5 thoughts on “Masi Oka’s BTS pics

    1. No idea where Danny is. Don’t even know what episode this is. Maybe Danny didn’t survive 5.18? Kidding. 😉

      Actually I think the car is neither Danny’s nor Steve’s. I think all their cars are just issued to them. They are at least sponsored by the state of Hawaii. But quite frankly, I don’t care about the stupid car at all. I think this whole argument about the car is childish and ridiculous. It got old after a couple of episodes back in season one.

      Anyway, I’d be happy not to have Danny in the episode. But that is just my opinion. If I were a Danny fan, I’d be pretty miffed with this season.

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  1. If the camaro is in the epi, than there’s Danny too. I don’t remember Steve driving the Camaro in an episode without D. But I really wouldn’t mind if it would be different this time.
    To be honest, I find this whole topic ridiculous and childish. If Danny really wants to drive, he should say so in a mammal to mammal conversation (ha!) and drive that damn thing. But wait, that would be one topic less to rant about and jump down Steve’s throat.
    I agree with Sam. Don’t think with his detective’s salary he could afford such a car.

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    1. ROFL, leiCa, with his salary he wouldn’t be able to afford that car or his various houses. Which he couldn’t in the beginning, he even lived on Steve’s couch for a few weeks. I always wondered where that money comes from. I’m still hoping for him to be a dirty cop. That would be so cool.
      And you’re right, Steve never used that car without Danny. So, I guess he will be in the episode. Bummer. 😉

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  2. LOL! You guys crack me up!
    leiCa, I tink I told you before how much I love your comments 🙂
    I like that car -and it looks GREAT in reality!!- but I don’t give a damn who drives it. Heck, why not Grover for a change? If he’d fit in anyway 🙂

    But I like the pics. McGrover makes a great team!

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