. All of it.

      Blue baseball cap. That’s the only good thing I saw in this one !


  2. I don’t know how you pronounce the character name, but if they’d written Kono’s mom’s story with as much care as they did her Auntie Melay(sp?) it would have been a whole lot more potent.


  3. Yes, that’s the episode. The aunt who died of kidney disease. RE: Steve–No, I don’t expect him to fly any old helicopter or go against the wisdom of the coast guard, but I am saying this lobotomized Steve we get in season 5 is a pale and cheap imitation. The character of Steve McGarrett, both in the original show and now is built around a man who is highly intelligent, resourceful, well grounded in tech/science and an all around leader. The guy we see in season 5 seems to always take a back seat and just isn’t the same Steve. I get that since this was Kono’s episode, she had to “save herself” but the search scenes could’ve packed more punch. Frankly, they could’ve left out the crime of the week altogether (all 10 minutes of it) and really built this story out to make it work.

    I could even buy that Kono wanted to do this before she settled down and got married (presumably) in the finale. But they haven’t even built up to that either. Oye.

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  4. If the show comes back in season 6, heard that Scott Caan may want to leave. And if he does, bet you all would be really glad as it could have Steve and Lou together as love them both as partners and friends. They treat each other as equals.

    But really since season 4, Kono despite Grace Park having a baby, has also all but disappeared. Really blame the writers on this. As she really has all but disappeared.

    Really Super SEAL can’t be all of that. Despite a lot of people loving Steve. Though I can barely tolerate him as you all know.

    Episode was probably the weakest or one of them.


    • Well, I’m sure SC wants to leave, but if he does, well, that is a totally different matter. Depends on his contract, but I’m not speculating on that.

      Yes, we do know that you pretty much hate Steve. You tell us every episode. But unlike me, you never tell us what he did in, for example, this episode that you despised so much.
      I don’t like Danny, but I always give a reason for why I didn’t like what he did. And when he did something good, or he was actually nice for a change, I even praise him. That is because I don’t hate him, but I despise his behavior.
      It would be nice if you said what Steve did in this episode to earn your hate. Really wonder about that. And please spare us the ‘he never lets Danny drive his car’.

      Don’t get me wrong, you can love Danny all you want, and you can hate Steve all you want. But I’m sure we would all appreciate it if you would back-up why you hate him so much.

      I don’t understand this sentence: “Really SuperSEAL can’t be all of that.” All of what? I don’t understand what you want to tell us with that.


  5. Actually I think it would be bad news for Scott Caan to leave. I’m not on the Grover bandwagon (there just isn’t enough pop with his scenes with Steve for one thing) and I don’t hate Danny–I’d like to see the Danny of seasons 2-4 but his character was assassinated in season 5 much like the whole show has been). I don’t know what to hope for, honestly. I’d hate to think of the show’s ending, but it would almost be a mercy killing. I guess there’s a part of me that hopes the show can save itself from it’s self-inflicted near drowning and get it back on track. Steve is definitely my favorite character and is plainly the linch-pin of the show, but the show has always been grounded around having a solid team. But other than Chin, they really don’t have much of that anymore, and Steve & Chin don’t have a whole lot of scenes together.

    Sigh. It’s depressing.

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  6. I actually liked this episode. I mean I don’t care for Kono either but she does deserve more development and GP knocked it out of the park. I loved the flashbacks with her mom and the blessing at the beginning. At the end she saved herself but in a sense it was her mom who saved her which was a nice touch. Plus there was Steve/ Chin interaction which is always a good thing.
    What I like about this season is that every character has been given a moment to shine. Danny had the storyline with his bro, Chin has one with Gabriel, we had some McG-centric episodes and one focusing on Grover and one on Kono.
    What I don’t like about this season is that as someone mentioned above they kind of lost Steve’s character as the badass leader. Especially the ” highly intelligent” part.
    What I love about S1 Steve was that he was physically strong but also super smart.
    Re: Kono’s absence, I was always under the impression that GP wanted more time off to be with her family? Or are the writers purposely giving her less screen time.
    Also I do think that there is going to be a season 6 and I think it’s going to be like this season with less of Kono and Danny.I wonder if they make Mindy a regular?


    • Who is Mindy? Is that the Amber character? Oh, no wait, the ME? Right. Geez, they are all such bland characters, I can’t even remember their names.
      But seriously, we don’t need any more regular cast members. And for sure no women since they won’t survive on Five-0. 😉


  7. I didn’t care for this one. I don’t really care about Kono so Kono centric episodes are always boring for me. I think Kono’s season 1 episode with her surf mentor is the only episode of the series that I haven’t watched more than once or twice. I agree that Kono isn’t a believable character. Grace Park just hasn’t sold herself as Kono they way the other actors have.

    This episode was just poorly written and Kono wasn’t smart to continue with her trip with the weather coming in. Sure it was supposed to head in the other direction but storms can change direction in an instant. If she were in a modern boat it would have been slightly less dangerous because she could have at least taken cover inside and wouldn’t have ended up tossed from the raft. Sure, the boat still could have sank but it would still be safer than the raft in that storm.

    Kono’s mom’s make up was just horrible. I get that they wanted to use the same actress for the character but the make up just didn’t work at all. I think it was mostly the hair that was so horrible, that and the fact that despite being elderly and in a wheelchair, she had the smooth, toned legs of fit 30 year old.

    The crime of the week was ok but you are right, the daddy issues theme is getting old. It was nice to get some scenes between Steve and Chin, we don’t get enough of those. I liked Steve trying to quell Chin’s worry but was still worried himself. And Steve looked fantastic in that light blue shirt. As well as in the ball cap.

    That is really all I have to say about this episode. I really hope that next weeks 2 hour finale turns out to be a good episode. Also hope that if we do get renewed the writing for season 6 improves drastically. I really want to love Hawaii Five-0 but this season is making it hard to do so with only a few really good, high quality episodes. This season has been pretty subpar in my opinion, at this point I am only watching for Alex/Steve.

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  8. So, what do I think about this episode? Hm, I seriously don’t know.
    Let me get it out of my system right at the beginning: I was so unimpressed by GP. I am so disappointed because I thought she would rock. She didn’t. Actually some of her weird facial expression at sea took me completely out of it because I had to laugh. Her acting got me when everything was all plain sailing ( 😉 ), at land with the team, with her mother (the actress was great!), but as it got rough? No. Sorry, but that did not catch me.
    And Grover and Danny didn’t know about Kono’s mother (Steve obviously knew, he stood back)? Grover I get, but Danny?
    Young Kono was adorable. I had to smile seeing her every time. And the little girl did a good job!
    That being said, I liked the COTW more than ‘The Story of Rice and Oranges. Or why Vitamin C is not always good for your health’.
    Just because of Steve’s words to the boy after arresting him. That was so Steve! Hurrah to the little things.
    And we got a lot of Alexpressions again, trying to put Chin’s mind at ease but being clearly concerned himself. Loved that scene with his back to us and then slowly turning around, showing his doubts. BTW, I love how Steve and Chin can communicate without words, damn these two together are so underused. McChin is perfection! Their shared relief at the end made me sigh. Sigh!
    And the capgasm and Steve suddenly blue eyes weren’t that bad either.
    Made me vote OK. S5 OK.
    And now on to Catherine’s return. Steve and we desperately need some closure!

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    • So glad someone else said it because I wouldn’t have mentioned it because people would say it was because I don’t like Kono. But that is not true. It’s just that GP can’t sell Kono to me. And her acting in this episode was really not very impressive. At least not in most scenes. She did not manage to make me feel for her, or fear for her, or evoke any other emotion than laughing at some of the scenes. Surely not what they were aiming for.
      Why do you wonder about Danny not knowing? I didn’t. Danny doesn’t really have any social skills, and as I said many times before, none of his work partners hang out with him during their off time. Why would he know about it?
      I highly doubt that Danny is good friends with any of them. They work great together, and I’m not taking anything away from that, but Danny never was and never will be friend material. So, I’m not suprised he had no idea about Kono’s past.
      Just like we, he was kept totally in the dark.

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      • You know I like Kono. I always have. And therefore I was particularly disappointed.
        And the Danny not knowing about the aneurysm IS the Danny I know! You’re right. But the writers want me to see Danny as such a great friend. That’s not the way to do it!
        But he is so rarely be seen in the epis, so it doesn’t matter 😉 !


  9. “none of his work partners hang out with him during their off time.”

    I have to respectfully disagree here. We HAVE seen them hang out together numerous times on screen. Every waking moment? No, but who realistically does that? None of them would. They each have lives of their own to live.

    I totally agree that Danny is quite capable of being a class A jerk, but he can also be very funny (including his sarcasm). I also don’t think it’s fair to say he isn’t “friend material”. Does he go overboard sometimes? Absolutely. Might he have some people walk away from him for his behavior at times? I’m sure. But every person has faults, and every true friend takes the good with the bad, and that’s certainly the case with the Five-0 ohana.

    Believe me, I have a few friends with some very bad traits, but that doesn’t mean they’re not my friends. I can look past that to the person deep inside. So can Steve. So can the others. What was is Steve said to Danny way back in season 1 “Maybe you’re not so alone here as you think.”

    Gotta give Danny a little credit–and his friends too.

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    • Nah, we haven’t really. That were gatherings after work, like for dinner. Only Steve and Danny hung out at times. 3.03 comes to mind. Nag, nag, nag the whole time, to the point that even Steve looked miffed at Danny’s behavior.
      I’m not counting the thanksgiving ep. Everyone had been invited to that. But other than that I don’t believe he hangs out with Chin or Kono on any occasion.

      Yes, you’re right, every person has flaws. Nobody is perfect, thank God for that. But what we got the last two years with Danny, sorry, but no one would keep Danny around.

      Oh, believe me, I give his friends all the credits to not have murdered him yet. LOL

      I can’t see Danny being a good friend to any of his team members. He is a good work partner, but on the day to day friend stuff, he just sucks.

      I do give Danny credit, when he deserves it. But lately there were very few… very few occasions that he deserved any.

      About the quote from season 1. Yes, the others are there to give their friendship, but that doesn’t mean Danny is willing to do that. He wasn’t back then, just remember the season 1 finale. ‘There is nothing here for me’ were his words to Rachel. And he wasn’t any better in season 3, where he made it very clear in 3.14 that there was no one in Hawaii he cared about other than his daughter. That was another really friendly reminder what a great friend Danny is. Even Steve looked quite shocked hearing that.

      So, no, I don’t believe Danny is good friend material. He does have his moments, but he’s not someone his friends go to and confide their problems in. Or tell their family stories to. That was my point, and I do believe that is true.


  10. Tbh, I am just kinda happy that this train wreck of a season is nearly over. I am (apparently living in my own dream world, I know) hoping PLoser and company take a long hard look at the ratings and the fan reactions this season, and regroup and try harder for next year. Like, make all the writers binge-watch all the previous eps…give Netflix some love in the bargain…so they will cease to veer OOC or contradict events in previous eps.

    I tweeted in shock when Kono showed up in a cop suit…as we KNOW she never became a regular cop. PLoser’s explain that it was a cadet suit is bogus, cos how does an audience even know that…plus her pin said HPD. Anyone watching is gonna assume that was an HPD uni, just are.

    He reeeeealllly needs to develop another long game, even if it only means to get Show thru 1 more season. Please let S6 be good again!!!

    All that said, I actually enjoyed this ep. #1, there was very little Danny. #2, McChin…this show should always be chock full of McChin. When the adults go play, it is always awesome. #3 McG in the chopper and in the b-ball cap. Particularly when he’s telling that CG guy he can fly the chopper in wind and storm and battle conditions and has done it before and is the effin chopper boss! Swoooooon! #4 I actually enjoyed the chick who played MamaKono…I liked the little peaks into an island upbringing and respect for its history and its people. We’ve gotten way less of that in Show lately, and I thought that was one of the damn reasons to film in actual Hawaii. PLoser suddenly remembered I guess.

    Now if he’d only remember all the stuff they wrote in past seasons and who these characters are, particularly McG, S6 might be good. S5 is atrocious, officially now. Not enough eps left to tip the balance upward. So it goes down in history as atrocious.

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  11. I liked the episode. I enjoyed the traditional aspects of the episode – the quotes and even Kono talking to herself into keeping going. I’m glad she saved herself with no help from the boys and with only lots of worry (which made for great scenery) on their part. The COTW was ridiculous. That kid should live where I live – I call the teenagers the “entitled” (driving around in m/d Lexus’, Mercedes, Caddies, Hummers, BMWs and acting like a$$holes).

    Steve and Chin together are always excellent. I don’t know why the writers don’t use them more often. Actually Kono and Danny make a nice team – she seems to keep the snark in him at bay. Grover works well with Steve but we haven’t had much of a chance to see him with the others. Danny is Danny – I think the show would survive without Scott – I don’t even miss him when he’s not in the episodes. I think how nice they flow without his nastiness being front and center.

    This season has been a roller coaster ride. There’s no continuity, no flow, not much of anything. I do miss the s1 feel – that sit-on-the-edge-of-your-seat greatness that’s been missing ever since. It’s really unfair to Alex to have to carry the entire weight of the show, bad writing, ridiculous scenarios, bad acting on the parts of guest stars, etc., but he does and he does it well. It certainly can’t be easy for him. Here’s hoping if we get a s6, it’ll be handled differently with much better results.

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  12. Well I thought I did specify why I don’t like Steve. I did like him in the past couple of seasons. And he has redeemed himself with me. As I told you back in February
    Steve has redeemed himself for the past few episodes and he has become a lot more likable. And they have toned down him and Danny car arguments as they were becoming mean spirited.
    But really he doesn’t treat Danny like an equal as a partner, maybe a friend though.
    I like Lou better than Danny as Steve does treat Lou like an equal as both a partner and friend.
    And yes Danny has a right to voice his opinions. As Steve puts him through the rigors. Steve is a SEAL, not trained as a cop. As sometimes, he doesn’t follow protocol. Though he does get the job done. You have to feel for Danny for someone not trained as a cop.

    About Super Seal, the writers and producers made him out to be all perfect and no flaws. But I do like Steve very much but still, it seems that the producers buried his PTSD past thing. And the writing is getting sloppy. Nothing against the actors. Even Alex and Scott for that matter.


  13. This is only tangentially related to the episode and not really aimed at anyone here but it’s been bothering me for awhile, so here goes…
    The criticism I have mostly seen levelled against McG is that he is too superSEAL and too perfect yet those same fans love everything about Kono. I mean how is she not too perfect? McG has never really ” saved himself” but he is seen as too much of a superman yet Kono never really needs help yet she is still “realistic”. I guess I should really be asking the fans who think that but if someone here can shed light on what it is I am not seeing I’d appreciate it. 🙂

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    • Well, I really have no idea why people use double standarts in general, and I certainly don’t know why they do it here.

      I don’t see Steve as perfect at all. He’s a highly trained person, probably more than the others combined. He has worked years not only in the field with the SEALs, but also in Naval Intelligence. A job a lot like police work, also something a lot of people don’t understand. Don’t understand that he was a great investigator long before he formed Five-0. If people would research about his training, about his whole Naval career, they might see what Steve really can do. But most never bothered to take a closer look at SEAL training, or the Naval Academy. How to even get in there. (I very often see that on FFnet. Some of the stuff written there is making me sick. The ignorance and not-knowledge, and ‘I don’t care about facts menatality’ is disgusting. But I digress. Sorry.)

      But he’s far from perfect. And what I like most, he admits when he’s wrong. And he never brags about what he did or what he can do. He wouldn’t have made it in the SEALs if he would.

      People often mistake his abilities and his confidence as arrogance or being perfect. But that is not the case. He just knows what he can do. There is a huge difference between arrogance and competence.
      A lot of people feel threatened by what Steve stands for, jeleousy is also a factor I think.

      I think a lot of people simply ‘hate’ him because Steve doesn’t give them many facts to back-up their dislike. So far I haven really heard a legit claim about what they don’t like.

      What I find really fascinating is that they never complain about Kono, who doesn’t have any training for the bad ass skills she has. It’s one of the most ridiculous characters in my eyes.

      Best example for her totally unrealistic and ridiculous prowess was in 3.03. Kono pulled Chin while he hung from the roof’s edge. Not even steve was able to pull up a guy in season 2. He had to watch him fall to his death. But Kono easily pulled her cousin to safety. I was actually laughing my head off at that scene. Or when she knocked out a highly trained Special Forces guy twice her size. Ridiculous.

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    • Oh I agree with everything you three have said about Steve being SuperSEAL.
      Those people who don’t like him because they think he is too perfect seem to watch a different show. But the worst is most of those people never really care about what it means to be not only a SEAL but a Naval Intelligence Officer (and a strategist) too! They never have something to back their opinion up. They don’t like him. Period. They only have in mind all these … things Danny said ‘superSEAL, going in without backup, guantanamo, police procedurals’ and don’t bother if it fits to Steve or maybe it fits much better to another character? 😉
      Steve knows what he can do! He is a confident man and he has to. He has to make decisions in the blink of an eye, if he couldn’t do that he and his SEAL team members would be dead very fast.
      Sam, I loved to read FF, but a lot of FFs didn’t/don’t care about anything regarding the SEALs, that brought me totally out of it. It simply annoys me reading something like “Steve needs his Danny”, because he is all brawn and not brain. Yeah sure, funny thing he survived all these years as a SEAL on missions that would give a lot of people a run for their money.

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      • LOL – yeah those people living in LaLaGaGa-land where Steve is the helpless idiot without his Danno.
        What annoys me the most is people saying Steve doesn’t treat Danny or his other team members as equals. First of all, he does treat them with the utmost respect, but when you look at it, they are not his equals. He IS the boss. At the end of the day, he is the one who is accountable for what happens. He calls the shots. Simple as that. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t value their input, or agrees to doing it their ways. It was very seldom that he ordered anyone around. Even if he had every right to do so.
        There is a chain of command, and I get really annoyed at people not seeing that.
        His team is his team, but they also report to him. There has to be an order, or it would be total chaos. He does leave them a lot of freedom, but they all know that his word counts. The team accepts that, I wonder why the Danny fans can’t.
        And you are totally right about all the things people saying about Steve, like not a team player, not waiting for back-up, and so on. Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s too bad that they listen to the stupid stuff Danny rants about, or did in the beginning of season one, and can’t see how untrue all that is.
        SEALs are ALL about team work. You can’t win on your own. That is one of their major mottos. The team and the team’s safety before everything else. And that is what Steve’s doing at all times.
        Ugh, sorry, but I could go on and on. So not the place for it here. 🙂

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        • I once wrote a story with Steve in a really baaaad situation and an inner voice helping him. And so many people said: Oh that must be Danny in his mind! I wanted to scream ‘No no no! Why oh why should he need Danny in this! It’s his inner SEAL, his TRAINING kicking in’!!! So yes yes yes, even if it’s OT I have to tell you how much I like your comment! I already thought for a while to start reading again and this convinces me to start with your and Cockies storys! Any recommendation where to start?
          I love bloody whumped Steve in SEAL mode kicking people’s a§§es! And I would love to read a story where he is giving a special someone a piece of his mind.
          OT End (sorry).


          • Tbh I think that by ” too perfect” they mean too capable and I can understand how that irks them further if they already don’t like the character. Personally I like McG precisely because he is good and he knows it . They have established him as very competent from the very beginning of the show. I love that scene where he tells Danny about Hess’s shoes lol.It’s not something that came out of the blue.
            I too love Seal Steve being awesome and I would love to see an epi where he uses his training, instincts, etc to save himself just like Kono used her mother’s knowledge in this epi.

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      • Could NOT agree with you more, leiCa! I would also add I get equally PO’d when they go on about how McG finally has family w/5-0, or finally has a brother in Danno, when as a SEAL he has had many close and life-linked relationships, brothers who would die, and who did die, for one another. Freddy was his bestie pre-Danno, so admittedly he was in the market for a sidekick when he got to Hawaii. But it is unlikely a skilled outgoing alpha male like McG wasn’t a hail fellow well-met all thru Naval Academy, SEAL training, and on assignment. McG knows Ohana (which the poopy fans all seem to think means an exclusive and reclusive fraternity of 4, all male but 1, who occasionally allow the comic clown into their midst but are otherwise closed-off emotionally from the rest of the world) from his own very worldly life experiences. He’s always had Ohana. Look how quickly he CREATED his new Ohana when he landed in Hawaii….they didn’t find HIM. He found THEM, he made THEM. They were all broken. He fixed em. That’s what McG does….

        And he’s not perfect. But he’s the closest thing to perfect short of Alex O’Loughlin himself. 😉

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        • “they didn’t find HIM. He found THEM, he made THEM. They were all broken. He fixed em. That’s what McG does…”

          Well said. So true…and for another reason. While off last week moving and unpacking, I survived the stressful moving experience by working my way through much of seasons 1-4. One of the things you repeatedly see in this series…one of the things I’ve loved so much about the show, is McGarrett orchestrating the fixing of families and individuals from cases. Granted, that’s not unique to him—all of the Five-0 team help people–they wouldn’t do what they do if they didn’t want to help people (I always love how Chin is especially gentle with people—like Dalia from the season 4? episode, and also the woman he carried out of the palace after the hostage incident with the terrorists in the episode where Catherine was kidnapped). Or the Pearl Harbor episode, which is probably my favorite episode after the pilot—the end where he helps two men mend their ways at the end. The list of examples go on and on and I lost track of the # of times I got misty-eyed with some of the storylines and the best moments of those episodes. McGarrett IS about putting people back together again. And that’s one of the reasons he’s so awesome.

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        • I am so glad you mentioned this because I’ve always felt the same way. Yes 5-0 has formed a family but I never took McG to have been a loner before. And the show has never stated that he didn’t have close friendships before. I have a hard time picturing Steve as sitting in a corner, being shunned by all his fellow officers. If anything, I always pictured him as being at the heart of a large group of friends. And we know about Freddie , he seemed friendly with Billy and he explicitly said that he and Nick ( from season 1) were friends. Also while I wouldn’t pretend that I know anything about being at war, I’ve read that people who go through that experience together form special, almost in breakable bonds. Again, the show has never implied 50 is the only family he’s had; I think this is mostly fans projecting their own thoughts onto the show.

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          • So true. I mean, we all kind of see what we want to see. But what some people say about Steve, Danny and the team makes my head spin. Some of them are so very ‘out there’ and far away from any kind of reality. 😉


        • Oh, how I LOVE your comment. 🙂
          Perfectly said. I often wonder what show they watch and what person they see when Steve is on screen. I have NO idea why they think he only found happiness and feel of family after forming Five-0. That is totally beyond me. I’m sure he had a good childhood, and later I’m sure he had great friendships and family with his Navy buddies. They were family.
          I’m sure he still keeps in contact with many of his former fellow sailors.
          And you are so right, Steve loves to fix broken things, and that includes friends and strangers alike. Even Danny was able to see that.
          So, I really wonder why people think that Danny, of all people, provides a family feeling to Steve. The person who doesn’t have any intact relationship other than with his daughter. (And I even find that questionable with his way overprotective behavior. But it’s another topic of how creepy I sometimes find their father/daughter ‘thing’.)
          Anyway, I couldn’t agree more with all you said.

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        • How often can I like your comment? So true so so true. Ohana/family means change too. Families grow, new members are welcomed, sometimes you have to say Good Bye. I flinch everytime I am reading ‘Core 4’ (*flinch*), because it’s not only ridiculous, it is booooring!
          To come back to this episode: watching the scene at the beach I was thinking “All these people are there because of one man, because of Steve McGarrett”. He is 5-0. He’s the reason, the heart and the glue.

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          • Yes! They are all there, all employed, all together, all successful, and all Ohana because McG assembled em! And he lets the quirky be quirky. He is outgoing and enjoys getting to know people! McG is incredibly supportive and non-judgmental. Yet he forebears being constantly judged, with his ego surviving perfectly intact. He is one sweet but tough, smart, bundle of gorgeous near-perfect. 😉

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  14. I can’t answer your question Monday but I find that criticism fascinating. I’ve never once thought of Steve as too perfect. Extremely capable, yes. Some folks are just a lot more capable in a lot more ways than others. That’s just how it is. But not perfect by a long-shot. And most of the time when he’s wrong, he admits it. So I really don’t know where the “too perfect” thing comes up.

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  15. I looked through all the comments here and it looks like I’m the only one who loved the episode. Yes, I dare to say that. BUT – I also understand most of the points stated in various posts above.
    Let me explain why this episode touched my heart.
    We just returned home on Sunday from yet another 2 weeks stay on O’ahu. We love the islands, I have been digging into the Hawaiian culture for a while, we have friends (locals) there, came by many filming locations…
    This was a truly different episode and if you are not into the the Hawaiian culture, traditions, myths etc. – this was nothing for you. Add the “I don’t like Kono factor” and you will hate it (which I understand).
    I’m ok with Kono (don’t care for superpowers but still like her) and I was interested to see more of her backstory. Her journey was all about honoring her mom and carrying out an old tradition. I loved her mom and young Kono was simply adorable. I had to smile about everyone talking about what she should bring on the boat or how you guys know about Hawaiian weather conditions. Well, I’m not an expert either so I asked around. If she would have done it all the way according to tradition she wouldn’t even have brought the satellite phone along let along the surfboard. And yes, those weathers can change rapidly and I think Kono was very well aware of it. But she ran out of luck or rather this is TV and this is what we got. Let me just say the local peeps had nothing to complain 🙂
    Yes, the make-up job on Kono’s mom was awful but I’m trying to overlook it.

    The crime of the week? Just a filler but I could live with it.
    Oh, and I loved Steve and Chin!! These two are SO good with each other, silently communicating, a strong bond. More please?! One can never hope too much 🙂

    People keep bashing season 5. Was it THAT awful? I don’t think so. There were some bad episodes, there were some great ones and some ok ones. What is lacking (but that sadly also seems to be the case in almost any other show after a while) is continuity. Yes, I am forever miffed that Steve’s PTSD was not addressed, amongst other things.
    What is also very noticeable is SC’s absence. As often talked about, that was his choice and the writers have to deal with it, surely that’s not easy. Wether you like Danny or not, this has also changed the team setting/dynamics. I’m ok with it, some not.

    We will know next week if we get to enjoy and talk about our show next season or if it all will be memories soon. I’m opting for for the first 🙂


    • Oh, but I have to disagree a little bit with you. But first let me tell you, NEVER shy away from stating what you love and why. I love hearing all sides, and I’m sure everyone here on the blog is mature enough to respect every opinion. If not, this is the wrong board for them.

      Anyway, I love hearing all about Hawaiian culture, but Kono just never managed to make me care for her journey. For me, she was just the wrong person to bring it.

      But despite that, I didn’t hate it. I voted OK, but for sure not because of the Kono part. The show simply completely failed to build up to this seemingly so very important part of Kono’s life. If you never hear anything about her family over the cause of five years, I for one, simply don’t care. And no matter what beautiful scenes they film, and how wonderful the scenery is, that doesn’t make up for the screw up of her character’s history.

      About the quaility of season 5. I am very dissapointed, but mostly about the 180° turn around about many things, about the total screw-up of Steve’s character and his problems from last season. The total ignorance of what happened in the past. It felt like they started fresh with 5.01, and I think that is just wrong. My hopes for season 5 were really high, maybe that’s why I’m so dissapointed in it.

      But as I said a while back, there were good episodes, OK ones, but a lot of real crap. Maybe not different from other shows, but in previous season the good outweighted the bad by far.
      But my hopes lie in season 6 now. 🙂


  16. Sunny,

    I’m with you–it’s fun to learn about culture and heritage. And I think that was an awesome concept to attempt with Kono. And they would have pulled it off–IF they had foreshadowed any of this leading up to this episode. But when they did the “SURPRISE! Kono has parents and her mom had an aneurysm which rocked Kono’s world!” thing all in an instant, it just caused the whole thing to fall flat. Even with Steve, even though it has been sparse, they have sprinkled just a few bits here and there about the difficulty of the transition for Steve from Navy to civilian life (we’ve seen him discuss that with both Catherine and Grover). I don’t know how old the character of Kono is supposed to be–I’m assuming mid-20’s since her surfing career ended early and she went straight to the police academy after rehab (or so I have always assumed). The various rites of passage we all go through at different age points are important things and should be treated with care and consideration–even on fictional TV shows.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Aww, Brenda, perfectly said. It could have been an awesome episode, but it wasn’t because of the missing connection to Kono and her past. They totally screwed that up, in my opinion.


    • Good point Brenda, I’m with you! I absolutely understand that people had a problem with this epi. I loved it, BUT only when looking at it as a single epi. Sadly, I gave up hoping for continuation.


  17. For me it was a hit and miss episode. Could have done with some hints a few eps back that Kono was planning a sea trip and all that it implied or meant to her – with her mum etc. I know Danny turned up with the others to see her off but did anybody mention what happened to him after that? He was conspicuously absent during the crime of the week filler thing. I like Grover. Chin and Steve are usually food value together. I was surprised that Steve’s naval experience and Chin’s local knowledge didn’t make them more wary/attuned to Kono’s possible mishap. I did wonder at Kono’s uniform blunder, her mum’s hair I just assumed was a kind of brush in colouring style and never thought of ‘aged’ silver hair!


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