7 thoughts on “No words ;-)

  1. I love these. And I love his dress military uniform even more. But let’s face it, other than that ugly shirt he was wearing on the golf course scene recently, he can do no outfit any wrong. At least not that I’ve seen.

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  2. Well, who the hell knows what fabulous or ridiculous drama the very some-timey writers of Show have cooked up for the finales, but we can certainly count on our guy for doing his damned best with whatever end of the talent spectrum the writers land on, and he will look fiiiiiiiine while he does it. He seems to surpass himself with each new ep lately. You go, Alex! Bravo!

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    • I can’t stop staring at my new desktop background. 😉
      Whatever they will come up with, one thing is for sure, if nothing else that man will kill us with his looks. 🙂 And his acting… and his kind heart… We are doomed… LOL

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