8 thoughts on “5.19 Sneak peek

  1. I have to admit, I’m partial to the scruff, too. But NOT that stuff he had on his face last summer… Wonder what he will come up with this year during hiatus??? 🙂


  2. I have to agree, he looks best somewhere between his castaway hiatus look and a smooth face choirboy, I vote for scruffy. Viva la scruff.


  3. I’m partial to a tinge of scruff too. That scene seemed long. I kept waiting for criminals to bust in the place or something. LOL!!!!!!


  4. I’m the exact opposite, I love to see a man’s face, especially Steve’s/Alex’s. He is so handsome with or without the scruff, but you can see every facet of his face, including his cleft chin so clearly without. I am woman hear me ROAR.

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  5. he is just too cute – incredible canvas! One reason that above pic looks so different is that it is his reflection. It is amazing how much different a mirror image looks than the real thing. I have always preferred clean shaven on men, but a little scruff works too. With Steve/Alex, we also have skinny clean shaven, skinny scruffy, and “fillled out” clean shaven or scruffy.
    I am curious as to where in the episode this scene occurs. I’m glad we will evidently get a little news of his mother. I can’t wait for tonight’s episode. maybe i’ll see some of you on the twitterverse!


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