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5.19 Kahania

McGarrett and Odell come under siege in Odell’s new barbershop when they try to protect a young man who is being hunted down by a gang. Also, Jerry is wrongfully accuse of committing a series of home invasions.

CBS translated Kahania to Close Shave

Do you remember September 26 last year? Season premiere of Five-0? Sure you do. 😉 And can you believe that we only have six more episodes left?


My expectations had been very high for season 5, I was sure it would be the best of the best. Well, maybe my expectations were too high. There was one outstanding episode, very few awesome ones, a few good and many OK ones and some disappointing ones. That sounds rather normal for any season of any show, doesn’t it? Yeah, probably.

But my beef with season 5 is less with the quality of the show as single episodes, or their execution, but with what they have done to our McG. How the writers have screwed him over with all the strange, totally out of character things he did over the season. And, of course, the lack of contingency from the last episodes of season 4.

Why am I mentioning this? Because in this episode… they got it right. (Except for one tiny little thing that I’m coming to later.) This was our McG. This was the McG we knew all those seasons. And this time it wasn’t just the amazing acting of Alex O who saved the day… this time the writers did good.

Who’d guessed I would say that this season? They did a really good job, not just giving us the real McG, nope they gave us a story with a twist I had no idea was coming. They gave us entertaining dialogue with two amazing guys in a tight situation. They gave us banter without being nasty, they gave us two men becoming friends. They gave us action, a good story, a good b-plot, laughs and tears.

So, yeah, kudos to Steven Lilien and Bryan Wynbrandt.

With the praise for the writing team out of the way let’s talk about the episode in little more detail. Where to start? With the bad stuff? Yeah, let’s do that, because that will be really quick, because there was no bad stuff. Just some amusing, odd little plot holes. 🙂

And here comes the thing that I believe would never happen with our McG. Leaving the cell phone in the car? Seriously? We’re talking about a guy who had his cell phone in bed while having sex with his girlfriend.


Ever wondered what they were doing with that phone under the covers? I’d like to see those pictures. 😉 Anyway, he’s a guy who would take his phone with him while taking a shower. He would never ever leave his phone in the truck. Not even to unwind in a barber shop.

No, what the writers’ problem was is that they needed them without the means of communication and they simply took the easy, convenient way. Leave the phone in the truck and don’t let Odell have a phone. Come one guys; that is not how you solve the problem of no communication. Besides, a shop without a phone or at least an internet connection? No, not in this time and day.

But I’m willing to let this slide because they made kind of a joke out of it. So, I’m OK with it. Kind of. 😉


Next odd thing. This season the members of Five-0 didn’t seem to be able to hit any car they were chasing, no matter how many bullets they fired or what kind of machine guns they used. Remember how many bad guys in their cars got away this season? Now, on the other hand we have this group of bad guys with lots of big guns, firing hundreds of rounds at a tiny shop with a huge class window-front right next to it. And how amazingly precise shooting was it to not hit that window with even one bullet. I was thinking maybe the bad guys could teach Five-0 the precision of hitting the mark. 😉


Next odd thing, that I think was the oddest of them all. Steve went to get a haircut on a work day. It was not his day off. He thanked Odell for opening early so Steve could get there before work. So far so good. I find it actually really strange that his team mates don’t seem to care that their boss is not on time at work. Or there at all. Didn’t they call him? And got his voicemail? Didn’t they wonder where he was? Last time he didn’t show up he got almost killed. But none of them seemed to be any kind of worried. I found that really odd and their lack of interest really disturbing. I mean it’s not just their friend, but also their boss. The head of Five-0 doesn’t show up at work and they are what? Think he just took a day off and forgot to tell them?


So, the bad guys were shooting up the place for about twenty minutes. And there was no one close by who heard the shots? No one who alerted HPD. Or maybe a cruiser on patrol who heard the shots? I know it’s not easy to pinpoint where the sound was coming from. But hey, it was not the one or other shot. That was like in a war zone. You can’t tell me it took almost half an hour for the police to send one guy to check it out. One guy in his patrol car. Sure it helped the story getting on, but it was kind of stupid.


But none of the mentioned stuff was really important or took away from the enjoyment of this story. Really just a few amusing odd little things. 😉

So, this episodes starts with McG deciding to get a haircut (I know the first scenes were with Jerry, but we’re getting to that later) and while at it also a shave. Huh. I’ve only known Steve to be clean-shaven when he was in uniform. I can’t remember Steve ever being anything but with a bit of scruff unless he wore his uniform.

So, that little observation actually gave me my angle for the tie-in. Cokie already got hers, so there will be two little stories for this episode. That just as info for our loyal readers over at Cokie’s and my blog.

Anyway, this guest star, Michael Imperioli, is one I would love to see more of. He has great chemistry with Steve (who doesn’t?) and I think his character is really interesting. There could be great stories coming our way.

How great was that shaving scene? I said it before, I like him better with a day’s worth of scruff, but watching him nod off was so much fun. Having a hard week? Yeah, Steve, I believe you.

Of course, the peace and quiet doesn’t last long. A young man storms into the shop, claiming to be on the run from a gang who just killed a guy while he was witnessing it. Well, he did have the GSW to make his story believable. And I fell for it. Just like Steve and Odell, and every viewer.

It was a little odd that the gang that was after him, didn’t seem to be in a hurry at all chasing him. They rather leisurely drove up to the store. Didn’t seem like they had been on a chase. But I didn’t think about that while watching, that only came to me after the twist a bit later.

I absolutely loved it how Steve just went out there demanding for them to surrender their guns. After all, he’s Commander McGarrett of Five-0. That was really cute, brave and stupid at the same time. But I loved it anyway.

Of course, they would have none of that. 🙂 So, they all were catapulted into a war zone. How much fire power did those guys have? One could argue it was a tiny bit much, but hey, what the heck, let them shoot up the place. Gave Steve and Odell time to bond. 😉

There were so many scenes I truly liked while they were in there, almost too many to point out.

Loved it how Steve almost made fun of the ‘mother-situation’. He’s dealing with it in his own unique way. Loved that scene.

Great slow-mo when Odell let the gate down.


Loved Steve taking cover while the place was shot up. Every one of the scenes. 🙂

One scene in particular, when Odell was next to him. I was so sure Steve had been hit. He looked like it. He looked out of breath and kinda out of it. I was so sure Odell would say something since Steve hadn’t even realized it. But I guess that was just wishful thinking. 😉 It was good that he was not hit. I didn’t want him to get shot, I wanted him to get them all out of that mess. I just thought he looked like he had been hit. Anyway. Loved that scene.



I guess it is time to mention that there actually was a b-plot. One that I actually enjoyed. No, I still don’t like Jerry, I’m more kind of neutral regarding him. Which is an improvement.


Chin seemed a little bit too chipper for my taste. What kind of stuff was he on? I mean, just last week he looked at prison time and being kicked out of law enforcement and this week he’s more than happy. I thought that was a bit much. Even though I love Chin, but I found his behavior odd.

I already mentioned that I think it was really strange that none of them questioned where their boss was. So, moving on. Grover was again really great. He’s a real bad ass of his own. I wouldn’t want to be on his bad side.

So, of course, Jerry wasn’t guilty. And they found the real culprit in a matter of hours.

Odell and Steve finally manage to end the siege.

Odell’s on his way to the hospital and Steve on his way to arrest Darig Dobrian. So, honestly, no one can tell me he saw this coming. Eran (in the press release he’s called Eran, on IMDB he’s called Aaron, so, take your pick) being Darig’s son. And I for sure was surprised about what Eran really did and why the hit was on his head. What a great twist of the story.

I wondered though why Steve went there all on his own.

But at least he had HPD with him when he went to save Odell.

That was a great stand-off and some great, emotional scenes between the two afterward.

And then there was the heartbreaking end of the show. Wow. I loved it that Steve went down there alone. First I thought we were at Jerry’s old basement and was confused for a second. That was the same, right?

When Steve went down the steps one knew that he would discover something horrible. The scene they created was very powerful. Just a few things lying around, but clearly showing the despair one could still feel in that room. And when he then took the stack of pictures, everyone knew how bad this really was.

I loved how the pictures were shown and then how they focused on Steve, how it broke his heart seeing what those little kids had to go through. And that nobody was there to save them. That they had died a violent death; alone and scared. That they had been robbed of their future. More families destroyed.

That was a really heartbreaking scene and a fantastic ending for a show that started out on a fun and light note.

Come on, admit it, you’re all waiting for it. Me, mentioning Danny. Or the lack of him. Fine. If you insist. What can I say? I think it was perfect that he was not in this episode. There was no place for him in either story-line. The character Danny would have brought nothing to this episode. He would not have enhanced this episode in any way, on the contrary. So, if there ever was an episode where Danny could stay home, it was this one.

One thing though. The lack of Danny got me laughing. Why? Steve got beaten, shot, stabbed, electrocuted, water-boarded, and only God knows what else, and never got time off to heal. But poor Danny, who took a little beating get weeks off to rest? 😉

So, what’s my verdict? Awesome. This was an episode that I can only give five stars. In my eyes, the best episode this season after 5.07.

Great job all around.


All screen-shots were done by me. Credit to CBS. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

And please remember, I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously. Always remember, this is just a TV show.

44 thoughts on “Thoughts on 5.19

  1. I bet you for one are glad to not see Danny. At least you are not the only one.

    But love Odell as hope they bring him back. Michael I shines everytime on the screen. He is playing a character opposite like his Christopher Sopranos character.

    Jerry being a home invasion person? He is eccentric but a teddy bear nonetheless. Glad that the team knew he was innocent and set out to prove it regardless.

    Steve has redeemed himself with me the past three episodes. Really they are making him likable again. But of course, Mostly Five -0 Blog, you love him and I will respect that.


  2. I’ve been waiting to hear the assessment. So it sounds like the barbershop scene with Steve getting the haircut wasn’t as draggy as the episode preview made it out to be. That’s good. That large picture second row up from the bottom sure gives a powerful impression.


  3. My personal work around for the time was that Odell opened early for Steve but it wasn’t early for the 5 -0 work day and Steve had mentioned a haircut and some errands to the team.

    Chin being chipper was a false front but Grover knew calling him on it would pointless.

    I also like to think Steve was trying to be better about taking a break so left his phone trying to take baby steps.

    Alex at the end was incredible. Steve never would have reacted like that if there was an audience.

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  4. I loved the episode but the same question kept nagging at me- why didn’t the team wonder where Steve was? It might have been 6 am but they had gotten a case of sorts and wouldn’t they call their boss about it? Wouldn’t they get worried when he doesn’t answer? The last time Steve disappeared like that – he was kidnapped, tortured and nearly killed. I would think they would be a bit worried.
    Also, has there ever been an episode like this one where Steve has had zero interaction with his team? That being said I was glad that they didn’t go for supersniper Kono saving the day. By the way, where was Kono? Like you, didn’t really miss Danny (big surprise lol) and really didn’t think he would fit in the ep. He would have probably been in the shop with Steve blaming him for been a danger magnet or something.
    Also I really hope they get a Season 6 because we only have 6 eps left and we know that one is Grover-centric and another Kono-centric meaning that they would have virtually no time to wrap the Doris/Joe nonsense up.

    Now can we talk about the last scene because I was not prepared for that…

    Acting was terrific obviously but I also thought the direction was very good. You could see his hand shaking when he was flipping through the pics and before he started crying, it is dark, you can barely see his face but you do see tears glistening in his left eye. I also liked how restrained he was which is very McG. No hysterics, no dramatics, not over the top. He had spent the entire episode as Superman but in that one moment he allows himself to be human- he isn’t Commander McGarrett or SuperSeal or Team Leader or anything- he is just Steve. And then when he puts his head up to kind of stop crying- all his training kicking in, getting control of his emotions. He allows himself this one moment but that’s it.
    And he is alone with only the viewers as witnesses and it’s such a personal moment that you almost want to turn away because you feel like you are intruding.

    And it’s incredibly significant that he is alone – the “case” is closed, Odell is safe. There is no one there to lead or to protect so the tough guy façade drops.

    Unless he is drugged like in 100th , I think the only time Steve would truly show such visceral emotion is when he is alone. No matter how close his team is to him, he would never let them see him like that; he is their leader and he needs to be strong for them and like he told Danny , for McGarretts emotion is a sign of weakness. And this is not like his admission about the guitar, it’s a whole different level of emotion. It is very much akin to the moment at the end of 4×21 after he puts the phone down (one of my all-time fav Steve scenes; first time I’ve ever cried with a character). Again he is alone in a dark house; again he gets to break down quietly and authentically. No crying rages, no knocking over lamps, just sadness and heartbreak. Very in-character; very well done.
    P.S. I think I might have gotten a bit carried away here but I was mightily impressed.

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    1. very well said. The thing about intruding at the end…makes it even more powerful.

      The biggest hole that bothered me was the team’s lack of concern for where Steve was. Yes, it started out early, but they were called in as a concern for a mutual friend, Jerry. If this was his day off, he would not have been at the barbershop early to work around his schedule.

      While watching the ep, I thought the end scene was a little abrupt. I felt like the audience was not invested enough in the missing children. I admit, seeing the faces of child victims is horrifying, but i felt the need for a little more knowledge up front so the emotion wouldn’t be forced to be so sudden. Alex was amazing as always. I love him in emotional scenes.

      I do wonder, did Steve ever get that haircut? He seemed pretty well groomed when the show started. I wouldn’t mind a return visit. I loved his interaction with Odell.

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  5. Ok….once again you are in my head! I also rated it awesome. McG was just freakin awesome! Odell was also awesome and totally what the Danno character SHOULD have been before SC overacted him and the writers over wrote him. This is,the show we coulda had every week. Sigh.

    I gotta say, and this in unusual, but of my fave moments, two were actual McG dialogue moments. The first was the delightfully concise but utterly accurate description of his Mama, “well she aided and abetted a guy who was trying to kill me for years but she disappeared when I killed him so i couldn’t call her on it.” Or something like that, anyway. OMG I belly laughed when he said that! But it was also poignant, his way of hiding a world of hurt. The other spoken moment was when he saved Odell, “shoot him and I shoot you. Or don’t shoot him and I still shoot you. We understand each other?” LOL!!!! 😆

    And of course the last fave moment was that amazing unexpected last moment. Oh my. What an actor our Alex is! I am so proud of him. 🙂

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  6. Let me say how very surprised I am by this episode. It was like watching season one all over again- action-action- action, guns blazing and bullets flying. We saw the utter calmness of McG in full ninja mode as he faced overwhelming odds trying to save a wounded young man he did not even know.

    The interaction between Steve and Odell was both mature and funny, I loved the way Steve summed up his relationship with his mother in one sentence- concise, to the point but still very sad. Odell didn’t laugh or make light of his pain but shared his own instead, It looks like McG made a real friend that day, Both actors turned in their best work and it showed,

    And there really was a plot twist this time that I never saw coming. I could hardly watch the last scene because as soon as I saw the child’s shoe and the toys, I knew where this was going. Part of me wishes we did not see the pictures of those poor children but seeing Steve’s reaction and his breakdown shows just how good this show can be when the writers try. A solid A+ from me.

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  7. Liked this ep a lot and agree with your comments, the scene with the photo’s from the murdered kids was heartbreaking and good acting too. One of the better shows this year, hope there is going to be another season !!!

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  8. I liked this episode, but missed Danny. I thought the storyline was a bit disconnected from one another and everyone could have gathered together at the end. I also hope that Danny {Scott Caan] stays on the show for another season. It would be a disapointment to all us Danny fans if he left the show or the :
    Danny Williams spot was left off the show. You can not replace or bring in another invidual to fill the void. i think the storylines work best when all the actors are work together or at least are present in the story. Please keep the Danny Williams character. Maybe his fans can convince him to go another round.


    1. Welcome to the blog. Glad you came out to voice your opinion.

      I can certainly understand the Danny/SC fans, and I do feel for them. Not having your favorite character on the show really sucks.

      But I must say that I enjoy every episode without Danny a lot more than the ones with him. Danny has become such a nasty character that he really takes the fun out of watching them. And since Danny/Steve never were the main attraction for me, I always hope for light-Danny eps or better completely without him.

      I have said it a few times before, I feel like the episodes without Danny are smoother, calmer, rounder… just better from an artistic point of view.

      I feel like the writers have kind of written him out of the show. Even though he’s still there on occasion, I certainly don’t miss him when he’s not.

      In my eyes, there is no void to fill. The Danny character is not needed.

      But please remember, that is my very personal opinion and it is certainly alright to feel very differently about it. But I can’t stand the Danny character, and because of that I don’t want to see him on a regular basis.

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  9. Ok This is way way off topic but there are rumours on Twitter that Cath will be back for the finale per casting sides. I wonder does anybody here know where we can actually find and read these sides. I am sure they are somewhere online but can’t find them. Thanks


    1. In other fandoms they have been closely held because they tend to be available by subscription. As I understand the subscriptions are pricey because they are for actor’s agents not fans.

      Unless casting sides have someone interacting with Cath this seems odd. Simply because they wouldn’t open cast that part. If the couldn’t bring Michelle Borth back, I suspect they would ignore her or explain it away. Having Cath in sides seems like a bigger spoiler than is usually in sides.


      1. I thought it didn’t make sense for Cath to be in the sides either but people on Twitter were freaking out.
        I know sides are bought but for other shows they would sometimes make their way to forums,etc.Would love to be able to read them lol


    2. I really would love it if they brought Cath back because I have still never forgiven the brain(s) behind the Afghanistan story but I think since the last episodes are being filmed now, we’ll only know for sure if Michele Borth is spotted in Hawaii. By the way, if twitter is all “atwitter , what are the PTB saying or not saying?


      1. Unsurprisingly, nobody official is saying anything. Some fans are saying that it’s true but have given no evidence to support it , so …


        1. I wonder if Michelle Borth is throwing any hints herself? Or her agent?

          I have this feeling that maybe we will see her in the 2 part season finale. Could that l be the cliff hanger? As I said, we should know something soon either way.

          Funny thing is that PL jumps in fast when he wants to stop some speculation and I am guessing that those of you on twitter have heard nothing? He surely must be getting bombarded. If its true that she is returning then he will say nothing until he has to.

          As far as sides go, I don’t know anything about them but she would have to be cast as a guest star since she is not regular cast anymore?


          1. See that’s the strange thing- if it’s a convo between Steve and Cath it wouldn’t appear in sides since both actors have been cast. I haven’t read them so I have no idea what role they are casting, what the actual scene is etc. From what I understood Steve calls Cath about intel. It seems weird to me because a) Cath’s in Afghanistan so how would she give Steve intel? and b) they bring MB back and her only scene is a convo about a case? After she’s been away for a year? Something doesn’t seem right. Unless it’s in some kind of flashback ? Tbh, I love to get my hands on those sides lol


            1. I agree this all sounds weird and I am a little confused. Have you read somewhere that this is about a conversation between Steve and Cath regarding intel? What exactly have you read/heard? If its a flashback, they don’t need the actress, just her film.

              I ‘m thinking there has to be something to this rumor because its starting to get a little more detailed I wonder if the intel is about Doris and she’s in Afghanistan? That would tie up two loose ends to the story.

              Who knows, maybe Cath was pregnant when she went to Afghanistan and they’re casting the role of the baby and grandma Doris is bringing them home. Could it be her way of saying “sorry Steve- Mama brought you home a little ninja.- we’re good again, right? “. This is not any crazier than other scripts we’ve seen. Remember, these are the same people who gave us the giant Claw, LOL

              I am obviously sleep deprived.


              1. According to somebody who says that they have read it , “Steve calls Cath for Navy intel.” TBH, I don’t really buy that she is coming back but I guess we wait and see.


                1. OK, guys, I haven’t said anything so far because I don’t give much credit to any such ‘sources’. 😉 Just one question: Why on earth would Steve call a teacher in a small village in Afghanistan for any kind of Intel?
                  Unless of course, we have missed a major change in their recent relationship, or in what she’s doing at the moment.

                  But aside from this strange info about him calling her, I still believe she will be back, and in the end they will get back together. There you have my two cents.


                  1. Well in a sense, it doesn’t seem that odd that he might try to contact her for intel. I mean, no, she’s not plugged into the Navy or any covert work (that we know of), but a number of Five-0 episodes have involved some nuance of terrorism, and she’s in one of the terrorism generating countries, so it doesn’t seem that off. Frankly, more to Catherine’s character, I find it entirely likely that SHE would try to contact Steve, even at risk of her own life, to pass along intel that would help the U.S.

                    Just a fantastic character with so much mileage. And they screwed it up. Unforgiveable.

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      2. I would really love it if Catherine was back as well (only with the same actress) as she’s the only outstanding female character they’ve had during the entire series run (no offense Kono). BUT, at this point, they have beyond sabotaged her character so bringing her back, I fear, they would make an even worse disaster of it than they already did, though you would think that wasn’t possible.


  10. Loved your view on this episode very much. Steve was the guy we all know and love once more and Odell was a great sidekick. That is the banter we know and love. I had to watch this at least twice more to get the full feel of the show since my granddaughter arrived on Friday having her there distracted me. Hard to believe that anyone can distract me from Steve but she managed to do it.

    The Jerry centric portion was fun and while it was strange that the team didn’t mention Steve’s absence they were a bit busy. I guess they just figured that with Wo Fat dead they didn’t have to worry. Or maybe Steve had told them he would be in later knowing he was stopping by to get the haircut. I’ve learned that the show’s writers don’t see the need to fill in the little gaps and get lazy in their storytelling.

    I too did not miss Danny which is sad because the bromance seemed to be what sold the show in the first place and then the writers let it get nasty. I can’t help thinking that he really doesn’t want to be there. His girlfriend and daughter could be living on the island if they wanted to, I am sure the little girl is old enough to travel by now. It seems like his heart isn’t in it.

    Thanks for the lovely photos to go with your comments. Dear me that man is photogenic……sigh.

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      1. Please don’t be sad that you dislike Danny’s character. Haven’t you ever worked with someone who is just bored or unfulfilled and wants to be somewhere else? Maybe that’s what some of us are picking up on now. An unhappy camper is still an unhappy camper and might be better off going home. Not mentioning any names here.

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  11. After being on vacation I just watched this episode. Just. I haven’t even read your thoughts, but I will.
    Just wanted to say: I wasn’t prepared for this. I was not. Right now I am a bundle of emotions.
    The whole episode I was on the edge of my seat. Oh boy, what a hell of a ride. Bang boom bang a lot and I like it. It’s loud and it’s TV and hubby will be a very happy camper. Bullets and fire and hand to hand and a little banter that is totally enjoyable. I love private Steve, who just wanted a little bit of maybe 30 min. of downtime without his phone, love the little rasping sound we could hear while the shaving, his nodding off and I love the mention of Doris and how Steve sums this whole mess up (going with a little bit of humor is maybe the sanest way…) I love SEAL Steve, love combat Steve, loved his “You shoot him, I’ll shoot you. You don’t shoot him, I’ll shoot you….”
    Then the scene when the father made him realize what it’s all about… Steve’s face of realisation, betrayal, shock and horror. I was tearing up right at that moment. So perfectly acted. And then there was the scene in the blue room. Outstanding. Jerry’s co-drama was fun and I thought, well that’s a great episode, more of that please.
    But then. The ending. I really don’t know what to say… How does AOL do that? Telling everything in such a short moment of time. Everything. Without words. That wasn’t only about the kids, I think it was about all the horror in the world he had to witness, about his need to save everyone and everybody from a horrible fate but knowing that it is not possible. And if that happens he allows himself to open a window to his own heart and soul and maybe his own suffering. That’s brutal, but that’s what makes him so human, so empathic, so caring, so good at heart. Then the light comes in.
    But this can only happen if you have an actor like this. Who can tell a story with his face, who does not need words, because there are no words. That was so amazing, I am incredibly impressed, you have no idea. Or maybe you have, I hope so… 😉
    AOL’s versatility, his commitment, his talent, his expressions made Steve McGarrett so multidimensional, he made him imho the most interesting character on TV, so many layers and all portrayed in an amazing way. Steve is perfect imperfection, imperfect perfection, with curves and edges, sweet and BAMF, a leader and a helper.
    I will vote awesome btw, and not a S5 awesome but even a S3/4 awesome. And that’s something, you know those are my fav. seasons.

    On another note: did anybody notice the Core Four sticker on the wall where Steve was hiding? Core 4 mention in this episode? That made me smile 😉 .

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    1. THIS is the PERFECT review. I love you for your comments about McG. And I totally agree he is the most interesting and complex character on TV. For sure my favorite one of all time. So far. Who knows what lies around the corner. 🙂

      Love your ‘perfect imperfection, imperfect perfection’. THAT is McG. And I think Alex O has a huge part in this with his flawless acting.

      Yes, I saw the very prominent sticker, but I chose to ignore this blatant try to shove it into our faces again. If you’d ask me, there is only one real core, and that is McG. 😉

      And yes, as I said this was awesome, close to 5.07. Surely outstanding from the rest of season 5.

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      1. Agreed. McG is the Core 1. ANY one of the other characters could go away forever, and while a small fan group surrounding each specific actor would whine and moan and gnash their teeth, Show would fluidly go on. Take Alex away, and you halve the audience. Immediately. Forever.

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  12. I’ve been away for work and I’m also late for a comment. Much has been said above already and I’m happy to hear that we are pretty much on the same page here.
    Sam, thank you for writing a review again, although you still call it “Thoughts on…”, it’s gotten longer and detailed again – I guess that’s a good sign 🙂
    I absolutely loved the episode and voted for “awesome”. I have already re-watched it and teared up again. Well, I guess for once PL was right about this being an emotional one. No way I broke out the tissues last time, this time I could’ve used them.

    I feel sorry for the SC fans, but I for sure was glad Danny wasn’t in this episode. There simply was no place for him. Odell and Steve were the perfect partners in this one. I sometimes miss the S1 Danny, when their banter was fresh and mostly fun, when they were coming together as partners and not all and everyone focused on their great friendship that I simply don’t see. So yes, I didn’t miss him now and probably won’t anymore.
    By now it is clear that SC has obviously amended his contract to accommodate his personal life in LA. I can’t see his commitment to the show anymore.
    The writers have done a good job this season covering his absence. I wonder how this will continue if we get a season 6. Not that I would miss him, but coming up with reasonable explanations that will be needed once in a while is hard.
    I loved however Steve’s and Odell’s banter about Danny’s hair. Now that would be a scene I’d happily watch 🙂

    LeiCa, your comment was a review in itself – I love it! There is not much to add, I couldn’t have said it any better. Thank you!

    Alex did shine in this one – once again this man had me sitting here admiring his talent. This is why I still love our show so much and am here to stay!

    Liked by 3 people

  13. With all the comments on this episode, I may have to break down and actually watch this S5 episode and see for myself.


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