Season 6 – Yes or No?


They are filming episode 5.23 already, which means they have about three or four more weeks to go.

I think it is time to have a little poll of what you think will happen. Will we get another season, or will 5.25 be the very last episode?

Thanks to Kala Alexander (Kawika) for the great pic.

15 thoughts on “Season 6 – Yes or No?

  1. I think there will be a s6 but not to sure about 7. I think the team wants to start spreading their wings and do other things. I also think it’s time Alex gets his gorgeous face out there and show the world what we know he’s capable of.


  2. I agree, i think we’ll have a S6 🙂
    Both Alex and peter have contracts up to season 6 and the ratigns are still pretty good so hopefully there will be at least another season.
    I also would like to see alex to do something else but i love the show very much so i hope they’ll keep it going


  3. I still believe in season 6 and 7. And I’m still in love with this show; so from a very selfish point of view I do hope that I’m right about at least two more seasons.

    TV is a business. And I believe they still make loads of money off this show, so it wouldn’t be wise to cancel it at this point.

    Many people say they want to see the actors, not just one in particular, do other things. Well, that is a wish I can understand, but don’t support.
    I wish all the actors only the very best, but that doesn’t include wishing for a show to end. Many, many jobs for many people are there just because of this show. So, from that perspective I also hope the show continuous.

    And quite frankly, we don’t know what Alex hopes for. If he would not be working on Five-0, he wouldn’t be able to live in HI and be with his family. He very often said that his family is his priority, and I have never seen him happier and more relaxed than right now.

    Filming and living in Hawaii seems to really suit him. I’m sure IF he wants to change that, he will do so. But as long as he’s happy with what he’s doing, I’m happy.

    I for sure as hell don’t want to see him in other things, knowing that he had to give up something he loves. In his private life or in his job.

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  4. I didn’t vote because I don’t know. We’ll get a hint if they leave some important story lines up in the air like Doris, Joe and Catherine. If they don’t have Steve bring Catherine back, then I really don’t care anymore because if they “leave a man/woman behind” ( and I really never bought into ” I found my calling story” and prefer to think she didn’t want Steve to risk his life by returning for her), they have ruined his character for me and maybe some others (especially military families.). I believe CBS has made up its mind already and PL knows their decision. Again, I just don’t know. I really hope they don’t make me care any more.. Sorry for the rant.


  5. By the way, everyone seems to think that one of the 3 CBS shows, (H50, TGW and BB) will go. Thy can keep all three if one is renewed and two get 13 episodes for S6. How this plays out remains to be seen.


  6. CBS has too many aging franchises to cancel it. I imagine we’ll get a shortened season before the cancel. That seems to be a trend.

    I know some people seem to think we will see great things from Alex and while I believe he’s capable of great things. Going from one big starring role to another is rare. I’d be surprised if he really wanted to do another series right away. And movies are becoming a tougher game. Especially because it seems like he would like to do something with more emotional range.


  7. However long the show has is yet to be determined but I would love to see a S6 and beyond. Maybe I am selfish to want to limit what Alex could do if he had the time but I would rather see his gorgeous face every week on H50 than occasionally. Keeping my fingers crossed for a S6 🙂


  8. I’m made nervous by that total Ohana beach party in all those pics…I hope that wasn’t a big farewell scene. 😯


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