13 thoughts on “Put a smile on your face

  1. This makes me feel so much better on a sad day… It did put a smile on my face 🙂 Really looking forward to this epi!
    The clip proves to me once again what great chemistry Lou and Steve got going!


  2. Yeeehaaaa! That’s IT! McGrover is the best. No nastiness, not being offensive. And the actors have so much fun doing this, they are so funny without overacting. These two are a match made in TV screen heaven!


  3. I so agree with previous posts. My first thought when I saw this clip was how well Steve took Lou’s teasing and how he still asked for help with his golf swing. No nasty comments but just fun teasing and then Lou trying to explain how to hit the ball better. And loved how Steve listened to Michelle’s advice and did so well. Can’t wait to see this episode tomorrow.


  4. The thing I loved best about this scene is that Steve didn’t go make a fool of himself when he learned who the woman was. He just took it as a tip from one type of professional to the other, same as he would if roles were reversed and he were teaching her how to fire a weapon. 😎

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    1. Omg I LOVE that comment! That is so McG!!! Having been involved in things, before we ever even met him as well as after, that were epic big deals, he has a very grounded sense of what is and what isn’t something to get all crazy over. That grounded calm serves him well…and it’s sexy. 😉

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