Thoughts on 5.20


5.20 Ike Hanau

When Grover’s old friend tells him he witnessed his wife fall off a cliff to her death, Grover’s gut instinct tells him that this was no accident.

CBS translated Ike Hanau to Instinct

It has been a few weeks since the last new episode of Hawaii Five-0. I’m sure we were all eagerly waiting for this new installment.

After watching the promo and the sneak peeks my expectations weren’t very high, to be honest. I was sure Chi would do a great job, but I also ‘feared’ there wouldn’t be much team or McG in this one. And as we discovered I was right about that.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Chi McBride’s Grover. I think he is a wonderful addition to Five-0, actually the best addition to the unit we have seen so far. I love his relationship with McG, their adult friendship. I love how he found a way to connect to Chin, how there is also a friendship developing. I love what he contributes to the crime fighting team.

But despite that I really like Grover, I found this whole episode rather boring. And despite that all the actors did a really good job, and despite the fact that the dilemma Grover faced, and how he solved it, it is still an episode that I won’t watch again.

Let’s get into a little more detail why this episode was boring for me.

No team work at all. Unless you count the three seconds around the smart table. Well, I don’t because even then only Grover was talking.

No Grover/McG. I at least expected, if they didn’t give us any team work, they at least would give us more of McG and Grover working on this. But even they only had one real scene. Which was a good one… all scenes individually were good. But single good scenes don’t make for a smooth, good episode.

But let’s leave the Grover case for a moment and focus on the other part of the episode. Danny and the ME. Seriously, you get the ridiculous plot of Danny’s claustrophobia out again? That was ridiculous and stupid when they started it, and it’s not getting any better with time.

So, let me get this straight. Danny goes to a crime scene to investigate a murder. ALL ON HIS OWN! No team in sight. They were busy with what exactly that none of them could go with him? When did we ever see any of Five-0 go to a crime scene ALONE?


So, after he talked to the ME and annoying Pua for a minute they go into the elevator. And disappear for hours. And NO ONE missed them. Well, OK, I wouldn’t miss Danny either. But seriously, NO ONE wonders where Danny is all that time? Not even Steve, busting him for taking so long? Or Max doesn’t question where his assistant disappeared to? No, we need Pua after closing down the building, or whatever he was doing, finding the two trapped in an elevator.

Seriously, I can only shake my head about such crap.

This whole part felt like it didn’t belong in this episode at all. It had no connection to any of the others, or the actual main plot of the episode. Honestly, I have already forgotten who the victim was or why he had been killed, or who they arrested on the tee-off/Golf-practice-place (What is that training place called?).



So, let’s just forget about that part and move on to the main story of the episode.

Was this friend the one Grover talked about when he confided in Steve about his past? I guess so.


There is really not that much I have to say about this case. Yeah, yeah, I know, that’s a new one. But the acting was pretty flawless. I enjoyed how Grover went after his friend.

There was one thing that was pretty stupid though. Why the heck did they have to take the actual cellphone to get the data? They don’t need that. Chin can extract it without actually having the phone. And if they did steal it, why the heck didn’t they clone it and give the original back right away? That was just a stupid way to create drama.

I really liked how Steve went to Lou a few times, either to discuss his progress or simply to offer support.

The conclusion was a bit cheap. He killed his wife to be with his new girlfriend and not to have to give up half his money? Please.

But what I really liked was how Grover broke down at the end, realizing that he lost two friends that day. One being killed, and one being the killer. I loved how they showed how hard it can be to do the right thing. What it often costs you.



All in all it was an OK episode for me, but one I won’t watch again. I was just missing any Five-0 feeling. There you have it, a really short review. But that one really didn’t inspire me at all.

But I’m glad most actors got a week off and could recharge for the coming final episodes.


All screen-shots were done by me. Credit to CBS. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

And please remember, I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously. Always remember, this is just a TV show.

25 thoughts on “Thoughts on 5.20

  1. Thank you for your thoughts and taking the time to write them down.
    Exactly how I feel! Chi absolutely knocked it out of the park! What an amazing actor he is – this was his episode! BUT – I’m totally with you, there was no team feeling whatsoever and I take it this was kind of a “recharging” episode for everyone until they reach the home stretch.
    Danny…. hmmm…. Actually I liked Dr. Shaw, she shoved his claustrophobia… well… somewhere 🙂
    Of course him being at the crime scene alone was ridiculous. Just one more thing that showed me that SC is on a different filming schedule these days. Either he misses episodes completely or his scenes are often filmed separately (at least not often with Alex anymore) so they can better accommodate his absence. Again, sorry for his fans but it looks this will not change anymore, given we get a season 6.

    I also don’t think I will watch this episode again. Chi shined and I love him and giving him more attention as a full team member now was well deserved. But now I am looking forward to the final episodes with hopefully a lot more team interaction and a big bang finale – a season’s finale of course, not a series finale! 🙂


    • No idea if I like Dr. Shaw or not, I just find her pretty boring and I’m just not interested in her or her story. She does a good job, but again, that’s simply not enough for me. I need to be interested in the character, and I’m just not.

      I also have no idea what SC’s schedule is, or how often he has to be on set, but frankly, I don’t care. I do care though that they are running out of ideas to explain his absence or his rare appearances. If he can’t/won’t/or whatever be there, write him out of the show. This is not it. This is hurting the show. Either he’s there, full time, or not. I don’t care either way, but this I don’t like.

      I liked that Grover got an episode of his own, so to speak. I just wished it involved the team in some way. But as I said, I’m happy they all got a week off. 🙂

      I firmly believe there will be more seasons to this madness. 😉 I fully trust in that.

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  2. Well you gave it a higher rating than I did. I saw the preview ad and it didn’t sound interesting, but I went ahead and broke down and watched it. I was bored out of my everlovin’ mind. Aside from the fact that the elevator nonsense was worthless time filler (and I do mean worthless),there was like NO action in this entire episode. It’s probably one of the only episodes of Five-0 I’ve ever watched where I kept glancing at my clock thinking “Isn’t this thing over yet?” The episode felt like it ran for about 5 hours. And to top it off, all that dragging on of the episode and the case wasn’t even really closed out by the end. I’m just “meh’ about Grover in the first place–I don’t dislike him, but I’m not wowed by him either. And while his performance was certainly solid, it just wasn’t worth all that torture. Really they could’ve just aired the last 30 seconds to a minute as a Five-0 advertisement and scrapped the rest.

    I guess if there’s anything remotely good to say about it, they have consistently done a “stick to your instincts at all costs” episode for each of the characters, so at least in that, there is continuity.

    If they hope to rev the fans up, this was NOT the way to do it.

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  3. I was kind of torn about this epi because Chi was absolutely phenomenal and I didn’t want to take anything away from his performance but it just wasn’t my kind of episode. I like Grover fine with the team but I am not invested enough in his character to care about his friend’s wife. That said, I liked Mrs Grover and hope we see more of her.Btw, where the heck were Chin and Kono? In fact, where has Kono been the entire season?
    Danny and Mindy-is love in the air? Don’t know and don’t really care .
    Looking ahead, 21 and 22 look very light-hearted and case-centric and 23 is Kono-centric ( snooze) so the only ones I am looking forward to are 24 and 25. Hopefully we finally put an end to the whole “My mother the spy ” saga. I wonder if we get any Cath mentions before she returns?


    • I also wonder if Cath will be mentioned before she suddenly appears. But knowing Five-0, I highly doubt it.

      I think everyone in this episode did a fine job, but that doesn’t make a good episode in my book. I’m not sure I’m invested in Grover enough to care about his friends. Probably not, or I wouldn’t have thought this episode to be boring. So, yeah, I agree with you, even though I don’t want to take anything away from his performance, it was just not enough.

      ROFL – “Kono-centric (snooze) – exactly what I’m thinking.

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  4. OK. I gave the episode a B , mainly because I like Grover and Chi McBride did a good job, I am shocked that whomever wrote this episode must have watched the episode last season ( I think it was the Zombie one but I’m not sure) dealing with Danny’s claustrophobia because that means progress to me. That is unless it was the same writer and then I take back my Gold progress star.

    What was that elevator nonsense anyway? Was it shot in LA and spliced into the episode? It had no connection that I could see. If they want to give the ME something too do, then write something for her that makes sense. It looks to me that they are trying to give everyone either a whole episode to shine without much interaction with the team or a bit to do which is unrelated to the main story.

    As far as 524 goes, there seems to be a lockdown on information, I heard Rachel may be back but I have a feeling we will get some sort of story on Doris and Joe White. If the actors weren’t seen in Hawaii recently, then they could have shot a scene in LA and let the editor work some magic. That’s one of the few story lines that must be addressed and I can hardly wait to see how Mommy makes up for al she has done to her son in the past.

    I think we will get some word on Catherine in 524. Maybe a phone call to Steve saying she is returning and to take her corvette out of storage. . Otherwise 525 and a wedding invite would seem strange coming out of nowhere seems strange.

    Has anyone noticed that Kono has no female friends? Will Chin walk her down the aisle and Steve, Danny and Grover be the bridesmaids? Or maybe Grace, with whom she has zero interaction in the past, suddenly become honored? Personally. the guys have more history with her. Maybe they could all wear matching pink socks. And throw rose petals.


    • LOL – Gold progress star.

      I actually wanted to slap the writer to get that old thing out again. 😉

      I don’t have any information on 5.24/5.25 and I’m not seeking it out. I don’t want to be spoiled, at least not too much. Knowing that Cath will be back is spoiler enough.

      LOL – How in the world should Kono have female friends? Women are not allowed on Five-0. 😉

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  5. I guess I am the minority voice here with this episode. I love Chi and he did a great job on this. I don’t mind the show stepping away from Steve once in a while and showcase someone else. As I have said before (I think) I came to this show because of Alex, having been hooked on him since Moonlight, but I have stayed because of all the characters. Over the seasons only one character has made me care less for him but otherwise I have always contended that it is Hawaii 5-0 not McGarrett 5-0. Before you throw things at me, I LOVE Alex and would like to see him on screen all the time but I like the others as well. So this episode like the one last season with Chin and IA were good for me. I guess I didn’t delve too deeply into some of the things that annoyed some of you but I usually go with the flow of the show and think about things at second viewings.

    As for the little Danny/Shaw sideshow…..maybe no one on the team wants to work with Danny anymore. Sorry that was a cheap shot but I for one don’t miss him when he is gone. I did like Shaw and hope that her cure of his small places issues will put that to rest for good.
    So I enjoyed the episode and liked learning more about Grover.


    • Oh, don’t worry, minority can be good. 🙂

      Well, I do love Grover, and I liked seeing more of him. But the episode was still boring. Sorry.

      And I do think this is mainly the McGarrett show. You can practically take away every character, yes even Chin or Danny, but take away Steve and the show is dead. Just my opinion. The show started with his story and if people like it or not, he IS the main character. Everyone else is just an addition. And every time he’s missing for whatever reason it is very obvious.

      I Love seeing them all working together, but I haven’t seen an episode with the main focus on Steve that was boring, but I have seen many with the main focus on others that were more than boring. That has nothing to do with bad performances. Nope, they are all doing a good job, but Steve is the driving force behind the team, behind the whole show. Without him, it’s just meh.

      This time I didn’t even delve into any plotholes or flaws. I didn’t need to. This was just a boring episode. Despite the great performances, good guest stars and all. It was just boring. Sorry.

      But, hey, I’m always happy when people can enjoy an episode. It doesn’t matter what others think about an episode. The most important part is to enjoy the show to its fullest. No matter what the best part of it is for you. Not you personally, but you in general. 😉

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      • ” take away Steve and the show is dead” Amen to that. It can’t be emphasized enough. And I’m not even a die-hard AOL fan like many of you who know him from other work. It’s kind’ve like a few seasons back (I forget which specifically) when the actor had to be away for a few episodes. Not that the rest of the cast didn’t try to fill in and do their best, but YUCK! I don’t care about Five-0 without Steve, even as much as I love Chin, and even the whole complimentary cast of regulars.

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  6. The only scene I cared about in this ep was when McG made his big entrance, sashaying up to that cliff! I have watched that one about a dozen times now. :mrgreen: Excellent scene. The best scene of the ep by a mile. I have watched his other two guest-appearance scenes a couple times…he did a great job as a supporting cast in this episode. And I hope he enjoyed his vacay. 🙂

    Chi was very good, but as others have noted, there was just a lotta fuming and fretting and chitter chatter. No action….except for Alex sashaying up dat cliff; have I mentioned the excellence of that scene? 😉
    So aside from my favorite scene, there just wasn’t much to see here.

    And I really never watched the Danno scenes…I fast forwarded thru em. Tho I take it from Twitter and this not-review that at some point he did exit the elevator. Ah well, quelle domage….

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    • LOL – did a great job as a supporting cast. Yeah, I guess they all were kind of guests on their own show. 🙂

      About that scene. Was he limping? I watched it many times, and I’m still not sure. Guess I need to watch again.

      LOL – yeah, take my word for it, Danny made it out of the elevator. But you really didn’t miss anything.

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  7. I love Grover. Totally. And while he was excellent in this ep, it just needed some team to round it out. Yes, I would vote for Steve to be there, but just some help for the man. I mean, he was hurting, he knew what had happened and went about it all on his own with the exception of Steve popping up a time or two. Give the guy some help, guys!

    And I thought Danny was going to make a move on Shaw. If he had, Jerry might have had to kill him…

    I loved the “scenes” but it just wasn’t a great episode. I gave it a C

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  8. I love Grover. You had to feel bad for him. His “friend” was just did not come off as that. As really Grover had no choice but to arrest the guy. For killing his wife of twenty years. Love Danny and Dr Shaw as they had chemistry, more than Danny had with Amber. But still, Jerry would have to fight Danny for it LOL! Steve was hardly in the show. Love Steve despite him getting on my nerves. But he was hardly there. Kono has been invisible for the past couple of seasons and only she is there with Adam. Chin was also hardly there but love it when he is. It is a Steve show. But love it when the others are shown TV time if ya know what I mean.


  9. Have we ever seen Grover’s wife before? I thought his character was divorced or separated, or that maybe wife had died before he came to Hawaii. Has he ever mentioned her even?


  10. Lately in the writer’s room

    Writer A: So… 5.20… what do we do about Mr. Caan?

    Writer B: Well… hm… CGI guy is on vacation…

    Writer A: Damn. *scratches head*

    Writer B: Here’s something, let’s put him in a confined space so he can just remember his claustrophobia.

    Writer A: Yeah yeah. And add Mindy in this scenery. She can punch him in the face and tell him to man up! End of story.

    Writer B: Hell yes! That would be perfect wouldn’t it? But we can’t do this… *sighs deeply*

    Writer A: No, we can’t. Scene must be longer to show a lot of his patented ‘I am going to sneeze’-face. It’s in his contract.

    Writer B: *stomps feet* No. I wanted to write the other part of the epi. Punch me in the face please?

    Writer A: I’ll try. But I feel so weak. Think I am catching a cold and now I am going to sneeze. *sneeze* *punch*.

    …of vacation for writers C and D. And for the poor CGI guy.

    END of my tether. These scenes are redundant and disjointed. FF is my new best friend. If SC does not want to play with the other kids, let him stay at home.
    His ‘replacement’ is amazing. Together with AOL? Even better! Those two together have been the best scenes in this epi! McGrover is absolutely perfect! AOL’s RE-action to Chi’s great action was great too, it’s not easy just to re-act, but these two made these scenes intense!

    Alex O’Loughlin deserved having a few days off. He was the one who rocked this season, every single episode (I don’t count the episode that shall not be named).

    I voted D. Sorry… Chi was great… but I just can’t… Too much talking. I was bored. I was thinking more than once: “Mach hinne” (well, I’m german, I think german… sometimes… lol), means *scratches head* something like ‘hurry up’.
    Lou let his wife stay with a suspected murderer and wanted her to steal his phone? Come on… And the crying at the end was way too much. Less would have been much better imho. And the wet/dry/wet/dry thing annoyed me. Please more focus on details. That was ridiculous. Once Steve is wet? Perfect! Let him stay wet for God’s sake!
    BTW I am pretty optimistic about S6. And if the writers need any ideas – I mean, they can’t punch each other on a daily basis – just think about cops thrown out of the force for reasons and becoming P.Is… 😉

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    • ROFL – You just made my day. God, I love you. 🙂

      “Mach hinne” – that’s what I was thinking. And normally I only think that with hysterical, screaming women on screen. Something I despise with all my heart. But some of the scenes in this one came close. 😉

      McGrover is pure gold, but at times it feel the writers haven’t realized that by now. Too bad.

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    • You brought up another good point with Grover leaving his wife with a killer to retrieve the phone. The thought did occur to me briefly wondering if both cops were trying to get rid of their wives. LOL!


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