Review 5.13

FI - 513-2

5.13 La Po’ino

Five-0 must find a kidnapped patient infected with a contagious and lethal strain of bird flu which the culprits intend to weaponize.

CBS translated La Po’ino to Doomsday

Airdate: January 30, 2015

As we already knew from the promo, Joe White would be back. Even though I don’t trust him, I truly like him. And I do believe that he really cares for Steve. He is a complicated, but interesting character who has many layers, and I love to see more of him. So, this was a win before the episode even started.

I was curious how their first meeting would go. I mean, does Joe know what has happened to Steve? Does he know that Wo Fat is dead? Does he know about the relationship between Wo Fat and Doris? I’m sure that are all questions Steve wants answers to.

But will the right time for all this come during this episode? I highly doubted that. PL likes to drag everything out, some for so long that at least I lost interest in a lot of questions he brought up over the years. So, my hope is that these two will have a talk soon.


I think it’s really great to see how the military still supports the filming of Five-0.

Joe brings a fatally ill patient with him. That was the first time I wondered about that. Why does Joe bring him to Hawaii? OK, he works Private Security now, but the patient was working for the Air Force. Wouldn’t the military, or CDC be in charge of his care and transport?

Anyway, the group is on their way to Tripler when they are ambushed in a pretty spectacular way. Of course not before Joe and Steve can at least start talking about what’s on Steve’s mind. Not that it gets them anywhere. 😉

After the attack and getting out of the mangled car Steve’s in pursuit of the high-jacked truck with the patient in it. But despite his best effort they escape.

Don’t you also worry about Steve this season? I mean seriously, how many hits can he take before there will be some serious damage? This season alone he was shot, beaten, drugged to the gills, electrocuted, water boarded, beaten some more, and who knows what else. And now adding a serious car crash to the list. I think it is time to have either a nice long vacation, or a serious physical and mental break-down. Not sure what I’d prefer. 😉

A question on the side, did Alex get hurt during these scenes? There’s a bandage above his elbow that has nothing to do with ‘Steve’.

After a short stop at Tripler to get patched up, and to deal with a totally annoying partner, they are back on the case.


I had a really good laugh seeing these two guys lifting ‘something’ onto the gurney. That for sure was not a body. A mummified body maybe, but surely none of the shot officers or technicians. It’s like when people carry empty suitcases in scenes. That looks equally ridiculous.


In my eyes, the scenes with the family were a waste of screen time. They contributed nothing to the show. That was again the show trying too hard. And I knew right away we would get another scene later with the boy thanking Joe for saving his dad. Ugh. SO predictable and lame. Sorry, but that didn’t evoke any positive emotions in me, just annoyance with the constant father and family issues.


It was good to see Max again. Except for information about what he might be near last, the dead guy didn’t reveal his ID to them.


I loved seeing HQ from a different angle. Normally we only get the front view, this was something new.


Thanks to the woman from the CDC we learn how the bad guys got their information about when the patient would be transported. Even though I must admit, it is all a bit illogical. That attack had to be timed down to the second, or they would have failed, and I doubt they would have the information about the exact time-frame and route. But who wants to think about how logical anything on Five-0 is? Guess at times one really has to suspend belief.


You know, seeing the idea with the bees the X-Files came to mind. They used bees to spread a virus in “Fight The Future”. Although those bees had to sting someone to infect the person. Poor Scully was one of their victims. Turning her into an Alien, well, kind of. 😉

Thanks to Homeland Security they find out who their dead terrorist is. Not sure though why they needed Joe’s contacts for that. I mean, wouldn’t Five-0 simply ask them and they would share the information if it was about a terrorist threat? That was a bit strange, but I guess they needed to have Joe doing something.

Now we get some action with Lou, Steve and Joe. I just love how Steve and Lou’s relationship is based on mutual respect, trust and friendship. It was again very clear that they are a great team. Steve’s words about Lou at the beginning to Joe are surely true, he’s not just a great addition to Five-0, but also a great friend to Steve.

They not only take down two of the terrorists, but also free their hostage, and figure out what the main bad guys plan might be. And most importantly they find out who he is.


So, I guess they altered the virus? Or why would that poor guy have that kind of reaction right away? Incubation time was anything from a few hours to 21 days. Surely not just a few seconds.


In the commentary of episode 4.08 Chi and Alex said that the scenes at the smart table are normally done in one day, and that they don’t like it that much because of the amount of dialogue they have to learn for the scenes. Well, I’m sure that is not easy, but I truly like those scenes. There is not much action, but for some reason I greatly enjoy them standing around and discussing the case. Or at times something not case related. Whatever they are doing at HQ, I love those scenes.

And here it’s not different. Love seeing them brainstorming.


Their research and brainstorming leads to the location of the terrorists and the kidnapped patient.



I must say I can only shake my head at the wardrobe department. They let Kono take part in the take down of a terrorist group in those shoes? Seriously? I mean, her clothes are ridiculous most of the times, but these shoes in that scene? But Five-0 is not alone in that regard. Just thinking about how Beckett runs around on Castle makes me laugh out loud. No detective of any kind would run around like that.

I guess after this scene Kono got stuck in the mud with her shoes, or something. After this she was never seen again during the fight with the bad guys. 😉


Kudos to the stunt department for this episode. There were too many great scenes to list them all. Way to go guys.

I loved the following scenes. It showed that even though their relationship is kind of strained, complicated and they don’t really trust each other, they do care deeply for each other. Steve would be devastated if something happened to Joe, and I think Joe really would do anything to protect Steve.

And I loved how Steve and Joe’s training came through in this episode. Neutralize the threat at all costs. Risking their own lives to serve the greater purpose is not something stupid in their eyes. And that’s what separates these men from the boys.

See, what did I tell you? I knew this scene was coming.


I think it’s an interesting view Steve has of his fatherly friend. He never let him down, just kept a lot of stuff from him. Other people might think he let him down. In a way, I guess Joe did let Steve down. But I also think Steve learned to separate the love and admiration he has for his mentor and friend from the ‘business’ part of their relationship. Everything regarding Doris and Wo Fat and the whole mess with Doris’ death and abandoning her children needs to be separated from Steve’s feelings for Joe. I’m glad he can finally do that. It gives him the ability to ‘not trust’ him, to ‘investigate’ him. Something that he wouldn’t be able to do if he couldn’t compartmentalize his love for Joe and the rational part of dealing with him. If that makes any sense.

He loves him, but he doesn’t trust him. At least not in the sense that he tells him the truth. I’m sure he does trust him on a very different level. I’m sure Joe will keep lying, but he would also give his life for Steve. As I said, their relationship is very complicated. But that makes it interesting, and I’m actually interested to see where this is going.


So, what did I think of 5.13? I really enjoyed it. It had great action, a good case of the week, great scenes with Steve and Joe, and great scenes at the smart table. I love seeing Steve and Lou working together. Even better when we see a bit more of Chin in the mix.

For me, this was one of the best episodes this season.


All screen-shots were done by me. Credit to CBS. The images used in this post are presented under the Fair Use Policy. The use of this material is intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

And please remember, I don’t write reviews with the claim to be objective. This is how I perceived this episode. If you disagree… that is just fine. I don’t claim in any way that my opinion is the right and only one. This is supposed to be fun, so, don’t take any of this too seriously. Always remember, this is just a TV show.

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  1. Pretty much agree with your review. This was a very entertaining episode. The Danno-lite element was a bonus for me. The McGrover with a soupçon of Chin was definitely great. And I adore McG with Joe! Yes their relationship is complicated but yes Joe would die for McG, and McG revealed how much he loves Joe by his reaction to Joe driving off that ramp into the water. His face! So sweet and concerned and fighting down panic, and so Alex to be able to communicate all that. Also another opportunity for Danno to show how much he does not “get” McG and Joe and their ilk…he called stupid what most of us would regard as heroic. In an emergency I’m calling SEALTeamMcG. 😉

    As to Peter and his timing, he seems to have none. He drags out a story, giving only minute little clues but never any satisfying updates, until the audience either a) doesn’t care what happened or b) figured it out 6 months before the Big Reveal. One would think he’d have caught on to that failure by now but the word intransigence comes to mind…:lol:

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    • Danny? Huh, I pretty much ignored him in my review. First, he was not that much in the episode. And second, he was totally irrelevant. And when I noticed him, he only annoyed me to no end. So, I just try to ignore him.
      I still stand by my opinion that all episodes without him, or as little as possible with him, are the better ones.

      Intransigence. Love it. And so true.

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  2. I agree with many that Steve finally realizes he can´t trust Joe, but still he cares about him very much. I love having Joe part of the stories, but the “find Doris” is getting pretty boring by now.
    As we have seen before too, one shouldn´t think too hard about reality, when watching H50 scenes/stories, but for some reason I kept wondering about the wrecking ball hitting the other car. In my mind I can´t imagine anyone having such good timing with such a “weapon”. Even hitting one car might be considered lucky, after all the cars were a moving target, and yet the perps got 2 cars with one ball. Right, hah!
    Still, having said that, I did enjoy the sudden scare LOL
    We were wondering about Alex´s bandage too, and it appears he has a yellow tape in some frames and apparently did get a cut on his arm. We will surely see the scar next week. Poor Al 😦
    Ps I noticed Kono´s shoes too, couldn´t believe my eyes, how ridiculous was that.
    Pps I actually don´t like the computer table scenes anymore, mostly because there´s nothing new or fun to capture about them. Always the same scenes.
    Thanks for the recap Sam 🙂 This was a good episode in a long while. Let´s hope our luck continues 😉

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    • That is certainly true, the smart table is not that interesting to take any screen shot, but I still like them standing around it. 😉

      Nah, you’re right, the assault at the construction site would never really work, but it did look kinda cool.

      Oh, don’t remind me of ‘Finding Doris’. I hope that won’t happen. I truly like CL, she and Alex were great together. But Steve’s mother, I really don’t need to see again.


  3. The wrecking ball? The giant claw-? Wouldn’t it be fun to find out what ideas the writers discarded because they were just too outrageous, (even for them?j

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      • We should have a contest. I volunteer the following scenario.

        Three writers sitting around a table. Writer one: How do we get McGarrett over the compound fence without anyone noticing?
        Writer two: What about firing him out of a canon with guns blazing.
        Writer three: What size canon do we need?
        Writer one: Nah, no one will buy that. How about we just use a giant magnet to lower him down and ask him to be real quiet?
        Writer two: Can we re-use the giant claw? Did we rent that thing or do we own it?

        Loved your article and I am so glad you decided to continue.

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  4. I thought it was a good ep… worthy of an A. I think joe will vanish from that room when his 21 days are up. Am glad steve verbalized that he lied to joe. 🙂
    Great review, Sam!


  5. So glad to read your review. I hope all is well with you.

    I wasn’t such a big fan of this episode.I liked certain aspects of it -superSteve and conversation between Kono and Danny was nice- but to me it illustrated the very reason the show has gone downhill. The writers have made all the action scenes bigger-bigger guns, bigger explosions, bigger everything- at the expense of the smaller, more meaningful moments. In season 1, only Chin would carry a shotgun and now all of them (even Danny) have giant riffles. It just seems too cartoonish. I would rather see Steve( if the writers remember that he is more than Brawn for more than one episode) come up with some innovative, crazy way to take down a suspect (like the bike in season 1) than fire a giant gun. It would make those scenes more interesting and not the same old, same old. Am I the only one who finds the gun fight scenes boring?

    About Kono and her shoes, have you noticed that she also never ties her hair back when in the field. Isn’t that dangerous? I mean we are supposed to think of her as this super awesome superwoman yet they make her look more like a supermodel. It seems next episode would be focused on super awesome Kono defying the laws of physics.

    I also could have done with less of SuperJoe; I don’t really like him and his lying ways.

    Regarding Danny’s comment at the end, I think it speaks to the fundamental difference between these characters. It’s not that Steve and Joe are braver than Danny; it’s that they are soldiers and he is a civilian. Steve is trained to think in a different way from Danny and at least at the beginning of the show, that’s why they complemented each other nicely. We saw that same difference in 5×02 when they argued about whether to tell the father. I don’t think that either would ever fully understand the other’s way of thinking.

    Finally, I am not as enthusiastic about Grover. The writers don’t really seem to know what to do with him – he doesn’t really have a proper storyline (he seems like a replacement for when SC is not there). I also don’t think that they can handle 5 characters. I mean in the beginning he had a distinct voice- he disliked McGarrett- and now he seems to have jumped on the Steve bandwagon. To me, it would have been more interesting if he was still SWAT captain (shown recurringly) with a begrudged respect between him and Steve. Also, I was kind of hoping that with less Danny, we would get more Chin scenes. 😦


  6. I don’t trust Joe, never did and nor does Steve. There’s a part of me that wouldn’t be surprised if we found out that Joe was Steve’s father and, hence, the secretive plotting to keep Steve from ever finding out the real truth about his mother. I hope Steve gets the answers he so needs and deserves to help him heal physically and emotionally. And for us, the fans, it’ll finally put an end to the Mommy Dearest scenario.

    As terrorists go I think they were rather stupid. Really, what purpose does it serve to kill everyone off but, then again, maybe they didn’t realize they’d be dead too. Either way there’d be no one left to torment. Good thing we have Steve to do away with the bad and the idiotic of this world!

    Seriously though, it was a very good episode and I enjoyed it! It was high octane, an interesting story and fun. I enjoyed watching Steve go into full-blown “Steve the Seal” mode – it’s been a while since we’ve seen him like that. I miss him! I also think Lou has a new found appreciation of Steve’s commitment after seeing Joe in action!

    Thanks for the great review! I agree with GNP next emergency I’m calling SEALTeamMcG in to help!

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  7. Also, i forgot to add, I was wondering if there is any info on whether the governor will make an appearance this season. I mean Five-0 is his task force and we have seen him/her in each of the other seasons.And I like him and I like the sense of mutual respect between him and Steve (you could see the respect he had for Five-0 in that deleted scene between him and Cath); I would like to see more of the two of them together. I always envisioned him as somebody who would on the surface berate Steve for his insane schtick but actually kind of like him.


      • he is going to be on TV next week… I think the previews was NCIS:NOLA. I wasn’t paying attention to the previews until I heard his voice. And I then realized that I missed him. I think he does admire Steve and his tactics, although to safe face, he has to scowl at him a lot. 🙂


  8. I admit that I have been really harsh on McG for a couple of seasons. And really am trying to continue to arm up to him a bit. For the fifth season at times for the way he treats Danny and uses him as sometimes a peasant boy or a servant. Like with him driving Danny’s car despite being the boss, sometimes he can be nasty and foolish. As that is why I do not like Steve. Though he is trying to redeem himself. As he got that from Joe. As Joe is overbearing and controlling. But means well.

    Still would not trust Joe at all. As I think he knows where Doris is. But wants to keep that secret due to national security reasons. As Steve seems at times to look at black and white. Joe looks at the bigger picture That is what Steve at times fails to see.


    • Quite frankly, I find your view of Steve rather amusing. Most of your comments, not just on this blog, are about what a nasty person and jerk Steve is. I wonder though where and when Steve showed any such behavior.

      In my eyes, there is no merit behind your claims. But I find any and all opinions interesting, and it shows again how very different people can see one and the same person.


    • I don’t usually respond because I’m afraid of starting World War III and everyone is entitled to their opinion but jppt1974 please tell me what show you’ve been watching for the past 5 years.

      Steve mean to Danny?? REALLY! When?? Danny has called Steve every name, an animal, putz (for those not familiar w/Yiddish it means asshole/jerk/idiot), crazy, etc. He berates him at every turn. Hollers at him for being irresponsible. I can go on and on because the list of Danny’s nastiness and meanness to Steve is endless.

      Steve has been through a lot, his father was murdered, his mother returned after a 20 yr. fake death scheme, he rarely sees his sister, his girlfriend left him, he’s been kidnapped and tortured more times than humanly possible, look what Jenna did to him in Korea and yet he’s never, ever been mean to anyone. He has the heart of a lion and he’s loyal, kind and will fight to the death for you. Can’t say that about Danny, he can’t see the forest for the trees.

      The only thing we agree upon is that Joe can’t be trusted.

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      • Karen1228 I LOVE you! I don’t think it could be said better than you did. Thank you.

        Please, never be afraid. Some things need to be said despite what others might think about it. Glad you came out.

        This is Steve, and that is what is important: “He has the heart of a lion and he’s loyal, kind and will fight to the death for you.”

        Is he perfect? No. Does he have flaws? Yes. But I prefer him over any other character in any TV- universe. Despite what he all went through he’s still a kind-hearted man.

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      • THANK YOU karen! Perfectly said! I will never forget the ‘putz’ comment.
        And I will never forget that Danny said nasty things like “You don’t know people you only know how to kill people” or “Your mother had to fake her death to get away from your father”, “Catherine is a big girl..”. Dissing his father’s car what means dissing Steve’s memories of his dead father, or in Hookman out of the blue he suggested Steve would like to sleep in the gun shop because he would love guns. And now this Danny has shot a man in cold blood.

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    • I’m not sure you are watching the same show I am… personally I find Danny’s character as the one foolish and childish. He says things that are first of all, not true, but they are very hurtful to his partner and others. Case in point was at the table in Kamekona’s after Grace won her award. Everyone was congratulating his daughter and he was being surly and rude, especially to Max. Why did he have to say those comments? They were totally uncalled for and rude. As time goes on, I am liking Danny less and less… which is sad because for two seasons, I made excuses for him. Now, I’ve lost all respect for the character.

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      • You are so right Cokie! The Ripley’s comment was so nasty. It was like kicking the nerd kid after it had finally won something it hoped the ‘cool’ kids would appreciate! Made me so angry.

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  9. I will admit I used to like Steve in the first two seasons. As really thought he was cool and all of that. But you have to feel for Danny. As he has to put up with his boss. Steve control freak attitude is what gets to me. At least we can agree to disagree. Sorry I didn’t make myself clear. It is where I have empathy for Danny putting up with a lot. Sure he complain but he at least backs it up. Just wished he treated Danny as an equal partner. Not just a thing. As a friend yes, but not as a partner. Sometimes Danny needs to man up to his boss.

    I am getting to love Chin more and more even. For the past few seasons. After being in the background for awhile . But Daniel Dae is really grown on me as a favorite. Even love him more than Danny and Steve combined. As he has to put up with them both. And really you have to admire him for that.


    • I still don’t see what you’re talking about. What has Danny to put up with? Any examples?

      Control freak? That is something that Danny is ranting about, but I don’t see any serious control issues by Steve. He has to be in control, that is what a leader does. 😉 But he doesn’t have a problem to delegate, and give control over situations to other people, again something that a good leader has to do. But he never ever orders anyone around.

      And please tell me when did Steve ever did not treat all of his team as equals? Just give me one example.

      Please don’t just quote Danny, please give an example for Steve’s ‘nasty’ behavior towards his partner. Or when he was not a friend to Danny.
      When I rant about Danny, who I really can’t stand, I always give examples for what I’m talking about. Without that my ranting wouldn’t mean a damn thing.

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      • Like when Danny is admiring his new Camaro the black one after the silver one terrorists blew up and that Steve comes to take the keys away from him and drive it. As Danny called him a jerk for not letting him drive. Or when Steve tells Danny to pay up for things that Steve buys like drinks. Danny has to buy it. Or the Christmas tree where Steve knocks it down and Danny is fined over it.Or when Danny has to pick up Steve from his car and not just let Steve take his truck over to pick Danny up or vice versa when Steve has to be the one driving. Car sick or not. Gas mileage or not. Danny needs to man up to Steve at times and let him drive his own car. Many, many examples. Just like you can’t stand Danny while I love him. I can’t stand Steve at times while I love Danny. There I backed it up at least.

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        • Thank you for telling us what irks you about Steve so much. 😉

          Well, frankly, all the issues about driving the car I really can’t take seriously. For me that is no big deal at all. If Danny wants to drive, well, Danny, drive your damn car. LOL I think Danny loves to complain about it, if he really hated it, he would change it. And besides, if my friend wanted to drive my car, be my guest, drive it if it makes you happy. The whole car issue is like Kindergarten, can’t take it seriously at all. I think it’s a cheap running gag. One that got old over the years.

          About the christmas tree. I have no idea who that guy was the writers wanted to sell us as Steve, but Steve would never ever in a million years fell a tree in a reserve. Never. That was the worst episode in the history of Five-0. Neither Danny nor Steve were in character, so whatever happened in that episode is total nonsense.

          You know, it is perfectly fine for you to love Danny. I don’t have a problem with that. But I still wonder if all those people who do love Danny, if they are fine with what he is always ranting about. How he treats his best friend. Calling him names all the time, constantly hurting him with his words about his mother or Catherine. Would you, as a Danny lover, like to be around Danny all the time? Being insulted and abused by him on a daily basis. Seriously? I could not imagine to be willingly to be around that man. Sorry, but his way of showing his ‘love’ is not my kind of way, and not something I would tolerate.

          But I love it how you stand up for your love of Danny. That’s how it should be. And don’t think you are not welcome here, Danny lover or not, you are welcome to rant here in a respectful manner just as much as any Steve lover. 🙂


          • well said. And jppt, don’t ever stop voicing your opinions. How boring would it be if we all thought alike??? And as an aside, I adore Chin, too. And I also love Grover. I just wish there was enough screen time for everyone to shine.


  10. You know, even as a fan of Steve, I have to admit that I can somewhat see your point. He has always been shown as a competitive control freak which can be a good thing in some situations and annoying if taken too far.
    But in season 4 they frequently made both Characters cartoonish and there were times they crossed the line with Steve. The time he ripped the car keys out of Danny’s hand jumps to mind. That being said, I think they toned it down in Season 5.
    I completely agree with you about Chin though; he is wonderful and we need more of him.


  11. Good to have you back, Sam!

    I loved your review, spot on! I really enjoyed this episode a lot! It was definitely one of the best in a long time. Yes, as always some plot holes, but they didn’t bother me this time. I could deal with them.
    I am with you, trusting Joe is no option anymore, but I can see that these two have deep feelings for each other. I believe Joe when he says that Steve is the closet thing to a son to him. And Steve would do anything for him – jumping into the harbor to go after him is just one point. Steve couldn’t bear to lose another person dear to him. I don’t expect to get all questions answered. But I am still hoping we will see some closure for Steve.

    Loved Lou and Steve, the spark of S4 was back!

    Looks like this season really is improving nicely and I am actually looking forward to each and every episode again 🙂

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  12. Thanks for understanding. And if I offended anybody on here then my apologies. As really that was not the case. As love this board BTW. Keep up the good work in all that you do. Thanks so much. FTR, if I had a choice I would rather be around Danny more than Steve. No offense. Danny at least backs it up. Thanks again for undersanding.

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    • I don’t think anyone would feel offended by you. Everything’s fine. Don’t worry.

      I’m pretty sure you would have Danny pretty much to yourself, at least in regard of most people on this blog. But hey, that’s your win. 🙂


      • While I neither like nor dislike Danny, Steve has been nothing but kind and supportive of him. If you remember the S2 E1 with Steve wounded in the back of Danny’s car, the look of hurt and pain on his face when Danny told him he was not the father of Rachel’s baby, said it all. That’s what friends do. They care.

        It could just be my imagination but I think there has been a subtle change in Danny this season. A little colder, maybe, I’m not really sure if I’m right. or seeing things that are not there. Steve is supposed to be the team leader so it is appropriate that he leads and that his orders are followed. Otherwise there would be chaos. Sorry I’ve butted in.


  13. I have to admit at first I was against McGrover… but now it’s growing on me in a big way because Lou has the utmost respect for steve and vice versa and I have to say it’s nice to see Steve finally wising up a bit to Joe’s lying ways. I mean after so many years of lies you would have to assume Steve can’t trust Joe totally.

    Yet Steve does respect him in some small way for the way Joe puts his life on the line to keep him save, but thats a thing that was born out of the training he did with the SEALs.

    And writers MORE CHIN AND KONO please with ut those annoying high-heels you had Kono wear, some more appropriate footwear would be good instead of her looking like a supermodel …. ugh…lol


        • 🙂 Unfortunately she’s not. But they want us to believe she is.

          My problem with her is that she never developed into this oh so awesome police officer. She was presented to us right off the bat as this uber-woman. All the others spent years of training to become what they are now, but Kono? Nope, she had NO experience when she joined Five-0, Steve even doubted that she was fit to do her job since she was not even out of the academy. And right after she was ‘perfect’. Sorry, but I can buy all the stuff Steve does, because he had years of intense training, but Kono? Nope, I don’t buy her sniper ability, her combat prowess, or any other skill she has. She herself said all her computer stuff she learned from X-Box. Yeah, right.

          She fought a special forces trained guy twice her size and had no problem knocking him out, she pulled Chin up when he hung from the roof. Not even Steve could pull up a guy who fell to his death when he had to let him go. I’m sorry, but her character is nothing but a cartoon character to me. And a bad one at that.

          I just want a realistic, powerful woman on the show. One that had years of training and ‘developed’ into the character. OH, wait we had that on the show. Damn, too bad she lost her way in Afghanistan.

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          • I think you are missing the point here; Steve may be highly trained but he is a human being while Kono is clearly wonderwoman. What do you mean she can’t pull Chin up? The laws of physics don’t apply to her. I can buy her as the tech person ( it’s actually nice to see a show where a woman can actually use a computer) but I agree with you about everything else. She is barely out of the academy but she is a sniper? Isn’t some kind of training needed for that? To be honest, Danny would be more believable in that role. I think the writers don’t know how to write a strong female role so they rely on the old trope- the more badass, the better. Other procedurals are guilty of this too. Yet, she chooses to leave her entire life behind to go after a boy which to me doesn’t exactly scream strong woman. They are doing the same thing with Ellie, whom I quite liked at first;I can buy that she is smart, a competent lawyer, good at fishing but she beats Steve at boxing? I find it highly implausible that he would have never learned to box properly. Is she going to be teaching him to fire a gun soon? I hope that this doesn’t sound like a tirade against female characters ( it wasn’t intended to) but I disagree that the only way to make a woman strong is to give her a martial arts expert.


            • Who are you disagreeing with? I never said a powerful woman has to be good at martial arts. What I’m saying is that any person, not just a woman doesn’t get out of the academy and is an expert in everything. Cath was powerful because she worked hard for her position, she spent years on her job before she would be considered an expert in anything. She was her own person.
              Not like Kono who did nothing really to earn a spot on Five-0. The show should have kept her as a trainee/rookie/proby/whatever for a few years, letting her learn things, letting her find her place in the force and in life. THAT would have been believable. I always feel like Kono doesn’t know where she belongs in life. She hasn’t found her place. She’s not centered in herself, if that makes any sense.

              ROFL – Danny as a sniper? LOL, Sorry, but that is something I can’t see at all.

              I think Steve made fun of Ellie in the boxing ring. I don’t believe for a second that Ellie would stand a chance against Steve. He would mop the floor with her. 😉


              • I don’t think I was quite clear. The first part of my comment was a bad attempt at sarcasm (doesn’t really work over the Internet I guess). I was actually completely agreeing with you about Kono. The Danny comment was also sarcasm to show how unbelievable Kono’s role is. No, i don’t think he should be a sniper; i think even he would be more believable than Kono (shows how unbelievable the storylnie is). I do agree that we never got to see Kono evolve as an officer. It crossed my mind that he was letting Ellie win but i don’t think super-competitive Steve would just let somebody win. But like i said, I don’t mind her character so I can live with it.


          • For me, the only well written role for a woman was Governor Jamison, whom I really liked. Why they had to make her corrupt and kill her off beats me. Maybe they thought they couldn’t write for a mature woman but then they can’t write the younger ones either.


              • Funny that the only other “mature” woman is Doris and her story seems to be the big deal for the writers. I am so not caring about this character anymore. As for Joe White, I know that some people dislike him and says he lies to Steve, but I prefer to think that he misdirects Steve’s attention to avoid answering questions in order to protect him . The two men seem to have a deep affection for each other. Could Joe really be Steve’s father? That would mean Doris was playing in more than one sandbox. Maybe that’s what Joe and Doris are hiding from Steve .
                I miss Cath. Steve needs her to come back deal with his mother. I think she could take her.


                • As soap opera- ish as it is, Joe being Steve’s father could be kind of interesting.For one it would throw Stve’s entire world off axis.But after the dead-mommy-still-alive, they are walking a fine line with the soap opera stuff. I think the writers do want to close that storyline but maybe Christine Lahti doesn’t want to come back ( who can blame her?).


                • They either kill or get rid of everyone I like. Maybe its just me. (like when I’m standing on a long check out line and I warn people that they might want to rethink standing behind me because any line I’m on must be cursed.)


  14. Missed you Sam! Glad that you are back.
    I can’t stop giggling about your ‘one sentence about Danny = Check! Not worth anything more’. Maybe that’s the best way to deal with him. He did nothing for the show, but I wish he would have stayed quiet. I always wish that, sigh… And I wish he would once – just once – sport a different facial expression than this one face for all opportunities. It makes me want to give him a tissue because I think he is going to sneeze.
    That being said I have to say I loved the scene with Chin and Kono at the ‘wrecking ball 2 : SUVs 0’ scene. You know I am a sucker for McKono moments, yet I think that even as a not shipper of those two one could see the concern and sympathy on Grace’s/Kono’s face. Loved that scene. Very well done. Better than that ‘let’s catch the baddies’ moment, she stumbled over her heels and was never seen again. LOL!
    All in all I really liked this episode. I had no expectations about the Steve/Joe reunion and was happy that they at least talked about Wo Fat and Momfromhell. And I loved pissed Steve at the beginning before wrecking ball so rudely interrupted. Mary? Good! Team? Good! Grover? Great! (hehe, take that Danny!) And I love that he said it loud: His Momfromhell is self-serving.
    Steve doesn’t trust Joe but he loves him nevertheless. He was his mentor, he maybe was a kind of father. As Joe was driving the truck into the ocean you could see Steve’s concern, his fear of losing him, his relief AND his understanding. He would have done the same thing and that was not stupid at all.
    But another thing came to my mind. Yes, Joe trained Steve (Grover ftw!!!) but I felt a difference between those two. I had the impression collateral damage is okay for Joe, for Steve it’s not.
    I voted awesome (not the 5.07 awesomeness of course, this epi has it’s own category) because of that little little glimpse of Steve’s story, the concern on Kono’s face (I am just… you know… sigh…), the concern on Steve’s face, that I could hate someone I am supposed to hate a little bit (Joe!), Steve riding a motorbike (I hope he will do it more often, no whining passenger is one of the advantages), a little bit McGrover (the best Danny is Grover!) and Steve telling the truth about Momfromhell.
    Missed opportunities? Yes. Danny could have been stung by a bee. Three weeks of quarantine – oh heaven. He could have spent his time there with introspection and singing. Beauty and the BEEst. Or some spongebob’s ‘Don’t bee a jerk’? Oh my, I am allergic. To bees. Too.
    Now I am looking forward to 5.14. 😉

    Liked by 5 people

  15. i thought i had written a response but i think since i live tweet i had those comments in mind. I can’t decide whether i am in favor of the amped up action, gunfire, etc. or not if it is just continuous. I was very happy with it in this episode though. i had not felt such intensity since episode 100. I was very glad Steve and Joe started a conversation, and I hope we get to see Joe learn of what Steve went through with Wo Fat.
    on a second watching, I noticed the bandages on Steve’s (Alex’s) arm that had to be covering something real. I also noticed his neck and chest were very red when he was wearing the button down later on in the episode. it almost looked as if he had an allergic reaction to something or as if he had been sunburned.
    The biggest thing with the plot that bothered me was how Joe could know for sure it would be safer to put the entire truck of bees into the water than have CDC come decontaminate the area out in that field. I am not sure how to google the safety of freeze-dried flu put into water, but it seems problematic. The usefulness to terrorists is always in question in these bioweapon plots on television shows. They must not have known of the potential serum, and was there ever mention of the increased potency of the flu (evident in the quick effects on the interview victim)?
    it will be interesting to see if the 21 day quarantine is over by the next episode.
    The female wardrobe choices for most television cops drives me crazy. They usually dress for drinks after work than for work itself. I mean, they can be feminine but still work appropriate. As far as professional development for Kono, I don’t know how they would show that on the show, but her expertise matching that of veterans on the team is more than ridiculous. I never have really liked her character and don’t pay attention much to her scenes. The writers are going to continue to make Danny the annoying guy who loves to rant even though we have heard I think every rant he could ever have. It has been nice to have him around less because a weekly rant would get very old. Watching him deal with the ramifications of Colombia (even if it is just the financial thing with Chin’s cousin) will be a change of pace. I think PL has mentioned that in the future for Chin and Danny.
    As always I look forward to a new episode and a new review!


    • What?! Google doesn’t know the answer to the question of what to do with freeze-dried flu stuff? I’m shocked. 😉

      Female detectives’ wardrobe on TV is really bordering on ridiculous in most cases. I don’t know what they are thinking, but even men should find their clothes odd. OK, maybe not. 😉

      Huh, his skin looked red? Darn, now I have to watch again.


    • I noticed that Alex’s neck and chest looked really red too. His face or arms didn’t seem red at all, which is odd, of course maybe the makeup department managed to mask the redness on his face. I couldn’t figure out if it was just quality of the picture on my computer screen since I couldn’t watch live on my TV, but I am glad someone else noticed it too. I wonder if they filmed the scenes with Steve crawling out of the flipped SUV a few times and if he cut his arm on the “glass” one of the first times. That could be why he already had his arm bandaged.


  16. Sure Ellie couldn’t stand a chance with Steve being a Navy SEAL as they are trained in about every martial art you can think of. As miss Catherine and wished that she could return for one episode. Know a lot of people on other sites that I won’t mention here but know what I mean, gave her and the actress that plays her grief. But doubt it as the producers swept her under the rug. Kono did seem to get a free pass in getting the job due to Chin and being in the family. But her despite having martial arts training could not and would not stand a chance against a Special Forces guy.

    Speaking of Joe, you have to look at the bigger picture of things as this is national security issues. As you have to look at the bigger picture. Not just Steve and his mother being alive. But his mother trying to protect national security as it is always at stake. Sure Steve has no right to trust Joe but needs to look at the bigger picture of things. Millions at lives are at risk.


    • I haven’t watch the latest episodes, so i can’t really comment on it. But when you mentioned about bigger picture as national security issues, is this ever mentioned in the show? I mean the reason why Joe & Doris can’t tell Steve the truth is because of national security issue? Because i don’t think i see this. I am assume you said that because you think that Doris is CIA, and Joe is Navy, so whatever they do will involve national security? From you comment, i feel like you think Steve had been selfish for wanting the answer no matter what, even national security is involved. If I am wrong, please accept my sincere apologies.

      In my opinion, whether the show mention it or not, it still doesn’t justify why they lied to him for so long. In my opinion, Steve is a Lt. Cmdr. of Navy, which is the same as Joe, so, they should have the same security clearance, right? (Pls correct me if i am wrong as I am not familiar with US military) Besides, if the issue really is a national security issue, do you honestly think Steve will jeopardize millions of life just to get an answer? If that is truly what you think, then sorry, i don’t have anything more to say because i think you dislike Steve so much that you even question his personality and his loyalty toward his country and its people. Joe trained him, he should know what kind of person Steve is.

      In my opinion, i think the point here is they keep on lying to him, make him stuck in a circle of lies. That is the point. Not the reason behind why the lied. If it really involves national security, why don’t just tell him? I think with his security clearance, they can at least let him some of the reason. why used the phrase “It’s complicated” everytime Steve brought up the issue? Why not just said it’s a national security issue? Why build lies with lies? Why not just tell him and let him justify whether it is worth it to continue in pursuing the truth? As i remember, everyone Steve encountered in his journey of finding the truth had been secretive, and said there is a bigger picture. What is the bigger picture? national security? secret marriage of Doris? Joe being Steve’s father? They never mentioned it. (If yes, again, i apologies, because i really can’t recall)

      I know many fans of the show dislike Steve, I totally understand it. I myself started off as a Danny’s fan because I only recognized Scott Caan when the show aired. He is the reason i started watching. But it only took me a few episodes to like Steve better, I still like Scott Caan, but Danny, not so much.

      For me, i think this particular reason that you mentioned for why Joe not telling him the truth is really too much for me to accept, it feels like people just need a reason to dislike or hate him. Control freak (which i kind of agree), arrogant (i actually don’t know why and how this comment came up the first place, but i think Blue Bloods’ Danny Reagan (my favorite character of the show) took this to the whole new level..haha), now add narrow minded and don’t care about national security in the mix?? It’s just too much for me. In Chinese, we have this saying which means “When you need a reason to hate or blame someone, they is no limitation of reason you can find to put on the person you hate whether those reasons are true or not”

      Sorry for the long mumble. I hope my comment didn’t offend you or anyone, this is just my opinion, if it did, please accept my apologies. Cheers!

      Liked by 1 person

      • How often can I like your comment?
        I am pretty sure it has nothing to do with national security issues! That’s way too far fetched. It’s just Doris covering her mess, Doris loving and protecting her stepson despite him being a ruthless murderer, Doris being selfserving and Joe trying to help her for what personal reasons that may be. And yes Steve has the same rank as Joe and HE is still in the navy. Joe is not. Steve would have at least the same security clearance.


      • Very well said about Steve I will admit. As sometimes I wonder if there is much more to national security and maybe Joe is related beyond Steve’s “uncle” or so thought. Maybe because indeed Doris trusts Joe more than Steve. Even though Joe trained Steve. And yes Steve is in the same rank as Joe. There are a lo of things and a lot of stories. I can go on and on. But will leave it at that.
        Love Alex but Steve verdict is still out. I am indeed a Danny fan. Love Scott too. Just have a lot of empathy for Danno due to the rigors of Steve putting him through. That is why. You did not offend me at all. You do not need to apologize at all. We can agree to disagree. As long as it is respectful.


  17. Spoilers ahead:

    Guys, we are finally going to get what we want. According to the 5×17 press release, Steve will finally be working on his relationship… with Danny. They’ve never done an episode like that before; I am so excited (insert sarcasm font).


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