Thoughts on 5.18


5.18 Pono Kaulike

Danny and Chin are arrested for deadly past transgressions. McGarrett enlists Joe’s help in the investigation.

CBS translated Pono Kaulike to Justice for all.

Let me say something right up front. This is not a review, not really. I just wrote down random thoughts in a completely jumbled order. So, please bear with me and keep that in mind. 😉

So, PL said we should have popcorn and tissues ready for this episode. Huh, frankly, I didn’t need either.

At what point should I have felt like I was watching a big ‘popcorn-movie’? During the thirty seconds they spent in a helicopter and shooting out of the windows? Or the even less seconds they flew a CGI helicopter over a CGI field with bullets flying and a little bit of black smoke? Or maybe during a bunch of people beating one guy senseless?

Help me out here. Where were the great rescue scenes? Where was the action? Certainly not in this episode.

And tissues? For what? There was not one second I was near tears. Not even close. I’m sorry, but they completely failed to evoke any sympathy for Danny in me. He finally got what he deserved. At least it was some kind of punishment for the murder he committed in cold blood.

Or should I have cried for Chin? Please. People, really? Was there any person watching who thought they wouldn’t both be exonerated at the end of the episode?


But let’s not jump the gun here. Let’s start with the stuff that did evoke some strong emotions in me.

Let’s start with the good stuff. And there was plenty of that, too. 🙂

This episode was the prime example why Steve is the team leader, and why Alex is number one on the call-sheet.

Steve is the real glue behind Five-0. They are nothing without him. He gives his support, his strength to every one of them. He leads them, he supports them, he fights for them, he is there for all of them. Even for kids he takes under his wings. Loved the scenes on the beach with Nahale.

I loved, really loved how Alex showed the tension Steve felt the whole time. One could feel what a powerful person Steve really is, how he was ‘in’ the problem, how he made it all his own. How he was the driving force behind all their actions. But at the same time was their rock and gave loving support. Nobody messes with the people he loves. People should really think twice before they take on the power that is Steve McGarrett.

I loved it how he was there for Kono, and for Gracie. That were both really great scenes. But I also loved how he made it clear that no one man is more important than the other, but that at times one man needs to be made a priority. I bet that was a decision he had to make many times during his active career.

OK, now the rest. 😉

First some questions.

Do they have a new car deal? Ellie drives a cool Audi.


Why is Joe still in Hawaii after his quarantine? Doesn’t he have a farm in Montana, or something? He doesn’t live on Hawaii.


And why the heck didn’t he call Danny directly, surely he does have his phone number, or why didn’t Steve call him? And quite frankly, what change would it make if Steve got to Danny in time or not? Maybe that he wouldn’t have been arrested in front of a bunch of kids. That was really smooth, and I highly doubt that would have happened like that. They would have waited, or would have asked him to step outside. This was a ridiculous ‘dramatic’ move.


And why did Joe suddenly drive around Oahu on his own? Where was Steve? Did they drive around for a bit and then Joe brought him back to his truck at the detention center? For a moment I thought Steve went to talk to Gracie, but NO, he waited a whole day before he talked to her. As if he would have waited that long.

So, let me get this straight, they knew Danny and Steve were in the room with Ryers? They had them on film, or what? How did they know Danny was the shooter? Oh, well, they did know after Steve was stupid enough to confess to being with Danny. Steve wouldn’t be that monumentally stupid. Come on, writers, that was just stupid with a capital S.

And speaking of stupid, why the hell did Danny sign that waiver? To save his friend? From what? They gave him a free pass, they never threatened him with anything. If Danny had any kind of brain power he would know that they would never ever extradite a Navy SEAL to any foreign country. He has way too much valuable information to risk getting him into the wrong hands. Steve’s safe from any punishment for anything he might have been a part of. They could only charge him for not bringing Danny to justice anyway. He didn’t pull the trigger and he was in no position to prevent the murder. Anyway, there was no need to sign any waivers to save anyone. That was really ridiculous. And how the hell was it clever in regards to Grace? That was even more stupid.

And… more importantly why the hell did Sam even bother sending Danny to Colombia? As an apology for the killed drug lord, or for the missing dope? Doesn’t make any sense to bring himself in such danger to being exposed of taking money to pull such a stunt.

Explain one thing for me. Danny killed Ryers a few months ago. What the hell were the guards still doing guarding the tons of dope? Didn’t they hear their boss was dead? Was there another player at the top of the food chain by now? Why was the dope even still in that plant? That was total nonsense, if you ask me.


So, Chin was arrested because Coughlin has a personal grudge against him and becomes a dirty cop himself to get him. Even makes a deal with the devil to get him. Huh. I guess this was all necessary because DDK needed time off to do his directing thing. Frankly, I thought this part of the show was really ridiculous. His death was really programmed from the start, even though how he died surprised me. By the way, was Gabriel alone there, or did he also kill half a dozen guards? And why was Chin released? Just because Gabriel escaped and Coughlin was dead? Are you really telling me he had been arrested in the first place just because of Coughlin saying he had some evidence? I highly doubt they would have arrested a member of the Governor’s Task Force without hard, bullet proof evidence. Where is that? Just Gabriel’s word? That is ridiculous.

That Gabriel Winecroft is now the new bad guy was also clear. But that is actually something I really like. He’s great. I like Christopher Sean as Gabriel. Looking forward to seeing him again.

I had a really good laugh at Danny telling Sam Alexander (Raphael Sbarge, who I always enjoy watching) that they gave the 18 Million to an orphanage. Yeah, right, and nobody ever heard about that.

And now another big fat question mark. Why and how was Frank Bama oh so conveniently in Colombia? With such a nice helicopter none the less?

If I would ever dare to write such convenient crap without any explanation I would get my butt kicked. Just saying.

I have no idea why people think Doris only saved Steve and didn’t care about Danny. They got it totally wrong. She gave Steve the means to save them both. That was the plan, and it worked to perfection. I wonder however for how long she’s already been on Oahu, avoiding her son. And Joe, if you want Steve to trust you, maybe you should play with open cards from now on. I really like Joe, and I hope he comes clean with Steve. I really like them working together. Loved his “stay focused’ to Steve in the office. They are working great together.


So, what did I think of this episode?

Steve was awesome. But what else is new?

Joe was great.

Danny, I didn’t care or feel for.

And plot holes the size of Texas in this episode.

But all in all I’ll give it a good. But with the Season-5 standard in mind. This is by far not the same quality as a good in previous seasons. Not even Larry Teng could save this writing.

But at least it was not a two-part-episode. Thank God for small favors. There was just nothing in it that needed any more time. More Danny in Colombia? Don’t need that. More time of Chin behind bars? Nope, don’t need that either. More running around and trying to deal with the CIA? No, nothing I need. What we did need though were some more scenes on the ground taking down the plant. And not just a few scenes on a cell phone. But other than that, this episode had no potential for being a two hour show.

It could have been awesome, but unfortunately it was not. Again due to sloppy writing. They have such great actors, the writers are simply not getting their act together. At least I feel like such convenient writing and plot holes like in Five-0 makes for bad writing. Sorry to say that.


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All screen-shots were done by me. Credit to CBS. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

And please remember, I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously. Always remember, this is just a TV show.

44 thoughts on “Thoughts on 5.18

  1. I love Danny even if you do not. I do not like Steve but will give him the benefit of the doubt. And credit after all he has done. To bring back Danny. But will have to admit that the episode lacked a lot of tension and a lot of drama. As it was not about justice. It was about the getting back at Danny. Really should had been a two-parter episode IMHO. Not enough Chin time with his case. All about Danny it seems.


  2. This episode did start with a Bang! but fell flat halfway through. Even I, that don´t really notice the plotholes, was thrown back with the sudden Colombia expedition being over barely after they took off ground. And Chin getting free´d, just with Coughlin being killed. There was an awful lots of stuff to ignore in this episode. I kind of feel bad for Peter, him being so excited over this. Oh well, let´s hope 5.19 is a smarter one, for a change 😉
    Thankgod for that short beach scene with gecko and McGuns, made me happy and smiling 😀


    • I do understand that people try to sell their product and get excited about it. But please, keep it real. PL just doesn’t know when to say something is epic and when to say it’s good. His epic… well, this was not it.

      But yes, the ep had a few good scenes that made me smile too. 🙂


  3. First off, I love the wallpaper. That was gorgeous.

    Second if you had written something with this many holes in it, I would have been the first in line to kick your butt.

    So there. I agree with you.

    No tears but I am eating popcorn right now… does that count?

    And yes Steve was awesome.

    but I didn’t get the impression that doris was on the island.


    • In writing you can’t have plotholes at all because of how deep into the story the reader is – most times a TV show can get away with having plot holes by covering with lots and lots of action. In this episode we had disconnected story AND no action. It was very strange – like they’ve run out of money for the season and couldn’t afford any real extras or fight scenes.

      A good episode doesn’t pull you out of the story thinking “what happened? did I miss something? did my DVR stop recording?” A good episode makes you NOT CARE what you didn’t see because what you ARE seeing is just so amazing that the rest doesn’t matter. We haven’t had that in this show much at all this season IMO – and that makes me sad.

      Under my new “bell curve” season 5 grading scale, this warranted a “Good” from me – There were parts I liked – The beach scene in the beginning, McG and Joe in SEAL mode, Frank Bama (I do love Jimmy Buffet) and Grover’s interactions with him “I know this old hippie didn’t just call me FAT” And I’m glad it wasn’t a 2-parter. very very glad.

      But, Not EPIC at all.


  4. So I didn’t have very high expectations for this episode so I wasn’t terribly let down by it. I gave this one a C. I agree with most everything you said. It wasn’t an all together terrible episode but as far as ranking it, it would be near the bottom of all the episodes for me.

    The good: Steve’s scene with Nahele, I hope we get more of Steve mentoring him. Steve’s scenes with Grace were nice too. It did seem odd that he would wait so long to go talk to Grace but I suppose he wanted to know exactly what was going on and why before he talked to her. I liked Grover in this one too, even if his part was pretty minimal. It will be interesting to see what kind of villain they turn Gabriel into. I did like seeing Frank Bama again but why was he in Colombia when he lives in S. Korea and how did he get a helicopter in Colombia if he was just visiting to help the guys out?

    The bad: pretty much everything else. I still think Danny’s whole arc with Reyes was completely ridiculous and really didn’t care to see the consequences of it. Had Danny asked for proof of life before he gave Reyes the money this whole mess could have been prevented. I was still hoping that Danny would get left in the Colombian prison even though I knew everything would work out for Danny and Chin. This episode was way too predictable, I knew the second Joe took the call that Doris was his contact and that Coughlin would end up dead at Gabriel’s hand, I did not however anticipate that a pen through the eye would be the way Gabriel would kill him so that was a surprise.

    I do think the ending was rushed, one second they are in Colombia shooting at the bad guys from a helicopter and the next they are back in Hawaii and everything is fixed. It would have been nice to see more BAMF Steve in this episode. I felt like everything was very anticlimactic. I can see your point about not needing 2 hours or a second part but my initial reaction was that there was just too much going on to wrap it up in 40 minutes of television. But thinking about it now, I really don’t think I would have liked the episode any more if it had been a two parter. I do think it could have been a much better episode and worked better in 40 minutes had the writers done a better job of writing it. Way too many plot holes and unexplainable things in this one.

    The question I have is now that everyone knows Danny committed murder they are all ok with it and he still has a job on the task force? Seems to me that something like this, even he did get away with it would ruin his career.

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    • After 5.04 I said that I can’t accept Danny as an officer of the law any longer. I don’t think he should stay on the force. He’s a murderer. He should resign. How can he even arrest someone, when he’s the one who did such a crime?
      Even if he gets legally exonerated, morally, he shouldn’t stay with Five-0. He killed for his own personal vendetta, the show shouldn’t sell this like it was OK. There should be consequences.
      Steve, who in my eyes, didn’t aid in the killing but in getting Danny out of the Country and not telling the authorities, should have suspended him. I don’t think that his actions were morally wrong. He only helped a friend. It was not in his power to prevent the killing.
      I think Danny is a danger to himself and for others. He’s unstable and not in control.
      As for Chin. Well, he is a murderer just like Danny. He also should pay for what he did.
      Do I want them in prison? NO, of course not. But the show should be VERY clear on that both men are not in their right. That they should pay for their crimes. That they got off due to very dubious activities (as in sloppy writing), they should not be painted in a hero’s light.

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  5. Well, we at least didn’t have to deal with snarky, whiny Danny this episode did we. Danny didn’t sign the waiver to protect Steve, he asked the guy if he signed it what Grace would find out. Steve said one person not more important than another and Danny was the one in a life or death situation. Steve was precise and methodical in the way the capture went down. He wasn’t implicated because Mommy owed him, he wasn’t implicated simply because the spooks wanted the billion $ worth of coke and knew with the arrest of Chin (because of his helping Danny) and the arrest of Danny, Steve would go into Seal mode. When Joe said to Steve “We earned our Trident today”, I googled it and this is what it says,

    U.S. Navy Seal code
    – Loyalty to Country, Team and Teammate
    – Serve with Honor and Integrity On and Off the Battlefield
    – Ready to Lead, Ready to Follow, Never Quit
    – Take Responsibility for your actions and the actions of your teammates
    – Excel as Warriors through Discipline and Innovation
    – Train for War, Fight to Win, Defeat our Nations enemies

    This is who Steve McGarrett is and the reason he does what he does.

    Steve should never trust Joe White because Joe has been in touch with Doris, knows where she is and also knows how to contact her, his lies just keep coming. Yes, Joe was a Navy Seal but in my opinion he is also a “spook”, both Joe and Doris have lied to Steve from the beginning and they both owe him.

    Danny also wasn’t tortured, yes he was hit a couple of times and kicked but really nothing major. I liked this episode simply because Alex aka Steve was in charge, he got the job done it was all cause and effect. Were there parts that could have been written differently Of Course, but the name of the episode should have been, what a true hero does when he is needed. As long as Alex is in the majority of the episode I can overlook a lot.

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    • Thanks for giving the U.S. Navy SEAL code. I’m sure a lot of people never bothered to research SEALs. If they did they wouldn’t spew some of the nonsense they tell on social media. But that is a different story. 😉

      I actually had to smile at what Danny had to ‘endure’ during his one-day-imprisonment. That was really nothing, but I bet we will have to go through his trauma in the next episodes. Sigh.

      And not to deal with snarky, whiny Danny is always a win. 🙂

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  6. Sometimes I feel like I would enjoy this show a lot more if I were a Danny fan but no matter how much I try to like him I just can’t. To be honest I thought it wasn’t as bad as I expected (full disclosure: I skipped any scenes that didn’t involve Chin or Steve). To me it felt like the Danny storyline took precedence and Chin was just an afterthought and I kind of wish it was the other way around. I agree with Steve’s reasoning that Danny was in greater danger but Kono seemed to be the only one really concerned about her cousin. It made me feel like there were two different teams Steve/ Danny and Kono/Chin (with Grover in the middle) rather than one team.

    I liked the Grace/Steve scene but then they had to go with the Danny worship again. Of all the people Steve knows and has served with, Danny is “the best man”? Seriously? To be honest, I would have given Danny a pass for killing Reyes as long as they acknowledged that it was not justified. But no, he did it ” to protect the people he loves”. I don’t know what the writers were going for but SC definitely played that scene as Danny wanting vengence. At no point did I think that he felt endangered by Reyes.

    Also if he really did everything to protect the people he loves, he would have stopped for a second to think about how the consequences would affect Grace and never would have pulled the trigger in the first place. I am not annoyed at what Danny did; he is a flawed human and he reacted like one ( obviously I don’t condone killing but this is TV and could have made the character more nuanced) What I am annoyed at is the writers attempting to morally exonerate Danny.

    Seriously, why was Steve thanking him at the end? For the vacation to South America? For the chance to practice his ninja skills? At no point did the CIA guy say that they would arrest Steve if he waived extradition. Even in the car at the end, Danny says that he didn’t lawyer up because he wanted to get rid of the guilt not because he wanted to protect Steve. Besides they had photos of Danny which means that for sure they had evidence of Steve being there as well. If they really wanted him, they would have arrested him and nothing Danny said or did would have mattered.

    My favourite scene was the one between Steve/ Kono because we rarely have meaningful scenes between those two. Also, I love Steve looking after all of his team. He is their rock. I loved how all their friends came together to help: Ellie (that woman is loyal! and has a nice car), Duke, Joe, helicopter guy,etc. I also liked the scenes between Steve and Coughlin and between Chin and Coughlin. Acting was good all-around as always and the writing had its moments but was very uneven.

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    • I truly hate the Danny worship. Thank you for pointing that out. He is nothing like how they describe him. I often wonder what guy are they talking about? Certainly not Danny Williams.
      And the remark about Danny being the best man he knows, I took it as something he said for Grace’s benefit. He for sure knew better men than Danny Williams. Freddy comes to mind, his best friend who gave his life for him. As he himself said.

      About Danny feeling endangered. No, certainly not for himself, but I do believe he feared for Grace when he killed Ryers. But I actually think he could plead ‘temporary insanity’, and would most likely get off. I don’t think Danny was in his right mind after he found out about Matty. Is that an excuse for what he did? Hell no. But legally I’m sure he would get away with it. Morally, I think it was premeditated murder. He told him he would kill him if he ever get the chance. And that is just what he did.
      And Danny for sure didn’t sign the paper for Steve. That is just wishful thinking by a few people. 😉 And doing it for Grace? Sure, she would be so happy to know that her dad is in Colombia in a prison, but hey, she didn’t learn it from the news, or learned anything about why he’s there. Bravo, Danny.

      I think your last sentence brings it to the point; the acting was good, but the writing just not up for the job.

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      • I forgot to add that I wonder how Steve is going to explain this latest escapade to the Governor. I so wish we would get that scene. How can he possibly frame this in a positive light? “half my team got arrested so we went to South America on an unsanctioned mission, burned a billion worth of drugs and blackmailed the CIA?” I am sure Denning will be thrilled lol


  7. I’ve gotten very good at suspending disbelief this show. It’s necessary starting with the pilot. A Governor can’t just waive parts of the Constitution. It’s not a thing. But I can ignore that. However, much of this episode had me saying “that’s not how any of this works. At all. It’s not even close.” Although many people who work for the CIA say they work for “State” that’s true.

    I loved the scence with Steve/Nahale, Steve/Grace, and Steve/Kono. There was some excellent acting by Alex which covered up crappy writing.

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  8. I really enjoyed the episode. Alex/Steve once again proved why he’s the leader! He comforted Kono and Gracie and was able to get the bad guys! As long as Steve is front and center I’m a happy girl!

    Like most, I wish it was either 2 hrs. or a to-be-continued episode but I was happy that the writers were able to pull it off with such an ending that begs for continuation!! If done right, they can actually end the Doris arc (which should have died in s3). I’m one who believes that Gabriel will be the new WoFat – he has the same suavely, sinister traits! Boy did I cheer for him when he killed that low-life Coughlin. I’m sure Gabriel will make Chin’s life interesting and, by proxy, Steve’s. And oh, yay for Ellie for helping the team in her sporty Audi!! Personally I feel Danny needed a better beating to wipe that smirk off his face. And it annoys the hell out of me that he talks thru closed teeth. The only time he open his mouth is when he’s yelling at Steve. One other thing on my Danny rant. Would it have killed Danny to thank Steve for saving him, he’s such an ingrate.

    There’s never a mention of time on this show so we don’t know if it’s hours, days, weeks or months between episodes. Joe could’ve been released the day before from quarantine and didn’t have a chance to go back to Montana. And how Frank conveniently landed in Colombia, think poetic license.

    So Mommie Dearest actually did a selfless act, with no return favors, YET, for Steve. I think he was even amazed that she stepped up to the plate to help. I don’t like her and don’t trust Joe but when he’s not being sneaky, he and Steve make a great team!

    I didn’t need popcorn either but I did need tissues – I have a nasty cough and cold! LOL!

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  9. Well, we were supposed to get answers- closure of some sort for story lines. What did we all learn?

    1. Danny was on roller skates being extradited to Colombia, released and having all charges dropped. Exactly how did that happen?

    2. Joe knows how to reach Doris and she has redeemed herself for all past sins because she had intel that was used to free Danny. Sure Mom,
    that’s all it takes for Steve to say “Wo Fat who?”

    3. Chin is cleared from money laundering because??? Did I blink my eyes and miss something?

    4, Kono was hugged by Steve. Watch your back, girl.

    5. What exactly was Frank Bama doing in the neighborhood? At least there was no Margarita joke,

    6. I like Grover. He’s not fat—-He’s just right.

    7. Grace has grown into a lovely teenager before our eyes.

    Is this how the rest of the season will go? Everything we always wanted to know and were promised will be reduced to a “its all happening off screen”? Only 7 more episodes- the writers must be feverishly writing an epic explanation for each and every item in the Champ Box. because that’s where it all started.. They promised, Now deliver. I’m getting a bit testy.

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    • As glad as I was to see Chin cleared, that was one of the moments I wanted to say “that’s not how law enforcement works!” There would have been some evidence that didn’t rely on testimony. It might have been thrown out depending on what happens, but the deaths wouldn’t have made everything vanish.


  10. I’ll stand and clap hands for you. That what’s going in my mind the whole aftermath.
    I waited for this episode anxiously but unfortunately it was a bad one, at least for me. Nothing of what they mentioned were there, no drama, no action, no whump, and even no bromance. If it weren’t for the beach secne and Steve/Kono scene I would have deleted it directly.
    At some point I felt like there were several writers who didn’t read each other work, or much worse they didn’t even know the characteristics especially after that court scene which made me laugh hardly. How Danny is protecting Steve while Joe just said he have a free pass?!
    Another funny one, how come Frank was in Hawaii with that huge chopper, lastly he was settled in North Korea?! And that idiot secene of the CIA arresting Danny! Nobody will do that in front of kids at least they will get him out first?!
    What frustrated me the most was Chin storyline, really? why did you mention it if you will just ignore that poor guy like if he wasn’t a main team member too. Eventhough Steve said no man is better, they all acted like Chin was in some kind of vacation not in presion!!
    Ellie what’s wrong with her phone? whay she didn’t call Steve rather than drive all the way to just say few words?! Maybe she wanted to show him her fancy car 🙂
    And last but not least, Doris! Really! is that how they want to bring her back to the storyline after all!!
    I have a feeling that if I continued my unstoppable ranting, you will kick me out your sit 🙂
    I just want to finish by saying if H50 writers put the same effort you’re putting in your great stories believe me this show could make a huge success.


      • I had to re watch that scene because I didn’t notice the envelope. The two women added (because we may have been a tad vocal about the lack of women who actually survive from one season to another) have been a disappointment. for me.

        I believe in the “six in the can, see where I am” theory for H50. Before we even saw the first episode in September, at least six episodes are finished and number seven is either being filmed or in post production. This is my unscientific schedule based on nothing but my own belief. Hence, Six in the can.

        If you recall, we had some “musings” about the two new women. Ellie was a possible love interest and the new M.E. was sort of linked to Danny. .

        So, in July when filming began, those were just rambling in the head thoughts: E5 and E6 has some dumb “I can fix a car and I know how to fish” dialogue. But in late October, PL said they were just friends and nothing more. Come E10. and Ellie was in a boxing ring giving a Navy Seal some serious trouble and trying to fix him up with a friend. What happened between E6 and E10? Did someone mention that moving on so quickly was not in character for McGarrett? That maybe he had to square things with Catherine before he moved on? Face it, Steve is the biggest asset for H50 and if the viewers think he’s acting out of character then the show has a problem.

        There were so many problems with E18 . .


  11. In my opinion, i think the episode is very disjoint, choppy and the rescue is just meh & ugh!! IMHO, there is nothing moving about this episode because I know they will both be fine at the end. I was hoping for a epic rescue and emotional reunion, but once the helicopter scene switched to car chase between Steve and CIA agent and also Danny in Steve’s car, i was like..really?? seriously?? My goodness..I watched it last night with high hope, but really end with the biggest disappointment in my history of watching HF0.

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      • For Christmas episode, at least i know it will be disappointing from the promo when i saw Steve cut down the tree because i think that is really out of character, so i guess i was prepared for it. But not this episode..The way PL sell it and media buzzing, it really turns out to be huge disappointment.


  12. Really the show robbed us of how Danny was rescued as if the guards had to had been killed off screen by Steve and company. Really need to wrap up the Doris storyline. It has been dragging on and unfortunately it will the way PL looks at it. Looked forward to this episode but it let us down in a huge way.


  13. I agree, there was no need for tissues. I did however, start to feel for Danny once they disconnected his call to Grace; i did get an ominous sense when he started that conversation, and I am not even a Danny fan. Of course, with the “nonrescue” the dramatic potential from the beating was pretty much lost.

    Wow, you explained the plot holes I thought I had just imagined! I was cake decorating when i first watched the episode, so I assumed I missed some explanations. Then I rewatched it, and saw I was right the first time that things didn’t add up. Once I started trying to explain the reason for the crooked CIA guy to arrest Danny to someone else, I realized I didn’t know why. I also never saw the protection Danny provided Steve. . I wonder if that agreement was edited out?

    So much that could have been better developed. The “heart to heart” (was that what it was supposed to be?) between Danny and Steve at the end was a bit of a let down. At least Danny admitted a little guilt for killing Reyes; seems counseling might help with those feelings (ahem). Today I rewatched last season’s IA episode about Chin, and I am not completely sure what I feel about his situation. I am doubting there will be any further ramifications for their less than above board behavior other than whatever Gabriel has in store.

    Alex (via Steve) was amazing as always. He is only limited by what the writers give him. I hope he can confront Doris soon, and I wish he would just have it out with Joe. I guess he still holds too much respect for his mentor, or is he just still holding things in?

    You stated the 2hr vs. 1 hr. thing very well. The 1 hr. time was not long enough for this to be developed properly, but 2 hours would have dragged on way too long. The most definitely could have done better with the time they had. The pacing was just off from typical H50 episodes; that could have been because of the parallel storylines.

    I also feel sorry that PL spews such high expectations for these episodes that kind of fall flat. I hope the next two live up to the hype. I can’t figure out from the promos what calls for tissues next week. Maybe they have actually kept a highlight out of the promo for once. (it seems the best parts of most primetime television shows happen in the promo commercials.) Something caused that intense look on Steve’s face…..

    I was somewhere near either a B- or a C+. Above, I gave it a B because Steve was in character, and they did at least tie Doris into the story. (did i mention Steve?)

    I love your still shots above. I particularly am fond of the one of Steve talking to Danny at the detention center ( i think that is what he is doing). He looks as if tears are about to form ; I love him showing vulnerability.

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  14. Heh! First of all, Sam, you once again speak my mind for me. It’s like you are in my head, girl! Ep got a good cos McG, who was at large and in charge, and at the end of the day, that’s now all I care about. Any long-lost hopes and desires for this program are now solely whittled down to McG’s screen time and plot presence. And BabyBoy rocked it!

    However I also got a bonus extra bonanza in this ep…I found Danno’s comeuppance, including his up-close-and-personal Columbian reception, to be satisfyingly cathartic. Karma’s a bitch, Danno, and you had that coming. Only in RL, he’d have had to hit up Tripler before coming home to Grace. But of course, reality and Show have never met, so….

    I actually also enjoyed the McMama reveal from Joe. Doris is a douche and not much of a mother, but this is her twisted way to guard her baybee, and while it ain’t enuf, it is a language McG speaks, so she mighta won some points with HIM this week, if not from US. Hee!

    I pretty much ignored the entire Chin story cos it made no sense they didn’t just return the money to him to give to his BIL anyway…and I totally ignored Danno chatting up Jiminy Crickett in that interrogation scene cos I hear Danno’s blah blah blah more than enuf on this program. So I live posted on Twitter during most of the Danno scenes, and during the Gabriel/House Dick scenes as well. As McG would say, I’m a multi-tasker! :mrgreen:

    Liked by 2 people

    • The money is something I wondered about too. I was sure they would at least give the borrowed money back to BIL. And give the rest back to the authorities. I mean Matty got that money somehow, so giving that back might have shed some good light on Matty after all.

      I found it somewhat satisfying that Danny got beaten up, but I wished it had been a little longer, and not just a tame beating. 😉


  15. I’d like to think Doris is not his Mommy but at this point in the game, it looks like she is.

    But Joe? I do think we need a paternity test there. And if that is where the story is going, then John McGarret must have known, especially since he told Steve, when he sent him away, he could always trust his “uncle Joe”. Just another blow for Steve and of course, Danny would brush it off as no big thing.

    As I write this I realize how very simplistic and trite these theories are but considering the level of creativity this season, I fear I could be right. And what a sobering and unpleasant thought that is.

    Please, please writers, give us better than that. You owe us big time.

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  16. I too felt a bit let down that there was no dramatic rescue scene from Steve to Danny. I was kinda hoping Steve would find Danno almost beaten to death and will him to hold on.

    It would have been the ultimate bromance episode. But hey I guess that’s why we have fan fiction.

    In all I’m at least glad to have my weekly 5-0 fix. I get moody without it 🙂 ❤


  17. Well Sam you have once again given us a very good “non” review. After watching the episode twice now and considering your comments I find that I agree with most of what you have written. I do have some thoughts on what you said.
    I for one am happy that there was no rescue from the prison as that would most likely have caused an international incident that even the Governor couldn’t ignore. That was better served through other means. And it would have been nice if they had shown us more of the raid on the drug hideout. That was too quick and clean. I have no clue why on earth those drugs would still have been there all these months later. This episode should have happened earlier in the season to make sense.

    I loved the opening with Nahale. Steve does take care of those he has an interest in. It was a nice touch. I would have loved to have traded places with Kono and Gracie and be on the receiving end of Steve’s hugs. That would have been pure heaven. It shows that Steve knows how to comfort those who are hurting and is not at all some robotic killing machine with no feelings.

    When it comes to Joe, I just figured he had been given a heads up that something was brewing and went to Hawaii to be ready to respond when needed. Maybe he had time to give Frank a call and have him ready but that really would have been a reach. I love Frank so I was happy to see him for whatever reason he was there. Thanks to him we have that great Steve pic in front of the flag.

    I assume that Danny’s guilt made him sign that waiver and since he hasn’t been acting normal all season I just went with it. I don’t think that he was protecting Steve at all. It is just a guess but maybe Danny was on the CIA’s “get even with” list ever since his clash with them in season 2 when Steve was bringing Wo Fat back from Japan.

    I saw the Chin storyline to be a device to get Gabriel out of prison and set him up to be the next big bad guy. He will make a good one and I won’t miss Coughlin at all, he gave me the creeps. I do wish they had at least given us a hint as to why he hated Chin so very much. I don’t buy that he just thought he was a crooked cop.

    So we still have Doris playing games and I don’t get the idea she is on Oahu either. Her actions don’t put her in the running for Mother of the Year just yet. I would love an honest meeting between her and Steve and then she can vanish forever.

    Seems I wrote a book here. Thanks for listening.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh please, write as many books here as you like. 😉

      Maybe I wasn’t clear on my saying I wanted to see more of the rescue. No, not a prison break. That would have been completely unrealistic and ridiculous. I meant them going down to Colombia for the dope. That was what lead to the rescue. And I wanted to see that. Them touching down, taking on the guards, finding all the stuff they needed. What we got was really nothing at all. One minute in a helicopter, and they are magically back on Oahu. That is cheating in my eyes. That was just too easy.

      About Steve being a killing machine. That is so ridiculous and stupid, and shows me that Danny doesn’t know his friend at all. He so very often said it to him, I really lost count on how many occasions. Steve is a big softie with a kind heart. Too bad his so called friend doesn’t realize it, or voices it.

      Liked by 1 person

  18. As soon as I heard the plot for this episode I knew it wasn’t going to be the be-all and end-all of episodes. I actually thought (before I saw it) that the “Marshalls” arresting Danny would be fake and this extradition to Colombia just a way to get back at Danny. Why did I think that? Because if it was real, there would be no way for Danny to have a life in the US after they rescued him from the prison. At that point he would be a fugitive. Going with that thread I thought that Chin getting arrested would also be tied into the Danny/Reyes thing – as a way to splinter 5-0 and keep them tied up. Sadly instead they came up with this inexplicably convoluted drivel. I do like the idea of the CIA being the big bad actually – because, well… kinda true! But no, it can’t actually be the CIA it has to be the CIA on the take, along with IA with a grudge… and UGH! It’s like they TRY to do these big stories laced with intrigue and then can’t figure out how to end them – so we get the ending done offscreen. Good Lord.

    I can only hope that one of the things that happened offscreen was Joe calling Frank Bama in Korea and telling him to get his 6 to Colombia STAT. Because – how convenient that Frank was in Colombia???? LOL. Pretty convenient.

    Joe is CIA,no doubt in my mind. And I guess Doris isn’t as OFF THE GRID as he claimed only a few episodes ago. As much as I want the show to still focus on the McGarrett family mythology, this Doris crap needs resolution. On screen or offscreen. At this point I don’t care.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You know, if no one else, at least the Governor should say that he can’t have Danny on the Task Force any longer. How can a murderer be the second in command of his special force? I just don’t get how they can justify that he’s still a cop? Not after he was extradited for murder. If the Governor was gracious he would offer him to step down with full benefits. It would be more ‘real’ though if he would just be removed from law enforcement. But we all know how ‘real’ Five-0 is. 😉

      He should at least not be in command of anything any longer. Even though I still believe Chin is the second in command. Ups, guess he wouldn’t pick up where he left off after this arrest either. Huh, guess that makes Grover the guy after Steve. Which in my eyes would make the most sense. He has the leading experience and he outranks them.

      In my eyes, the show’s problem is they simply try too hard. They want to show some scenes, but have no idea how to logically go there. Like Frank being in Colombia. Sure it is cool that he’s there, but *I* can’t accept him being just there out of thin air. I need the explanation why he’s in the neighborhood. Others are most likely easier to satisfy, but I’m not. For me it does need to make sense. If it doesn’t it is sloppy, convenient or even really bad writing in some cases.


      • I think this is Danny’s ticket off the force because I agree the Governor can’t allow him to continue. .He still hates Hawaii and only stays because of Grace. This may be the “epic” cliffhanger later on for which we are told to buy tissues. I think Chin gets a pass but Grover is acting as number two in command now anyway because he actually shows up for work each week. Is it possible to vote more than once in your poll? I gave it a B but upon further consideration ………..?


      • You bring up an interesting thing with the concept of 2nd in command. In the original series I viewed Danny Williams as 2nd in command, but in this series I haven’t really–he’s just had more screen time than the other two. Though now that you say it, there were a few episodes (whichever season AOL was out dealing with some stuff) that it was implied that Danny WAS 2nd in command.

        But my first reaction to Grover being 2nd over Chin was “No way, Jose!” With all Chin’s time on the force, his rock solid dependability (yes, I know the Frank thing will always be a black mark, and he’s not excused for killing in cold blood, even though in HIS case, he had pretty reasonable proof Frank was responsible for Malia’s death, whereas Danny never had ANY proof at any time that Reyes even HAD his brother, but I digress)…. I also initially revolted at that idea because, unlike so many here who find Grover to be the greatest thing since sliced bread, I’m not that excited about him. I don’t dislike him, mind you, but I just don’t think he’s all that.

        However, in thinking about Chin, who is my 2nd favorite Five-0 character after Steve, I think his personality would actually lend itself to seeing Grover as next in command and would be comfortable with it. And, as someone here mentioned in the last month or two, as wonderful as Chin is, he’s probably not the best person for constant back and forth with Steve in the partner sense. I consider Chin the quiet, wise, Confucius of Five-0 and it would give HIS character a lobotomy to be cast into a completely different situation like that. And we’ve had enough lobotomies in Five-0 to last a lifetime and beyond.

        But it’s fun to consider all these things. I just wish the powers that be spent half as much time considering the personality and nature of each of their characters as we do on these forums. The show would be a whole hell of a lot better that way.


        • I am sorry to but in like that but I just wanted to say that you practically read my mind about the whole 2nd in command situation. You are absolutely right that Chin/ Steve have a different kind of friendship than Steve and the other two. And like you, I never completely warmed up to Grover.I am kind of neutral on him. That being said, I don’t see why Steve and his ” deputy” have to be partners. I mean the second in command job is just for when Steve’s not there,right? I wish the writers will clear that up now that Grover’s on the team.


  19. I can´t believe half of the voters thought this episode was awesome??
    Btw I actually thought they took off with the helicopter from HI, I must have blinked when the text on screen said Colombia. Somehow flying a chopper from HI to South America made more sense than Frank being there LOL


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