3 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday!

  1. This was one of my favorite episodes. In fact, I recommended it to people who never watched H50 they so they could see how much fun “suspension of belief” could be when it was done right.

    Yes, he bounced three times, hit his head on a rock but watching him splint his own arm was simply the best. Even Danny was nice,

    I really dislike most of S5, except for a couple of bright spots like E7 and last week E19. All the rest have one or two good parts, balanced by a lot of questionable stuff. (not counting the Christmas episode which still has me scratching my head and wondering why they even bothered.)

    Thanks for posting a good memory.

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  2. Yes I actually even liked Danno in this ep…the refusal to enjoy the hike and the petroglyphs made him seem like everybody’s persnickety, anti-intellectual, grumpy old uncle, but the little air heart he did for McG as he was lifted up into the chopper was sweet and unexpected.

    And of course Alex was cute.


  3. I LOVED this episode. And I always crack up when they are walking into that famous chef guy’s restaurant–you see big tall Steve walking in first, contrasted with small spry Danny, and it makes me giggle every time. And chef’s guys Ray Charles karaoke wasn’t bad either.

    I do have to roll my eyes when Steve takes that boulder to the chin–in real life, no cervical spine anywhere is going to be unaffected by that kind of whack, but hey, it’s the magic of television and iron-man Steve, so I was able to get over it.

    What I’m in the mood to watch is the episode (don’t remember which season now, probably 3) with the Aloha girls. Steve was absolutely awesome in that and I loved the Aloha girls. I’d love to see them reprise their role (especially the one who wanted to Steve. LOL!) if Five-0 can ever recapture the magic and harmony of that episode and do a new one.


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