Thoughts on 5.17


5.17 Kuka’awale

McGarrett and Williams stakeout a woman’s apartment after she escapes following a diamond robbery.

Directed by Daniel Dae Kim

CBS translated Kuka’awale to Stakeout

First viewing 😉

So, tell me again, why is McGarrett in therapy? So that he can work through all the trauma he suffered over the years? OH, that’s not the reason? Well, in a way it is. He has to suffer through working with the total whack job Danny Williams. A real person, contrary to the non-human killing machine McGarrett. A person whose life’s goal obviously is to insult and assault his work-partner.

What the heck was this even about? There was nothing new there. Danny is miffed because Steve drives his car? How original. Danny is miffed because Steve has control issues? Well, news-flash for you, Mr. Williams, born leaders tend to like to be in control. It’s a requirement to lead.

Oh, yeah, Danny has a real problem with Steve not opening up to him. Yeah right. Would you open up to a person who calls you names all the times? Who simply doesn’t show any real interest in how you’re doing? No, you wouldn’t. You would open up and talk easily with a friend who is interested in your well-being, who listens to your nightmares, who gives honest and sincere advice, like Grover did. Seems to me that Steve doesn’t have a problem sharing his feelings, he does that… with the right people. Which Danny surely isn’t. Danny should think about why his ‘friend’ doesn’t share his thoughts with him. Maybe he would get the idea that he’s the reason for it.

What I found really sad about this episode is the fact that they missed such a great opportunity. Again. It would have been so cool if they would finally let Steve vent about all the bad mouthing he had to take from Danny for five years now. There were a few moments where he said he wasn’t listening to him anymore, and that he was tired of his passive aggressive behavior.

It would have been so great if they would have talked about Danny’s abuse toward Steve over the years. But what did we get instead? That Steve drives Danny’s car and decides what to eat. How freaking boring old is that!?

I am so tired of Danny bitching and whining after the fact. When Steve asked if he liked Indian, why the heck didn’t he speak up and said “Hey, you said *I* could pick dinner tonight”? Why the heck did he wait until after they ordered and ate the damn food? Same with the car. If he wants to drive his damn car, than man the fu%% up and drive that stupid thing.

But no, he likes to rant and rave about all of Steve’s so called weaknesses and flaws. What about his faults? Not one single word. Not one.

Even letting the cat out was not his fault, because he had to leave the window open because Steve made disgusting eggs in the microwave. Danny’s never at fault, no matter what happens.

I just don’t see what Danny has to endure from Steve that is worth any therapy session. Where on the other side Steve is attacked by Danny on a regular basis. Danny believes he is oh so superior to Steve. And all their ‘problems’ lie in Steve. He is a very sad little man, in my eyes.

WOW, that sounds like I hated this episode. Well, after the first viewing I did. I couldn’t get the therapy session out of my head. I couldn’t get over the fact that Danny told Steve that he’s not a human being with real feelings. That he’s a coldhearted killing machine who doesn’t even know how to use words.

I couldn’t get over the fact that he said this in an official setting, and not over a beer in good fun. No, during an official therapy session. That is what he really thinks about his so called best friend. That is behavior that is, in my eyes, not acceptable. Not from a friend, a brother or whatever. And it is something no one should have to listen to. A good therapist would have spoken up then. That is not just deflecting, that is insulting and abusive.

At that point I so wished Steve would have gotten up and left. Maybe that would have made an impact on Danny. Maybe that would have made him think before speaking. That would have been a great ground for their stakeout and really working on their issues. Or better on Danny’s issues, whatever they are.

What we got though was Danny insulting, and Steve taking it. That is just lame and not realistic.

And with that said we come to the second viewing, which I did with Steve’s words in mind. “I just don’t listen to Danny anymore”. 😉

That is really good advice and made it bearable to watch again. There was still a lot of stuff in it I found neither funny, nor good. But it also made me see the good parts. And there were some of that too.

I even laughed out loud at some scenes. I loved the first introduction of Mr. Pickles. Danny almost shrieking and shooting himself, and Steve pointing out he should maybe react like a grown man. ROFL.

“I love cats … Who doesn’t love cats? … They are awesome … Like little adorable Ninjas … They’re fast … They are smart … And they are cute and cuddly at the same time.”

Aww, Steve, you are such an adorable Ninja yourself.


The category Danny put Steve in was only half right. The first part fit Steve perfectly, but the weaknesses? So far off.

Not naturally in tune what others are feeling? What? Seriously? Just recently Danny said about Steve he likes to fix broken toys. Steve is the one who is always trying to fix the people around him. He’s the emphatic one. He is very in tune with the people around him. Even in this episode he sent Jerry to fix the old lady, and he didn’t do it to get the ‘thief’ of the fern.

Difficulty expressing emotions? That’s also not true, he just does it with the right people. See above. 😉

Difficulty accepting criticism? Sorry, but he wouldn’t be in the place he is if that were true. It’s a huge part of his training to take criticism and make the best of it. I guess it’s important who criticizes him and how. Danny’s criticism can’t be taken seriously.


The story about Steve playing guitar was really nice. Even though I wondered, first, why would the star quarterback suddenly develop stage fright? That was kind of odd. I mean there are so many things Steve is passionate about, he is doing almost everything in his life with a passion not many people have. But of course this story gave us the opportunity to see Steve with a guitar and Danny to do something nice. Now we only need to see Steve play it.

So, that’s it, right? Ah, I almost forgot. There was a crime of the week. Well, to be honest, that was one of the worst COTW ever. Not even worth mentioning. When the bad guy got in the car I knew how this would play out. Down to the lesbian love affair. Only part worth mentioning due to its absolute ridiculousness was the shoot-out. Come on, guys, get back to the basics. This was so very over the top, it was downright stupid. And of course SuperKono saves the day again. Ugh.

So, what did I think of DDK directing? No idea if he did a good job or not. I don’t think any viewer is qualified to measure if he did a good job or not. I certainly don’t know enough about directing to assume I have the right to give a verdict about his directing skills. That I will leave to the people who have worked with him and know what they are talking about. The end product looked good though.

I will however say that I hope he won’t direct on H50 again. Why? Because I want to see him! I like him way too much to not have Chin in the episode. I would love to see more of the actor Daniel Dae Kim on a regular basis on Five-0. And directing takes a lot of time. Time he can’t spend on acting in an episode.


So, what is my verdict for this week’s episode?

I really, really don’t want an episode like this again. For me, Five-0 is not about Steve and Danno. Never was. I don’t think they are the heart and soul of the show. Absolutely not. Maybe they were in the beginning, but Danny is just too annoying to tolerate him any longer. Every pairing is better than Steve/Danny. By now their conversations are old, boring and repetitive.

Maybe I feel this way because I think the writing for them is mostly bad. Same old stuff again and again. No evolvement on Danny’s part.

For me, Five-0 is about solving crimes with character stuff sprinkled in. NOT at the center of the episode. I love to see some personal stuff, I love to see them off duty. But this was really too much. It felt forced without a real purpose. They completely failed to work anything out. Again Steve was the one to give something. He opened up, but Danny never ever acknowledged any faults on his part of their relationship.

It was again just picking on Steve. Despite all that, this was a good episode. But there was really nothing awesome in sight. Not even on the horizon.

Sorry, but I need more than a damn attractive, talented man and an adorable cat to give this more than four stars.


All screen-shots were done by me. Credit to CBS. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

And please remember, I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously. Always remember, this is just a TV show.

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  1. Your description of the episode reinforces the wisdom of my decision to stop with season 5.

    I had this week off and sadly, I thought about watching some earlier seasons of Five-0, but didn’t because S5 has left such a nasty taste in my mouth. I hope it won’t always be that way and that one day I’ll be able to enjoy the first 4 seasons again.

    But there’s a part of me that never gives up hoping that get some sense and right the wrongs done to this once great show.

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    1. Never give up hope. Despite all my ranting about the episodes, and all the flaws this season has, I still love Five-0.

      And I don’t think the earlier seasons were better than season three and four. Season 5 has something missing, and Steve is certainly not really Steve (no idea where the real one went to), but I think it’s still better than most of season one and two.

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    2. but even though they aren’t the greatest, you DO miss so much when you don’t watch. I could never give it up for the maybe one or two perfect lines… or scenes… or screen caps that I would miss. I HAVE to watch!


      1. RE: The can’t NOT watch–I’ve been able to do that with shows in the past when they started going downhill–one example that comes to mind is Starsky & Hutch. That show was only on for 4 seasons, but the 4th was abysmal, for much the same reason as the 5th of Five-0 is abysmal–the character lobotomies that appeared to take place off screen between seasons. Maybe it’s the intolerance of getting older. Or maybe it’s having been through many series disappointments over time.

        I’ll keep my eye on the discussion here. I have a feeling I’ll know through these discussions when/if there is ever a time to return. And besides, I get the best of all worlds here–even if I don’t watch, I’m bound to see a great screen capture or two to drool over while I wait hopefully for a magnificent turnaround. 😎



  2. Man, your “review” was spot on! Agree with every single word. McG has his faults but they are never the ones Danny makes up, and Danno is a hell-card of overgrown id and classic short-man’s self-defensive ego. It is the writers’ choice to have made him so. And they are doubling down on it this season. We see the results in the ratings, unfortunately.

    They could save it still, maybe, but I don’t see em trying to. Lenkov tweeted after the ep, “married 5 years now” and Wolkove tweeted something about Danno shoulda gotten McG an engagement ring instead of the guitar. These men are clearly clueless to where they have gone off the rails.

    Yet there is so much to work with! Get on THAT! The characters are great. Use em properly and you’d have a hit again. Such a frustrating episode because it COULD’VE been great. But it was not. Sigh.

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    1. Absolutely right, Steve has his faults and flaws, like everyone else. But the show is not talking about them. They come up with totally ridiculous stuff. Childish crap really.
      And you’re right about Danny. He’s unbearable this season. For me, it has come so far that I don’t care about him anymore. Shoot him, and I wouldn’t care or miss him. How sad is that?

      I don’t really listen to what the writers and PL says on twitter. I have decided they simply don’t know their own ‘products’. LOL They are writing them as they want or need them from episode to episode without keeping them in character. That is a total no-go for me.

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  3. I agree with everything about therapy. I was watching season 1 again and I really miss that Steve and Danny. They bickered, but it was much more good natured. I believed that actually liked each other. Plus, Danny’s rants were a little more deserved. (i.e. shark tank)

    I loved Steve with the cat. Because I’m a cat person and they are adorable little ninjas.

    I liked the guitar thing, but it did seems a little out of character for Steve. I was expecting it to be something he dropped when his mother died and he was sent away.

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    1. I’m not a great fan of season one compared to three and four. Danny got old for me after just a few episodes. I found him way too… well, too everything really. I couldn’t take him seriously. And I never got the feeling he actually liked Steve. Now, he’s still the same, just meaner and nastier.
      The gun guy had the perfect description for him: nasty human being. That’s Danny. And I really wonder why the writers write him like that. I just don’t get it.

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  4. I have always been neutral on Danny. If he’s missing, I never notice. If he’s there, OK. But I think that this was a throwaway episode considering they have so many other threads to pull until they explain all of the mysteries left up in the air. Unless they already know there is a season 6 to deal with Steve’s PTSD, the Mom from hell, Joe’s part in all this, etc., I really don’t want to spend an hour with them bickering or using Jerry as a filler with a silly (in my opinion) plant theft. We are already getting a whole episode of Kono on a surfboard connecting with her roots and I don’t recall that having been something we were looking for answers about, so what is really going on here?

    On a positive note, the cat was adorable.

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    1. I asked myself the same question. We are almost done with the season and there were no answers, no follow up of what they set in motion last season. When will they do that? In one episode a the end of the season? In season six or seven?
      It’s ridiculous really. They start new story ‘arcs’ all the time instead of finishing one first.
      PL said, like every season, we will get all answers right away. Huh, when is ‘right away’, and where are any answers? The ridiculous short story about Doris and WF? That was so lame. Not the episode, that was brilliant thanks to brilliant acting. But the plot was really… just ugh. But even that ep brought nothing but new questions, no answers.


    2. that was the most laid-back cat I’ve seen in a long time. Either that, or he just knew who was holding him and was loving it! 🙂


  5. I will admit that I watched the therapy session with the thought of you whispering in my ear the whole time. The therapist should lose her license with the way she let Danny’s name calling slide but corrected Steve for using the word annoying. I think the woman should spend some time with Danny alone. I didn’t care one way or the other about the COTW and thought the end takedown was a bit overdone. I missed about two minutes where Steve and Danny raced to deal with the crime occurring below the woman’s apartment because our TV feed went blank and came back as the returned to the apartment to see the woman get shot. That threw me off and made the solution to the whole thing rather confusing.

    I liked how Jerry helped the lady and understood the loneliness she was suffering. It could have been edited to a shorter time but since they couldn’t make up their mind which Steve they were giving us I guess it didn’t matter too much. Loved Steve with the cat but couldn’t understand how the SEAL who has an always clean house suddenly was throwing plates on the sofa. I think that being the star quarterback is different than being alone on a stage because on the field he has the team around him but it would have been more meaningful if it had been because he lost his mother right before the performance or something like that. The writers forget who Steve is frequently.

    As for Danny………………….I don’t know if I have the words. I guess it is Danny’s world and everything must go the way he wants or he isn’t happy. For a man who supposedly had a happy childhood he sure is one unhappy adult. There is no give and take from a man who had three siblings to grow up with. Too bad the gun didn’t go off when he pointed it at his chest…………sorry, my inner b#*$h got out for a moment.

    And only one comment on next weeks promo……at what point will the State Department come down on their heads for creating an international incident? Maybe Danny will have to go far away because I can’t imagine how he can show his face after escaping a prison when he was formally extradited to that country to face charges. The Governor should really be unhappy now. Thanks for letting me rant. I voted Good only because I like scruffy Steve and enjoyed staring at him.

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    1. LOL – JoJo would handle this very differently, I can promise you that. 🙂

      Maybe Danny gets killed next episode? Nah, unfortunately saw pics of a later ep, and he’s still alive. 😉

      As a quarterback, and as the star of the football team, he for sure had to be in the focus, and often without his team. I’m sure he was used to the spotlight. I think there is something else that he didn’t tell, because like this it didn’t make much sense. 10th Grade? That would make him what? 16? With 16 he wasn’t in High School anymore but already in the military academy his dad sent him to when he was 15. So, this whole story was kind of sketchy. I truly hope there will be more to it, because this looked very ‘invented’.

      And please, you are more than welcome to rant here.


      1. My son’s birthday is March 10th, same as Steve’s and he began his 10th grade year at age 15. Football is usually played at the beginning of the year so Steve could have been 15 when the year started and not turned 16 until after midway through the 10th grade.

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        1. Someone with a March birthday would have been 15 at the start of 10th grade most of the places I went to school. So that makes sense to me. I know that’s changed over time, but Steve is just a couple of years younger than I am.


    2. 😀 OMG you have come up with the solution! We lock Scott (as Danno) into a room with each writer, individually, and each time he acts out the Danny they have written. He directs it all at them, the writer, of course,rather than at McG. Each writer gets to experience the full force of the nasty THEY HAVE BEEN WRITING! See how fast the poops change their own view of that character! 😆

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  6. I’m doing something wrong because every time I try to “like” a reply I am being thrown out. I will keep trying because I agree with so much of what I am reading.


  7. Either my name, which I think is right or my email address which I know is right, is not recognized by the site. So give a virtual “like” to each of the above comments while I try to figure out who I am. Thanks


  8. I was going to be open minded about this episode but by the time Danny called his supposed best friend a killing machine robot I was pretty much done. Steve has some pretty thick skin because if I were him, I would have left on the spot. Sure, it’s true that in his line of work he has killed a lot of people but that doesn’t mean that he takes it lightly or wants to do it. That comment was beyond insulting. And the therapist said nothing? That was not very positive language. To me the episode had that sentiment of look how the long-suffering Danny selflessly puts up with his irritating, tormenting friend.

    To be fair, McGarrett probably has some control issues but if I were in Danny’s line of work, I would rather have a partner who is in control of the situation, knows what to do and doesn’t get overwhelmed by emotions in a crisis. I wouldn’t want to be in a shoot-out with an overly-emotional crybaby by my side. Also, I think that those supposed weaknesses are actually what makes Steve so good at his job. We know that Five-0 has some form of authority over HPD when they work together so Steve is ultimately in charge of a whole lot of people and things. That’s some pretty big responsibility and you have got to be a bit abrasive and in-control to handle it well.
    Fun Fact: if you look up Steve’s supposed personality type, military leader and police detective are the two most suitable careers. lol

    I love Steve backstory so the guitar story was nice but i don’t understand its point. Is it that Steve doesn’t openly show his emotions because he never wants to feel as vulnerable as he did then? or that he never played the guitar again because he didn’t want to feel vulnerable?

    Also a question about next week, is it possible that as a result of all that Colombia non-sense, the Governor removes Steve from his position as the boss since it all happened under his watch. It seems really unlikely to me but a lot of shows do something of the sort to create drama and it was the first thing that came to my mind when PL mentioned a shocking ending.

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    1. I don’t think it could be said any better than you just did. Thank you.

      Steve has great responsibility, and I think he is the perfect man for the job. His responsibility goes far beyond Danny can even imagine. Danny has never been really in charge. A few days while Steve wasn’t there doesn’t really count. Steve had been in charge and being responsible for the well-being of so many people for a really long time. He doesn’t have the luxury to give in to his emotions or let his fears control his life.
      Just think about episode 4.19. That was THE best example for what kind of people Danny and Steve are. Danny was crawling into a dark corner to die, while Steve fought to live. Danny is all talk, while Steve is a man who gets things done. He not only sees what other people are feeling and going through, he also does something about it. While Danny just ‘talks’ about it. Which is not helping anyone.

      About next week. I wouldn’t listen to anything that PL says. He said a lot of things over the years, and most of them were very different to what he said. His shocking will probably just something we scratch our heads and wait for something shocking to happen. I found out that his view of things differ very much from my view of things. His awesome is my ridiculous (claw and other things come to mind); his epic is often a failure in my eyes, and his shocking is often amusing to me. So, I don’t give a rat’s behind about his oh so epic, shocking awesome scenes. 😉

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      1. I never understood why they put Danny as the Second in Command. I guess it’s because he and Steve are partners but Chin seemed like the more logical option- for one, he is more familiar with the locals, outranks Danny and has more leadership qualities- calm under pressure, etc.

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      2. wait… you didn’t like the… CLAW??? Whatever is wrong with you? That made perfect sense and was not over the top in any way. 🙂


  9. Just like you Mostly Five 0 may not like Danny, it is the same way with me and Steve. As he is suppose to be a leader. But his control issues and driving Danny’s car really can be childish and foolish at times. As if Danny wants to drive, then drive it Danny instead of letting Steve drive it all the time. Unless Danny knows that is what Steve needs to do, is drive over his “car sickness issues.” But really you have to love Cloris Leachman as she is such a doll. She cracks me up. As also love Jerry, again he is one harmless teddy bear.

    But to see their so-called “issues being resolved” I doubt it. Will admit that Danny is a whiner and needs to shut up at times. There I said it. But still, their issues will never be resolved.


    1. You know, it’s nothing wrong with liking Danny over Steve. That’s fine. I just wish the show would give us a reason for Danny to actually rant about Steve. Something other than the old ‘You never let me drive my car’. Please. Just something. But it seems they can’t come up with something reasonable because there isn’t anything.

      And I say it again. Man up and drive your fucking car. I’m sorry for the language, but this really pisses me off. That is not an issue to have with anyone, that is just stupid and childish. And it has nothing to do with control issues. Steve wants to drive, so he just does it. If his friend doesn’t want him to drive he should just say so, and not whine after they drove somewhere. It’s ridiculous.

      And I actually think THEY don’t have any issues. Danny has issues. But they will not be resolved with Steve, because Danny has to work on his issues. Not the other way around.

      But, really, I think they work great together. That’s all that counts. Friends they are not. Not in my eyes. They worry for each other, they care for each other. But only on a work related level, to keep the work partnership intact. I don’t see anything else between them.


  10. Got a new phone so I don’t think I’m signed in, but it is me!

    I have this ep a solid B… for the wonderful images of Steve that I saw and the fact that Steve actually said he doesn’t listen to Danny. Good for him because what spewed out of Danny’s mouth was nothing but garbage. In addition to saying he was a machine and not human, he called him a putz again. That is not a cute term of endearment. It is mean spirited. And yes, the guitar was a nice gesture but not after all the mean things he said in this show and all the ones before it.

    And on another note… do we really need more robot kono? I’ve had enough.

    I’m proud of ddk for directing but I agree that I miss him in front of the camera.

    I did like Steve and mr. Pickles. 🙂

    Great non-review, Sam!

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  11. I agree with everything you wrote! Even the majority of comments were spot on.

    The COTW was stupid and inane. Nothing more need be said except that the criminal dressed as Robo-Cop was over the top. I did enjoy Kono being bad-a$$ed and to quote Kamekono “it was the piece of resistance!’. But I like Kono and since she’s not given much else to do, like Chin, I enjoy her screen time.

    The therapy session had me ripping. I thought the same thing. The counselor doesn’t stop
    Danny from calling Steve an animal and killing machine but reprimands Steve for saying the truth. I know if my friend kept calling me names, an animal, a putz, inhuman, they wouldn’t be my friend for long. Steve is very tolerant of Danny. I personally know I could easily work with Steve, the control freak over the insipid, whiny, obnoxious Danny. Danny was always whiny but this season he’s off the charts. It was nice that Danny bought Steve a guitar, it was nice that Steve let Danny drive, but what I want is the carguments of old, the friendship of old. No snark, no meanness, no nasty, just fun.

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  12. I don’t believe Steve would have experienced stage fright. I think he would have realized long before that he wasn’t confident in his playing ability and dropped out. Otherwise, he would have just been Steve and marched on stage, stared down the audience, hit one chord and smashed his guitar like a Rock star. Because that is who he is–brash, tough and not easily intimidated. The writers keep reinventing his character, making him do things we know he would not. It might be a good idea if they hired someone to watch all of the episodes and give him/her a magic marker and allow a quick read of each script so all of the “out of character” silliness can be crossed out. The biggest problem that I see is that there is absolutely no continuity or adherence to what we as viewers already know. So sad to think that we, who have no input, understand the history of H50 better than the writers They need quality control- someone to put an “inspected by ——– ” sticker on each script.

    As for Danny, why must they keep writing him as a jerk and not a caring friend? Danny trashed Steve’s house when he was on Reserve duty but now he is suddenly Mr. Clean and Steve is the barbarian? Did the writers forget this? Or even know this? And what is all this eating with their fingers and talking with their mouths full about? Danny was raised in a home with a mother and probably utensils. Even Steve had his Mother for 16 years, so she must have taught him some table matters. I’m sure that Annapolis would have broken him of this habit before he graduated. Apparently the writers think this is cute. (I just had a mental picture of the writers sitting around a table discussing an episode with food flying, coffee spilling and using their sleeves as napkins)

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  13. i agree with pretty much everything said already. I like the comedy (and Steve’s expressions) from the counseling sessions, but it is ridiculous that they each have tons of counseling worthy issues, yet don’t actually broach any of them.

    I did not think “slob Steve” was in character very well. I don’t ever enjoy watching him eat. He seems as if he hasn’t eaten in days (although a few other people have noted the slightly pudgier looking Commander in this episode). I agreed with Danny about his restaurant selection process; however, i agree that Danny could put his foot down. It would be nice if either one of them would honestly admit to one of their faults when brought up by the other rather than deflect. I guess Steve kind of did with his guitar story. I do agree that the high school story was a little questionable. I think that several of the fans agreed we expected the talent night to coincide with his mother’s “death”. I did like that Steve shared his vulnerablility issue.

    I continue to look forward to all your posts and of course and excited about the next episode.

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    1. They portrayed Steve as a slob on top of it all? Other folks here who have mentioned the fact that they don’t pay attention to their own show and its characters are exactly right. Steve may not be a neat freak, but he is definitely no slob. He’s clean and efficient (I will always love the “Navy shower” argument from a few seasons back. LOL! And who can forget Steve wiping Danny’s donut crumbs off the table? Definitely not a slob.

      On a separate note, there has never been anything wrong with the gag of Steve always driving Danny’s car. When done correctly, this is excellent occasional interplay between the two characters. At most, in 4 seasons, I can recall there ever being a passing remark on it by Danny maybe 3 times. Makes for good give and take with the two. Since thankfully I haven’t witnessed much of season 5, I haven’t seen how that interplay has changed, but the gimmick itself is fine and adds something to the show. Danny not being a jerk would be welcome, but it wouldn’t work if they were boring Bobbsey twins either.

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      1. Maybe “slob” was a little strong on my part, but just not the clean efficient behavior he seems to display in other settings. Danny was shown as the one concerned about Steve tossing a dirty plate onto the couch after finishing breakfast.

        I agree with you about the ongoing gags, but now that Danny has brought up the car driving thing as a control issue in counseling, it seems a bit over done. I guess though for this type of show we are supposed to expect a little campiness. I just get embarrassed for actors i think are stuck doing silly hijinks when we know they can do serious stuff so well (i.e. Alex on several other H50 episodes.) I probably shouldn’t care about that as much as i do. I just want Steve and Danny to completely confront one another – no holds barred. i had thought that was going to happen in this episode. And oh, yeah, buying your friend a guitar is a nice gesture, but it doesn’t fix the issues you have between you. At least the guitar story was a little peek into the psyche of Steve.

        Steve has some controls issues – the negative side of his temperament that the counseling workbook pointed out. Because i study temperaments, personalities, etc. a good bit, i get annoyed when people are not willing to admit to the negative parts of their personality and actually try to work on them instead of saying -“that’s just the way i am.” (Both Danny and Steve are at fault there). Otherwise, i probably would just continue to laugh at all of it. At some point though, Steve and Danny’s partnership/friendship will need to mature or end. I actually had a thought when Danny claimed that things were improving – sure they are, Steve has been working with Grover more.

        I enjoy each episode, and am willing to give the writers and producers a chance for the rest of the season. I hope they do the storyline next week justice. They still have a decent amount of time to get back into the serious Steve/Joe/Doris mess; they had better address that somehow before the season finale.

        Liked by 1 person

  14. Sam, you had me at “born leaders tend to like to be in control. It’s a requirement to lead.”

    When someone constantly gives verbal abuse, calls them ugly names then buys them a gift to think that will make up for it….I believe there’s a term for that kind of person. You be the judge. #justsayin

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Oh my. I just read your second paragraph three times. It’s an eye opener and says in just a few lines what some of us have been trying to say with hundred of words and not as effectively. Thanks.

      Liked by 3 people

  15. I pretty much agree with everything you wrote and most of the comments. This episode wasn’t great but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. The therapy scene had me rolling my eyes. Steve and Danny both have serious issues they need to deal with and they waste time doing “couples therapy”. So so so ridiculous. Like you, I was really hoping they would use this as an opportunity for Steve to tell Danny what an a$$ he is and how terrible of a friend he is. Yes, Steve has flaws but at least he treats his friends the way friends should be treated, with care and respect. Danny may say he cares about Steve but he doesn’t act like it (i.e. being insulting and abrasive when Steve is hurt-physically or emotionally) and he sure as heck doesn’t respect him. You don’t call someone you respect and emotionless killing machine. That therapist is so one sided, its like she doesn’t even care what Steve has to say, she is only concerned about Danny and his feelings. She should be fired and JoJo should take her place. At least JoJo is a real psychiatrist (even if she is fictional) she knew what she was doing.

    Steve may be a control freak but he is also a Navy SEAL and an officer of the Navy. You don’t get there without being in control. SEALs are trained to be in control as much as they can. They don’t want a person who panics or gets out of control when the mission goes sideways in the SEALs. That is how other soldiers/sailors get injured or killed.

    Danny really needs to stop b*tching about not driving his car. If he really had a problem with it he would do something about it instead of just whining after the fact. Like you said he needs to man the f#$@ up!

    I liked the story with the guitar even if it was really odd. I hope at some point we get to see/hear Steve play.

    I also liked Steve with Mr. Pickles. I am so not a cat person but Mr. Pickles seemed like a cool cat. And Steve holding him was absolutely adorable. There were a few scenes where he was holding the cat like a baby. That was pretty much the only redeeming thing about this episode.

    I’m with everyone else who thinks the guys are out of character and the writers need a reality check on their characters. They are slowly ruining a good show with their sloppy writing. I honestly was kind of hoping that Steve would decide to just leave Danny in the South American prison in next weeks episode. But unfortunately that won’t happen.

    Liked by 4 people

  16. So many well stated comments, most offs which I agree with. .. and great job on the review too!
    I just get the feeling that these writers are just writing this show as one big joke (a not funny one at that) and playing havoc with the characters so that they can write whatever story strikes their fancy. “Wouldn’t it be neat if… ..” Sort of thing. It’s painful to watch, And incredibly insulting. Seriously – haven’t we moved beyond the era where old ladies (or anyone really) thinking two guys are gay is funny?

    There were some enjoyable parts. .. I did think that Jerry and Cloris Leachman’s characters interaction was sweet, And although I’m not exactly a cat lover I did love that Steve handled Mr Pickles with care – did anyone else notice how gravelly low Alex’s voice was? Is he allergic to cats? Lol.

    For me, not a great episode, and unfortunately low ratings too 😦

    Liked by 5 people

  17. So, at first let me get my facts straight.
    He is NOT annoying. He is no killer. He is not supposed to use positive language. He is flawless, nothing is HIS fault. It is perfectly secure to be in confined spaces with him because he is not trigger-happy and shooting you accidently if something pretty harmless scares him. He is a neat freak. No crumbles, no burned frittatas, no dogs in beds, no heaps of dirty clothing, no messy apartments – nothing. He can’t sleep at night. He has the right to expect his friend to open up to him because he would never ever call him names. He gets all his wisdom from infomercials and lesbian p0rn.
    He has no stamina.

    He is a killing machine, an animal, a putz, not a human being. He is supposed to take insults from his best friend, because the therapist sees no need to address this. He is a slob, doesn’t care about crumbs and coffee stain on the table. He sleeps every night perfectly well. He is a control freak because his friend can’t man up and drive is own car.
    He is not passionate. He is not passionate about his dad’s old car, he is not passionate about solving cases, he is not passionate about helping people who don’t have anybody else, he is not passionate about fixing toys…
    He has no idea how lovable he is.
    Don’t get me wrong I liked the episode, had me smile a lot of times. But this stupid therapy and Danny’s behavior is more than annoying. So I second every single word you’ve written Sam!
    I loved McPussy. Steve and Mr. Pickles were so adorable. Am I the only one who thought that Steve talking about cats was describing himself? And I loved all the little faces Steve made, finding the weed, talking to Ruth, watching the girls but only focusing on the cereals!
    The scene when Steve was talking about his vulnerability was amazing. The close up on his face was a great choice. DDK did good, he knows what Alex can do. And he did. He reverted to his 15 year old self even before we saw the flashback. His voice, his timing – he is a master of “do less more” and it’s brilliant!
    Now I hope there’s more to that story because Steve deserves that there’s more. By now, it is a missed opportunity. This man a suffered so much, his life was full of unimaginable pain and it’s about time the writers address this and not that stupid stooooooopid ‘meh, I want to drive my car’ BS.
    And now, be strong Sam, I loved Jerry. He is such a teddy bear and a really wise man. He and Ruth were great together, and of course Steve had to fix this sad, old, lonely, lovable toy too.
    I think it was great that finally finally after five years Danny got Steve a present. About time. He looked so sad in S1(? Don’t remember, not my rewatch-season) when D came into his kitchen with a package and it was no gift from his buddy but car parts he ordered in the internet. But they missed the opportunity to address Danny’s insults and to show some change in his behavior.
    I voted OK. Last week topped this because of McGrover.
    If I get some Steve playing his guitar in future epis I will be in heaven!
    Now looking forward to 5.19.

    Liked by 5 people

    1. I loved how Steve was focusing on the cereals, that was so Steve. 🙂

      Nah, I don’t need to be strong, I actually really liked Jerry in this one. Guess I only mentioned him in passing, but he did a really fine job.

      LOL – skipping 5.18, huh? 🙂


  18. Ok, finally we have an explanation about Steve continue to have Danny has his work partner. He doesn’t listen him anymore. Steve, you’re a highly trained Navy Seal, you are prepared for hard environments and situations, even torture but i’m not. I’m very tired of Danny. I’m not a killer machine, but i want to be one every time Danny opens his mouth.
    The COTW was awful.
    I’m not a cats fan, but i loved watching Steve with Mr. Pickles. And now knowing that the kitty was a she – Lili, makes more sense to me. She is another Alex’s fangirl. Team McPussy FTW!
    I’m divided about the way Steve eats. If i find disgusting and rude in one way, watching him licking and enjoying his meal fully, is entertainment.
    I really enjoyed Steve’s scene, telling about his vulnerable moment, although i don’t think is very believable that Steve McGarrett had a stage fright. For me it makes more sense that i didn’t performed because mom’s “dead” and was one thing she loved is listening his son playing guitar, so he stopped.
    Danny had a very nice gesture to Steve after 5 years (Steve had in the first episode, but who’s counting). I only hope that we can finaly watch Steve/Alex playing the guitar, or this story will be pointless.
    I don’t have skills to evaluate Daniel’s work as a Director but i’m very thankful of all scenes and close-ups of Steve/Alex.
    Good is my vote if we forget Danny and the COTW.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you. Now we finally have a ship the whole fandom can embrace. Unless he says “I love you” to Mr. Pickles, then all bets are off. Hope the poor kitty does not have a twitter “acat”, whoops meant twitter account.

      Liked by 2 people

  19. I have to say this was one of my favourite episodes in season 5. Maybe because I am a McDanno fan and I think the bromance is still an important part of the show.


    1. Welcome to the blog. It’s nice to hear from someone who is a McDanno fan. If you want and feel like it, you could explain what you love about it so much. You won’t be judged or attacked on this site for liking McDanno or Danny, or any other pairing. Everyone here plays nice and is interested in hearing other people’s opinions.
      So, what makes Steve and Danny special to you?


      1. Thank you, I’m really glad to read that 🙂 I wasn’t sure if my comment would be welcome so I initially kept it to a minimum. I must explain though that my love for the McDanno bromance is from a strong friendship, brotherly like relationship point of view, I’m not a “proper” shipper. But i have always liked the fact that even being so different from one another Steve and Danno have grown closer and developed a strong bond over the seasons, they truly trust each other and they are always there for one another. They have both gone through a lot and they have reacted to it in very different ways, due to their different upbringing and life experiences. they bicker and they occasionally fight but they always have each other’s back. i don’t see malice in their arguments i find them generally funny. In this episode I did like Steve opening up with Danno about that experience he had as a teenager. Personally i assume that between themselves, off screen from us, they must have already talked about the “biggest issues” and the traumatic experiences they have been through. We have lived them together with them so it might be repetitive for a tv show to talk about them as well. But what they are really working on are the basic issues of their personalities, Steve been a controlling military guy and Danny being tendetially negative about situations and people. The fact that at the end Danny bought Steve a guitar and Steve let Danny drive are little steps that show that they eventually really understand each other and their needs. I just find the bromance funny, cute and heartwarming at the same time. At least this is how I see it. I hope i made some sense, it is difficult to express what i think or feel with words. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to express it 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I agree with you on one point. 🙂 They do have each other’s back. There is no doubt about that. But I still see that as a work related thing. Yes, they do worry about each other. It would be very odd to work together, trust each other with their lives and not worry.
          But I don’t see any ‘relationship’ outside of work.
          And other than you, I won’t accept a person who calls a friend names, insults him and makes fun of him on a regular basis. I can’t see any love or fun in that. Not saying that my view of it is the right one, but for the love of me I can’t even like Danny or his behavior. I would not like to spend any time with a person like that. I do see malice in Danny’s words. They are not always said in good fun. He means them. And that is, in my eyes, not acceptable behavior.
          It’s an interesting point you mention, that we lived through their trauma with them. That is right, and because of that I want, no, I demand to see the resolution to it. *I* need that since I also suffered with them. I don’t want that to happen off screen. I don’t want to be ‘forced’ to suffer with them, but not getting the benefits of working through all the trauma. Does that make sense? 🙂

          I really love that you came out and made your point. You are always welcome to do so. I hope you will let us know what you think of the coming episodes. I find it interesting to see a different view. Even if I don’t agree, I like to look at other views. Who knows, I might even learn something and get the chance to re-evaluate my view.


          1. OK I will 🙂 I think some resolution of the events in Danny’s and Chin’s lives will come in 5.18 And yes, hopefully we will see later on in the season on/about Steve a bit more of the effects/consequences/emotional aspects of the events from 5.07. They’ve definitely been shaken off too fast, we truly suffered with him in that cell and the writers need to deal with that from Steve the person, not the tough Navy Seal, point of view.

            Liked by 1 person

  20. Thank you Sam for you non-review and for venting…
    leiCa, as always you cracked me up. And to almost all the others above – pretty much spot on.
    I have to admit – and don’t jump on me, lol- my first reaction was to give this episode an awesome rating. Well, not the “5.07 awesome” but you know, the newly created A minus category 🙂
    I was happily entertained after a stressful day, watching it late Saturday night after a glass of wine. I even tweeted how much I liked it … 🙂
    And then I reflected on it… and again… and again… and some things that were “ok” to watch during the first viewing literally jumped at me. I remember moaning right away while watching the first time about the putz and the “killing machine”, but I was willing to put it aside because… well, it’s Danny we’re talking about! So what else would we expect…. I happily ignored the COTW and concentrated on the wonderful chemistry of that perfect couple: nope, not McDanno, but McCat! That did wonders for me.
    Ok, seriously – as I stated over on your other site something happened after the awful Christmas episode. It looks like I flipped a switch, dialed back on expectations, gave up on a few things (what is PTSD again and who was Catherine???….) – and I guess it worked!
    I enjoyed the last few episodes and they entertained me well. There were even quite a few awesome moments in it that I loved.

    In this episode, Danny was in parts tolerable for me. Let me try to explain a few points:
    – He was willing to “work” on his (their??) issues, taking the book from the therapist in the first place. We see him actually making notes and asking Steve if he already started to read that thing.
    – I give him credit for not ranting at Steve when he ordered “his” food and ignored Danny’s wishes. Yes, Danny could have said something right away, but I take it as a positive thing that he was almost polite when pointing out his opinion.
    – He’s holed up on the couch but has the decency to sit up and actually listen to Steve opening up about his experience on stage.
    – He gives him the guitar because he obviously listened and cared.
    There were a few other situations but these stuck out to me. These made Danny ok for me in this episode, a big jump from last week!
    I don’t need to go over all the other things though, you guys covered them perfectly already. All in all, I will never be a Danny person -anymore-….

    I have no idea what is really involved in directing, but taking the script Daniel was given, I think he mad the best out of it. I loved how he brought out the goofiness in Alex. Also the close-up of his face when sitting on the couch was great.
    I’m assuming shooting the episode was a lot of fun and it shows. And so in big parts for me it was watching it. You know, these days it’s the small things that count….

    Some of you pointed out that an opportunity was once again missed of not only Steve telling Danny off during therapy but mostly Steve opening up about his past. Nope, not gonna happen in this constellation. Steve would do that in a group therapy amongst fellow servicemen (scenes that were shot already in season 4 and then were sadly deleted) or with Grover, someone he fully trusts and who understands him.

    Steve said he stopped listening to Danny. Good advice. Maybe he’s gotten to a point where he wants to turn the tables, make him believe he’s messy. Otherwise I have no clue who the hell the smacking guy was we watched eating 🙂

    I’m looking forward to 5.18 but NOT because of Danny, but because we’ll get to see some BAMF Steve again who cares for his partner so much, that he’s willing to risk everything. And then 5.19 can’t come fast enough!

    Liked by 2 people

  21. I agree with most of the criticisms of this epi. It’s very sad the writers don’t seem to pay attention to the previously established traits of their characters – or perhaps just don’t give a rat’s ass. Portraying Steve as a slob when it’s been established he’s something of a neat freak was just too OOC. What I also took exception to is Danny describing Steve as an ESTJ, (Extrovert/Sensory/Thinker/Judging), on The Meyers-Briggs personality profile. What is probably more appropriate is the profile describing people who communicate best by action and have not much interest in verbal skills. Among these are the some of the most elite warriors of the world. What they did get right is that there are positive and negative aspects to all personality types. If any of you are interested in this subject, a great book to read is ‘Please Understand Me’. I think the description of an ISTP, (Introvert/Sensory/Thinker/Perceiver), fits McG a bit better.
    One final thought is that McPickles is, of course, the bomb.


  22. After having seen 5/17 my mind started spinning! I love McD, even if they are fighting. But something was different and I could not grip it. Then I got an idea: in the past they banter and bicker at each other, roling eyes and thinking what they would have to say or argument. This time they started really talking to each other. And for the first time Danny made no joke of something deeply personal Steve was sharing. No teasing this time over that.
    Because although I love those two together, I also thought Danny to be not polite (positiv language ) 🙂
    I absolutely love your look-ons, Sam. To me it is just as good as watching the show. Every time I get a whole new angle to view (I am pulling at my hair now-I hope that came out right, still struggling).
    And I too did love McCat! !
    Thank you for the possibility to talk about those things!


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