Any thoughts?

So, CBS announced their finale dates.


It will be the first 2-hours episode of the series. Are you getting nervous that it will also be the very last episode?

I still firmly believe in another season, but I would be lying if I said I’m not nervous at all. I am. A little bit. ๐Ÿ™‚

21 thoughts on “Any thoughts?

  1. After reading CBS’ write-up: โ€œHawaii Five-0โ€ and โ€œCSI: Cyberโ€ Wrap with Two-Hour Finales on
    May 8 and May 13, Respectively” the word wrap got me nervous (although I’ve heard that CSI-Cyber was renewed so maybe I’m reading to much into it.)

    I feel there’s another season (or two) out there waiting to be told so I’m hoping for the best! If it doesn’t come to be all I can say is I had a blast making new friends and fangirling over Alex.


  2. Yeah, it’s odd to have two episodes back to back. I must admit that fact, and the titles of those episodes, seem ominous when combined. I am nervous now. I hope there will be a season 6!!! Does anyone take into consideration that H5O airs on Friday( a notoriously poor TV viewing day ) when they look at the ratings? I think the numbers are pretty good for Friday, but I’m no expert on these things


  3. Well that’s interesting considering they didn’t even make the pilot a 2-hr premiere–and I’ve never stopped wishing it had been a 2 hr premiere. LOL! But it does make you wonder why NOW they’re doing a 2-hr. Either it IS truly a series finale, or they’re hoping to regain fans with a huge episode to lead into another season.

    I think someone here said Michelle Borth is scheduled to be in an upcoming episode? I don’t know if they were referring to the last episode, but in my eyes, if they want to win me back, they can do a grand finale involving getting her out of Afghanistan and writing the epic storyline that they SHOULD have written for her back in season 4 when she went there in the first place. If it’s not that, for me personally, I don’t see how they can do anything to recoup. They killed the Wo Fat storyline in a rather mediocre fashion (I know, I know. I’m in the minority not being in awe of 5:07), no matter what they do with the mommy storyline they can’t win.

    Now if by some chance Steve’s Dad is not really dead, THAT would be worth seeing because I developed an affinity for his Dad right from the get-go. But I’m not sure how they could sell that realistically.

    I guess there’s nothing to do but wait till reports are in from the S5 finale and see what they did with it. Whatever they do, some people are going to love it, some are going to hate it. That’s the way it rolls.


    • Not so much a minority as you may think. I think we all loved and admired Alex’s performance, and Mark’s, in 5.07. Very tough acting challenge to begin with…and poor Alex had to leave the torture chamber and go cut a 100 episodes birthday cake! God bless him. Yet the actual plot and story of the ep? For many of us, meh.

      And I think I read that a couple other CBS dramas are doing a 2 hour finale…so I don’t think we can read much into the time frame, per se. As Sam noted below, I think we’ll know after the ep airs, for better or worse.

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      • I loved 5.07, but surely not because of the amazing plot. I mean they had four years to think about the Wo Fat storyline and came up with THIS? Ridiculous.

        BUT, it was one amazing, outstanding episode, and not just because of Alex’s acting. The attention to detail alone was amazing in this one. Beginning with the filming of actually driving around the streets and not using the poor men’s version, to the ‘wrong’ uniform and Steve wearing the same clothes as in the pilot. And I loved the crazy alternate reality.

        From the execution point of view this episode was perfect. The choreography of the fight scenes amazing, the stunt work, by the actors and the stunt crew, flawless.

        The only thing that was weak and bordered on ridiculous was really the plot of Wo Fat and the lame story about Steve’s mom. But frankly, I was more than willing to overlook that, because I had such fun watching this exceptional episode. It is one of the very rare episodes that I don’t ff through any scenes.

        But yeah, I do believe there are very few, if any, people who thought the WF plot was great too. And if they were satisfied and happy with that, I must say, their standards must be really low. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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        • I agree… you described it much better than I did. The fights were horrible, meaning awesome and scary, cos I really felt like McG was in danger. And tbh, I was sorry to see Wo killed, tho also so done with this story line that I wasn’t sorry, if that makes sense. Somewhere along the last couple years, they took a great villain, played brilliantly to the end, and made him ridiculous and even boring. So much so, that many fans expected him to actually rise from the dead, cos why not? Is that any stoopider than The Claw?

          But I also don’t enjoy rewatching ep 100, BECAUSE Alex and Mark played it so real. I find it painful. I gotta be in the right (or is that wrong?) mood to be able to withstand that torture. I’m a lightweight I guess. :mrgreen:


          • I have watched it dozens of times, and yes it’s hard to see Steve in such distress. But deep down I know it’s not real.

            What I have a REAL problem watching are the later episodes of season 2. I just can’t. Seeing Alex so sick just kills me. I know I should watch it because so that his real struggle wasn’t for nothing. But, honestly, I can barely stand seeing him getting sicker by the episode. It started right in the first eps of season 2, but after 10 it was so obvious. When I started saying he was sick after episode five, I was laughed at. That was one of the nicer responses I got for my concern, I was called a lot of names, too. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Anyway, THAT is hard for me because it is real. A real person was terribly hurt and had to suffer a great deal.
            All the other stuff, like in 5.07 is only make believe. I have no problem watching that. But always praying and hoping that no one gets hurt. Not the actors and not the stunt guys.

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  4. I’m going out on a limb here but I feel more confident about a S6 today.

    I don’t see how else they can tie up so many story lines like Joe White, Doris, the Cath situation, the Champ box, or which female to kill next, etc. .

    Since we had a couple of throw away episodes ( like the relationship stakeout and Santa’s coal in the stocking, I think PL might have not done that if he knew it was a wrap.

    I doubt Catherine is returning to Afghanistan so I’m hoping for a ring and a wedding and I do not mean Kono’s. Time for Steve to step up.


  5. To be honest it got me a bit nervous too but I have seen a lot of very successful shows that do 2-hour finales b/c it’s better for story purposes (Grey’s anatomy used to do it really often); also we are getting 25 epis this year which is one more than the normal TV season so maybe that’s why?
    Re: the title, I honestly think that it refers to Kono’s wedding; even if it is the final episode, I doubt the writers will have the guts to kill one of the main characters or the entire team.
    Also, I am not sure if I should be saying this here since it’s pretty spoilery but SpoilerTV posted a link to some (unofficial) BTS photos of Alex and Scott filming 5×25 (I presume) which are pretty interesting.


  6. I don’t know if it is or isn’t the last episode. I’ll say this much. Meh re Cath’s return. Don’t care. If they use that as a series finale, there are far better story lines that needed attention. But I don’t think it is. I suspect it’s back to back episodes not a 2 hr finale because 1) it’s the first day that CBS is in the May Upstarts when they announce the Fall season lineup.the last being the following Wed the 13th that if they are going to make us wait to find out about renew/cancel, this may be the last chance for “ratings” but I doubt this is it — or wouldn’t this be a great kick to the renewal and hint of things to come for Season 6 if it is a cliffhanger episode?!? Timing is perfect for that; 2) it’s a 25 epi year, people have been asking for 2 hours all year so maybe they’re just doing it; 3) if they were going to end Blue Bloods, for example, they may want the following Friday for a 2 hour finale. Just my thoughts. I’d like to think we have at least 1-2 more seasons coming. Of course I could take Alex and Scott and the rest of the team doing this the rest of my life.


    • Well, I heard this a few times that people think it will be just two episodes in a row. But CBS wouldn’t call it a two-hour-finale if it were just that. Would they? But who knows. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Welcome to the blog, by the way.
      There have been shows that ended with a cliffhanger and were not renewed. ‘The Glades’ and ‘Lois and Clark’ come to mind, there were others too. PL said he’d write it as a cliffhanger if there will be a season 6, if not he would write it as a closure episode. So, we will most likely know for sure after the episode aired.
      But as I said, I stronlgy believe in more seasons to come.


      • Just because CBS is dangling May 13th in front of our faces doesn’t mean they can’t announce early. I think we’ll hear about CSI Cyber before that.

        Besides, I think they are planning to wrap the Cath- Afghanistan story line- it isn’t a phone call like some people were saying (hoping??) – she’s there in person and all dressed up and McG is taking her out somewhere (Kono’s wedding?) Please, a double wedding, writers.

        Since the men are in Tuxedos and shooting guns at the same time, I have an uneasy feeling for Kono and Adam. I hope they don’t make the cliff hanger Adam taking a bullet from a former associate and letting us wonder if he survives. Then we must have a season 6!

        Also, I really want to know what mega brain had the idea that an adoption agency would give Mary Ann McGarrett a baby. Maybe as a babysitter for desperate parents who forgot to do a background check, I’ll buy. But we still got to see an adorable baby. OK, so reality has never been high on the agenda for H50. Put that right up there with the Champ box for me. I demand answers.

        I’m keeping the faith.



        • From the pics, I can’t quite make out what she is wearing.Is it a formal dress?
          I think 5×25 starts with Kono’s wedding and something happens at the ceremony causing the boys and Cath to investigate urgently -> shooting scene with Steve/Danny still dressed up. Maybe Kono ends up in the hospital?
          I guess the cliffhanger could be somebody ‘s life in danger ( or maybe even the entire team) or they could be different cliffhangers for different characters a bit like in seasons 1 and 2.
          Interestingly, the actress who plays Rachel apparently is/was in Hawaii so maybe a Danny cliffhanger?


          • She is wearing a royal blue dress, suitable for an afternoon wedding and McG is in a Tux. Rachel may have been in 524.

            I will not take the cheap shot of “Danny falls over a cliff” as a cliffhanger. I am above that sort of thing.


            • Thanks for the clarification. I did notice McG in the tux though ๐Ÿ™‚ . Lenkov said the cliffhanger would involve everybody so unless it’s a bomb goes off in a building with the entire team inside-sort-of-thing, I really can’t come up with anything else. They have already done the customary breaking up the team. tbh, all I want out of the finale is a good Steve/Cath scene and maybe Steve spends the entire episode in that tux?


              • I didn’t know it would be a cliff hanger involving everybody. Not so happy now.

                He either knows there is a S6 or is just messing with us.

                Hope its S6.


                • He said it in an interview way back in January (I think).He said he will write to an ending if they are cancelled for sure but otherwise it would be a cliffhanger. At the time he said he only had a “loose” idea of what he wanted to do.The interviewer then asked him who the cliffhanger would involve. He said something like, how about everybody. It’s also possible that he really hadn’t worked it out yet so just gave a vague answer.


  7. I confess here that i’m nervous about it. I don’t want to loose the amazing character of Steve McGarrett, his story and his adventures in Hawaii with his Ohana. Hope is the last to end, so fingers crossed for good news at May 13th.


  8. When it comes to CBS and the shows I love, I am always nervous. I was hoping the the Netflix setup would give 5-0 an edge in the renewal game but not sure. They have it showing all over the world and that should count for something and isn’t Nina Tassler’s husband associated to the show as well? I am not sure about that but it would be a nice perk when it comes to keeping the show on the air.
    I was happy to see Catherine/Michelle back on the set but that also makes me nervous. I may in the minority but I would rather not have Steve and Cath get married unless it was the absolute final show. She wouldn’t even have to be a regular again……just keep her around for important story highlights during the season. All the haters seem to say she didn’t get along with any of the cast and crew but I don’t buy that.
    I agree that it must be Kono and Adam’s wedding that everyone is dressed up for but I hope that there isn’t a death involved with either of them. I happen to like that relationship but don’t need to see it every episode. It could be handled like Chin’s marriage, only seeing Malia once in a while and have her mentioned. That would let Ian do other gigs.
    Do you think that Peter might have written it as a cliffhanger but has an option to reshoot scenes if CBS pulls the plug and does the unthinkable? I will keep my fingers and toes crossed, I truly hope there is a season 6.

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