Throwback Thursday!

I would absolutely love to have more ‘Steve on the water’ episodes. Either him being on a boat/ship, or diving, or doing any kind of water activity. Either while working or being ‘off-duty’.
I so wish the show would show us more of that. They are on an island, lots of water around. Why not show it more?

Thanks for this great reminder.

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cats 3.19 “Hoa Pili” (Close Friend)

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7 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday!

  1. I don’t remember the episode specifically but since he’s overdressed he must’ve been on a Coast Guard ship. Personally my favorite water scene for him is the episode (is it this one?) where he and Danny were stranded at sea and he was getting ready to tow the dhingy himself—oh my goodness, his facial expressions were to die for. He was having FUN. He was so good at kicking in Navy SEAL instincts you’d think he WAS a SEAL and not an actor. Loved it.

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    • Episode 3.03 – Steve and Danny in a Dinghy. Well the first half of the ep was fun, except that they overdid Danny’s nasty ranting. That was a bit much.
      But you are right, Alex did look like a SEAL having fun. 🙂


  2. Oh so true. You would think that being on an island more peeps would try to,escape via water. Regardless, Steve has the entire ocean in his backyard… a bit more action there would be nice too.


    • I thought about the peeps trying to escape via water. But honestly? Where would they go? The Hawaiian islands are the most isolated islands, any mainland is far, far, far away. So, where to go? But of course, that shouldn’t keep some idiots from trying, so that our Steve can hit the waters. 😉


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