A few thoughts on 5.16


5.16 Nanahu

Five-0 enlists the help of a Californian ATF Agent to find a serial arsonist targeting couples on Oahu. Meanwhile, when Danny whisks Amber away for a romantic getaway, her abusive ex-husband tracks them down, intent on taking his wife back.

Professional golfer Michelle Wie guest stars as herself, helping Steve improving his golf-skills, and leaving Grover speechless.

Melina Kanakaredes guest stars as ATF Agent Kathy Millwood.

CBS translated Nanahuh to Embers

The Awesomeness

How great were the opening scenes on the golf course? Now, that is what I call chemistry. It is just a joy to watch Chi McBride and Alex O’Loughlin having fun while working. Their acting is effortless.

And Steve and Grover? That is how a friendship should be. They tease each other, but without a hint of nastiness. You can practically see how they have mutual respect for each other. Not just for their ability in their job, but they both respect the other as a human being.

I really liked how Grover took this non-golfer under his wing, so that Steve wouldn’t look like an idiot during the charity event. Even though he was teasing Steve about his non-ability to play golf he was still genuinely interested in teaching him the game.

And Steve took the teasing but still asked for help and listened to his friend, and later to the professional to improve his game.

I loved watching them. In my eyes, Lou Grover is THE best addition to the team they could ever have come up with.

The Good

I liked the COTW. It was not spectacular, but it was good. I thought they were a bit too long and too often in burned houses, but that was just a minor thing. I wondered though where Steve disappeared to while they investigated the first fire. He was in the truck on the phone. Where was he going and why did he leave the crime scene? I found that very odd.

Melina Kanakaredes, from CSI:NY did a good job. I never watched CSI:NY, so I have no idea how she was on that show.

Her role was kind of interesting, but I wonder if any agent can just come to Five-0 telling them, hey, I’m on the case, and they just believe it. Don’t they EVER check anyone out? Not any victims, or any agents. Don’t they EVER check if people really are who they say they are? I’m sorry, but I find all that very odd.

And I thought she was way too easy allowed to stay on the case and work with them. She lied to Five-0. She endangered the investigation and all of them, withholding information. For me, it was too quick and easy for her to join Five-0.

I had a slight problem with the arsonist. They said he would interact with people normally and would even be charming. Excuse me? *I* would not have let him into my house, I found him anything but charming or nice. Even when he talked to the young couple. Sorry, but that man would not have gone into my house.

Anyway, the crime was good, even though the end was again very predictable. Or was there anyone who didn’t know she would be taken and saved by Five-0? 😉

The Poor, bordering on Failure

The whole Amber/Danny stuff. I’m sorry, but I really couldn’t care less for this storyline. But of course, that doesn’t keep me from saying something about it. 😉

I loved how Steve had no idea where Danny was going with Amber and that we didn’t see them together at the hospital. It again was a prime example for what a close friendship these two have.

But seriously, it is more than obvious that these two are nothing more than great work partners. I don’t see any indication for them being any kind of close outside the realm of work. Never have, and most likely never will.

Now about Amber and Danny. If my ‘boy’friend would have called my boss, making such plans without asking me first, controlling my life like that, I would have kicked his ass. I would for sure not go with him on any trip any time soon. That was neither romantic nor anything. That was just selfish and controlling the other person’s life.

And I would really like to know what kind of ‘friends’ Danny has who have houses like that and let him stay in it. Really interested in what kind of circles he is in, and where all that money is coming from.

And again I was reminded what a selfish prick Danny is. Not just with how he’s treating Amber, just being with her when he wants. And then in a totally controlling way. No, also turning his phone off. That is an absolute no-go. He doesn’t need to answer it. But turning it off? Sorry, but that doesn’t fly with me.

But there was also one good thing about this whole story. I love what a great fit these two are. They are both cold blooded murderers. Perfect fit. Amber killed her husband in cold blood. There was no need for her to run him over like that. That was murder, nothing else. And there is no defense to what she did. He was out after she had hit him with the car. Which was OK, they were in real danger at that moment. But then he was out, and injuring a police officer, and attacking them both would put him in prison most likely for life. There was no threat coming from him right then or in the future. She killed him. But the writers of Five-0 obviously think killing someone in cold blood is cool.

It’s not. It’s wrong. And I found this just as disgusting as Danny killing Reyes.


More Awesomeness

O.M.G. Words fail me for the absolute great ending of this episode. Some people might wonder how Steve could win this thing as a total beginner. Well, you should google handicap in golf. 😉 And as Grover said, that was what gave him the chance to beat him. I actually loved it.

I loved that Grover in the end was a bit overconfident and that it cost him his win. And I also loved the teasing with the phones. Hilarious.

Loved ‘Uncle Steve’. Awww.

Loved how Steve referred to Danny as his partner, as in work partner, and not as his friend. (Insert a huge grin here)

Loved how we didn’t see the ball fall into the cup, just heard it. Was I the only one who had already visualized that?

My verdict? An all in all a good episode with some awesomeness sprinkled in.

Rating 5-16

This was not my usual review, but a format that doesn’t take too much time and hopefully gets a conversation going. Thanks for reading. Looking forward to your comments.

All screen-shots were done by me. Credit to CBS. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

And please remember, I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously. Always remember, this is just a TV show.

50 thoughts on “A few thoughts on 5.16

  1. So, let me get this straight. Danny leaves Grace behind (with whom we don’t know), takes off with Amber or whatever her real name is, turns off his phone and tells nobody where he is going? And he thinks Steve is careless with his daughter’s safety? Come on writers. Watch each others shows.

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  2. Sam this is a nice recap even without being proper, works fine with me 🙂
    I like the episodes having funny scenes for Alex and co to work on. They are a breathe of fresh air amongst the weekly sad stories.
    I don´t really know Melina K but find her character a bit annoying throughout her appearance. And her wailing when she thought she would die, was a bit too much. I really don´t like the moments any character express their sadness so loudly (over acted). For me it takes away from the emotional connection, and just leave me annoyed. Though she had very beautiful eyes when she got McHugged 🙂
    I think I skipped over nearly half the epi, with Danny´s romance. Have no interest in it, but I feel Amber was right to drive over her ex. I would have been dissappointed if she hadn´t.
    Next week Mr Pickles will steale Steve´s heart and I can´t wait 🙂

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    1. LOL – I never liked hysterical, screaming women. That is an absolute no go for. I’m always sitting there and thinking “Geez, get your act together”. 😉
      I liked Amber hitting him with the car, but then driving over him was too much.


  3. Phew! I thought I was alone in my lack of caring about the Danny/Amber storyline. They’re a matched set, especially after seeing her leave her ex as road kill. I guess Danny is responsible for murdering two people in cold-blood now! I do hope Amber/Melissa relocates back to NY to live happily ever after now that she’s not in danger anymore and takes Danny with her. Sorry, sharing my fantasy! LOL!

    Melina was good as Kathy, she was also good in CSI-NY as Stella. But didn’t her Kathy just scream Jenna Kaye! I was glad that, at least and at last, Steve didn’t have to suffer any torture and abuse because of her! I agree I would never allow anyone in my house without knowing who they were. He wasn’t charming, but scary! I didn’t know who Randy was since 50’s idea of “guest stars” is very different from mine! They also have a tendency of having a cast of thousands so you lose track of who actually is a “star”.

    The COTW was just ok, it could have been shorter and a lot more attention paid to McGrover McGolfing!! Seeing Lou and Steve together is always a a treat! The do have a good chemistry and ease with each other. I was a bit disappointed when Lou jumped on the diss Steve train with his comment to Michelle about “ignore his friend he just crawled out from under a rock with a driver in his hand.” But then I realized Lou was just jealous of Steve (and who wouldn’t be!) because of the attention he was getting from her! Nope I knew Steve would ace the game! I think Lou forgot just how competitive Steve is and it cost him! I love that Sam referred to him as Uncle Steve! Sweet!

    I really wish the writers would use Chin and Kono more. They also work well with Steve and it’s a shame they’re relegated to the “back office” type of work. Here’s hoping.

    Great screen caps and I was very happy to see this post!!

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  4. Sam I agree with your comments totally…. except for one small detail…
    there was too much awesomeness in there to give it a ‘good’ 🙂 with that beginning and end it had to be awesome. And as soon as steve hit the ball on the end I told my daughter that they were going to black screen. 🙂
    Loved it!


  5. I am so glad I wasn’t the only one bothered by Danny calling Amber’s boss without her knowledge. I fail to see the romance in that; it’s completely inappropriate. I doubt that Amber has the same close type of relationship with her boss that Danny has with his and if I were her I would be really humiliated.I am of two minds about her running her ex over. Yes on one hand, he was already completely incapacitated so he didn’t pose an immediate danger but on the other hand he was clearly very violent so I felt she feared that he could come after her again in the future.

    I actually liked Kathy; she and Steve worked well together. I am not a fan of hysterics myself but if I were being doused with gasoline and about to be set on fire, I would be hysterical too. I wouldn’t mind seeing her again.

    For the first time, i thoroughly loved the McGrover scenes. Chi McBride should do comedy in the future; he is hilarious and Grover’s golfing clothes are always entertaining. I liked how they integrated Michelle Wei (?) in the episode. I am glad that she was just teaching Steve to golf and didn’t really have to act. I loved her line to Steve at the end–> “if these are your friends I don’t want to meet your enemies”.

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  6. Hmmmm…Danno called Amber’s boss and arranged for her vacay time? Two thoughts: 1. I didn’t reallize he had done that, cos after he walked up, took a bite of her food, then kissed her with the food still in his mouth, I bloop blooped thru every other moment of DanAmber or whatever the poop the fandom are calling them. So I didn’t hear him say that, cos gross. And 2. I’m not surprised he said that. Typical of the misogynysitic PTB behind our Show. They don’t know or even like women much and prove it pretty much every episode. New are mere props for male drama…

    So I rated this episode good. The McG parts were awesome, especially the golfing and the McGrover, and frankly Michelle Wie, not an actress, did a great job as an actress! She was darling with Alex! I also loved Samantha and glad she got to have some fun. The case itself was good, and I enjoyed Melina too. Tho I agree that exterminator woulda never gotten into my house! But I was forced by that initial Danno-ick to skip that entire story, so overall, for lost ep time, a good from me. 🙂

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    1. “I didn’t reallize he had done that, cos after he walked up, took a bite of her food, then kissed her with the food still in his mouth, I bloop blooped thru every other moment of DanAmber or whatever the poop the fandom are calling them.” – ROFL, there is really not much more to say than this. Thank you!

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  7. Glad to see Melina K back on TV. As really a great job on it. Hope she comes back again. But despite a bit jurisdiction friction, still Steve would not back down. One of the things I do like about him.

    But I guess Grace was with her mother and her husband and new step-baby. They had a baby a few seasons back remember? But Danny seemed happy with Amber and time away from his job. Until Amber as that is not her real name as we learned, ex-husband as he seems to have an Australian accent hence Alex does LOL. But seriously, comes back to haunt them. Amber really cares about Danny. And vice versa.

    Really love McGrover together. Both really play off one another. Michelle Wie was all cute and bubbly. If the golf thing doesn’t work, really needs to consider acting.


  8. wow, ya’ll are so much better than most of the twitter verse (particularly in reference to Amber and Danny). I couldn’t stand their interaction. I wanted Danny to take a cold shower during most of his scenes (i just can’t get over the age difference or at least what looks like an age difference -creepy). Also, I am very conservative when it comes to physicality in relationships. I ignore a lot on television, but seeing Steve and Catherine being physical was a little easier than thinking about Danny and Amber since we haven’t really watched the development of their relationship. Catherine came in with an already long standing something with Steve. I couldn’t believe a comment i saw about Danny and Amber having so much more chemistry than Steve and Catherine; I don’t know what that person perceives as chemistry, but it isn’t the “trying to hard” and desperate neediness i saw in Danny. So, can you tell i was a little irked by all that?
    I had not thought much about Danny’s calling Amber’s boss, but after learning about her husband’s controlling nature, Danny should realize that was a problem. I know this is only a tv show and we have to make some assumptions about things in the teams life outside of work, but one sign of an unhealthy relationship is not sharing that relationship with your friends. I did not see all of season 4 so maybe Amber has interacted with the team some and i missed it. Now that we know about the past abusive relationship, has anyone else had the thought that her attraction to Danny is a little of a “hero-complex fixation” (dont’ exactly know how to label that, but i think you get my point? Just a thought. i was glad amber hit the guy to begin with in the car, but running over him was probably a bit much (could it be considered momentary insanity?). Thank you for pointing out the comparison with the Reyes confrontation. i haven’t seen that mentioned elsewhere.

    Oh Steve and Grover – : ) : ) : ) seeing a flummexed steve made me smile. Frustrated face is a good one on him…. I absolutely love Chi McBride and what part they have given him for Grover.
    The wailing was over the top for me, but i can’t tell you what i would do if i were being doused with a flammable substance. (if i knew a McHug were coming…..hmm) That rescue scene seemed a little rushed. I think the vapors could have ignited in real life.
    love you guys!


    1. I actually agree with you about Danny and Amber. I don’t see any love there, or chemistry. I only see Danny wanting that woman for sex. There is no story, and no development in their relationship. You haven’t missed any because there wasn’t any. The team hasn’t met Amber.

      Steve and Catherine had known each other long before Five-0 was even formed. And their scenes always felt warm and with a lot of feelings behind their actions.

      Danny was never anything but a horndog looking after every women in a skirt. Sorry, but that is how I see this ‘relationship’. I can’t get over their age difference. Amber is more like a playdate for Grace than a woman for Danny. Amber was rescued by Danny in more than one way. She does see her hero in him and acts accordingly to that. And he likes to have this young person falling for him. In my eyes, he’s a very disturbed man. His behavior with his daughter is not normal, and his behavior towards women in general is not ‘normal’. Then there was the affair with a married woman (no, haven’t forgotten that) and now this very young woman. Sorry, but I find Danny’s behavior over the years very disturbing.

      About the rescue scene. I found it very odd that there was no fire. The guy did light his zippo. Just dropping such a lighter doesn’t kill the flame. And you’re right, I think the vapors would have ignited.

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        1. Seriously? Who is the native speaker?

          Even Webster knows that one. 😉
          Definition of HORNDOG
          : a lustful or sexually aggressive man
          : a person (particularly a man) who fixates on sex.


  9. I think you managed to get a very good review in without calling it a review. Interesting thoughts on the episode. Since I only pay partial attention to Danny, I really didn’t care if he dealt with Amber’s boss behind her back or not. I cannot see him cutting off all communication given his obsession with Grace’s safety. I do think the team did meet Amber briefly when the building collapsed on Steve and Danny. She was talking to Danny when Kono brought her over. Then she returned with Grace at the end.
    I agree that I would probably scream like crazy if I was doused with fuel. After all she had barely escaped a fatal fire this guy set once before. I remember watching Melina on one of my soaps years ago. I like her.
    And I adored anything with Grover and Steve, their teasing on the golf course was great and Lou almost forgetting his own name when meeting Michelle Wie was priceless. The use of cellphones was so wrong but so very funny in this instance. And like someone else said, I wish that we could see more Chin and Kono. I love Steve but I do like the team as well. Thanks for posting this.

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    1. I know she was briefly in 4.19, but that doesn’t count as meeting the team. They barely saw her before she was gone again. I meant any kind of team gathering where she was there. And that hasn’t happened.
      Yes, you’re absolutely right. What the heck was going on with Chin? (DDK was prepping for 5.17 I guess) He was barely in it. It’s a shame that he is mostly just the computer guy staying behind. I would love to see more Steve/Chin/Grover. These three are awesome together.

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  10. The golf scenes were the best part of this episode. I love team McGrover. We can that they are true friends at work and spare time. I’m very happy that we had these two awesome scenes.
    The COTW was ok, despite of very predictable ending.
    This season, the writers are really making a huge effort to include Danny in most episodes. But the stories failed completely and show us an incoherent character that says and acts selfishly with everyone. Colleagues, friends, girlfriend and even his daughter. I’m sorry but at this time i don’t like Danny at all. He is not a good partner at work, not a good friend, not a very good dad and now we saw that he’s not a good boyfriend. Who thought that is right to talk to girlfriend’s boss behind her back and never ask her first if she is ok with the plans is an a§§hole.
    It would be much nicer if they continue to give us Steve’s story. And if they include more moments of Steve with Lou Grover and Chin Ho Kelly it would be awesome. Only they have to do is write it, please. Is too much what are we asking?
    Thank you Sam for allowing us to rant here. Usually i restrain myself but i’m very tired of the way they are writing season 5. In my country we have a saying: “they have two weights and two measures”. They should focus more in stories of the characters that actors have sense of duty and commitment with the show 100%, not with others at part-time. I’m not against of who works in part-time, but in my opinion it shouldn’t change all dynamic of the plot and messing with all other characters stories, especially the main character, Steve McGarrett.

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    1. Amen to your comment.

      Uhm, I don’t know what country you are from, I guess you translated the idiom? “they have two weights and two measures”
      Do you mean to have double standards / apply double standards?
      That is also a saying in German: “Mit zweierlei Maß messen” It means to apply different rules for different people in the same situation.

      That is certainly true in many ways. Danny is living by that rule. And TPTB also seem to have adopted it. Very sad actually.

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  11. I have been reading your blog for a while without actually commenting and I wanted to applaud you for all the effort you put into it. I love your non-reviews and sometimes find the comments here more entertaining than the show (sadly) so keep up the good work. I agree completely with everything you said in your review. I for a second wished that Danny slipped in a comma after his surgery (does that make me a bad person? lol). One question nagged me though, with all the talk of Uncle Steve, does Steve ever actually want to himself have kids? (My fellow fangirl friends couldn’t agree lol) If I asked this anywhere else, I would get ten people telling me that Steve already has a daughter since he and Danno are “married” but I’ve known this to be a safe haven from McDanno insanity.

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    1. LOL – yeah, don’t worry, you’re pretty safe from the McDanno insanity here. 😉

      Well, in 5.07 AltSteve told AltDanno that he was hoping that he would ‘get there’ at some point. i think he would like to have children at some point. With the right woman. I think he would be a great dad.


    2. As far as I know it is common practice in Hawaii for children to call all the adults that are known to them, Aunty and Uncle.
      But talking about Steve’s own kids – I think it would be something he would want for himself with the right woman. I just don’t think in would ever fit in the writer/producers minds or stories. (They will in any case be too scared of the fangirls reaction and fallout to that, to be honest)
      Don’t think it will happen unless Hawaii Five-0 reaches a season beyond maybe 7 or 8. And I really doubt if we will ever get there, unless some miracle happens.
      And the series is also not known for following through in continuity – and for Steve to actually get to a place to have kids with anybody, will at least need some continuity. 🙂


  12. it just astounds how much more sense ya’ll all make that the “fans” who twitter. I’ll keep giving my two cents to that universe during each episode (maybe someone will listen) and then come here for the good stuff. : )

    i have watched some older episodes this weekend and saw the major change in Danny. Wow, there was a day that he was tolerable. What happened?He was much better when he was with Rachel, but yeah, getting between her and Stan wasn’t a good approach.

    i can’t wait for the next tie-ins. ; )


  13. I am a little late, but I just watched this episode. Now what can I say… Awesomeness and awfulness. Awful because of all the reasons you stated. To be honest I skipped a lot of the Danny storyline – fast forwarded it or watched doves sleeping on the tree in front of my window, maybe they would fell of, whoo, that was exciting – becausethese scenes were annoying to no end. There was zero chemistry, forced acting, Danny the hypocrit – I mean, if Grace would lost her key outside the house and would stand all alone on the street, couldn’t go in, she could not call UberDaddy for help. The horror! – , and Danny the man who can smell boiling water just to get into the pants of some woman. AND THIS IS WHAT I GET INSTEAD OF SOME CONTINUITY ABOUT STEVE’S STORYLINE! I am so sick and tired of these job creation measures for SC.
    So let us concentrate on the awesomeness! McGrover is gold, pure gold. I love these two together to pieces. Two alpha males ribbing each other but at the same time appreciating the others advice. No nastiness, no offense. Strong men can do that. BTW strong man never have any problems to take advice from someone more experienced. Loved Steve’s interaction with Michelle Wie. He is open to learn things that other’s are better at, he is self-confident enough, no ego is in his way.
    The scene with Steve storming into the hospital was great. THAT was concern! I think I clapped mentally, lol, and maybe I yelled a little bit, something like: That’s how it’s done!
    I loved the last scene, nearly perfect. Nearly… 😉 This scene showed in a nutshell the difference between Lou and Danny and the difference between Chi and Scott. What is mutually depended in my book. But I think that’s something everybody feels different about.
    Steve’s last face cracked me up. It was so damn important that this little white ball holed out.
    So I voted for a S5 ‘good’. McGrover is the best and I want more! *stomps feet*

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    1. Oh, leiCa, I love your comment to pieces. You always, always crack me up. I love your sense of humor. 🙂

      I felt the same way when Steve stormed into the hospital. Mr. SC watch that scene and try to learn something. LOL

      Steve was focused, wasn’t he? I don’t think it makes a difference to him if he’s in a life threatening situation or if he wants to get a little ball into a hole. He always gives his all. And I love how Alex portrays Steve like that.

      Maybe if we stomp our feet together it will help? 😉

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        1. Yeah, I’m worried that not even Larry Teng can save 5.18. Even the BTS pics looked a lot like 2.10, just kind of reversed. Sigh. But I will be the first to say I was wrong if the ep will be great.


          1. 5.18 is the ep I am least looking forward to, even wondering if I should wait and watch after reading reviews. Scott’s over acting…and long, drawn-out, flow-stopping delivery of his lines…just pulls me totally outta the show. I become hyper-aware I am watching an actor deliver lines in a script. Any ep where he figures prominently I have to keep focussing to regain the “mood” of the story that all the other actors are creating.

            It’s a lotta work watching any Danno heavy ep. Maybe I’ll do shots while I watch… 🙄

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            1. Danny’s (or is it Scott?) speech pattern is very annoying. I don’t know any other person who speaks without any kind of rhythm. It’s one hacked sentence after another. Like he learned one line after the other. Like you I’m always pulled out of the flow when he starts speaking. It’s really bad when he’s standing around the smart table. ugh.

              Over acting. Don’t even start with that. I’m really dreading his scenes. I know they will be bad. I will never understand what people see in his acting. It’s acting. And you can see and feel it every damn time. In my eyes, that is what makes for bad acting. 😉


              1. Oh oh oh! Seems that I am not alone. His voice and speech pattern is another reason why Danny is so unbearable. At least for me. I wish some director would tell him to tone down his voice and go with the flow of his fellow actors. It is like chalk over blackboard or fork over plate… And always the same… everything….
                That’s what I meant with “difference between Chi and Scott”.


          2. Yeah. I hope it will be a LOT SEAL Steve to the rescue. If not, I’m out. I am not interested in Danny whump. For me whump is only interesting (if you can say that), it only touches me, if the one being ‘whumped’ is a strong man. And I don’t consider Danny a strong man. Strong man don’t feel the need to belittle others.

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            1. This a thousand times! A super extra dose of SEAL Steve is the only thing that can save that episode for me. I really hope they don’t try to make Danny look badass because frankly he is anything but.He is just bad… and an ass. I also don’t need to hear about his endless devotion to Grace again. Personally I think SC is a fine actor (i think everyone on the show is) but I just don’t care about Danny.

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        1. Count me in on the stomp! The writers need to wake up and give us some smart writing. I have one question about 5.18 that may seem really stupid. Maybe I missed something but is Danny supposed to be in jail in Mexico because of killing Reyes or did the story I read confuse me? Reyes was killed in Columbia and I doubt that Mexico cares about a crime in another country. Perhaps I got mixed signals on the reason he is arrested and am totally off base. I read a FF story and it seemed to imply that the arrest was related to the Reyes shooting.


                1. Looks like they are setting Gabriel up to be the new major villian of the show – Kind of the new WoFat, I think they called it.
                  I also like Gabriel as a bad guy. But I am pretty of sure the whole story will be just as stupid as the whole Reyes affair. – Hopefully director Larry Teng’s saves it a bit – but no high hopes for that.


  14. I also forgot about where Gabriel had been operating. So then this is more about the money than it is Reyes’ death. Okay, I get it then. I will watch for the Steve moments and hope they make this make sense. Not sure how they can justify breaking into a foreign jail so that will be some kind of fancy story telling.


  15. I’m less bothered than many of you are by Danny turning his phone off, but then I’m old and remember when parents were not actually reachable every second of every day. We lived. But given that Danny was practically psychotic over leaving Grace alone in a residential neighborhood for a few minutes, I can’t believe he’d do that. They write him very inconsistently. Like he freaks out because Grace is alone for a few minutes in a residential neighborhood, but doesn’t care about sneaking out on a date? I feel like the show’s idea of a devoted father is a super over protective controlling one.

    That being said, I was really bothered Amber running over her husband. It would have been a totally different story if that was her only option, but she didn’t even try to get around him.

    Danny calling her boss was totally out of line. I can’t even believe how out of line. Especially since she was supposed to work! I could have sort of accepted it if he had know a co-worker and found out if she was scheduled or something. Not my cup of tea, but not super over the line if you are trying to plan a surprise.


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