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5.22 Ho’amoano

When a woman is found murdered in the hotel suite occupied by three married men, Five-0 must help the friends get over their massive hangover and retrace their steps from a wild night to find the killer. Also, Jerry witnesses a woman’s kidnapping on the streets of O’ahu.

CBS translated Ho’amoano to Chasing Yesterday

When I read the above description for this week’s episode, I couldn’t help but thinking this episode will be a stinker. And unfortunately my first reaction was correct.

There were very few scenes in it that I enjoyed. I’ll come to that in a minute, let’s just start with the really bad and boring stuff. That is actually a very nice wording for the absolute disgusting trio that graced our screens.


I found them utterly disgusting. Because the partied like idiots? No! That was just stupid and idiotic. No, it was because they tried to bury the killed young woman in a shallow grave. That is behavior worthy of the lowest low-life I can think of.


Discarding of her like a piece of garbage. Trying to take away the chance to find justice for her death. That person had a family, had friends, people who will miss her. And even if that weren’t the case, she was a fellow human being. Putting her in that shallow grave is, in my eyes even worse than killing her in the first place.

Three years probation? That is by far not enough of a punishment for what they did. And the worst part is that they didn’t learn anything from it. What a bunch of idiots.

Bravo to the writers if it was their intention to evoke this kind of disgust about them. But I’m fairly certain that was not their intention at all. I’m sure they thought their scenes at the hotel, when they woke up, and all the flashbacks were funny and entertaining. I’m not even starting to point out all the plot holes and mistakes in this story-line. It would fill pages and pages.

I’m sorry, but I only found them disgusting and embarrassing. And a total waste of screen time.

And quite frankly, these three guest stars were the worst ever. Ugh.


OK, moving on. The murder itself. Come on, anyone out there who didn’t know who the killer was the second he came on? Yeah, thought so.

Jerry. Did I miss something? What did he do that was brave and making him a hero? Seriously? Following the car on his little bike and finding the dead body? And giving a description to the police? That makes you a hero? OK, guess my idea of a hero is a slightly different one.


I sure liked seeing them all dressed up and showing up for the occasion. BUT don’t you dare ever, I mean E.V.E.R. give Jerry a badge. That would be an insult to everyone who wears one, and actually worked hard to earn that right.

I thought it was nice that he was recognized for what he did, even if that award was totally over the top, and calling him brave and a hero was ridiculous, but none the less, recognition was nice.

What I didn’t find nice or what shouldn’t have happened, was wearing Kamekona’s shirt in the end. That was, in my eyes an insult to the whole ceremony. It was disrespectful and just plain wrong. I didn’t think it was funny at all.


Kono and Chin. I’m always happy to see more of Chin. He’s my third favorite male character on the show, so I’m mostly happy to see him. But not with Kono. I’m sorry, but that woman just doesn’t give me anything. I just don’t buy her being any kind of cop, bad ass, or whatever. It’s not GP’s fault. I don’t even have an opinion about the actress, other that I don’t care either way. Nope, it’s just the character that is, in my eyes, not believable. I have to confess that I have that problem with a lot of female detectives. I often laugh out loud seeing them running around in their high heels trying to solve crimes. It’s mostly bordering on ridiculous.

BUT, despite my dislike of Kono I’m very happy for all the fans that the two got more screen time. And the crime wasn’t a total waste and it was nice to see them working separately from the other three members. I do like them working all together, but it is unrealistic that all five always work just one case. I like it when they split up in teams. Although the crimes should be connected and they should see each other in the office, or compare notes out in the field. But I guess it is too much to ask these days to get all the actors together at the same time. 😉


Wow, it almost sounds like I didn’t enjoy anything on this show. That is not true. There were a few things I liked and did enjoy.

For one, I didn’t mind Danny. LOL No, he actually had some nice scenes with Steve. See, he doesn’t have to be a total idiot all the time.

Max and Grover were a delight. Again. I really like seeing them interact. Grover still hasn’t quite figured out Max, and his reactions are just too good. And I would love to hear Max’s story about his spring break. I bet that would be more entertaining than the whole episode combined.



Steve’s faces. Oh boy, we really were spoiled this episode. Absolutely loved all of them.

I guess that about sums it up for me. Not much, I know, but really this episode wasn’t worth much.

I give it a Poor because it failed to entertain me for more than five minutes. And just a scene here and there in between fast-forwarding-worthy scenes is just not enough for an OK or even better.


All screen-shots were done by me. Credit to CBS. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

And please remember, I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously. Always remember, this is just a TV show.

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  1. What was supposed to be funny was also disgusting to me. I was not entertained at all except in scenes where Steve and his team were in.

    The parts with Jerry were blech. And I agree… kamekona making him wear that shirt was just wrong.

    I gave it an ok. Might watch the Steve parts again but certainly nothing else!

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    • But very in character for both of them. Kamekona for not getting why it was wrong and Jerry for not being able to say no.

      I’d like Jerry’s character lots more if he was just a smidge more stable. Like managed to hold some kind of job in addition to his conspiracy theory nuttery.


      • I guess you’re right, it was in character. But even though, Kamekona should have thought about that this was not about him. Taking advantage of Jerry like that, sorry, but that brought him way down on the likeable meter.


  2. Yes, here was another episode that felt like it ran for five hours. It was terrible. Not even Steve was able to make up for it for me. I do agree with you that realistically they can’t all be working on the same case at the same time, and I don’t mind if they pair off sometimes. But what’s missing this season is unity. There is none. Really the only good thing about the episode was Jerry calling Kamekona pops–although realistically, they must be close in age. But it was funny.

    While I agree with you the Kamekona shirt at the ceremony was inappropriate, I actually LIKED that one bit of scene because it was the only “Five-0 Normal” thing about the episode–the only thing in keeping with the show from inception to now.

    RE: Jerry’s ceremony–I didn’t take it that it was so much about following that car, but about the fact that Five-0 knows how much Jerry has helped them and also knows that there’s no chance in hell he’ll become a cop, so Steve, being the awesome guy he is who is always thinking of others, probably pulled some strings so at least Jerry could get that recognition. It was a nice touch.

    I wish there were more people on the planet as truly thoughtful of people as Steve.

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  3. P.S. The Pizza Hut guy was telling me that there is a shortage of pineapple due to poor crops in the last few growing seasons. Do you think it’s any coincidence that pineapples have declined in concert with Five-0? I’m thinking there must be a link…..


  4. To me this was the definition of a filler episode.
    The three guys were such a cliche.
    I liked Max’s crazy anecdote and seeing badass Chin. I am so happy that Chin is back to having more screen time and hopefully a good storyline with Gabriel. I liked that Steve was the first person he showed the photos to ; there is a lot of trust and respect between those two and hopefully we see more of it.
    Danny was great in both this episode and the one before; they seem to have dialed back the nastiness.
    Tbh I can’t put my finger on why I don’t care for Kono. Her character feels kind of aloof to me. I mean even secondary characters like Max and Jerry are more relatable and endearing than her. Maybe after next week she becomes more human?
    Jerry has grown on me; I like his relationship with the team and Jorge Garcia and DDK have good chemistry.


    • I also can’t pinpoint what irks me so much about Kono. Why I can’t take her seriously as a cop. From the second I saw her I didn’t like her. They never managed to make her interesting in any way for me. I just feel like she never showed any growth, she got all those bad ass moves and abilities, but they were just written for her, she never earned them. If that makes any sense. She just doesn’t have any history. She feels artificial to me. Not real in any way.
      After so many seasons I really don’t care about her. I don’t want to know anything about her. And next week’s episode? I’m not looking forward to. For all I care Kono could be lost at sea forever and I wouldn’t miss her. And that is sad, that there is a character on the show that I don’t care about at all.


      • I think artificial is the right word; she just doesn’t feel human to me. I mean the others are badass too but they never felt like cardboard cutouts.
        Personally I attribute it to a combination of both actress and writers’ indifference to the character.
        Sometimes I think the problem may actually be with me since almost every other fan I know loves her.
        Re; next week. I do think I will find it boring but I am going to approach it with an open mind and hopefully they’ll flesh out her character more. I love flashbacks so some of the epi may be interesting.


        • Not just you. I think the root of this is the writers’ and especially the EP’s inability to grasp any context of the female characters. Most women on the show are written horribly 1-D. Kona is, by contrast, written maybe 1 1/2-D. But that still isn’t enough to really make most of us “feel” her. And Grace, unlike Alex, who has the talent to take a 2-D character to 3-D, isn’t able to take Kono that last step to fleshing her out with acting alone. They don’t write her as well as they write McG… but they don’t write him as truly human either. Alex gotta do the heavy lifting. Grace just doesn’t quite make it… and to her credit, she starts out behind the 8 ball with the writers’ utterly proven incapacity to write, and disinterest in, women characters.

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          • Tbh I think that as the writers continuously failed to give her good material she grew bored. I don’t really blame her since 90% of Kono’s dialogue is about a case.
            I mean we know more about Max than about Kono.


          • Honestly after reading the latest interview with Grace I think that she threw in the towel. She made some reference to draining herself doing a scene for the S1 episode with her surf mentor – and they cut it, telling her it was too “sad”. Maybe there were more instances like that and she decided – “whatever”. I’ve often thought she really wasn’t into it.


  5. Also gave it a poor. The misogyny in this ep exceeded even 5-0’s usual disrespect and disregard for women. They were actually promoting and celebrating the 3 dolts who disrespect women sooooo much they agreed to cheat on their wives and sleep with any woman whose “standards are low” enuf, by which they must have meant as low their own non-existent standards. And of course, they couldn’t remember killing a chick but clearly didn’t put it past themselves to have done so, and then, as Sam notes, were willing to obliterate her humanity even further by simply disposing of her corpse. I was utterly disgusted NOT with the 3 idiots but with PLenkov for creating this yawningly derivative plot…yet upping the assholeyness factor by several notches, thinking he was making something FUNNY. #WomensLivesMatter, PLenkov! Don’t make me go and create a hashtag!

    And the only reason I didn’t give this stinker the lowest grade of all is a)McG was IN the ep, so automatic upgrade and b)Grover cracked me up in the last scene…tho Pauly Shore irked me even then.

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    • Please, Grace, share with us how you really feel. 😉

      I couldn’t agree more with you. The writers and Pl seem to hate women so very much. It is kind of disgusting what disrespect they again and again show. It seems that women are nothing but objects for them. Sad. Really sad.


    • Sorry but I just can’t get past my hangups about jerry. I still cringe at the character. Which is sad because everyone has said Jorge is such a fun person.


      • I suspect that’s the problem. Jorge is such a fun person that the writers / producers / actors / crew project that onto the story line. We don’t.

        I feel like even a tiny bit of thought could have made Jerry a better character. Like even being the conspiracy nut with the heart of gold who lived in his Mom’s basement and had some random job would have been better. He’s too much of a stereotype to be believable.

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  6. Thank you for the review and for reiterating my disgust at those three characters. I desperately hope the writers/producers/director filled our screen with so much of their repugnant behavior was to create disdain for them. It didn’t take the multiple flashbacks of their behavior to create that disdain though. My parents instilled character and standards in their daughter, so my filter is pretty sensitive to that stuff. Because of the standards my parents gave me, I cannot use the words i want to use to describe the loathsome men.
    I thought there was too much time spent on Jerry this episode, and i tried to rationalize the ceremony being a big deal because of his assistance over time rather than due to this one act.
    I am glad to hear some other people with nonchalance over Kono. Maybe i am jealous that someone so young and unproven has a high profile job right out of police academy? I tend to dislike young women on these types of shows. When i think about it though, I dislike the ones that the shows over hype about toughness. (Nell and Kensi on NCIS LA come to mind.) When the female is one of the leads (i’m thinking Castle) I don’t have any problems. I would have to write an entire post about the ways female characters drive me crazy. Anyway, I don’t look forward to next week’s episode, but at least the urgency of the situation will bring out more intensity in Steve. Intense Steve makes for a great episode. Plus next week will get us one week closer to a Cath/Steve reunion and that tuxedo!


  7. I concur with everything y’all said! It was an awful, horrendous throw-away episode. Really the B storyline was better than the A storyline.

    I really, really, hope that Peter has run out of friends that need jobs. Just saying.

    I had readied myself for the inevitable grossness that was going to be the three arseholes story. What I wasn’t prepared for, and found even MORE annoying – was Steve and Danny at the majick table having – what, – A “bonding” moment about how unpleasant the one wife was? Really? Because when a woman finds out that her husband (because lets face it – these tools really weren’t smart enough to NOT get caught – dead body or not) has deceived her in the what she probably THINKS is the worse way possible (and – oh yay when she finds out how much worse the deception really was) she’s not given ONE OUNCE of slack – and is in fact FURTHER denigrated as being a mean bitchy shrew.

    How incredibly charming boys.

    At that point I more or less stopped paying attention because I really didn’t know WHY Jerry was being honored – I mean I guess I thought that it was a for ALL of the things that he has done to help 5-0 in the past year and a half. Apparently the police chief was played by the real HPD police chief, so that was nice.

    I loved the discussion between Chin and Steve about the pictures of Adam and mystery man. I so love those two together and wish that they would have them interact more. They are wonderful together.

    And – blue suit. Saved it from being an “F” for me.

    PS – in my area the local CBS affiliate pre-empted the show for the Yankees – Mets game. Instead they aired it at 2:35am. They did the same thing for the Elvis episode, and earlier in the year too. Pre-empted 3 first-run episodes. And aired them at 2:30am (actually the Elvis ep never aired at all because the Yankees game went so late). I think that’s pretty telling.

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    • Thank you for your POV on the whole misogyny thing. It has been a problem since S1, but it has grown over the years. PLenkov has daughters. I feel so sorry for them. He is no friend to women. But seriously is there NO ONE on the writer team or staff or cast who HAS empathy with the female POV?????????


      • You know, I never took much stock in it when people contained back then. My bad I guess – I never took issue in the early seasons. But lately it’s just so icky and obvious. It all goes back to what I’ve said recently. . It’s like the writers are dabbling instead of putting out a really good product.


    • You are so right.

      About the wife and Steve/Danny at the smart table. At least Steve asked if THAT was normal. 😉 But you are right, Danny’s comment was, well, actually really IN character for him, so I let it slide. 😉

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    • She wasn’t just bitchy, she was verbally abusive. And at the time all her husband did was not return her phone calls. She didn’t know anything but wished that he died and his plane crashed.

      They were a trio of assholes but her behavior was pretty bad also. No one deserves having someone wish they were dead.


      • I agree. I didn’t have a problem with the question Steve asked about the wife. She was pretty bad in my opinion. But that was the only time I chuckled in the entire episode… Steve asking Danny that question. The rest of it was just too horrible to even crack a smile at. And I really don’t think making us cringe is what they had in mind when they planned this ep.


        • I suspect they wanted the episode to be a critique of the trio of assholes. None of the men on the show seemed to find them remotely redeeming or funny. Just pathetic. But I don’t think it came off that way. Especially not after the network promos.

          At least I hope so.


  8. Just got back to my computer after a weekend away and caught up on everyone’s thoughts. Since I detest the type of movies that this episode wanted to mimic, I went in not expecting much and that is what I got. At least Chin and Kono got a somewhat interesting case which I wish the whole team could have worked on, I didn’t vote F. Steve in a suit always makes me happy so that saved the end. The idiots got off too light and that made me angry. This is not a stellar way to end a season and I tend to let that get under my skin and worry. None of this is doing anything to inspire my muse who is off sulking.

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    • Oh, I know all about that sulking muse. Sigh.

      I mean, we kind of had to wring it a few times this season to write the tie-ins. But lately even that is hard to do. No idea what to do with this one. Any idea would be greatly appreciated.

      Yeah, couldn’t vote F either. There were a few scenes in it that prevented the ep from that fate. 🙂


  9. I think one cannot mix two COTW in 42 minutes, it’s just too much, and it will be less Steve (which is bad 😉 )!!
    I think it’s due to every actors own “plan” that H5O is poorly written und the stories don’t connect anymore! I used to say it is cool that the show gives them some “free time” but in the end, it was bad for the show IMO. I used to like all the stories, but now, I somehow hardly manage to watch through, AND I ONLY watch it to see the hotness for SteveMcG! Too many lead actors!


    • I think part of it is shooting in Hawaii. It wouldn’t be the same show if they didn’t, but it makes it hard to grant the main actors normal levels of flexibility. And it ratchets up the pressure to make semi regular actors main actors. It’s much harder to move between projects because it’s not just project time but travel time. And it makes it hard to “name” or even want to be name actors to make occasional short appearances. Being in Hawaii to do Five 0 for a handful of episodes means not being in LA to audition for other roles. For someone who really wants to be a working actor that’s tough.


  10. I don’t know why care for all the main-land guest actors, when Hawaii has so many great people to work with! I don’t care if anyone is famous, and I find it disturbing seeing all the same actors in different shows as different persons (and I don’t really watch a lot of shows ;-( )!!
    Wasn’t this gov dennings in NCIS recently?!?

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    • Because there isn’t really enough work for someone who is committed to being a full time working actor. The people who are really good get snapped up for other roles.

      The pool of actors who are local, have no aspirations to leave if they get other roles, and are good at roles that requires really acting is pretty small. Lots of the local talent is great but lots of those people are essentially playing a version of themselves.

      Now I’d be thrilled to see the stunt casting cut down. Random people off the street could do as well as some of those people. (I’m not even going to call the actors).


    • I totally agree. Yes, Denning was on some show recently – was it NCIS… or maybe NCIS New Orleans??? Can’t remember but I saw him. I think they should use a lot more local people on the show, too. I don’t care if all these “guest stars” are supposedly famous. They don’t mean much to me… especially when most of them aren’t the greatest actors to begin with.


  11. I can’t believe I’m even going to vaguely defend Danny, but remember he made the comments about the wife after listening to ALL the voicemails. Including the ones where she said she hoped his plane crashed and died. While the guys were Assholes of the highest order, at the point the messages where left she didn’t know anything other than that the husband hadn’t returned her call, which if he had been bore hunting wouldn’t have been out of the question. So his being an asshole, doesn’t excuse her over the top verbally abusive behavior.

    As far as minor bright spots go, I thought Steve’s looks to Danny when the trio of douches were referred to as “parents” and “old, at least 40” were mildly amusing. While Steve’s non interest in women who are way too young for him is well documented, the idea that he might be old or in the category with their parents still gets him a bit. It reminded me of the episode where he and Danny went to the sorority house to interview a witness and they were mistaken for someone’s dads.

    I think Kono is frustrating because all attempts to humanize her have centered around romantic relationships. The ones around childhood relationships were kind of cute (Ben Bass and Charlie Fong), but the whole Adam thing has been a mess. He’s hot, but there was nothing that made it clear why she would have risked a relationship with him. It seemed stupid and our of character. I’ve wondered if it was written and never shot or written and never aired but stayed in producers and writers minds. Which, I think they’ve done with Steve and border line PTSD (there is a good clip on YouTube). So these things make perfect sense to them but are frustrating to us.

    Sometimes I wonder if they’d write women less terribly if they stopped trying so hard. Kono would have been a better character if she had been slightly less consistently awesome in the beginning when she was a true rookie. I suspect some of that was an attempt to make her the guys equal which professionally wasn’t realistic. So we never saw her learn from Steve or Danny.

    This show has tried to be both a police procedural and a “family/workplace” drama which is really hard. Occasionally both get short changed. So we get lots of telling rather than showing about relationships.


    • You could be right about the phone calls – although the wife on the phone seemed to know more than he just wasn’t returning her calls. But Steve and Danny DID know the real story – and that alone should’ve earned her a little slack IMO.

      I thnk you are spot on about Kono! I doubt she honed her amazing sniper skills while she was recovering from her sufing injury.


      • I’m not going to give verbally abusive behavior a pass. Telling your spouse you want them to die just isn’t acceptable.

        I could accept Kono as an awesome sniper by birth if she wasn’t also awesome at everything else. It was just too much. And if it was a skill she was just lucky at wouldn’t have everyone been more surprised?

        Sometimes I wonder if the subconsciously mix up Kono’s supposed age with Grace Park’s age. Grace, Alex, and Scott are close in age. Kono, Steve, and Danny aren’t.


      • Ok well. . I guess we can agree to disagree there. All I know is that I had a negative reaction when the guys said those lines.


    • “which if he had been bore hunting” I’m NOT picking on a typo. I’m saying amen to choosing the right terminology “BORE”. Those dudes had that in spades.


  12. You ladies are lot more respectful towards this episode of Bonnie Parker (of Bonnie & Clyde fame) and the 3 Stooges than I can be. All that comes to my mind is REALLY! I despise Pauly Shore and this epi just gave me more ammo for my dislike since he was the mastermind behind the behavior of the other 2 jerks. Tasteless, insulting, vulgar, demoralizing to women and ridiculous. What were the writers and Lenkov thinking when they came up with episode, I guess they all suffered from a brain fart simultaneously. The only thing that slightly redeemed this episode was the too short Grover/Max time, the interaction between Steve and Chin regarding the photos and seeing the guys dressed up (minus Danny’s white shoes and the stupid Kamekono shirt on Jerry) If they give a Jerry a badge next year, I just might have to look for another show to watch.

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  13. OK, I guess I also have to give my two cents about the scene at the smart table.

    I gave the boys a slide because it was a typical Danny reaction, I expected something like that from him. Of course, that doesn’t make it right, but it was the reason why I wasn’t as irked by it.

    But I also thought that the wife’s phone calls were way out of line. Wishing a plane to crash? Sorry, but that is not acceptable.

    On the other hand, those three idiots are probably not prince charming at home either. So we really have no idea what the wives have to endure during their time with those three idiots. So, I gave her also a slide for her ranting.

    And Steve? Well, I think he looked more irritated than anything else. He did smile in the beginning when the wife talked about her husband being on the couch. I also smiled at that. After that, he wasn’t so sure what to think about it.

    And that he didn’t say anything about Danny’s remark, well, as he said, he doesn’t listen to him anymore. 🙂

    But all in all, Danny’s remark did take away from the otherwise good scene.

    So, I can understand both sides here, and I’m not sure if there is a right or wrong. It was wrong on all levels. Not sure who is to blame more. Our two guys, or the mad woman.

    But in relation to what the three idiots did, this was really a harmless transgression from both sides.

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    • one thing I read in TV Guide, I think was that these were three “normal” accountants from Ohio who blah-blah… we know the rest of the story. These guys could not and would not have been “normal” anything to end up in Hawaii doing the things they were doing. I’m sorry but the whole story was just a whack job. I don’t see how anyone could believe any of that nonsense. As for trying to bury the girl, that was just totally off the grid of being normal, smart, empathetic, human,… take your pick at a word. It made no sense. But I am so glad the episode is over. Now we have to suffer through this week.

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      • I’ve heard before that a show’s actual creative team doesn’t get much say in how promos were done and stuff is marketed.

        I wonder if we are seeing that here. Nothing in the episode itself pointed to anyone we like having anything decent to say/think about these guys. No one thought they were normal or funny. Everyone thought they were creepy. They didn’t get any girls.

        The more I think about it the more I wonder if this was supposed to be satire about stories where those guys would be heros not slime balls. But managed to fail miserably. Partly because it wasn’t that well done (so people missed the point) and partly because the promo material sold the opposite. If the promos had sold a “look at these pathetic guys” story and not “normal accountants from Cleveland get caught up in crime” story would people have reacted differently? I think people might have.

        I don’t think that lets anyone off the hook because those things have to work together. But I wonder if the story that ended up being told wasn’t the story people thought they were telling.

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          • I’d love to know what the “off the record” perspective of someone involved in the production that I would respect is. It’s not really a question I’d ask someone because I don’t think anyone could give a real answer without either biting the hand that feeds them or admitting they were involved in misogynistic drivel. But If I could read minds . . .


  14. I am just relieved to know that I am not alone in my disgust with this episode. However, I have only myself to blame because I knew Pauly Shore and Kevin Farley were going to be guests and I watched it anyhow, or at least as much as I could stand. Perhaps I am getting too old to appreciate it, but I failed to see any humor in this episode. Pathetic, middle aged men trying to relive their lost youth by getting stupidly drunk, trying to hit on girls young enough to be their daughters, using pathetic, insulting pick up lines, and expecting to get “results”. Yep, that’s just hilarious. Trying to bury a murder victim because they were afraid they would be blamed; how did they expect to explain the blood and mess in the hotel room, or how they even got the body out of the hotel in the first place. The whole story line was odious and reprehensible. The lowest point was when one of these doorknobs observed that going home with a criminal record wasn’t as bad as contracting an STD. Seriously, that was supposed to be a joke? Who wrote this drivel???

    Then we got the secondary story line, which would have been rather good except for the fact that Jerry was featured, again. I didn’t even watch the last ten minutes because it looked like Jerry was going to be front and center. I liked the comment made above “cringe worthy”. That is how he always make me feel. Is it my imagination or are the producers intent on shoving this ridiculous character down the throats of viewers. It seems as though we are getting more and more of Jerry, and less and less of Steve. Max is barely in the show anymore and whatever happened to Charlie Fong or even Toast? They seemed to be far more relevant characters than Jerry could possibly be, and, though it pains me to admit it, even that bland girl from season 2 would be more tolerable than this neurotic wingnut.

    Anyhow, thank you for providing a platform for viewers and fans of this show to air their opinions, and for allowing for the occasional rant. Agree or disagree, it is always a great site to visit and let’s face it, what a dreadful world it would be if we weren’t allowed to have our own thoughts. I just wish the producers would take a look at these forums once in awhile and have thoughts about what many fans of the show have to say. Disgruntled viewers tend to talk with their remotes, and that usually results in out of work writers, producers, actors and crews.

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    • Bravo! Very well said.

      And you are right, the viewers who think everything is just awesome and OH so good, tend to be a lot more outspoken and louder than the ones who see the flaws and don’t think every darn episode is just awesome. They tend to simply stop watching.
      And if they do say something about it, well, the EPs should listen to them. Most of them voice their opinion because they love the show and want it to be a success. Unfortunately, the EPs either listen to nobody or the brown-nosed yea-sayers. Not very productive, in my eyes.

      Oh boy, I’m ranting. LOL

      Liked by 2 people

      • That’s it exactly. I know this show is quite light on the reality – but I’d really love for it to be really good at being what it is – escapist and FUN. This wasn’t fun.


  15. I find myself watching eps on ffwd stopping for Steve moments. I like Grover, gone off Danny and find Jerry irritating. I think the Kamekona ‘please advertise my shrimp truck all the time with these hilarious coloured the shirts’ overdone. Also couldn’t see what Jerry had done to get such a civic honour. I didn’t recognise the 3 stooges on holiday so had no extra baggage about them – other than they were completely out of order. That they got a slap on the wrist and told not to come back was offensive given what they’d done with the girl’s body. I’ve never understood spring break anyway (being a Brit ). I don’t know what Adam is up to or what Kono will do if she finds out – find them tiresome. I do love that Chin will have her back in case it goes sideways. Bring back Cath, Steve needs a hug.
    (Coming out of lurkdom to post for first time! )

    Liked by 1 person

  16. Oy, 56 comments already? LOL!!!
    Seriously, I have no energy to write that much about this episode. I don’t know what was the worst, these three scumbags or Danny’s white shoes… 😆
    Steve’s faces upgraded this episode a lot, I just love all of his Alexpressions! And there was a Steve/Chin moment, these two adults together are so underused, I savor every moment I see them together. And it was a great moment, love that Steve’s the first one Chin told about his concern. And I hope hope hope – please PTB – that this man we saw with Adam is Wo Fat senior!!!
    There is one thing that bugs me for a long time and in this episode it was especially noticeable. I find it so unnerving that SC is mumbling. I need to be so focused to understand him (not that I am really interested in what Danny has to say…). Is it NJ slang or just a chewing gum? 😉 Sometimes I get really angry much to hubby’s amusement. ‘Spit it out!’
    But maybe it is only because I am not a native speaker, but I never have this problem with anyone of the other actors.
    Oh I forgot, I think I will give it a ‘poor’. Poor +, because it was not that horrible I thought it would be, but by no means it was a good one.

    Liked by 1 person

    • LOL – nope, you’re not the only one about SC. Although I do understand him, it is sometimes hard to clearly hear him. I often think “speak up, man”. 😉
      But way worse than his mumbling is his speech pattern. That is really grating on my nerves. There is no flow in his speech, nor any rhythm. It’s just one hacked sentence after another. Horrible. It always takes me out of a scene. Didn’t he get any speech training or something?

      Liked by 1 person

    • Definitely not the only one about SC. It’s….the…long…pauses…in…his…line…delivery…THAT DRIVES ME CRAZY!!!!! Even little throwaway lines, he takes for-frikking-ever to spit the sentence out! I think it’s his way of getting more camera time, but Jeezuz it’s like pulling teeth listening to this man speak a freakin line of dialogue. I wanna finish his sentences for him and get ON with the action, dude! And my lord when he has a long speech to give, it’s time to go on and make myself a sandwich. Hopefully he’ll finally be done when I get the peanut butter half stuck to the jelly half. 😆

      Liked by 1 person

  17. Am I missing something on the photos Chin obtained from Gabriel? I thought the pictures were of Adam and his dad, Hero Noshimuri and that the mystery was how could there be pictures of him with his Dad when he’s supposed to be cut up into little pieces? But by the comments interspersed here,no one else identified that man as Hero Noshimuri? Confused…..


    • I’m just as confused. I also thought it was Hero who was hacked to pieces in season 2. But since I’m really bad with faces I’m not sure that is Adam’s father or not. But since neither Chin nor Steve recognized him, guess it’s not him.


      • Well I’m really curious now about that photo cuz I swore it was Hero. But I’m not so curious that I’m willing to watch that episode again (or the episode before it where the pictures first appeared). The mystery can just shrivel and die for all I care. Poor Adam. Ya’ll are so mean! LOL! I want to like him, but from day one I’ve never quite known how to take him. Never fully trusted him.

        As for someone’s comment about Kono being wonder woman–I like the badass trait–in males or females. What I look for when it’s done by a female character is that they can be just as feminine as badass. Kono can do both and Catherine does it exceptionally well which is why I like her so much. But as someone here has already mentioned, any storylines associated with Kono are boring. They just can’t seem to put their finger on what’s right for her. And they don’t follow through with storylines. Maybe I missed it, but a few seasons ago when she cloned Adam’s phone and he was making calls to some mysterious person, I don’t think they ever resolved that (unless that was supposed to be his dad, but I didn’t get that impression).

        I guess the only real question is how much time is the Kono stuff going to take up in the season finale. The even bigger question is can they do ANYTHING at this point to pull Five-0 out of the crapper. I want the GREAT Five-0 back. Not the lost and adrift version we’ve been season this season.


          • I don’t think the guy in the pics is Hiroshima either because Wo Fat killed him way back in Season 2 and sent parts of him in a box to Adam. Besides both Steve and Chin know what he looks like. I really hope it’s Wo Fat Senior because that could potentially mean more Chin/ Steve scenes but I am leaning towards it being some unsavoury former Yakuza type that we don’t know. Also I would love it if Adam did turn out to be a bad guy but I don’t think the writers have the guts to do that especially since it looks like they do actually get married.


    • I never thought that the man was Hiro Noshimuri. Hiro looked different and was taller.
      My hope is it’s Wo Fat sr. That would be cool. I want Adam to be evil… 😉


      • YES, I want Adam to be the evil master mind. But I guess we will be stuck with boring Adam instead. He was so much more interesting when he was still tied to the Yakuza. But then boring Kono came along and pulled him down to her level of boredom.
        Boy, guess I’m really not fond of either of them. LOL

        But it would be SO great if he would be bad and evil, and he had all of them fooled. I would love that.
        And I’m still waiting for any sort of repercussion from kidnapping Kono, pulling a gun on Steve, and all the other things any other guy would be in jail for by now. But hey, it’s Kono’s boy-toy, just let it slide.

        I apologize to all Kono lovers out there, it’s nothing personal, but she and her boyfriend just irk me.


        • No need to apologize Sam! I get where you’re coming from. I love Kono’s tender heart, hate this wonderwoman crap (but not only with Kono 😉 ). But I never ever get why she is drawn to someone who has a thing for duct tape! Maybe he only rescued her from drowning because it was out of stock? Teehee. No. Not fond of Adam either. Totally boring. Evil mastermind would be great. Then Steve could kick his tailor suited a§§. That I would LOVE!!! For reasons!


  18. I thought it was Hiro as well with Adam. But, you’re right, since neither Chin nor Steve recognized him as Hiro than maybe he is Wo Fat’s father (played by the same actor who played Hiro). But then again, it IS 50 who bring dead people back to life and maybe he got plastic surgery to change his looks!

    SC talks thru his teeth that’s why he’s very hard to understand. Maybe he’s channeling his father’s gangster rolls. Only when he’s hollering at Steve does he open his mouth so all can hear.

    I don’t see the Kono/Adam thing, would have preferred Kono/Charlie but let’s see what happens. 50 does not do happy either so let’s see what happens next week!


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