Review 5.15 … and update


E ‘Imi pono

When a journalist is killed, Five-0 must use his past reporting to hunt down a presumed dead Congolese warlord who is alive and well living on Oahu. Also, as Valentine’s Day approaches, Danny overreacts when Grace’s texts to a boy start accidently coming up on his cell phone. Barkhad Adbi guest stars as the Congolese warlord.

CBS translated E ‘Imi pono to Searching for the truth

I’m sorry, but there won’t be a review for this week’s episode or for any in the near future. I just don’t feel the need to express my opinion about the more or less mediocre episodes we got lately. The last episodes were OK, or even good, but I’m just not interested in spending hours of my time to go into detail of what I liked or disliked about them.

Right now, I’m just enjoying the show for my own selfish pleasure. Still loving a lot about it. And I’d rather concentrate on writing than on going through an episode we all have seen and have made up our minds about anyway.

There are some sites out there where you can get your review fix if you need it… more or less. 😉

Sites who either still see everything through rose colored glasses…

or who gave up on non-reviews, and focus on the pretty, which is a GREAT thing… love that

or who try to get the Steve-story forward. But even that is a hard thing to do these days. 🙂

I admire all who have the time and energy to pursue their endeavors and come up with such great posts.

But I neither have the time, nor the energy to do that at the moment.

So, unless Five-0 comes up with an episode that knocks my socks off I won’t post a review any time soon.

I will however give you the poll each week, and I’m very open to discuss the episode in the comments. Sorry, but I just don’t have time for more these days.

I will NOT close this site, just the reviews will take a break. I hope to have more time for single informative posts in the future. But I’m not going anywhere, I’m here to stay. And like the optimist I still am, I know I will be back with more reviews in a few weeks. Just be patient with me please.

Thank you all for reading, commenting, subscribing and lurking. 🙂

Oh, and by the way, here’s my verdict for this week’s episode.


45 thoughts on “Review 5.15 … and update

  1. I am thankful for whatever time you are willing to give us. I hope everyone else who posts feels as I do. Thank you for saying that you will keep this site open and I look forward to what ever conversations we will to continue to have.


    • I think blogging should be a thing that is constant motion, change is often a good thing, and I think blogging should reflect that. At least it should for me. So, not doing a review for a while can also be a very good thing. It can sharpen the view for other things. Who knows what I will come up with instead.
      Thank you for supporting my decision. Looking forward to interesting conversations.


  2. Must say I really miss your reviews. You always have a great perspective on stuff and see I lot of things with a fresh view.
    Hope there will be an episode soon that will inspire you enough for it.
    BUT I do understand your feelings about it all.

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  3. I understand the time issues. Funny, I just get settled on this site and you stop the reviews……my timing sucks. 😀 That said, I find I watch the show to see Alex, the scenery (besides Alex) and to just enjoy the action. I appreciate the other characters and don’t let myself get caught up in the details most of the time. It is my guilty pleasure escape. So maybe I am too easy to please and while I don’t adore every episode I am glad it is on the air. I really hope that the writers step up to the plate and give us a show that will be renewed for another season. And I am thrilled you will be writing more on your stories. You give us a wonderful connection to the show.


    • I thought about what you told me in your pm that you started with the blog when I posted this ‘review’. Sorry. 😉 But, hey, you can still read all the ‘old’ reviews. 🙂
      No, don’t worry, you’re not too easy to please. Nothing wrong with just enjoying it.
      Even though I am critical about a few things on the show, I still love it. Most people (or at least a lot) don’t get the difference between being critical and being negative. There is a HUGE difference between the two. I can’t understand people, or take them seriously for that matter, who think every episode is just oh so awesome. That attitude is just ridiculous. Nothing in the world is just always awesome. And Five-0 is no exception.
      Pointing out the flaws and the stuff that is great about an episode shows that someone cares. Only pointing out the good (or the bad) is blind fanaticism in my eyes. And in my opinion, that is a very bad thing. Balancing it out is key.

      Anyway, getting off topic here. Welcome to the blog. 🙂

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  4. Well bummer. I enjoyed reading your reviews even though we didn’t always agree, but I can understand the reasoning for stopping for a while. I’ve been coming here to keep tabs to see if the show has yet to become watchable again–the fact that Five-0 isn’t even inspiring the reviewers answers that question for me. And I’ve long since quit going to the CBS site where all the “OMG! That’s the best episode EVER!” posters post week after week. I don’t like throwing up. It doesn’t feel good.

    What I wouldn’t give to corner PL in a room for 5 minutes. Funny, I’ve had absolutely no part in the production of this show but the mess it has become is personal to me as if I HAD been involved in its production. After a 20 year or so hiatus from watching television, I guess I was just hoping that Five-0 would become THE sensational program to knock my socks off. It did–for 3 seasons (there was some good quality stuff in season 2 as well, but that season was unfortunately marred by a major casting catastrophe).

    But as long as you post the occasional post, I’ll be here to read and see what’s new and on the minds of Five-0 fans. And dream about what could have been….


    • You know, I gave some more thought to what you said about wanting to corner PL for 5 minutes and my answer to you about forming a line. Well, suppose we all did get the chance? What would we say to him? I know I’d want to ask him why he appears to let some fans believe they can influence what happens on the show and if actors and actresses are let go because of their pressure. And if its not true, tell us why? More importantly, where did these fans get the idea they had so much power in the first place? Does anyone want to wait on line with their questions? I’d really like to know what you would ask.


      • I don’t think of my questions couched in terms of fan influence but based on what I perceive as excellent or sloppy writing. So my questions would be along the line of:

        1. Are the people involved with the show too close to it to see that Steve appeared to have had a lobotomy between seasons 4 and 5 and wasn’t the same guy (and with no reason given/shown in the series, although I’m sure fans like to make up their own reasons to fill in the cracks).
        2. Why would you take the one female character you had, a character who had a LOT of range both based on her character alone AND as being in relationship with Steve, and sabotage the whole thing? I really thought in season 4 they were going to step out and create a really awesome storyline for Catherine with her going after that boy–but instead it was just a cheap and lousy vehicle to dump her. And don’t tell me they couldn’t have followed that storyline. If I had to deal with Kono and her boyfriend chasing around China and wherever (and that was a MUCH flimsier storyline then what Catherine’s would’ve been) then they most certainly could’ve made that storyline work. Instead they wrecked her character.

        I have more questions but I have to get to work.

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        • The Catherine fiasco was actually my top choice as a question but after Episode 5-8, I cannot not trust myself to remain civil. I try to always remain positive but how the writers chose to deal with this character has pushed me way beyond that.

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      • Hi – late to the party as usual – I was on vacation and only watched this ep recently.

        But I had to comment on your question about what I would ask him. I’d really like to know what he envisioned the storylines to be – you know, before he started changed them, or dropping them altogether, or talking about them as if they existed but we never got to see them.

        Cos I think he probably (hopefully?) did have a master plan.


  5. Could I please say something positive about this episode? I did like the way the writers let Danny handle Grace’s little subterfuge. Instead of going all “crazy daddy” (which I was afraid might be the original intent) , it was written to allow him to develop some parenting skills. Maybe next time she will be more open with him and I think this was a big step up for the writers. He seem to be a nicer Danny this episode. I wonder if TPTP heard grumbling about how his character has been written recently? Anyway, just my opinion. Now I’ll be quiet and go away.


    • Do NOT go away. Please. 🙂

      I wondered about Danny in this episode. Just a couple of eps back he yelled at his “best” friend for letting Grace alone for five minutes, and now she is allowed to go somewhere alone?
      Seems to me the yelling was really not about Grace being alone on that street corner, but just to yell at Steve.
      I think Danny is smothering his daughter to death. Grace being his whole world is just too much, and quite frankly kind of ‘disturbing’. And if he’s not careful she will not be his little girl for much longer. She’s not stupid. I found the last scene with the two a bit too much. I would have liked it more if Grace would not have told her dad about meeting the boy instead of studying. Why did she lie to him in the first place? Because she knew that he would blow up about it. And I wonder that she was not mad that he read all her text messages. That was a HUGE breach of privacy. Even if she is just twelve. Any normal teenager would have been mad as hell about it. But not perfect little Gracie. 😉
      But I give you that he seemed a nicer version of Danny. Maybe it was a clone?

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      • i’m okay with a dad overreacting to his daughter’s first interactions with boys. In a regular household he probably would have his wife trying to keep him calm by reminding him of what it was like to be a young girl with overbearing parents. I thought Steve reminding Danny that Grace is a good kid was very good advice. I was very glad Grace admitted to her dad where she really was. Overreaction or not, she shouldn’t lie to her dad about where she is going; he is still the parent. I think it is okay for him to read her text messages (letting her know he could read them is most appropriate.) since i am sure he is paying for the phone. However, it would have been normal for Grace to at least show some disdain over perceived spying. A teenager would consider it a breach of privacy whether we think it is or not. the ending was a little to sappy for me – to neatly tied into a bow. Of course, I will always prefer Steve-centric endings, but the world can’t be perfect : )


        • Steve centric endings…beginnings, middles, opening credits, narrator for scenes-from-our-next-episode, actual visuals from scenes from our next episode, promos, commercials….ahem. :mrgreen:

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      • I should probably read all of the comments before making my own, LOL.

        Yes to the hypocrisy of yelling at your “best friend” for leaving her on the residential street but clearly not realizing where/how she is getting from place to place.

        I don’t necessarily think there is a breach of privacy for a parent reading a child’s tweets. I don’t have kids but I would make darn clear to them that the phone and it’s contents are fair game on the parenting front.


    • I actually liked Danny in this episode. I like that he waited for Grace to fess up to him. I did, however, make note that Grace was (GASP!) obviously allowed to wander the streets of Oahu to GET to the ice cream shop.


  6. I hear us, babe. I was so thrilled when the first ep in January did not suck like that Christmas ep did (x 10!) that it raised my spirits. But the last couple have been perfect examples of solid mediocrity. With a side of Awesome from Alex. And he’s gotten prettier again lately too…how does he DO that? But I digress.

    So I get your conundrum. Review when we get an epic! Let’s hope we get a damn epic! In Sweeps! Plllllease writers!

    Otherwise I fear there won’t be a Show to review anyway. So go at your own pace, babe. We’ll just gather and chat. 🙂

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    • i agree with the mediocrity. There have been some good eps since January, and this was okay. So far, nothing has gotten as bad as that Christmas nightmare (unless i have blocked it from memory).
      You are so right about the increased pretty factor! The epic that has been hinted/promised had better live up to the hype. I miss reviews but totally understand the difficulty of writing an uninspired one.

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  7. I am more of a ‘stalker’ than a contributor here, but you are my first port of call every week and I will miss your thoughts on each episode. There have been occasions when your blog was more interesting than the episode so I totally understand what you are saying. Despite my occasional ho-hum about certain episodes, I still love the show, as do my teenage daughter and niece. They are incredibly forgiving of inadequacies and nag me about holidaying in Hawaii. I think they both expect to see Alex everywhere they want to go. (I wish)

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    • LOL! If I went to Hawaii I would expect to see him too. Someone from work–actually TWO someone’s went to Hawaii this past year, and I explicitly gave them both orders to be sure and find him and bring him back for me. They didn’t see him.

      I was devastated. Life is cruel.

      They did bring me back a Hawaiian cookie but that wasn’t exactly the same…



      • well, those friends certainly failed you!!! If I were to go to Hawaii, I would probably be arrested for stalking because I would do whatever it took to find him… but once I found him I would be so tongue-tied I wouldn’t say a word. 🙂


  8. I’m sad that you won ‘t be writing regular reviews (even though I didn’t comment on every single one of them) but I do understand and respect the reasons behind your stepping back. You certainly can’t wax eloquent on something that’s less than inspirational. I watch the show only because I love Alex. He’s my guilty pleasure as are reading and responding (most times) to the blogs that all you lovely ladies so diligently produce for us. I’ve often thought to myself that the 5-0 writers should sit in with the writers from the NCIS writers who’ve produced consistently good shows for the past 11 years.

    I’ll miss the reviews and will have my fingers crossed for some upcoming excellent episodes so you’ll have some motivation to entertain us with your thoughts!

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  9. I have no idea how you even found the time to do this so I understand you wanting to take a break – permanent or otherwise. I will miss your sometimes unsparing reviews. You could always be counted on to point out what was good, bad or somewhere in between. Your honesty is refreshing even if I didn’t always agree. Thank you for all the work you’ve done. It was monumentally important to those who love the show, sometimes in spite of its many faults.

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    • I assure you, it will not be a permanent break.

      Thanks, glad you liked my ‘honesty’. I never learned how to shut up. I always speak my mind, hopefully about the good and the bad stuff. I don’t expect people to agree with me, just that they look at the opinion, think about it and then make up their own minds.
      Different opinions give us the chance to look at something from a different angle. Which is a really good thing.

      Despite the many faults Five-0 showed lately, I still love the show. I still enjoy watching it for many reasons. But that doesn’t keep me from laughing my head off about some of the idiocy they often show, or the really stupid plot holes, the cringe worthy dialogue. And if all else fails, well, there is still Alex to look at. 😉


  10. Oh I will miss your reviews but I totally get why you stop. Hopefully there will be THAT one epi out there, that brings you back. Still 10 epis, fingers crossed.
    This episode was entertaining and made me smile a lot. Because of Alex’s Steve. This SEAL is so adorable and lovable, has such a big heart (and strong nerves). His smile while sniffing his hot bulletproof coffee, letting his annoying partner rant on made me grinning like an idiot. And I had to smile too noticing that one part of this “married old couple” after 5 years still had no idea that Steve likes his coffee with butter. He he! I am pretty sure Cath knew it 😉 .
    I really think Alex was amazing in this episode. He does so much with the little he is given! He was the “entertainer” in this episode. The “Monster’s aren’t real – you are” scene was the best imho. Yet I think the actor playing Roko was not the best cast to portray a warlord. But maybe that’s just me. I did not find him convincing. BTW did anyone wait for Steve saying “I am the commander now”?
    Loved Lou in the end. This guy can wear an apron. Wish they ended the episode at the grill.
    The very last scene was awful. Bad. “I lied to you. – I trust you. – I love you. – I love you too, you are my world.” Seriously? What a rose-coloured, corny, over the top unrealistic and perfect little soap opera bubble. Made me (puke) uh – vote for good. Otherwise it would have been awesome in the S5 world, again with 5.07 in it’s own category.

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    • I love your mini-reviews. 🙂

      Danny has no idea how Steve likes his coffee. Oh yeah, but they are oh so close and very best friends. Right. There are so many things over the seasons that really show that these two are not close on a personal level. They are just great work partners, but that’s it. I simply don’t get why people see anything else there. It’s just not there.

      Loved Steve in this one, as usual. He just has a very special presence.

      Don’t even start with the completely stupid and unrealistic ending. I’ve rarely seen a more crappy version of a father/daughter talk. Ugh. And no matter what some people think, Danny has no right to listen in to his daughter’s phone calls or text messages. And any normal teenager, or any normal person really, would be mad as hell. And rightly so. No matter if he’s the dad or if he pays for it, that doesn’t give him the right to do that. Not in the world I live in. 🙂
      His behavior is what urged her to lie, he should think about that. I actually find his behavior towards his daughter kind of creepy. Always have. From day one. In my eyes, that is not a healthy relationship.

      Oh, and totally agree with you about the ‘Captain Philips guy’. He wasn’t convincing at all. I didn’t buy his warlord stuff. That was not a brilliant performance.

      And again they tried way too hard in this episode. Kono and Chin. Just ugh. Kono the uber sniper. Yeah right. That takes such practice, practice, practice, skill and even more skill. Sorry, but Kono is just not convincing as the hit sniper. And Chin hitting us over the head with how awesome she is? Made me cringe. Will they never learn to do subtle? Obviously not.

      The looooooong scene (at least it felt incredibly long) in the morgue. The younger brother talking about his dead brother. Sorry, but that was also too much, again trying too hard.

      But for the very first time, I truly liked Jerry. No complains about him at all. He was sweet, sensitive, had something nice and good to say. Really liked him. Not all hope is lost. LOL

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      • Again I should read all of the comments before making my own! 😉

        I love your “don’t tread on my or my phone texts” belief. LOL. Like I said ^^ up there, I have no kids, and was a kid way before smartphones, but I can’t see myself not at least letting them know it was a possibility that the stuff on the phone wasn’t private. If I were the KID, yeah – I’d be pissed, but as the parent I’d at least want my kid to think I might be checking. At least at 12. Maybe not so much at 15.

        As for trying too hard – isn’t that H50’s mantra? LOL.


  11. Your recaps always brightened my mood so I am sorry to see them go. That being said, I appreciate your reasons. I had high hopes after 5×12 but these last few episodes have been meh at best. They have some good moments but don’t really gel well together.The episodes feel disjointed. At points the dialogue is so corny and cringe-worthy (e.g. scene between Chin and Kono at the roof) it makes me want to hide under the couch (even the actors can’t save it) and there is no real progression in any storylines. I liked finding out about Steve’s weird coffee habit and I like Grace and Danny together so those scenes were good if a little soap-opera but the other 40 min of the episode were just …meh. I hate to say it but the show seems to have lost its magic so I wouldn’t mind if this season is their last.

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  12. Really do not drink coffee at all. But if Steve loves it that way so be it. As in a sense, glad that Kono did not shoot the guy in the head. It would had been the easy way out. Despite the roof thing. Love Jerry as he is such a teddy bear.


  13. I have a problem with the party at the end… the ME was the ONLY female there other than Grace. And she was sitting off by herself with her back to everyone else. If that is her personality, why did she bother to come? Oh, yeah, so Jerry could hit on her. Can you tell I wasn’t impressed??? 🙂 As for Danny and Grace at the end… really people? I had two girls and I can tell you, that just wasn’t normal behavior. Let’s say it bordered on alien. As for Danny, I agree with several of you up above… he needs to let go just a smidge. Or at age 18, she’s going to go dark side on him. You have to let them make some decisions on their own.

    But I could have watched most of this show with the sound turned down. I was looking for eye candy. And I found him. 🙂

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    • I need these reviews, or at least the comments, to make me remember half of these episodes! ROFLMAO –

      YES!!! Why was Mindy sitting all alone with 5 guys staring at her? WTF? No wonder she always seems so forlorn!!! No one is inviting her to sit at the lunch table!

      It’s a very odd character – still seems kind of unnecessary. Not offensive I suppose – but unnecessary. Sad little Mindy. :eyeroll:


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