16 thoughts on “Hawaiian Hangover

  1. “Married forty something pals” – ” wild womanizing vacation”…..It must be me but each of these jerks need a Leroy Jethro Gibbs smack on the head. Maybe I’m just misreading this release.

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  2. I will hold out for some snarky quips from the team, it may be the only way to get through this episode. Sad that this is one of the few episodes that TV Guide decides to highlight. They regularly ignore the fact that the show is on the air. Now I must go stare at pics of Steve just to feel better.

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  3. This weekend while studying for my lab practical in anatomy and physiology I had season 4 playing in the background. I was flabbergasted all over again by how good so many of the season 4 episodes were (at least the first 2/3 of the season)–good stories, emotional wallop (whether the regulars or characters of the week) and how abysmal season 5 has been. It’s truly like watching a completely different show. If this was sci fi, season 5 is a deranged alternate universe. Makes me so sad.

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    • Oh honey you have this so right…sadly! The first half of S4 is my favorite season…McG was pretty happy and we had some nice stories and character development, although no progress in the larger McG arc, but still. It started going south as the season went on, and the finale was contemptible, but I would NEVER have believed Show would get so trite and so OOC as it has done this season, right from the very first pathetic episode.

      As Sam has said she’s done, I’ve adjusted my expectations steadily downward, so that I now “enjoy” eps I would’ve scorned 2 years ago. This ep, however, seems to be digging down to a brand new extra large sinkhole. 😦 My hope is somehow they’ll pull it up outta suicide dive for S6…but I’m not holding my breath. I do vote Sam goes and slaps her target, as I feel pretty darned certain her target would also be mine. :mrgreen:

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