Press release 5.24 / 5.25

5.24 Luapo’i – Prey

While Five-0 works the case of a murdered bounty hunter, Danny’s ex-wife reveals a shocking secret that will change his life forever.

Friday, May 8

Well, to be honest, the only thing that would kind of blow my mind would be Grace not being his daughter. But if the big secret will be that Charles is his son. Well, that will only make me yawn.


5.25 A Make Kaua – Until We Die

On the eve of Kono’s wedding, Five-0 learns that a stolen nuclear bomb is somewhere on the island about to be detonated.

OK, all I’m interested in is Cath coming back, and Steve in and out of that tux. Yes, I’m easy. 🙂


39 thoughts on “Press release 5.24 / 5.25

  1. totally agree about the tux. Yowza! As for Danny, the only thing that WOULD shock me is that Grace isn’t his, and that would be a crappy thing for Rachel to do. Charles… yeah, I have believed that all along. I’m just surprised they are bringing Rachel back after all this time.


  2. The only other thing I thought of was Rachel’s dying and came back to tell Danny that yes, Charles is his son (which I’ve believed all along) and now he has 2 kids. I think Scott orchestrated Rachel’s return, not sure what to believe but heard PL wasn’t overly nice to Claire and she left. Doesn’t shock me.

    We get Steve in a tux and wet in the epi! Be still my heart!! I’m looking forward to this 2 hr. show. I can’t wait to see Kono! Now if we’d only get renewal news it’d be perfect!!


  3. OK. seems we all had the same idea that Rachel is not a saint. I thought it would be that Grace wasn’t his child because that is the more absurd of the two choices and we know how fond the writers are always striving for reality.

    BTW, if Charles is not his son, then he has no kids—a win- win situation for both children. ( I’m mean today, sorry.)

    As for 525, I just want Cath back so we can see Steve smile. I’ll never get over 421. Never, never, never.

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    • Due to technical difficulties I can’t “like” your post. But if 4:21 is the epsiode where they screwed Catherine’s character over, then you have my complete agreement.

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      • Yes, 421 was the episode. Cath didn’t choose to stay in Afghanistan, The writers kept her there . They could have easily made her just missing but then Steve would have gone to bring her home. That was the best they could come up with since they were writing out her character.

        I think the whole point was to introduce a new LI (Ellie) but even the PTB knew when it fell flat. And not because of the handful of fans who liked Cath or the handful of “fans” who hated her but because of the millions who do not use social media and wondered why a seal would buy into that stupid story of “finding her calling” and not go after his girlfriend. It made more sense for her to tell him that so he wouldn’t risk his life. He almost died.

        Her return is causing some serious “agita” in certain quarters, I say, go buy some tums and get over it,

        Off topic. There is a picture of Kono’s wedding dress- Vera Wang, Just meh, I expected better, I could be alone in this. I like sophisticated but this was just–I don’t know. She’s tall and thin so she could wear anything but I never like her choices. Maybe it will look better on the screen.

        I’m also having problems with the like button but its my program and I can’t get on to use it.

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        • I’m with you on the wedding dress. I’ve seen Grace look absolutely stunning in gowns – and this doesn’t come close.


          • She wore a very pretty gown in season 2–the episode where they were all at a fundraiser and the victim was killed and pushed down the hotel laundry chute? That would make a pretty wedding dress.


            • Speaking of clothing, did you all notice that the dress the woman had laid out to wear to meet her bio father in this ep was the same dress the high priced hooker (Abbie something or other–the episode Billy got killed in) had been wearing in season 4?


    • The Catherine I saw over 4 seasons would not have stayed in Afghanistan after she found the boy. That will always be a screw-up I stick to the writers and powers that be.

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  4. In the first place, pitch lines (whether for screen or books) ending in “…that will change his/her life forever” are grotesquely over-used and nauseating. That alone doesn’t bode well. My first thought upon reading the blurb in its entirety was “Really? The season finale and it’s DANNY they’re hanging their hook on?” You gotta be kidding me.

    I’m sure everybody feels I’m always the pessimist with my posts but my instincts are that we’ve got another blunder on our hands. I mean, if it’s that Grace isn’t his child, what does it matter, really? We can think what we want to think of Danny, but it’s not like he would love Grace less even if that were the case. Nor would paternal rights regarding the other kid. The only shocking news they could really have from Rachel is that she was really the hired assassin who worked for the columbian cartel and she killed his brother herself. Now THAT would be shocking. Everything else? YAWN……..


    • None of the writers ever watch each other’s shows. Otherwise they would know these things. There is absolutely no quality control. We need inspector 35 to review each script with a stack of red pencils and a bottle of vodka. Any volunteers?

      Season 5 has been my most disappointing season.

      Virtual high 5’s to all.

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  5. If the secret is that Grace is not Danny’s that might be the final straw. He’s legally Grace’s father. The DNA doesn’t matter. Like legally doesn’t matter. It would be too crazy even for this show for this to be a excuse for Rachel to cut Danny out. Charles I would believe. But again unless Stan is unfit or waives his parental rights he’s le galley Charles father. Once a child is older than 2 legal parenthood is set. It takes being declared unfit or voluntarily waiving rights. A DNA test can’t magically change things.

    Yum to Steve in a tux.

    I don’t know how to feel about Catherine. I can’t get over her staying in Afghanistan. If this is (and I don’t want it to be) the series finale and she’s back for good (and and Steve can forgive ) I can imagine them living happily ever after. If it’s not the series finale and she’s just back for the wedding I will hate the writers even more. But at the same time if it’s not the end and she’s back I’m not sure I trust the writers. What will they do with her? I’m not sure I trust them to let her get some non Five 0 job and just show up as Steve’s girlfriend A couple times a season.


  6. I might be the only one but of all of Danny’s women I liked Rachel the best. They had good chemistry together. I think the secret is that Charles is his don which I am not really sure how I feel about. Maybe It will make Danny happier and less whiny?
    Re:Cath, I am 90% sure that they’ll have her go back to the Navy and we’ll only see her occasionally like in Seasons 1 and 2. It’s the only way to appease the ardent core 4/McDanno fans while keeping her in the picture. Personally I’d rather if they brought her back full time or made a clear break and ended the relationship. This in-middle thing would be kind of a cop-out.


    • I liked Rachel just fine. I’m just yawning at that being the big deal of the season finale. RE: Core 4 fans–I consider myself a core 4 person, and haven’t appreciated any of their add-ons, with the EXCEPTION of Catherine. She’s been a rock solid character from the beginning–even when she was just used off and on. And her character has had tremendous storyline potential that they simply haven’t capitalized on. Personally, I LOVED season 4 when she was featured a whole lot more. She’s the one high quality female character they’ve had in the entire series. And when I say that I make my usual caveat statement–I DON’T dislike Kono but they just don’t seem to know what to do with her. It’s probably unfortunate that though she started off with a bang being the “rookie” of the team in the beginning, how much mileage can you get out of a blown-out knee-surfing injury in terms of character arc? Apparently not much.

      Hey maybe the surprise for Danny is that Grace is really his brother’s son? Hey, I’m reachin’, trying to find a true surprise here…..

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      • By ardent core 4 fans, I meant the ones who hurl insults at anybody who dares come within 100 feet of the team. I didn’t mean you or anyone else on here and really hope I didn’t offend anyone (was not my intention). Re:Kono, I am right with you; she had a ton of potential in the beginning but then they just made her a 1D badass superwoman.


        • I think its more like any woman who comes within 100 feet of Steve. Remember beside Cath, we also had Lori and Jenna.
          If Kono started to bat the old eyelashes his way there would be a hate campaign against her. His disinterest in her is what saves her,


          • I didn’t really follow the show back then but was Jenna actually supposed to be a love interest for Steve? I never got anything even remotely romantic from them.
            Also you are right about the women but I also noticed some Grover dislike on social media after last epi since Steve didn’t spend the entire epi pining for Danny.


            • There was a brief attempt to get something going at the very beginning with Jenna but it never went anywhere. All I ever saw was a friendship which is why I hated the writers making her a traitor and killing her. She did save Danny’s life.

              As for Lori, the writers gave it their all and used her a lot in the first half of the season but cut her screen time back when Kono returned Some fans confused disliking a character with disliking an actress. No matter what feelings she may have developed for Steve, the writers should have let Lori exit with dignity. I suffered through her last scene.

              Other than Cath, the only other woman I saw on H50 to have some screen chemistry was Vanessa Marcial, who played a killer so she doesn’t count.

              As for the Grover thing, well, sometimes Steve needs to be with the grownups.


              • “There was a brief attempt to get something going at the very beginning with Jenna but it never went anywhere. ”

                Really? I honestly don’t remember a single nanosecond of the Jenna year(s) where I saw any hint of this. I must’ve blinked and missed it. That’s surprising though because one of my gripes with *some* women fans is their desperate attempt to romantically hook up the male lead with anything that moves or breathes. That’s also why I know Catherine is such a good character–she’s the one female character that made it through my bimbo sifter with absolute ease.

                I couldn’t stand Lori Weston–had absolutely nothing to do with the actress and everything to do with the tiny flimsy line of dialogue that launched her into the show (if I had the time or energy I’d go back and find the episode, exact dialogue of the governor, but I don’t have the time or energy) and the stupid way it was carried out–ie. the whole premise was that she was the watch dog and she never once acted like it. That and the blatant, melodramatic way they tried to force her in as a potential romantic interest. I just about threw up during the “carry her down the mountain” scene. A shame too. There were a lot of very fine stories and episode content in season 2, but that’s the season I watch the least because she just ruined it for me (I waited a long time to order Season 2 DVD’s cuz I hoped they’d come out with a version with her scenes cut. LOL!). I’m sure the actress is perfectly wonderful, but the introduction and execution of that character throughout her duration on the show was just lame. The relief I felt when she belatedly made her exit was tremendous.


                • They tried way too hard with Lori; I mean from the scene of Danny telling Steve that she is hot to that awkward exchange with Chin in the hotel ( God bless DDK for saving that scene). They weren’t exactly subtle… And then it went nowhere only to have her admit her ” feelings” in her last epi. It was strange especially since McG’s relationship with Cath was left very open-ended at the time.
                  Tbh, I just want McG to be happy be it with Cath or even with someone else.


                  • Lori was not my favorite character. On paper, she had potential. Had they let her be a true watchdog, there could have been some great opportunities for drama or even humor. A new woman should not = new love interest. The idea that a woman cannot be a leader and in charge but must only be a follower is what made Lori a disaster. Even if I didn’t like her character, I should have had the opportunity to respect her but I wasn’t given that. She would have been more interesting as a splinter in McGarrett’s finger than as a puddle at his feet.

                    The writers did a disservice to all women by how they wrote that character, I want my females to be smart and strong which is why I like Cath, The episode where she has to break her date because she was shipping out is one of the very few times I needed a tissue. I believed she was going to die and they were bringing in Lori as her new replacement. But the Valentine’s day episode where she returns is one of my favorites. I can’t wait to see her return in 525 and back in S6.

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    • I always liked Rachel – the episodes she was actually in she came across much better than we were being led to believe – but then back to being offscreen and we’re to believe that she’s a bitch again (the whole custody battle thing)

      I don’t think that the secret is that Grace isn’t Danny’s – I think that Charlie is Danny’s – which makes Rachel look like a conniving trollop. I hate that so much. She’s kept Danny from his son for THREE YEARS!


      • Oops – premature posting

        This whole storyline would’ve made sense three (even two) years ago – you know, back when everyone and their brother called it. Now it’s just … a Jerry Springer episode. Ugh.

        Anyway – Catherine is back and I’m thrilled. I have zero trust that this will go the way I’d love it to go – but I really am so happy she’s in the finale that whatever happens – happens. They killed my unconditional love for the show last year and it has been freeing to be able to take a step away from caring so much about these fictional characters. It will never be as good as it could’ve been so I’ll just watch and see what it is.


  7. Soooooo…supposedly,according to ep 2.01, Charles could not be Danno’s cos Rachel was too far along with him…meaning he was conceived before they started up with the sex after divorce. Then that issue was furthered by Charles’s birth. Danno had to help deliver him cos Charles came early and Stan wasn’t home yet. This should mean he isn’t Danno’s, cos he was not born a premie.

    So if they make him Danno’s now, it’s a freakin miracle! He was born fully gestated a couple weeks EARLY!!!! Miracle baby! Call the Wise Men! Fetch the frankincense! Cue the angel choir! The damn inconsistencies of writing and characterization are eventually gonna drive me to drink…which I am doing right now, btw. :mrgreen:


  8. Given the way the writers like to mess with reality, I figure that Rachel has returned to tell Danny that Charles is his, she is leaving Stan and wants to be with Danny. If they say Grace isn’t his then I would be very angry because even though I am constantly annoyed with Danny, I would not wish that news him. That is just flat out cruel.

    I would accept a reason behind Catherine staying in Afghanistan that said she felt so guilty for Steve’s capture and torture that she just felt that after not protecting Billy and then Steve, she needed to punish herself by staying away. I think I read that in a fanfic somewhere and that seemed reasonable. With these writers I don’t know if they could be that creative. Just seeing her back makes me smile. And if vodka is part of the inspector 35 business then sign me up. I would love to keep the writers in line for season 6.


  9. I’m sorry–this post doesn’t have anything to do with the above thread, but it DOES have to do with Steve and I wouldn’t know where else to post such a thing. I was thinking about our delightful McGarrett and his control issues. Personally, I think that’s an awesome trait, though it certainly has its drawbacks.

    Specifically, I was thinking about this because I was thinking over some of my own control issues and realizing how much I relate to Steve in this even though my situation is different. Of course everybody knows about the fact that he’s got to be the one to drive. Although in this I’m not as much of a control freak, depending on who the other driver is (I personally find it nice when I’m chauffered around as it almost never happens). But also, he’s a chopper pilot, and while he hasn’t flown a plane on a regular schedule, he obviously has some knowledge about how to handle a plane. While SEALs have to have a lot of training, I’m assuming it’s not a requirement for them to know how to pilot a chopper–that’s just Steve going over and above. Thinking back to first season, he’s also pretty well grounded in the sciences, though they’ve tended to forget this about him as the series has gone on (bummer). He’s also pretty technology minded (ie. the naval intelligence background). He does his best work as command and control guy. And I’m sure there are other examples I’ve forgotten to mention here.

    Anyway, being a control freak is one of the things that makes him such an interesting character–it gives him a diverse background, and a lot of angles to draw from for stories (whether TPTB execute on that is another subject). And good complex characters like that help you measure your own life and work through some things.

    I don’t know. Others may find that concept boring. But I find it fascinating.


  10. i have also noticed that preview statements about television episodes tend to be hyperbolic. The only show that lived up to the hype recently evidently aired on another network this week…. I didn’t watch. CBS shows have almost always fallen flat in that respect. Maybe it is because they show us all the intense stuff in the previews.
    I’m with ya’ll on the Grace thing with Rachel, but also agree that DNA in that situation would change nothing for Danny or for Grace. Maybe Rachel is dying and Danny will have Grace full time……
    I would love for Steve and Catherine to have a relationship but would like to actually see it on screen. She doesn’t have to be around all the time. How does “rejoining” the military work since she left the Navy? I could deal with her being stationed elsewhere like in seasons 1 and 2.


  11. I wonder why Steve looks all that sad in the tux at his house! I am a lot into speculations but with this season final I’m total at loss!
    I like Rachel a lot and I don’t care how they bring her in again! Althought I think she loves him still because she only left him because of the “we will try it again because it’s stan’s baby!”
    As for Cath and Steve, I don’t know, it took me a whole season to get over the two, and now they bringing her back! I have no high expectations so I won’t have to mourn again. Althought I think her exit was ok, that’s how she works, and I guess Steve wasn’t disappointed, it was more sad, I think he understood her reasons (and I course noone would leave a man as hot as Steve, but it’s their series RL, so let’s not judge her 😉 )!!
    I still wonder why he looks so sad in the tux! The last time he looked that sad was when she told him “I love you – you know!”


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